The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 8)


The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 8)(First Touch)With my husband John and her mother, and my lover, Kathy both on board with the idea of me becoming Jeannie’s first experience with another woman, the planning began. I felt so obligated to make this the most wonderful experience of Jeannie’s young life. Kathy’s daughter, Jeannie, had been in my life since Kathy and I met and became lovers about 5 years ago. Since she was 13 Jeannie had always called me Aunt Misty, although we were not related.Jeannie made her usual trip to our house to enjoy the pool on Monday, her day off. She had been texting and texting me asking tons of questions about whether or not I thought it was going to work out for us to be together. My answer was always, that I thought it would work out but it just might take a little time and for her to be patient. She arrived mid morning and as always was just the cutest sight when she came bounding through the door. Cut off blue jean shorts, white tank top with the strings of her bikini peeking out the top and the cutest thong sandals I have ever seen her wearing. At eighteen she was just the perfect image of a healthy, happy, confident young woman. She was a blue eyed blonde barely 4’11” and I am sure she was barely 90 lbs, very fit and muscular from years of gymnastics. She was always so upset that she was mistaken for being much younger and she could easily pass for 14.Her first words were, “Aunt Misty, please tell me we are going to work this out. I am so excited and I can’t take my mind off of you and us.” I smiled, walked over to her and took both of her hands in mine. I looked into her perfect clear blue eyes and said, “It is going to work out k**do. Uncle John is completely supportive, which you already knew, and your Mom is also happy for us and totally supportive.” I hardly had the words out of my mouth and she had already broken her hands free of mine and wrapped me in the biggest tightest hug with her head pressed tight against of my chest. I let out a loud gasp and pushed her away. She looked so stunned but I quickly explained that my boobs were very sore. I opened my blouse to give her a glimpse of my now purple blue bruised breasts from yesterday’s flogging. She gasped and said, “Oh my God Aunt Misty, what happened? Are you ok?” “Yes Sweetie, I am ok, just sore. They are just the result of a very rough play session, nothing to worry about,” I reassured her. “Play session? Really? Uncle John got a little carried away huh?” Jeannie said as she reached out carefully to touch the top of my breast above my bra. I said, “Yeah, just a little, but I enjoyed it.” I did not think she needed to know that it was actually her mother, Kathy who had flogged me. Some things can wait for a later time. “You are so kinky, Aunt Misty. I cannot wait to have you teach me. Well not about being bruised but I am sure you will teach me so many other things,” she said. “Babygirl, WE are going to learn so much together. Now take the towels out to the pool and let me change into my suit,” I directed as I headed down the hall to change. I decided to go a little more sexy than usual and put on the deepest cut one piece suit I have. Mostly black with mesh cutouts in the midriff, white halter style to, cut high on the hips and very narrow across my round ass. The top plunged very low and was just wide enough to cover my areola and no much more. My breasts were much too big for this suit to be worn anywhere but in the back yard, and no one but my husband had ever seen me in it. The purple of my bruised breasts were very obvious against the white and almost all of my breasts were exposed. When I got to the pool, Jeannie was in her usual lounge chair, but I was surprised to see that she had a new bikini. Although our pool is very private, she was usually pretty conservative in her choice of suits, especially for a young lady with such a perfectly sexy body, but not today. The suit was a string bikini top and bottom. The top was so tiny, it could not have been more than 2 inches wide at the bottom and got more narrow as it went up. It was a lovely shade of yellow which was such a cute contrast to her dark tan and to the white of her breast between her tanline and this tiny bikini. The bottom was only slightly wider than the top and likewise showed her tanlines. “Do you like my new suit? Is it ok?” she asked. “It is very sexy, and yes it is ok, I love it,” I said. “How is mine?” I asked as i dropped my robe and did a slow spin. “Wow, Aunt Misty, your ass look so hot in that suit.” was her response. “Thank you, Sweetie, Now come put some lotion on my back, please.” Jeannie got up from her chair and as I handed her the lotion, she did a little spin for me. I got my first glimpse of the back of her suit. It was more tiny than the front with just two strings and a one inch triangle of yellow where they met. Her perfect gymnast’s ass was outlined in the yellow strings. The