The Prisoner Pt. 02 – Location Bravo


This is a continuation of The Prisoner – Location Alpha. If you have not read that story, please do so before continuing, as the chaos will be difficult to understand otherwise. Hope you enjoy TJ and Michelle’s continued cluster-fuck journey.

And thank you to my wonderful editor WAT456 for helping keep this story moving in the right direction and keeping my wandering mind on track…


Location Alpha, Oklahoma (April 21, 2025)

Matti Harrington read the alarm panel she had just silenced. “Fuck!” she screamed at the monitor. “How did they find us?” she asked the system, almost expecting an answer. She watched the cameras as four unmarked vans approached.

Not knowing the full extent of the consequences of the actions she was about to take, Matti entered the code for emergency lockdown for the entire shelter. Had all of the doors been closed and secured, the approaching armed troops decked from head to toe in black with masks and body armor, would never have found the back room leading down to the shelter.

Instantly, with the lockdown activated, sleeping gas was released into Michelle’s cell. All of the doors currently closed were secured by the lockdown procedure. Unfortunately for the women, Michelle’s cell door was not one of the doors currently closed. TJ had programmed the system for the emergency lockdown to put her prisoner to sleep while any intrusion was dealt with.

Matti straightened herself up, ready to go wake TJ and let her know the location had been compromised and that she had activated the lockdown. She planned to inform TJ of the special ops team that was currently rushing out of the vans and into the barn house.

Thinking the lock down procedure would sufficiently stop the intruders, Matti paid no more attention to the monitors. If she had double-checked, she might have noticed the levels of sleeping gas rising in every one of the rooms in the shelter or she might have seen that most of the doors to the shelter had not yet secured themselves. Still flushed from her recent self-induced orgasm however, Matti was not thinking of any of that.

The sleeping gas that seeped into Michelle’s room quickly permeated the rest of the shelter, because in fact, none of the doors had been closed. Even the doors leading all the way upstairs and to the garage had been left open. TJ, having rushed back earlier, seeking only answers for her past, had not even thought about securing any of the doors. She was not expecting to be found or even considered she might have been followed.

As soon as Matti opened the control room door, the sleeping gas took hold of her. Inhaling the gas, she collapsed head first into the door she was still holding. Matti’s momentum falling forward pushed the door closed, securing itself and locking Matti and the control room away from the invading unit.

Michelle and TJ, already naked and in bed together heard the alarm sounds from their cuddled position. As they began to stir they were knocked unconscious from the sleeping gas. They became instantly unaware of the chaos occurring throughout the shelter and above.

As their bodies were subdued by the chemicals around them, their unconscious minds took over. TJ envisioned all of the toys she could picture herself wearing in bed with Michelle. While Michelle’s subconscious took her imagination to all of the wild places TJ and herself would have their ways with each other.


Cheyenne, Wyoming (April 28, 2025)

Michelle woke up in bed with a pounding headache. Memories flashed through her head as she regained full consciousness. Memories of TJ… Memories of places in Dallas… More memories of TJ and their time together… Pictures of places she was sure she had never been to in Texas…

Michelle reached across her bed, feeling for TJ. Her sheets were empty and cold. She slowly opened her eyes fully. After taking in her surroundings, she closed her eyes tightly again.

Michelle stayed laying in her bed with her eyes firmly shut trying to make sense of things. Her head was still pounding, making it hard to concentrate. She was in her room at her mom’s house in Wyoming. It didn’t make sense.

She was sure she never made it to Texas. TJ had kidnapped her… TJ was alive… TJ had come for her!! Her head was throbbing. Images of the airport in Dallas filled her mind… Impressions of a lesbian bar she had been planning to go to…

As Michelle thought about the images of Texas, her headache lessened. She thought of the prison TJ had held her in, which caused the headache to return worse. Pictures of the Dallas Arboretum, and her head began to clear again.

Michelle squinted with her eyes slightly open and stretched her arm across her bed to her nightstand, grabbing her phone. Looking at her phone, her confusion only increased. A week had passed without her knowing it. According to the date on her phone, she was getting married in a few days.

There was a soft knock on her door, and her mother, Natalie Wolferson, walked in.

