The Niece Ch. 03


After we showered, making sure to clean each other thoroughly, we made some breakfast, again, and talked for a while. We decided we wanted to just spend some regular time together and went to the local mall.

It was your typical mall experience, walking around and stepping into the different stores to look at some things that piqued our interests. We bought a few things and then came to the local women’s lingerie store. We went in and she picked up a few items she wanted and then I brought her over to the section containing underwear sets. Push-up bras, garter belts, corsets and the like. Then a cute, young salesgirl came over and asked if we needed any help. “Yes.” I told her. “We’re looking for a few things that will accentuate my niece’s physique.” Cary’s face turned a beet red with embarrassment. “Maybe something that will lift her breasts up a bit, but only a half or quarter cup if you have it. And I think something to hold up full stockings. And to complete the ensemble, a few thongs too!”

The salesgirl raised her eyebrows and looked us both over. I can imagine what she was thinking when I told he Cary was my niece! But, she was a trooper and quickly started asking Cary what her sizes were and they walked off to look at some of the items I described. They found some things and brought them over to me for approval. I picked about three outfits I thought would really work for Cary and then suggested some stockings I thought would go well with the outfits. The salesgirl asked if Cary wanted to try some of the sets on and took her back to the dressing room. They were gone for quite a while and when they returned Cary’s face was a little flushed. Cary told me she like the outfits she tried on so we took them to the register.

As we were paying for the items the salesgirl introduced herself. “My name is Alyssa. I think you’ll like how your niece looks in these outfits. They really make her look sexy! If you guys ever want more help picking out other outfits, come on back and ask for me. We work on commission and I’d be more than willing to help her pick out some more sexy outfits again.” She was smiling and mostly kept looking at Cary while she spoke. We thanked her and left.

As we were walking out of the store Cary grabbed my arm and leaned towards me. “Oh my God Don. I think that salesgirl was coming on to me! There wasn’t much room in the dressing room and she was very close as she stood behind me. I could see her in the mirrors. She kept staring at me as I was trying on the one outfit and even grabbed my boob and adjusted it in the corset! I could feel her boobs against my back while she did that. I think her nipples were hard! She was telling me how the outfit looked on me and being so close, she was pretty much whispering in my ear while she kept running her hands over me making minor adjustments.”

I looked down at her and smiled. “What else happened? You two were in there for quite a while.”

“Well, she kept her hands on my hips as she was talking to me and kind of turned me from side to side. When I was sideways in the mirror she put her hands under my boobs and kind of lifted them up and pointed out how they looked from the side in the mirror. Then she suggested I try on a pair of stockings. When I agreed, she had me sit in the little chair and knelt in front of me. She actually rolled the stockings up my legs and then had me stand while she pulled them all the way up! Her hands were all over my thighs! Then she knelt again and attached the clips to hold them up. Her face was even with my pussy and I saw her staring at me there. I’m not sure, but I think I heard her inhale once when she got really close!”

“Really? That sounds so hot! How did you feel when she was so close? Did you get turned on at all? I asked her.

“Well, at first I felt a little uncomfortable. She was staring at me while I was only in my panties and when I put the corset on I felt a little better. But when she grabbed my boob and adjusted it, I kind of felt weird, in a sexy sort of way. Then she kept her hands on me almost the whole time, adjusting things all over. When she put the stockings on me and then attached them to the corset, that’s when I knew she was really checking me out! I started to get a little turned on. I’ve never been hit on by another girl before.” She said. “Anyway, I liked the outfit and decided to try on another one. She was still all hands on with that one too! At one point, I thought she was going to kiss me! That’s when I decided it was time to go. I was pretty turned on by then, but nervous too. Being almost hit on by her was pretty sexy, but in a dressing booth, no way!” She smiled up at me. “Besides, I was afraid that if she knelt in front of me again she would be able to see the wet spot forming on the panties I’m wearing!