sight of her tiny hard canlı bahis body and the anticipation of being her first female lover quickly had me feeling the familiar ache growing between my legs. I laid face down on my lounge, carefully resting my weight against my bruised breasts, and Jeannie was quickly at work rubbing lotion on my neck and back. As she massaged my back, I explained that I had a three day trip to a resort planned for her and me starting this Friday morning. I let her know that her Mom and I had already arranged for her to take time off work, and that Uncle John was funding a shopping spree for us. She was so excited she just kept thanking me. “Babygirl, it is my pleasure, and we will have a most wonderful weekend. Now can you put lotion on my legs too?” Jeannie had put lotion on my back many times, but I had never asked her to do my legs. She started at my ankles and smoothed the lotion over both of my muscular calves and just above my knees. I sensed she was hesitating and asked her if she was ok. “Can I go higher? Is it ok?” she said timidly. “Yes, Babygirl, you can go higher. Make sure you get my ass too,” I replied. I felt her fingers tremble a bit as she stroked her hands up the back of my thighs and then across the exposed parts of the cheeks of my ass. I moaned slightly and she kept her hands on my ass and massaged it a little. “I love the way your ass feels Aunt Misty, so soft but so firm too,” she said. “That feels very good Sweetie, thank you. Get the insides of my thighs please,” I asked. Jeannie covered her hand with more lotion and starting just above my knee she slid her hand up my inner thigh. I slowly spread my legs for her exposing the narrow strip of fabric covering my now wet pussy. Her fingers stopped about three inches from my pussy and I reached back taking her wrist in my hand I guided her fingers up to within a fraction of an inch of my wet pussy. I held her hand there for several very long seconds and then releasing her wrist I said,”Get the other side too please.” She rubbed the inside of my other thigh as well but this time also took her fingers to within a fraction of an inch of my pussy. She sat back and said, “Oh my gosh Aunt Misty, this is so exciting and so scary.”I sat up and wrapped her in my arms. Gently pulling her against my sore breasts, I rested her head on my shoulder. “I am so honored and so happy that you want to experience this with me. We will take this very, very slow. I will always ask you if its alright before I do anything to you, and you can always say no. You can touch me in anyway you want and I will stop you if I am not comfortable with it, but I am pretty comfortable with anything you want to experience. Now we have a few days before our trip and I want our first time together to be very special, but until then I am very good with us beginning to explore one another’s bodies. And I am so ready for more of your sweet kisses.” She pulled back a little and just said,”I love you Aunt Misty! Thank you so much.”Taking her perfect round face between my hands I pressed my bright red lipstick covered lips against her perfect plump pink lips. The softness and sweetness of her lips was so delicious. Her lips parted and I felt her tongue trace the line between my lips. Opening mine slightly, our tongues met. Soon her tongue was quickly darting into my mouth and circling my tongue. I sucked gently on her tiny tongue and she responded by rhythmically stroking it slightly into my mouth. The innocence and freshness of her kissing was so intoxicating, I knew it was going to be a very long week. “Do you like this?” I asked. She breathlessly answered, “Oh yes, very much Aunt Misty.” “Want to lay down?” I asked. “Yes, that would be awesome,” she said as she snuggled in next to me on my lounge chair. The kissing continued with the passion rising and falling as we explored what caused the most excitement in one another. Taking charge a bit, Jeannie pressed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. Her legs straight long mine, her hips against mine and her tiny bikini covered breasts pressing against my huge bruised breasts. Now on top she took charge of more forcefully and passionately kissing me.Keeping with my promise, I broke our kiss and asked, “May I rub your back?” “Yes” Jeannie answered. “And your bottom?” I replied. “Oh yes, PLEASE!”, she whispered. My long red fingernails began to trace light tracks on Jeannie’s back as she returned to forcefully kissing me. She moaned each time I d**g my nails over her back and then pulled her close to me.. She was obviously impatient and reached back to take my hand and place it on her thong clad ass. I was more than willing to meet her request and moved both hands to her perfect hard tight ass. With my hands now on her ass, I pulled her closer and tighter. Her hips started to moved and she began to rub herself against me. My fingertips repeatedly traced the line where her round firm ass met her strong bahis siteleri muscular thighs. Her movement was beginning to turn