“Hey Bycasino there sleepyhead, I thought you were never going to wake up. Your trip to Dallas must have really taken a lot out of you.” Her mother smiled at her sitting down at her vanity, looking at the mirror.

“I don’t know, I never made it. Mother, where’s TJ?” Michelle winced as her head split with saying the name. She wasn’t able to finish her thought.

“Sweetheart, TJ died a long time ago, you already know that. You must have really drank too much in Texas. I told you it was too close to the wedding to go on a trip. You need to get up for the dress fitting today.” The sweetness of her mother’s voice was almost overwhelming.

“I never made it to Texas mother, I was somewhere else.” Michelle was learning that if she didn’t think about the person or the place, her head didn’t hurt as much.

“Nonsense, Michelle! You certainly spent enough money, on my credit cards, to have been there. Do you even remember any of the things you wasted it all on?” Natalie’s voice was merciless as she hissed her displeasure.

As Michelle thought about Texas, more images popped into her head. More than enough images of places she had wanted to go to, enough to fill the entire week she had been planning for her escape. She just couldn’t remember actually doing any of the things that her mind was showing her pictures of.

Michelle sat up in her bed, even more confused. Had her other memories of TJ just been a dream? Had she really been kidnapped? If she had, where was TJ? Why did she have the images of Texas floating in her mind? How would she have gotten back to her house? What actually happened in the past week?

“Sweetheart, you sent pictures to me, from your trip, the entire time you were gone. Look through your phone, if you don’t believe me.” Natalie was watching her daughter through the mirror on the vanity, scrutinizing her every reaction.

The phone in Michelle’s hands dinged, with a new notification, as her mother spoke. Michelle slowly flipped through her accounts, looking at the comments on all the pictures she didn’t remember taking. She could see the images of the places in her mind but the memories to go with them were extremely foggy or nonexistent.

“I don’t remember much of my trip, I guess.” Michelle began to accept defeat, as she was still trying to comprehend all of this information. If the trip actually happened, then the other place was just a dream and her love… oh god… Was TJ really dead? Was it all just a dream or a hallucination? Thinking hallucination triggered a series of flashing pictures in her head like a strobe light of images in a flipbook of pictures to make it appear to be moving. The depiction showed a club in Dallas, of being handed some type of pill, the pill no longer in her hand, a drink in her other hand and then nothing but blackness.

“Mother, is TJ…is she really dead?” Michelle whispered. Tears streaming down her face, her eyes blurred trying to look at her mother, dreading her mother’s response.

“Michelle, really? She has been dead for years. All that criminal activity is why I moved to Cheyenne and moved you back with me. You need to get ready, we are leaving in 30 minutes.” With that, Natalie got up and walked out of her room.

Still lost in her confusion and heartache, Michelle got up planning to clean herself up while trying to puzzle out her thoughts. Had it all really just been a drug-induced hallucination?

MIchelle stumbled around her room attempting to pace across the floor, her emotions becoming overwhelming as she completely accepted her mother’s version and the flashes in her head.

Trembling from grief she made her way to the shower, and began trying to wash away her painful emotions.

As her grief peaked, Michelle noticed her fiance’s straight-blade razor sitting on the shelf. Without conscious thought Michelle’s hand reached out grabbing the razor.

She slit lines straight up her forearms with the blade. Watching the blood mix with the water. Observing the crimson color stain the shower floor. Michelle slipped down the wall and blacked out.


Location Alpha (April 21, 2025)

Matti’s head was throbbing, maybe that’s what woke her up. Comprehension finally connected in her brain and she jumped up from the floor. She immediately reached for the controls to the security system. She clicked through all the cameras. The entire special ops team was gone. Michelle’s room looked ransacked. The entire shelter looked destroyed. All of the monitors and equipment from TJ’s room appeared to be missing.

Camera after camera she flipped through and couldn’t find TJ or Michelle anywhere. Matti saw a flashing light blinking up at her. The words reading ‘C2HBrClF3 – levels safe’ were on the bottom of the control screen.

A quick search for the chemical compound on her phone showed Matti the halothane sleeping gas TJ had set up in the ventilation system. ‘FUCK!’ she thought to herself, as she realized setting off the Bycasino giriş lockdown released the gas knocking everyone immobile. Bitter laughter building inside her at the genius that was TJ.

