The new BBC in the neighborhood part 8 (finally)


The new BBC in the neighborhood part 8 (finally)Sorry this story is so long. Every time I am at the end,I find more to add. This is the last part.When Barbara again return to the party, she stayed topless, since most of the women were and it didn’t offend anyone. Also she she wore only the wrap that she had covering her bikini bottom earlier, she also kept my load deep in her which was slowly running down her leg, bus she didn’t care, it was her mans cum. I then saw Bella, she was off to the side out of view of most and had Denise licking the cum I left on her tits. Barbara sat on the same lounge chair that I sat on earlier and the chair that Bella had moved was still in the same place, so the struck up a conversation.I don’t know why, but I decided to go over to see what Bella and Denise were talking about, like I didn’t know. They both said hi lover, we were just sharing notes about fucking you. Denise said I am sad that you didn’t take my ass. I told her that I figured you were saving that for you husband. She said fuck him, after fucking you, I may never let him inside of my cunt ever again and Bella said the same thing, nor my ass. They asked why don’t you take us behind your waterfall so we can suck your cock together. I said OK, but lets go in thru the back way, that way not to drawn any attention, they looked at me and said back way. I sad yes, you are in for a treat.We went to the short hallway that leads to the back stairway to a door that’s hard to see and it is controlled by a keypad on the opposite wall. I put in the code and the door opened in. As we walked in the lights turned on and we were in a tropical paradise. The girls looked around and said what the fuck is this, I don’t remember this room when the other people owned it. I said that part of it was a room that was an old office the other half we had built. It’s a safe room, impossible to get into, unless we let them in. There are hidden cameras over and around the door, plus a steel door that comes down for extra security. I walls on three side are a kind of digital screen so we can change the scene when ever we want to whatever we want and the room was full of tropical plants. This wall faces the waterfall. from the outside it looks like wall of rocks. From in here we can make it so we can lookout into the waterfall. we can enter it over there. It also has a steel wall that automatically comes down in emergencies. Denise asks why would you need a room like this in this neighborhood. I said that sarıyer escort is wasn’t a secret that I had come into all the money I have and for the most part it is a secret as to where I am. Except for the people here and the contractors. Just in case something happens especially if I am not here I want people to be safe. Denise says meaning Barbara, I said yes and the Bella said you told me you weren’t a couple. I told them the whole story and they thought it was romantic. When I cleared the screen that shows the waterfall and in it was a couple fucking against the fake wall, with another guy waiting his turn. The girls thought it was fucking hot, They said that the couple was Marci and Harry and the other guy was Paul. Neither of them were married to each other and weren’t part of our group. She is a fucking hypocrite. We sat on the sofa to watch the show, with the speaker turned on we could hear everything. the slut was talks like a drunken sailor and the guy was turning red. The scene was turning the girls on so they got naked. I was sitting on the sofa already naked, they kneed on the floor on either side of me so they could still watch what was happening outside. You could tell she was enjoying the fucking she was getting and I was enjoying the double blowjob I was getting. Then what happened next caught us off guard. Paul stepped up behind harry and pushed his cock in his ass and the three of them got into a good rhythm. Before you knew they were all cumming. Paul pulled out with cum dripping off his dick and the same them happened with Harry. They all shared a kiss, got dressed and went on their way, This turned the girls on so much that pulled a hot load out of my mouth and then shared it. After we got dressed I asked them to please don’t tell anyone about this room.When I got outside I surprisingly found Barbara sitting on a lounger alone. We shared what we had done and when I told her about the group in the water feature she was shocked and said she saw when they came out. We haven’t fucked under there. By this point their was only three couples left other than us and a single lady whose husband was so drunk she took him home before returning alone.Barbara suggested we move to the fire pit. She used the remote to light it and dimmed the light. Before Barbara got to comfortable she sent the caterer away and told them to come back tomorrow to clean up and she would settle up then. We were all esenyurt escort talking and getting to know each other. Denise said it was getting warm so she was going to take a dip in the pool. She stood up and took