“So, you were turned on in there. What would you have done if she did kiss you?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. I’ve never escort kartal been hit on by another woman. Yet, the more she had her hands on me and as close as we were in there, it felt really sexy and I think you’ll really like the way I look in these outfits. I think they look good on me.” She lifted the bag we had just received as she was talking. “I got nervous and don’t know what would have happened if I had tried on the third outfit. If I had, I think she would have known she was getting to me and would have probably tried to kiss me. After that, who knows!” We kept walking for a bit and she continued. “I never though about being with another woman until just then. Alyssa was very cute. Having her hands all over me was really starting to get to me but I chickened out.”

I laughed. “So, would you consider being with another woman? I mean, you said she was getting to you and you thought she was cute. If the location was a little different, would you go along with being seduced by another woman?”

We walked along for a bit and I could see she was thinking. “I really don’t know. She put me at ease pretty quickly in there. Her hands on my body felt totally different than a mans does. They were soft and gentle, almost like she was stroking me as she slid the stockings up my legs. The way she looked at me kind of got to me too! These outfits really made me feel sexy and I think she thought so also. I was surprised by how I was feeling. Nervous. Scared a bit, but definitely turned on. I guess if the situation was different I might give it a try. I don’t know. How would you feel about it- If I were to be seduced by another woman?”

Without even thinking about it I told her; “I think it would be sexy as hell! I don’t think there is a man alive who hasn’t fantasized about being with two women at once and watching them get each other off!” We walked along a bit looking in the store windows. We stopped at the food court and while Cary was in line getting our order I went into one of those gag gift stores where they sell all sorts of posters, cards and cheap sexy clothes. I went in and picked up one little item I intended to use later.

We ate and then decided to take in a movie. We put our purchased into the car and went in to the theater. In the darkness of the theater I began to formulate a plan. I wasn’t sure how or even if I could pull it off, but it was worth a try. It made me as hard as a rock, a condition Cary noticed very quickly as she rubbed my leg.

After the movie we went back to the apartment. It was hard keeping my hands off of her. The thoughts going through my head had me really turned on. We were in the living room watching a little t.v. and started to kiss. Before long I suggested she take a shower and then go put on the first outfit we had bought at the store. While she was in the shower I put my surprise under the mattress and went around the room lighting candles, dimmed the lights and put some romantic music on the stereo. I took a quick shower and by the time I was done she was dressed in the first outfit.

When I walked into the bedroom she was lying on her side on the bed looking watched me as I came in. Her one leg was stretched out straight and her other one was cocked so her foot was flat on the mattress. Propped up a bit by some pillows, she was a vision to behold. I walked closer and stopped a few feet from the bed. She stood up and smiled at me. “You like?” she asked as she slowly turned in a circle.

“Holy fuck Cary! You are absolutely beautiful in that outfit! Look how it puts your breasts on a shelf. Your nipples are hard as rocks. It slims you down a bit and accentuates your sexy ass. The thong looks like it’s painted on you, I can see your lips outlined clearly and those stockings just draw the eyes upwards from your feet.” We walked to each other and began to kiss. I grabbed two handfuls of her ass and pulled her to me so she could feel how turned on I was. “That was the best clothing investment I think I’ve ever made. It’s no wonder Alyssa was coming on to you! She’d have to be made of stone to not want to take you to bed!”

We continued to kiss as I walked her backwards toward the bed. We sat down and started to fondle each other. I rubbed my hands down her sides and then back up and cupped her breasts in my hands. Kissing her neck and then down to her breast. I licked across the top of her nipple, held up by the quarter cup bra of her corset. Our breathing deepened and she held the back of my head to keep me pinned to her breasts. I bit down on the top of her nipple and she moaned.

After a few moments of heavy kissing I told her; “There’s only one more thing I want you to wear right now. I think it’s the perfect addition to this ensemble.” I reached under the mattress and retrieved my surprise. “Stand up please.” When she did, I put the blindfold over her eyes, blocking out her vision.

When she started maltepe escort to say something, I kissed her and then whispered to her; “This is to keep you from being distracted by what you can see. I wan you to relax and picture in your mind what is happening to you. Let your thoughts take you away.”

