The Perfect Treat

Big Dick

Marta trudged up the steep city street, the gaudy pink and red hearts and lace and other silliness mocking her from inside the storefronts. She pulled her scarf tighter as the wind picked up, blasts of frigid air invading her clothes.

The ice on the February sidewalk provided perilous little traction and she minced her steps despite her impatience. She finally arrived at her place of employment on her least favorite day of the year.

Inside, the rich fragrant waves of cocoa seeped into her senses as she made her way into the back. The warmth of the store was frankly stuffy compared with the crisp, grey weather outside. Marta pushed past the line to the front, barging through the employee gate next to the counter. Her boss looked at her and then the clock and she preempted the scolding with “I know, I can stay late, it’s fine.”

In the back, she hung her coat and purse, smoothed her hair, washed her hands and tied on a clean apron. She took a deep breath and stepped out to face the store.

Special orders lined the back tables and by noon, the little store could barely hold all the customers. She took names, checked off lists, rung up a hundred dollars at a time.

For the next six hours, she helped man after man cherry pick the perfect artisanal chocolate for their “special ladies”. Does she like nuts? Or maybe she likes creams? Each of them shrugged, completely unsure about their woman’s taste in chocolate. Marta pasted on a smile and made tame recommendations: You can’t go wrong with milk chocolate truffle. How about these chocolate-dipped strawberries?

Relieved to have solved the problem, each guy watched her carefully box, wrap and tie up with a bow their gourmet chocolate in red and pink.

She tried to push it out of her mind, but the memory kept coming back. The hot shock when she entered her boyfriend’s apartment a year ago to surprise him, only to discover another woman, petite, dark-haired, a lot like her, also stashing a Valentine’s Day gift for her supposed boyfriend. As it turned out, he was collecting gifts from several girlfriends that day.

Marta shuddered and turned her attention to the last customers, picking like buzzards over the sparse remains in the display cases. These stragglers were anxious, disappointed in themselves, and desperate to supply their girlfriends or wives with the perfect treat.

But there is no perfect treat — Marta knew that. It’s all a marketing campaign to make boyfriends spend money and the rest of us feel like shit.

Finally, the last of them were gone. The store was trashed and the boss was gleefully counting a fat wad of cash. Marta wiped down surfaces and swept the floor, shaking out the dirty mats.

One last special order sat on the back counter.


It was nearly 1 pm when Jordan’s reluctant hazel eyes opened. The dog whined and inclined her to get up. “Thank god I’ve got you, Badger. Otherwise, I’d never get out of bed.”

The pant legs of her pajamas dragged behind her slender feet as she moved into the kitchen.

It had been a week, she realized as she filled the kettle for coffee, since Adrienne had dumped her. It seemed like minutes ago. She looked around at her apartment with dismay. Now that her girlfriend was gone, she lacked the motivation to keep things orderly.

She sat down to her laptop to look at Facebook, but quickly slammed it closed again when she saw all her friends and family singing the praises of their mates and she realized what day it was.

Okay, fuck this, Jordan thought. She never went in for it to begin with, but this year, she had gone out of her way to douse Adrienne with soppy love. It was supposed to be funny, totally over the top, but also the moment Jordan was going to ask her to move in. Instead, a week before, Adrienne had supplied her with a list of her shortcomings and a cold prognosis: this is going nowhere.

It was almost dark when she took the dog for a real walk, Bycasino layering her lean frame in thick winter clothes and pulling her favorite beanie over her blonde faux-hawk. As the sun set, she tramped through the neighborhood, Badger wagging lots of tail and stopping to sniff every tree and trash can.

Jordan’s phone rang, and she pulled it out but didn’t recognize the number.

“Hello?” she said cautiously.

“Hi, this is Perfect Treat, we have a special order for you for Valentine’s Day and we are about to close.”

“Aaah.” Jordan flinched. She forgot and she had already paid for it.

“Are you going to come and get it?”

“Uh you know what, just give it to someone who loves chocolate, I don’t need it.”

“Um okay!”

Jordan stood there on the street, Badger pulling and twisting the leash.

Marta’s boss hung up the phone. “Well, there’s always one romance DOA, this one must be it. You take it, Marta, share it with your friends.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s paid for.”

Marta wiped her hands and received the silver box tied with a burgundy ribbon. “For Adrienne, I want to be with you everyday. Move in with me.” Ouch, thought Marta as she shoved the box into her sack.

There would be no restaurant that wasn’t packed with romantic couples, so Marta headed up the street six blocks or so to the Irish pub where she could order a Guinness and mope. She parked herself on a stool, ordered and took out a book.

