The Nude Bachelorette


In 2016, the producers of “The Bachelorette” came to the decision they should enter the 21st Century, with the change to be effective the following year. Beginning in 2017, all the handsome men and the beautiful woman for whom they were vying would be totally nude for almost all the time they were at the mansion where most of the show was being taped. This especially applied to the times when they were in the heated swimming pool. The censorship laws had been relaxed and the reality show would be switched to cable and carefully edited and aired late at night anyhow, so there were no insurmountable problems expected.

During the course of the 2016 show, as in previous years, there were regular announcements that applications were being accepted for 2017. All those who applied were mailed a form letter advising them of the new format and requesting nude photos from the front, back and in profile, as well as facial shots and detailed descriptions. Many of the women contacted were unwilling to comply with the new requirements, but enough responded that the show would be able to continue, and was expected to be a great success.

One of the most outstanding replies was from a 24-year old woman named Ashley Roberts. In the photos, she was so gorgeous and sexy those who were running the show could hardly believe retouching had not been done. Along with some other possible contestants, she was asked to come to the mansion for an interview and evaluation. The fact that her totally naked body would be carefully inspected for any and all blemishes and enhancements was not disclosed in the response, but it was believed she should have already known that before she arrived. The listed requirements for anybody who had hopes of becoming the first Nude Bachelorette should have made that obvious.

When entering the salon where she was to be evaluated, Ashley had been wearing a green blazer and matching skirt with a light green blouse. She had traveled there on public transportation, so had been rather chastely attired, including a bra which actually helped show off her big, luscious breasts. She was well aware of the nature of the examination and evaluation she would undergo, and was actually looking forward to it.

All the producers and other program executives, mostly men but a few women also, were surprised and elated that Ashley’s face was even more beautiful in person than pictures had shown her to be. Her shoulder-length hair was a rich chestnut color and framed her lovely visage with its creamy-white complexion. Her facial skin was flawless, except for a few small freckles which were splashed quite fetchingly across her cheeks and the bridge of her cute pug nose. Ashley’s sparkling eyes were dark emerald green, and her teeth were like a string of perfect pearls, surrounded by her sensuously pouting lips.

Enticing as Ashley’s face was, it could not begin to compare with her voluptuous body. She had been fully aware she would need to undergo a visual inspection of her physical charms and it didn’t bother her at all. When she was still only 18 years old, the comely teenager had worked as a topless dancer in order to pay her way through college. The job had been so much fun and so sexually arousing to her, she quickly graduated to total nudity, including offering free lap dances to any men she found physically attractive. She often brought the same guys home, sometimes three or four at once, and put on an individual show before climbing into bed with all of them who were willing to experience a night of whatever wild carnal delights they decided to share.

“I hope you realize, Miss Roberts, that our examination of your body will be of a very personal nature, starting with your bare breasts,” advised the man who was in charge of the evaluation.

“Of course,” she replied, as she began to unbutton her blouse.

The women, much less interested, stayed back but the men, all of whom had seen her photos, crowded forward to be able to gaze at the scene which had been in the forefront of their minds ever since. The center of their interest handed the blouse to the nearest person and reached up behind her back to unhook her bra. While one of her hands held the cups in place and the other gripped one end of that first piece of lingerie, Ashley smiled impishly at the eager masculine smiles surrounding her. When she had their undivided attention, the chestnut-haired hotty spread her arms, making a small ritual of putting her breasts on display.

They would have been worthy of a much more extensive ceremony, because the orbs that had just been exposed were truly gorgeous. They were big and firm and needed no support to jut out from her torso. Like her face, their skin was flawlessly white, except for the round, pink areolae which were topped by large, darker pink and fully erect nipples.

One of the men, unable to control himself, reached out, took hold of one of the fabulous treasures and gently squeezed with his fingers. “They’re real,” he gasped.

Ashley kilis escort smiled prettily at him. “Of course,” she said. “What did you expect?”