I began to lightly run my hands down her arms and slid slowly behind her. Moving close to her I began to speak in hushed tones. “Remember today when you were in the dressing room with Alyssa? Remember how she watched you as you took your clothes off? Remember how naked you felt until you had put this little number on?” I could see Cary’s nostrils flare as she breathed and nodded her head. She ran her tongue across her pursed lips. I leaned a little closer to her. “Remember how close she felt to you, like I am now, as she was talking to you?” I gave her a little kiss just below her ear. “Did she wrap her arms around you like this when she was adjusting your outfit?” I slowly slid my arms around her and pulled her against me hard enough so she could feel my erection with the cheeks of her ass.

“What did it feel like when she slid her hands up and adjusted your beautiful breasts in the cups of the bra?” Cary began to quiver a bit as I hefted her breasts and adjusted the fit. Then I pulled lightly on her nipples as she stood quaking. Her nipples felt like little rocks as I pulled on them. “Think about today Cary. Alyssa was sooo close to you. She was rubbing her hands all over your beautiful body. “

I slid my hands down across her hips and then stood back and quietly walked in front of her and knelt. “Cary, think about what she was looking at as she helped you put on the stockings.” I leaned in towards her sex and breathed heavily on it. I knew she could feel my warm breath because she shivered and her whole body shook. Starting at her ankles I ran my hands up each leg like I was rolling up her stockings. “Did it turn you on when she was doing this? Were you starting to get a little wet?” I leaned in and in a breathy voice asked; “Are you wet now, Cary?” Breathing in loudly through my nose I said; “You smell wet to me. I bet your little pussy is almost drenched right now. I can smell your arousal. Do you think Alyssa could smell you too?”

Cary was breathing hard! She was shaking a bit and her breasts rose and fell with each breath she took. I stood behind her again and ran my palms across the front of her legs. “Cary. Did Alyssa rub your legs like this as she finished pulling up your stockings?” I slowly ran my hands up her thighs until I was almost touching her vulva. “When she attached them to the corset, did her hands rub across your aroused little pussy like this?” As I spoke I gently let my fingers slide across the front of her thong. It was soaked! I could feel each of her lips and the crease that separates them. Cary whimpered and leaned back against me. She reached back and held my head close to hers as I spoke. “If I were Alyssa I think I would have probably done this to you.” I cupped her pussy and began to rub my fingers up and down the crease. Whenever my fingers crossed the point where her clit was, I would add a little more pressure.

“Yes! Yes! YEEEESSSS!” Cary cried out. Her legs began to buckle and I reached in front of her and cupped her breast in my hand, squeezing her nipple and pulled her tight against me. With the hand rubbing across her sex I quickened my pace and pulled her close to me there too. Her legs stiffened for a second and then lost all power to hold her up. “Ewwww! YYYEEESSSSS!” she screamed as she came in my arms.

“That’s right Cary. Cum for Alyssa. Cum for me.” I whispered in her ear as her body shook with her climax. I held on to her until she regained some strength in her legs and then laid her back on the bed. I held her in my arms and started to gently kiss her like I thought another woman might. Gently, tenderly I kissed my way to her breasts. Pulling one of the cups down I suckled her breast like a newborn infant. I ran my tongue across her nipple and then licked my way across to her other breast. I gently kissed around her areola and sucked in her nipple. I let my hands wander down to the top of her thong and slid my fingers under the edge. When I reached her folds, I could feel that they were puffy and drenched with her cum.

“Oh, Don. That was so hot! All I could think about was what happened in the dressing room. I didn’t think I could get so turned on by what Alyssa was doing to me. I came so hard I couldn’t stand!”

Cary started to reach for the blindfold. I grabbed her hands to stop her. “No Cary. Not yet. I want you to think about what is happening to you. Pretend it’s Alyssa still loving you.” She licked her lips and whimpered as I crawled down her body.

I climbed below her legs and leaned foreward until my face was just above her drenched thong. I grabbed the sides of the tiny garment and held pendik escort bayan my hands there while I leaned in and kissed her soaked pussy through the material. “Ohhhh!” she whined. I licked her crease upwards and continued to the elastic band of the thong and then slowly began to pull it down. Another moan. As I rolled her thong lower I would kiss and lick her, eliciting yet more moans.