into grinding when I decided we were moving a little too quickly, so I suggested we cool off in the pool. She reluctantly agreed and I led her to the pool. We slid into the cool water together and only got a few feet into the pool when she wrapped me in her arms from behind. Her tiny hard body pressing against me from behind. Her hands reached around and slowly, tentatively cupped my huge breasts. I looked over my shoulder and asked, “Are you sure?” to which she answered “Yes, Aunt Misty, if that is ok with you,” “It is perfectly fine with me Darling, just be gentle on my nipples, they are sore,” was my reply. I reached up and released the halter top of my suit, letting it fall away. I looked down to watch her tiny little hands cradle my breasts and her fingers tease and so very gently squeeze my nipples. Then I felt her lips caressing the back of my neck along my hairline under my pony tail. Lips or a tongue on my neck make me absolutely melt and I moaned loudly and pressed back against her. Her touch went from timid to wild and back again. Sometimes just gently kneading my breasts and sometimes tightly pinching and pulling my sore but oh so hard nipples. As wonderful as it was, the attention an my breasts was also too intense for me and I pulled away and turned to face her, “That feels so good but is too much on my nipples right now, Sweetie, so let’s save that for this weekend,” I said.This was my first glimpse of Jeannie’s new bikini in the water. The fabric was perfectly transparent now that it was wet and the view was divine. Her nipples were very hard, pink, so small and delicate looking. Her breasts were so perfect, just tiny puffy mounds over her muscular toned chest. “May I touch your breasts?” I asked, and Jeannie responded by reaching out and moving my hands so that just the tips of my red fingernails were against the transparent fabric of her bikini. My fingertips traced the outline of each triangle of her bikini top and then slowly circled her nipples just a fraction of an inch away from them. Closer and closer I circled her beautiful nipples and then began rubbing the tip of my fingernail up and down across each nipple. I heard Jeannie gasp for the first time and could not help but think I hoped that was the first of many, many more. Looking into her beautiful blue eyes I asked, “Does that feel good? Do you play with your nipples when you masturbate?” My beautiful little friend responded with, “Yes, it feels amazing and yes, I love playing with my nipples.” “Me too,” I said, “I would love for you to show me how you play with your nipples so I can learn what you like. Would you like to do that for me?” “Yes Ma’am,” was her response and the fingers of her left hand moved quickly inside the fabric of her bikini top and grasped her nipple. Her bright pink fingernails tightly gripped her tiny nipple and I could see she was tightly pinching and she began to pull. She pulled out hard and then let her nipple slip through her fingernails. Next she circled her nipple pressing hard and then again gripped it with her nails. I matched her actions on her other nipple and again I heard her gasp and now she began to moan too. Wanting to continue our exploration I led her to the side of the pool and easily lifted her onto the pool deck. “Would you like to masturbate and let me watch? I would love to see how you like to be touched if that would be ok,” I said as I stroked my hands up and down her legs which were still in the pool. She locked her eyes on mine and simply answered by sliding her right hand into her bikini bottom while her left continued on her nipple. One pink fingernail immediately disappeared between her tiny pussy lips and her thumb began to stroke ever so lightly over her clit. She kept her eyes locked on mine but kept up the assault on her clit and her nipple. I raised each of her tiny size 5.5 feet and began rubbing her tiny little toes over my bare nipples as I watched her passion grow. I raised one of her feet toward my lips and said, “Have you ever had your toes kissed or sucked?” “No Ma’am,” was her response. “May I be the first?” She just nodded and I wrapped my lips around her big toe and sucked it in deep and held it there swirling my tongue. “That feels amazing,” she gasped and then slowly worked a second tiny finger into her pussy. I sucked and licked her toes while rubbing my nipple with her other foot and watched as her passion rose higher and higher. She began biting her lower lip and I watched her face and upper chest flushing red. Suddenly her hips began to move, thrusting to meet her fingers, her eyes closed tightly and I saw the shutter of a release pouring from her body. She quivered for just a few short seconds and when her eyes opened she was again staring deeply into mine. Her hands were perfectly still and she was just breathing bahis şirketleri hard and watching my lips on her toes. I dropped her feet down into the pool and moved up closer to her. She whispered, “That is the first time anyone else has seen