Jordan pushed the door open and Badger immediately jumped onto a bar stool next to a dark-haired woman reading and drinking a similarly dark beer. Badger gave Marta his best doggy smile and she laughed, holding out her hand. He licked her and she petted him, saying, “well hi there, pup, you must be a regular!” then she looked up at his owner, a wiry woman with vivid hazel eyes and a blaze of blonde hair sticking out of her knit cap. She had piercings along both ears.


“Hi.” Badger continued to fawn over Marta, stretching his cold nose in her direction.

“Okay bud, that’s enough.” Jordan chided the dog.

“He’s fine, really, I love dogs.”

“Well, he needs to mind his manners. We don’t call him ‘Badger’ for nothing.” Jordan realized her mistake in using “we”, indicating that she had a partner.

Marta smiled politely. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she said in her best retail voice before returning to her book.

“Fuck Valentine’s Day,” Jordan declared. Marta laughed.

“Yeah, you said it. Worst one ever, well, no last year was the worst one ever.”

“Not that I ever thought it was a big deal, but the one year I think it is a big deal? I get dumped.”

“Eh,” Marta said, “I’m so sorry. Your story cannot be worse than mine.” She hesitated to make eye contact but when she did, Jordan leaned in.

“No, trust me, mine’s the worst.”

“Shall we make a bet?”

“Okay, you first.” Jordan sipped her beer while Marta told her about the sociopath boyfriend who had run a game on her and two other women that looked a lot like her.

“Holy fuck, that is horrible, you might win this bet.” Jordan told Marta about how she was about to ask her girlfriend to move in with her when she got dumped a week ago.

“God, I am so sorry, that really sucks.” They sipped beer in silence for a little while, both women rooting around for another conversation starter.

“I miss the affection,” Marta blurted, turning a little pink.

“Yeah, me too. Netflix and chill just isn’t the same when you are alone.”

Marta’s bitter laugh told Jordan that she got it. Then she remembered the chocolate.

“I have something for you.” She pulled the box out of her bag and handed it to Jordan. “It’s from my work, it’s actually really good, a special order someone didn’t

pick up.” Jordan accepted the box and looked down at the tag.

“Oh my god.” She said.

“You don’t like chocolate?” Marta looked Bycasino giriş pained.

“No, no I love it,” she opened the box to see the beautiful bonbons perfectly arranged in the box. “Thank you.” She picked one up, smiled ruefully, and took a bite. Marta watched Jordan’s lips as they wrapped around the chocolate, and her face relaxed and the flavors invaded her senses. “Fuck, that is so good.” Marta smiled triumphantly.

“Please,” Jordan pushed the box toward Marta, “have one, if you aren’t totally sick of them.”

“I actually never get the chance, they are usually all spoken for.” She bit down and the cocoa, butter, nut and spices washed over her palette. “You are right, it’s really fucking good.” Again, a delicate silence fell over them as they savored the confections.

“I’m Jordan.”

“I’m Marta.”

“I’m going to ask you something now, Marta, and it’s probably a totally stupid question¬–“

“Yes.” Marta stood and put her purse over her shoulder.

“Okay,” Jordan’s laugh was incredulous as she took up Badger’s leash and held the door open for Marta.

In Jordan’s apartment, she rummaged around in her fridge while Marta looked around. Jordan produced a single beer and handed it to Marta who took a sip and handed it back. They sat on the couch and Marta looked down at her hands.

“I’ve never been with a woman before.” The statement hung like Valentine’s Day decorations in the air.

“Okay, we don’t have to –” Marta practically leapt across the sofa to plant her lips on Jordan’s and a wild tussle ensued, clothes shed to the floor, sofa cushions tossed, the half-drunk beer knocked over. Marta’s little hands found the soft planes of Jordan’s face and she inhaled her smell. Jordan abandoned all caution and her tongue surged into Marta’s mouth, nibbling and sucking lips with little gasps and grunts.

“You taste like beer and chocolate,” Jordan breathed, forking her fingers through Marta’s glossy hair.

“So do you,” Marta’s tongue dove back into Jordan’s mouth, their tongues coalescing in a tango. Half naked and spun out, the two women angled toward Jordan’s bed, ripping the blankets away and flouncing onto the mattress. Jordan’s languid frame crested over Marta’s, arms matching arms, hips tapping together.

A small war was taking place inside Marta, desire vs. performance anxiety. Jordan made short work of Marta’s boring underwear, flinging it with panache to elicit a giggle from Marta. Then she got close, her expression suddenly growing serious.

“Just relax and let me take care of you, can you do that for me?”

“Yes,” Marta nodded with energized relief.

Jordan arranged Marta across the bed width-wise, lifting her arms up to rest over her head. Then softly, she feathered her face over Marta’s neck, lifting her hair out of the way and rolling her face to one side to access the tender slope of her from ear to shoulder. Marta sighed, and Jordan smiled.