“Lift your hips Cary. Let me at that beautiful pussy!” I whispered to her. She did and as I pulled her thong lower it stuck to her wet sex. I slid down and kept pulling it until at last it was at her feet. She lifted them and I tossed the soaked garment to the floor. Grabbing her ankles, I spread her feet just wide enough for me to lay between them and then pushed her knees apart, splaying her legs apart. I looked at her sex, glistening in the candlelight, lips puffy and just barely separated. I could see her clit just barely poking its head out from her folds. “Just think Cary. Think about how you look now with your legs splayed apart, your sex dripping with excitement. What do you think Alyssa would do next if it were her here instead of me! I think she would take in this erotic sight for a second, seeing how sexy you are, how wet your pussy is. Then I think she would begin like this.”

I gently pushed her knees further apart and began to slowly kiss her inner thighs, barely touching her as I went higher. I alternated between the outstretched legs as I went up. I watched Cary’s facial expression change as I kissed higher and higher. Her head would turn from side to side and she would moan with each kiss and I could see her concentrating on the feelings I was giving her. “I bet Alyssa would be dripping herself as she did this to you. Picture that in your mind.” I told her.

As I neared her vulva I lay between her legs and blew on her sex to let her know how close I was. She reached for my head to pull me in but I stopped her. “No, Cary. I think Alyssa would want you to grab your legs and open yourself up so she could have unobstructed access to your dripping sex.” Cary did just that. She grabbed her legs by her knees and pulled her legs up and out until her knees were mashing the outside of her breasts. This caused her to be completely vulnerable to me. Her vulva was pulled slightly apart and her clit was fully extended. I could see that her sphincter was awash with her cum and stretched out. She was breathing so hard she was almost panting!

I stuck my tongue out and with just the tip tapped at her puckered ring. She stiffened and moaned. “Ohhhh!” When she relaxed I used the flat of my tongue and pressed hard against it to lick up all of her juices, wiggling the tip until it forced its way just into her forbidden opening. She stiffened again and blew air out between her gritted teeth, sucked in another breath and cried out; “Oh fuuuucccck!”

“Right about now Cary, Alyssa would be moaning as she licked you. She’d want to clean all your nectar from your cute puckered ring. Then, when she had it all from there, she’d want to get it right from the source and she’d do this!” I dove in and forced my tongue deep into her sex, pushing past her outer lips and wiggling it past her inner lips. My nose was buried between her folds and was hitting on her hard, little clit. Pushing harder against her I stuck my tongue deep into her and shook my head from side to side to rub across her man in the boat.

The attack on her pussy caught her by surprise and she let her legs fall down and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me even harder against her! Her thighs clamped down on my ears, trapping me against her shuddering sex. “Ohhhhh! Arrrrrrrrggggghhhh! Cummmmminnnggggg! Alyssssaaaa! Cummmminnnnnggg!” she screamed. As she was screaming this out, I felt her pussy tighten and her inner muscles began to spasm. With each contraction I felt my face get sprayed with her cum. Two, three then four times I felt her pussy contract. I swallowed and swallowed but couldn’t catch it all. My face and her sex were drenched!

After what seemed like an hour, but could only have been a minute at most, her legs loosened their grip and fell open, then slid down until they were flat on the bed. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up and away from her pussy. I looked up and saw her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. “No more! No more!” A couple of deep breaths. “Too sensitive!” She covered her sex with both hands, like she was modestly trying to hide it from me. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck.” She said between breaths. I watched her for a few moments slowly come down from her obviously major climax. Her breathing started to get back to normal and then she shivered, which seemed to mark the actual end to her climax.

I slid up the bed and lay close to her. I took the blindfold off of her and she just lay there with her eyes closed. I started to gently put kisses on her cheek and as my head lowered to the pillow next to her, I whispered in her ear. “Cary, my little sex kitten. That was me. Just imagine what it would have been like if Alyssa was really here!” With a final kiss next to her ear, I took her in my arms and held her tightly until we both drifted off to sleep.

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