The party


The partyI’d been watching her at the crowded party for about half an hour and I couldn’t take my eyes off her, it was obvious that she was with her husband or boyfriend though although he didn’t seem to be paying her much attention. Finally he left and I decided to walk over to her & at least introduce myself. I brushed past her and felt my cock which had been nicely erect all the time I’d been gazing at her swell even more as i picked up the scent of her perfume and smelt her soft flesh. She must’ve felt my cock brush up against her as I noticed her nipples swell inside her white almost backless dress. She was beautifully tanned, look liked she returned from a holiday in the sun and I felt instantly jealous of those nights when she must’ve been fucking him perhaps on a beach or else with her body dripping wet after she’d climbed out of the pool. Now I was closer I realised how pert and erect her perfect tits were, she looked about late 20s or early 30s, the perfect age, experienced but still fit as fuck and perhaps wanting a bit more excitement. I decided to try my luck.”On your own?” I asked. “I think I may be” she replied ” my husband hates parties, so he’s headed off home, I’m just starting canlı bahis to enjoy myself though. Fancy a dance?” . “sounds great” I answered. “I saw you looking at me” she said, “you know in that way that says I fancy you”. “That’s because I do” I said. We danced, both slightly drunk and I could feel her warm body swaying and rocking next to me. I wanted her to be doing that on top of me, naked, her beautiful bronzed skin glowing softly in the moonlight, and her perfect breasts cupped in my hand. “Lets go outside” I said, and she need no persuasion. We started to kiss on the grass by the summer house and I could feel her tongue, so eager for excitement pushing into my mouth.her lips were gently biting mine and starting to explore my body with her hands. I reached down, lifted up her dress and slipped my finger into her wet pussy while our kissing intensified, as I worked first one, then two and finally three fingers inside her. I could feel her excitement grow, my index finger was rotating on her perfect firm clit while her juices were starting to flow over my other two fingers. “I think I need something more in there she groaned as her breathing intensified and I could tell she was so ready bahis siteleri for full sex. Then she took over, reaching down and grabbing my solid cock she guided it into her perfectly, naturally lubed pussy. My tip rubbed against her clit briefly as she leant back against the wall of the summer house and I started to fill her heavenly cunt with my throbbing shaft. it was a perfect fit, warm and creamy but still so tight her gorgeous pussy was made my for cock I felt. I reached behind her and squeezed her cute handfuls of arse cheeks and then nuzzled my head against her breasts and kissed her pert wonderfully young looking tits. This is what I’d been dreaming doing as I’d gazed at her earlier. now our bodies were moving together in perfect harmony, tongue kissing and licking breasts, cock rhythmically pumping inside her and hands massaging and squeezing her arse. We both slid down onto the grass without stopping our sex and she rolled over with me still inside her so that she could take control and ride me. I loved being her sub and she knew just what she wanted. She rode me hard working her beautifully shaven mound up against the base of my cock while she started to cum in pulsating waves güvenilir bahis of ecstasy. I could feel her heavenly pussy juice running down my hard cock, her moaning and breathing becoming more frenzied and both our heads dizzy from booze, sex and the thrill of it all. She was fucking me now, and with a final hard thrust she quivered to a fantastic cum drenched orgasm. She put her head against mine, “I fucking needed that so bad” she yelled into my ear as the pulsating sound of the party music which had been the soundtrack to our beautiful sex pumped out its dirty beats. I reached down grabbed my shaft from out of her pussy and started to rub it to its beautiful climax. “Give that to me” she said “and I’ll show you just where I want your hot load”. She was talking dirtier now which made me even hornier. She leant back while sitting astride me and wanked my excited cock off to its inevitable conclusion. Streams of hot milky cum shot over those beautiful tits, dribbled down her tight sun tanned belly and onto her mound, whilst the hardest shot splashed all over her pussy, she wiped it with her finger pushing my hot sperm into her eager pussy and sucking her fingers dry. As we lay there on the grass gently aching and sweaty from hot dirty sex we were startled by her phone bleeping; – a text from her husband. ‘Home sweetheart’, it said, ‘enjoy the party. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!’Written by indiechick2 for my wife.

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