For what seemed like hours, Jordan attended to the driven snow of Marta’s body, combing over her belly, lauding Marta’s ribs and nipples with her tongue, chin, nose, lips. Marta’s thighs came together to hold back what felt like a flood of girl sauce, but Jordan intercepted, fanning her back open to expose her shiny wet slit. Jordan grazed her tits over Marta’s, coming back for another deep kiss while a single finger laced and dipped into Marta’s startled pussy. She sucked air and whined into Jordan’s kiss.

Patiently, Jordan tapped and tickled at Marta’s juicy opening, hungry but holding off. She pulled back and observed as she explored Marta’s insides with her fingers. This allowed her to watch as Marta squirmed and flushed in response to her touch. She sped up the motion along Marta’s clit, listening for her wailing to rise in pitch.

“There you go, are you going to cum for me, pretty thing?”

“Yes,” Marta tossed her head, “yes please make me cum,” spreading her legs wider, Bycasino deneme bonusu grinding her hips into Jordan’s palm. They kissed again and Jordan felt Marta’s hips suddenly snap, she broke lips and cried out, and a new drip of wetness coated Jordan’s hand.

Marta rolled over and enveloped Jordan as much as her small frame could, a rush of gratitude exuding out of her in the form of kisses and squeezes. Jordan snickered, switching position suddenly so that she could catch Marta from behind. With one arm wrapped around Marta’s shoulder and crossing her chest, Jordan used her free hand to rake fingernails up the outside of Marta’s thigh, accenting the rough feeling with a sharp smack on her butt cheek. Marta squealed and flexed her spine as Jordan grabbed Marta’s round globe of flesh. She dusted her fingers along the underside of that cheek, spreading her crack open. Another gasp.

“I am going to have to eat you, you know that, don’t you?”

“Aaahhhh…” was all Marta could muster within her post-orgasmic trance.

“I want to give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had, but I want permission to enter you from the other side while I am doing it.” She turned Marta’s face so they could make eye contact.

Marta studied Jordan for a moment.

“If it hurts, we stop.”

“Of course.”

“Then okay. I trust you.”

Jordan guided Marta’s leg up to rest on the bed at a right angle so she could slide her hand along Marta’s silky underside. She licked her hand and circled Marta’s hole, bracing Marta with her arm and whispering to her to breathe and soften. When she felt the muscles release, she pushed the tip of her finger inside as she chewed on the soft rim of flesh lining Marta’s ear. She bit down just a little, anticipating the gasp and clench, but Marta yielded beautifully and Jordan continued to push before she rocked her finger back and forth inside Marta’s tight canal.

A new flash of light seemed to fire in Marta’s brain and words ceased to rattle. With the support of Jordan’s strong wiry arm containing her heart, Marta’s hips shook freely, the base of her body impaled and controlled by Jordan’s single digit.

“Roll over, give yourself to me again,” Jordan whispered this firmly, withdrawing just enough for Marta to turn face up on her back so Jordan could reinsert as she dropped her face into Marta’s waiting cunt.

She beckoned with her finger as her lips locked over Marta’s swollen clit, emitting a muffled groan at the sweet taste of her new lover. Marta’s legs quivered in the air as the coordinated vibrations of Jordan’s finger and tongue rang her like a bell. Feet arching, nails clawing, the two women shook together until Marta’s climax reached a fever pitch, her mouth opening wide and a howl of animal euphoria barreling up from deep inside to wrack her throat. The spasms worked their way to her extremities, sizzling to her fingers and toes.

Jordan finally released her, and again took up a protective embrace while Marta worked the last breathless echoes of climax out of her system.

“Dear lord,” Jordan whistled with appreciation. Marta would have blushed but she was already there. “I didn’t know if you were coming back from that one.” They giggled again, like colluding schoolgirls.

“I want to tell you something,” Jordan said. “That box of chocolates that you gave me in the bar, it was mine.”

“What?” Marta’s eyes expanded and her pupils visibly retracted.

“I had ordered it for my girlfriend. Now ex. And you gave it to me. Isn’t that weird?”

“It’s weird. But maybe not.”

“What do you mean?”

“We were both wallowing. Because things didn’t work out for us. We were just doing it alone before, now we’re doing it together.”

Jordan nodded. “You’re right. But we are not wallowing now.”

“I want to make you feel this good, can I try? Will you show me what to do?”

“It’s not that different from what you like, actually,” Jordan guided Marta’s hand to her vj, spreading her lips so Marta’s dainty fingertip could grace her clit.

“We have all night to make each other cum. And in between, we can eat the rest of that chocolate.”

“It’ll taste even better now.”

“Yeah,” Jordan snickered again, “the perfect treat.”

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