me orgasm.” I smiled and said, “It was amazingly sexy to watch and I am honored. She slipped her fingers out of her bikini top and brushed the hair back from her face and then slipped her two fingers out of her pussy and began to raise them out of her bikini bottom. I reached out and took that hand in mine. “May I taste?” was my question. Again, she simply nodded, and I pulled her fingers to my lips. Even before I got the first taste, I could smell how delicious they were going to be. I took both of her fingers fresh from her tight pussy, into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them. The taste was such a delicacy. I let out a very loud gasp and whispered. “Oh my God, you are delicious.” With every trace of her deliciousness cleaned from her fingers, Jeannie slipped back in the pool. Jeannie pressed against me and on her tippytoes leaned in to kiss me. Her kiss was tender and as sweet as the taste of her pussy still on my lips. “Oh my gosh, Aunt Misty, I loved you sucking on my toes. That felt amazing. Do you like doing that? Do you like to have your feet played with too?” she blurted out after our long tender kiss. “I am so glad you enjoyed that Babygirl, and yes, I love to play with beautiful feet and yours are truly spectacular. And yes, I love having my feet played with too,” was my reply. “How did you learn you liked feet?” she asked. “Mostly from your Uncle John. He loves pretty feet and loves to play with my feet. I learned from him to appreciate other women’s feet too. And the first time I kissed another women’s feet I knew I had a foot fetish.” “That is so sexy. So Uncle John has a foot fetish too,” she asked. I just nodded. “That’s so cool. You guys are so kinky, I love it.” After another tender kiss she asked, “Could I kiss your feet too?”I replied, “I would love that.” Her smile told me she was excited at the prospect. I sat on the edge of the pool, my feet dangling in the pool. Jeannie lifted my right foot and pressed her lips to my wrinkled sole. Sweet little kisses moving from my heel to my toes, then she slipped her tongue between my toes, licking each gap. “Does that feel good, am I doing it right?” she asked. “Yes, Darling you are doing it very right and that feels amazing. Do you like it?” I asked. She replied, “Oh yes Aunt Misty, this is fun. Can I suck your toes too?” I nodded and watched my big toe disappear between her full sexy lips. Her tongue swirled quickly around my toe and then she sucked it in hard and started moving her mouth up and down my toe like sucking a tiny cock. She looked up for my approval and saw me circling my hard nipples with my fingertips. She obviously liked that and it inspired her to make her foot worship even hotter. She switched feet and hungrily attacked those toes with her lips and tongue. Sucking and swirling, kissing and licking. I spread my legs wide and rested my other foot on the edge of the pool. My fingers continued on my left nipple and my right hand went between my legs. I stroked my wet pussy through the fabric of my suit. The sight of my toes in her mouth and the feeling of her tongue on my toes was so sexy. Her eyes were fixed on my pussy when I pulled the fabric aside and exposed my pussy. My labia are very large and thick and when I am that excited they are very dark. I rubbed my fingers through the patch of brown hair above my pussy then using two fingers, spread my pussy lips and with a third finger began circling my clit. Jeannie stopped sucking my toes and moved closer between my legs. She was watching so intently as my fingers moved faster and faster. When I felt the tingling beginning, I kept a finger on my clit and slipped two fingers inside. That was all it took to push me over the edge. I started to cum with my hips thrusting slightly and my pussy clinching tightly on my fingers. The orgasm lasted just a few seconds, but it was so intense I could not have stood it to go on much longer. “May I taste you?” Jeannie asked. I raised my fingers toward her and she quickly took them deep in her mouth. She grasp my wrist and held my fingers deep inside her mouth as she licked them. “My gosh you taste amazing. That was so sexy. I have never watched a woman orgasm. You are so hot Aunt Misty,” “Thank you Baby, I loved playing for you. We are going to have such a wonderful weekend,” I said as I slipped back in the pool with her. “I need to get dressed, I have a hair appointment, but you can stay and enjoy the pool. I will be gone the rest of the day,” I told her while holding her against me at the edge of the pool. “I think I will go too,” she said, “What is the plan for this weekend? “I will pick you up about 9 Friday morning and we will be home Sunday evening, Pack a couple of nice dresses, what ever you work out in, swimsuits and coverups. And we will shop on Friday before we check in too.” “I am so excited, Aunt Misty, I cannot wait,” she said as she covered my lips with hers for one last passionate kiss.

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