He didn’t answer; he was too preoccupied in where he was fondling her, until the other men elbowed him out of the way. This didn’t bother him as much as it might have, because he then had a good chance to continue removing the contestant’s outer clothing. Avidly, he unbuttoned the short strap on the left side of the waistband of her miniskirt, pulled down the zipper, and stepped aside to allow the garment to slip down Ashley’s shapely legs to the floor. Wearing only the skimpy panties that matched her bra, she kicked the skirt out of the way and awaited the total exposure of her sexy form.

She didn’t have to wait very long. While the women looked on in disdain, at least four masculine hands reached for the waistband of that last article of clothing and, seconds later, it was kicked aside to join her skirt. They remained on the floor until one of the women picked them up and hung them with the rest of the clothing which had been removed. The excited men paid no attention to what was happening to the cast off garments, being busy crowding around the incredibly alluring and incredibly naked woman.

They saw and admired the way her hips swooped out and down and evolved into her long, shapely legs, while her ass curved out from her back and around, curling slightly upward as it merged with her thighs and formed a perfect pair of hemispheres. As everywhere else on her body, Ashley’s skin had no flaws anybody could see, and the hands and fingers of every man in the room happily determined she had no invisible ones either.

Wanting to display herself as well as possible, she spread her legs and squatted slightly. The move showed off her adorable pussy to the best advantage. Ashley’s pubic hair was the same shade as the hair on her head and was trimmed in the style sometimes known as a Mohawk or a landing strip. Her pussy lips were clearly visible, and their dampness was obvious to all, as was the delectable aroma of the juices seeping from them. It was evident to every one of the men inspecting her that putting her glorious nudity on display was as sexually arousing to Ashley as it was to the men gathered about her. The candidate’s beauty and sexual appeal would have easily been enough for her to be named Nude Bachelorette for 2017, but her extreme sensuousness clinched the position for her.

“I am glad to say, Miss Roberts, you are the best qualified candidate we have seen so far,” the spokesman for the group informed her.

One of the women made a suggestion: “I think we can all agree this young woman is the best of the group. Why don’t we save everybody a lot of time and embarrassment and just name her?”

The other women all expressed firm agreement. However, the male judges, although they may have agreed with the suggestion, did not want to accept it. They were well aware the other candidates were all beautiful, sexy women too, and didn’t want to miss a chance to carefully inspect all the nude pulchritude still awaiting them. Later, when they were through ogling and feeling up the other applicants, Ashley was named winner of the competition and the first ever Nude Bachelorette.

For the first event of the contest, everybody had to be fully clothed. Ashley would be standing at the front entrance to the mansion and greeting the men who arrived, 25 in all, and they would be fully dressed, so that had to be her state also. She was not exactly prim and demure, because the garment she had chosen to wear for the occasion was an almost transparent silk evening gown with no lingerie at all under it.

One by one, the men approached her and she greeted each of them with a kiss. Ashley was the sole arbiter as to which of the suitors would be offered a rose, emblematic of having successfully gotten through a step in her selection process, and nobody could officially question her choices. Although none of the handsome men would be eliminated as the result of the greetings outside the mansion, she was evaluating them already. Those who settled for a chaste peck on her cheek and/or a handshake were generally given little chance of continuing as competitors, although they would be able to make up later for their relative diffidence. The man who thrust his tongue into her mouth while petting her succulent ass and hips and a few others who had introduced themselves in a similar way were almost certain to be offered a rose that night, following the nude cocktail party, which was scheduled to be the next event on the agenda.

Each of the 25 men went to his own designated room, where they could clean up and prepare for that event. Ashley went to her suite also, for the same reason, but neither she nor the men needed very much time for that purpose. Except for removing whatever clothing they were wearing and hanging it in a closet, no time at all was spent on dressing, because kırıkkale escort everybody at the party that night would be completely nude, even including barefoot.

