The Pool Ch. 02


I reach up and take her hand, my mind going back to the night we first met. I remember seeing her at a party at my sister’s house. She’d come with a friend of my brother-in-law’s. We ended up sitting on the couch together as the men talked about sports. She was bright, and funny, and so pretty. I felt drawn to her from the first moments we talked.

I had always fantasized about another woman, but never really considered doing anything about it. But since my divorce, I found my fantasies turning to thoughts of another woman more and more. Wondering what it would really feel like, what she would taste like, would I have the courage to actually do it.

Now here I am with her, at her parents summer house on the beach, naked, wet, wanting, my hand in hers as she leads me into the poolhouse. I feel my legs shaking, my heart thundering in my chest, not knowing what to expect now. To make her climax, that was a dream come true. But to think of her mouth touching me, there, oh God, I shudder all over just imagining it.

Her soft lips caress my cheek, and I jolt back to reality. I look at her, her beautiful face, smooth skin, soft brown eyes, and I feel a deep excitement building inside me. It’s a wonderful, tingling feeling, like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Terror, lust, passion, need, all tumbling around inside me, battling each other.

Her slim hand comes up and smoothes across my cheek, tucking my hair behind my ear, Bycasino and her lips lightly kiss down my ear and neck. I can feel goosebumps racing across my skin. Her other hand gently cups my breast, her thumb dragging over the hardened nipple. I moan softly, and I feel a smile in her kiss against my skin.

As she leans up closer, her mouth covers mine. She runs her tongue across my lips, seeking entrance. My mouth opens under hers, and her soft velvety tongue slips in, chasing mine, capturing it. She sucks lightly on it, then my full lower lip.

I feel my body softening, melting, yielding. My hands rest on her hips, pulling her closer. One arm wraps around my neck, one hand squeezing my breast. I arch my back, pushing that aching breast into her hand more. My nipples presses against her palm, and I groan again. The kiss deepens, becoming almost desperate.

I can feel a lust like never before surging in my veins. Her hand tangles in my hair, gripping it tight. My hands drop down to cup her soft cheeks, lifting her up against me tighter.

She breaks the kiss, pulling me by my hair, forcing me to lay down on the bed on my stomach. She straddles me and begins kissing and licking her way down my back. I quiver and tremble and writhe under her as she searches for and finds my most sensitive spots. She returns to the spots that get the most reaction from me again and again.

Her hand probes Bycasino giriş between my legs, causing me to spread them wider. As her finger slowly penetrates my hot, wet pussy, my back arches, offering her more of me. She pushes in deeper, sliding another finger in beside the first. I can feel her pressing on my hardened cervix, then turning her hand as she searches for that magic spot deep inside me.

My hands clench into fists as she probes and presses harder, deeper. She seems to know exactly how to drive me wild under her touch. “That’s it, Cathy, open up for me,” she whispers as I spread my legs wider still.

I am irresistibly drawn to pull up on my knees, and she helps me, lifting up with her fingers that are deep in my pussy. I can feel the slick, wet juices of my arousal as they begin to move in and out of me. My hips rock back and forth, my face down on the bed, my cries of pleasure smothered by the pillow.

She lightly slaps my bottom, and I jump, another deep guttural groan ripped from me. “Turn over, Cathy, I want to taste you.” I remember saying that to her just a short while before.

I roll over onto my back, and she kneels between my legs. Her hands slowly slide up my silky inner thighs, pushing down, stretching my legs apart. She lays down on the bed on her stomach, her face inches from my throbbing pussy. I can feel her soft breath whispering across my tender skin, Bycasino deneme bonusu and it makes my hips tilt up, reaching for that mouth, dying for it to touch me. To finally feel the softness of another woman’s mouth on me.

Lowering her head, her soft pink tongue slowly drags across my pussy, from the bottom all the way to the top. A low scream scratches from my throat as she gets to my swollen clit. My hands clutch at the blanket, and I close my eyes, just feeling her.

She starts to lick and probe at my little nub, teasing it from under its hood. My hips undulate under her and I spread my legs as wide as they will go. Her hands pull the puffy lips apart, exposing more of me to her touch. She zeros in on my clitoris, sucking on it tenderly, then harder. I can feel my body responding, helpless under her expert mouth.

The climax, when it hits, is more than any I have ever felt before. A great, thundering, crashing, gut wrenching orgasm. My stomach muscles clench and my shoulders lift off the bed. A primal scream is torn from my throat as I convulse over and over.

Nothing had prepared me for this, this deep, intense reaction to the fulfilment of my fantasy. I shake and shudder and tremble under her as she lovingly licks the juices flowing thick and sweet from me.

I lie there, feeling like I am floating, and she kisses her way up my stomach. Lying down next to me, her arms around me, we snuggle up close, our bodies warm and damp. She presses soft little kisses on my face as I calm down.

We drift off to sleep, the ceiling fan whirring gently above us. I feel a small smile on my face, and see her face in my mind as I fall asleep.

The Pool Part II by Cathy O’Niel Copyright 2005

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