her suit completely off and went to the pool naked. The other three women were Bella, Mary and Gwen. The men were Paul Steve and Jerry. They all did the same and followed her with the men in tow. Barbara and I watched the skinny dippers. she took of her wrap and sat on my lap naked and fondled my dick over my suit. She said take this off baby. When I did she began stroking my cock getting it really hard. I was thinking that I have cum so much tonight, where did it come from. The people in the pool had paired off and were all in some kind of sexual act and the didn’t care who saw them. We figured this must be the swingers group. Barbara was getting horny watching this and climbed on my cock with her ass facing the pool and fucked me slowly. Mary and Bella got out and got onto a 69. Jerry got out and started fucking Mary who was on top. On the other side of the pool Denise was getting DPed in her ass and cunt by Paul and Steve and Gwen was getting her pussy eaten by Denise. They were all moaning and grunting. Barbara lifted her ass off of my cock and dropped her pussy on my dick and fucked me hard while I reached around and played with her perfect tits. Mary, Bella and Jerry were the first to return and watching us fuck. Not far behind them was the rest of the group. Barbara stop moving and said it was hot watching all of you, do you play like this often. Denise whom seems to be the ring leader said yes every weekend and if we need to we swap through the week, even if it just us girls. Their are three other couples in our group. Then she crawled over to us and started sucking Barbara’s clit while her cunt was full of my cock. It didn’t take long before she was screaming an orgasm and cumming all over my cock and Denise’s mouth. Barbara said why don’t we go inside so we have more room to play. They all headed in while Barbara climbed off my dick. She held me back and asked if I minded if she fucked without a condom. I hugged her and said you do whatever you want, but if you can save your ass for me. She kissed me and said thanks baby, I love you and I love you to baby. We lead our group to the basement were we have a media area several sofas and love seat A hundred inch TV on the wall with the best surround sound you can get. avrupa yakası escort As soon as we got there My honey bent over a chair and give me some more of that black cock before I have to share it with these other sluts. everyone laughed. I slipped my dick into in one move and gave it to her hard. The group was cheering us on, before pairing off into two’s. Gwen was the odd lady out, it was her husband that was to drunk to be here. Barb said baby, give her some of your big black cock. The she asked her if she has ever been fucked with a big black cock and she nodded no. Barbara said well then hang on for the ride of your life, because not only is my man big, he knows how to use it. I got behind her and rubbed my fat head against her hole getting it wet. I pushed the head in and she gasped loud. Then gave her more and more until i was balls deep in her. Barbara asked her how does it feel. She said it feels like it’s splitting me in half and Barbara asked her if she wanted me to stop and said fuck no, give it to me make me beg for it. Because I had cum so much I was lasting forever when Mary came over and said it was her turn.I pulled out of Gwen with a pop. I looked over and saw Barbara riding one dick and other in her mouth. Mary said she wanted me on top of her, she laid down, grabbed he legs behind her knees and pulled them beside her ears leaving nothing but white cunt to fuck with no legs in the way. I knelt behind her and slowly eased my cock into her. She said you are my first black cock make me feel it for a week, stop teasing me and fuck me like the black cock whore I want to be. I heard Barbara from behind me, now getting fucked doggy with Gwen licking her clit. Denise was getting her ass fucked and begging for his cum. Anyways I bent over Mary” wide pen cunt and fucked her hard. When she came, she squirted like a hose. I kept fucking her hard until I filled her cunt with my cum. When I pulled out my load spurted out of her like a fountain. When she let her legs down she kept shaking hard, I think she had another orgasm. It was four hours before we finished and I had fucked each lady at least twice and a couple of them three time. My Barbara wore the men out, I bet they won’t be able to fuck for a week. Barbara and I were to tired to make love to each other let alone fuck. We just snuggled against each and slept most of the day away.Over the next few months Barbara sold her house and moved in with me. Quit her job and went into business for herself and she worked from home. We still played with the swingers group, not always at our house, but they said we host the best parties. A year later Barbara an I got married and had a very big wedding, just like she deserved and had our reception at the hotel where we met. To this point it has been seven years and we are still going strong.

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