Wanting their star to make the best first impression possible on the viewing audience, the directors delayed her Grand Entrance until everybody else was in the room. At a signal, she came sashaying in, naked as the day she was born, but much more voluptuous. There was an audible gasp from the waiting men and, the studio bigwigs hoped, from those watching what had billed as the most modern new show on television that year.

Still following directions, Ashley circulated among the crowd of men who were competing for her attentions. As they gaped at her, she was watching them, for she was doing her job, that of observing and evaluating the men. She was expected to reduce the crowd at the first rose ceremony, which would be held shortly after the cocktail party had come to an end.

And that was just what she did. While making her way through the crowd of hopefuls, Ashley was quietly judging the men, primarily their reactions to her naked body. She had observed responses to her nudity many times, and knew what to expect, so she especially noted their cocks. Although nothing was said to anybody at the party, any man who was flaccid while that close to her pussy and other parts of her gorgeous form could expect to leave that night.

There were a few who were not fully erect and, if a few strokes of her hand failed to rectify that condition, that man could also expect to leave. Although not really a size queen, Ashley also rejected in her mind anybody who was not large enough to cram her pussy and ass the way she wanted. She decided fairly easily on the rejects and spent most of her time with those who were likely to meet her high standards. These were the men who had felt her breasts or ass or pussy. One who was looked on with special approval even got down on his knees and licked off all the juices that were trickling from her crotch down her thighs.

Everybody was aware of the video cameras scattered throughout the room, and that they would be taping everything Ashley and the men did. However, results of that taping would be edited, and the most erotic parts, such as the man licking the nectar from the thighs of The Nude Bachelorette would be eliminated. The editing would be done before the airing of the footage of the cocktail party and everywhere else naked people would be doing their carousing. The producers were aware some of the actions were likely to be X-rated and they believed the public wasn’t ready for that level of eroticism yet.

Shortly after that first event was over, it was time for the initial Rose Ceremony of the year. Ashley was quite clear in her mind whom she wanted to keep in contention, at least into the next event, and the first was a man named Steven. He had a big cock, and it had been fully erect from the minute she walked into the room. He was also the one who had lapped up her pussy juices during the cocktail party, as well as fondling both her breasts when introduced to her as she was meeting all the men by the mansion door.

“Steve,” she addressed him. “I’d like to offer you this rose,” she told him, smiling at the sight of his cock, which was still erect. “Will you accept it?”

“Yes, I will.” With his trophy, he strolled to a different part of the large room where the ceremony was being held and stood there by himself.

Ashley continued doling out the roses in the same way, with every man she favored answering in the affirmative. Nobody had any way of knowing in advance how many of the contestants would be going on to the next phase, so she had been supplied with 25 of the bright red blossoms. When she was done, there were still nine roses left, and an assistant producer gave the nine flowerless men the same bad news, which they already knew.

“If you have not received a rose tonight, that means you will not be taking part in the next phase of the contest. Say whatever goodbyes you want now, and limousines are waiting to take you back home or wherever else you wish to go. Thank you for your participation in this year’s event.”

The next phase would be group dates. The remaining sixteen men would be divided into four groups of four each and they and Ashley would be given further instructions the next day. The group dates were to be one week apart for the next four weeks, with another Rose Ceremony at the end of the series of four dates. Members in each of the four groups would, supposedly, be chosen by lot, but Ashley could ask that certain individuals be included in the first contingent.

She eagerly chose Steve. His tongue had felt fabulous on the soft skin of her inner thighs and she was extremely eager to have the same magical organ caressing her pussy lips. She selected another man, George, who was a strong second favorite of hers because of his unusually long, thick cock. The other two kırklareli escort contestants in the first group and those in the next three were selected by drawing numbers out of a basket.

From all the fondling and petting that had been going on, both by her and of her, Ashley was in an extremely high state of arousal. What she wanted more than anything was to take Steve and George and maybe some others into her bed for a night and following day of happy sexual frolicking. However, she was aware such unscheduled hanky-panky, if it were reported by some scandal sheets, might well compromise the integrity of the show, maybe even destroy the whole franchise.

“No,” the show’s producer responded when she asked him anyhow, and he went on to describe to Ashley the same negative results she had considered.

“Well, I’m glad I brought Roger along,” the horny woman consoled herself, referring to the pet name she had given her Rabbit. “He’s not as good as the real ones all around me and he doesn’t have a tongue, but he’s certainly better than nothing.” With the help of Roger and an unnamed dildo she used in her ass, Ashley made it through the next week, to the morning of the first group date.

This was to be a harbor cruise on a large yacht and, since it was a very public outing, she and the men would have to be fully dressed. Still wanting to be as close to bare as possible, Ashley wore white hot pants, deck shoes and a t-shirt with horizontal red and white stripes. Since the only undergarments she wore were a skimpy pair of bikini panties and red sox, she came as near to being naked as she could. The four men, who remained clustered about her for the entire cruise, were also very casually dressed.

Neither Ashley nor the contestants with her were overly interested in sightseeing and they were all looking forward to the real date. That would start when they returned to the mansion and went up to her suite, where they would strip off all their clothing and get busy in her king-sized bed. Until that could happen, the members of the group, including Ashley, had to settle for some surreptitious caresses and playing with her breasts.

When the cruise ended, everybody hurried down the gangplank and climbed into the back seat of the waiting limousine to go back to the mansion. In the more private interior of the vehicle, there was no reason to hide their activities, and Ashley immediately had cocks in either of her hands and men’s hands on both her breasts and both thighs. Her shorts were too tight for more than a finger or two to squeeze into them, but that didn’t stop her fellow passengers from trying. Back at the mansion, there was no reason for the men to go to their assigned rooms, so they followed the sexy Bachelorette into her suite, where the cameras were already set up.

There, she stood beside the bed and waited for her four horny sex partners to do what everybody wanted to do about her clothing. A few seconds later, she was completely naked, with her cast-off attire scattered on the floor, and she sat on the bed, lay on her back and rolled into the middle to let the others do what, just then, they all wanted to do more than anything else in the world.

Steve, as naked as she, joined her first. Ever since kissing and fondling the hot young beauty when he arrived at the mansion, he had thought of her as “eating stuff,” and he hadn’t changed his mind about that, so he quickly knelt between her thighs and leaned forward. Ashley saw him, knew exactly what he wanted, and raised her legs so they could rest on his shoulders. He eagerly moved in more closely, wrapped his arms around her thighs and gazed raptly on the object of his adoration. Very delicately, he spread Ashley’s lips, swollen with her lust, and breathed deeply of the incredible cloud of fragrance that arose.

The rest of the men were not far behind. Justin and Mike, the next two who climbed onto the bed, were rather disappointed to see the bachelorette’s pussy was occupied but that was not enough to keep them from orally relishing her charms. Avidly, one of them got on either side of her, gently cupped a big, succulent breast in one of his hands and started licking. Because of the pleasure flooding her body from three of her most erogenous places, Ashley’s body was already writhing in excitement.

That left George who, having been slower than the others, did not have an interesting place to lick. However, he did have something that was highly lickable and suckable and Ashley made no secret about what she wanted to do with it.

“Come up here, George, so I can suck that nice, big dick,” she told him. Even as she spoke, the young beauty turned her head to the side with her mouth wide open and her tongue extended.

George climbed onto the bed and lay beside her with the end of his cock resting on her tongue. She moved; he leaned forward and the hard mushroom shape slid between her lips. Using only her tongue, Ashley drew the rigid organ in farther before starting to move her mouth back and forth. With every motion, she took his shaft in more deeply until the end was pressing against the back of her throat. Employing a trick she had learned long ago, the eager hotty opened wide and enveloped every bit of George’s cock until his pubic hair was tickling her lips and nose.

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