Matti rewound the footage and watched as the team breached the barn house. She saw them storm the house, cursing at them as they searched everywhere. Screaming at TJ and Michelle, through the monitors, to wake up as the team made their way to the cell room. Knowing that it was just a recording didn’t matter, as she watched her friends being taken captive.

Matti watched as the team carried TJ and Michelle up to the vans. She watched them destroy the rest of the shelter, searching and ransacking the place, taking all of the surveillance equipment from TJ’s room. She watched the vans pull out of the property, carrying away the team and the women.

Cursing to herself, she downloaded the surveillance videos to her phone. She cleared TJ’s and her own belongings out of Location Alpha. She secured ALL the doors to the shelter, this time, and set the self-destruct detonation for the barn house above. She left, heading to Location Bravo, to regroup and formulate a plan to find TJ and Michelle.

The destruction of the barn house would look just like any other meth lab chemical explosion. The door to the shelter wouldn’t be visible in the wreckage. Noone else would ever be able to find the Location Alpha prison.


Unknown location (April 22, 2025)

Another pounding headache and TJ slowly regained consciousness. She was cold. She stretched her arms out to pull Michelle to her, finding only cold metal at her fingertips. TJ’s eyes snapped open to find herself in a concrete 12×12 room, on a single metal bed.

She panicked, her eyes quickly scanning her surroundings. TJ saw the worst possible thing imaginable. Natalie Wolferson’s cold, dead eyes staring at her through metal bars.

“You couldn’t take a hint, you couldn’t take a suggestion, you didn’t even stop when I destroyed your life. Now, sit in solitude, while I watch you suffer” Natalie snarled at her, spitting into the room at TJ as she spoke.

“She knows I’m alive, there’s nothing you can do to stop me from finding her now. Once I get out of here, I will prove you’re behind everything you did to me and my family” TJ snapped back, returning the icy glare.

Natalie’s cold laughter filled the cell and reverberated off of the walls, saturating TJ’s head with the cruel sound.

“By the time Michelle wakes up, your time with her will be a hallucination to her. She won’t remember a thing, and if she does, a pavlovian reaction of pain will fill her head. You are dead to her and you will be dead permanently, once she is married.” Natalie hissed, then turned and walked away.

TJ tried all day to find a weak point in the concrete walls, in the metal door, all across the floor and ceiling. She finally passed out on the bed, exhausted, unable to find any weak point in her new prison.

Natalie woke TJ up at random times, day or night, with her cold voice and tormenting words. TJ was unable to keep track of time due to the inconsistency of Natalie’s visits. She would brag about how she was having Michelle hypnotized, while drugged, to forget their time together. Michelle would never know TJ was still alive.

TJ spent her time alone trying to find a way to escape, yet never able to find one. Eating the slop she was given to keep her energy up. Working out in her cell, trying to keep up her strength for when she got out.

TJ quickly lost all track of time, with no clock or daylight, or anything but concrete around her. Her food seemed to be delivered on no schedule. Natalie’s visits were random and full of antagonism.

The bitter repertoire from Natalie only intensified the resolve in TJ. She would find a way out of this and she would make Natalie pay for everything she had done. As her hatred for Natalie grew, so did her determination to escape. She would do whatever it took to make it happen.

Not really knowing how much time had passed, TJ noticed a change in Natalie’s behavior and words. She suddenly spent much less time talking about how Michelle would not remember her and a lot more time talking about making TJ suffer.

TJ cared nothing for Natalie’s but the hope caused by the lack of information about Michelle was extremely promising. If Natalie wasn’t bragging about how the hypnosis had worked on her daughter, then maybe it hadn’t.

Since TJ wasn’t sure of the exact day or time, she couldn’t be sure of the week. She knew Michelle’s wedding day was approaching, she just didn’t know when. She figured Natalie would be extremely smug that day, right before she killed TJ.

Natalie had promised multiple times that once Michelle was married, Natalie would personally see to TJ’s death. TJ was ready, she had her escape planned. She just needed Natalie to open the door to her cell.


Location Bravo (April 29, 2025)

Matti slammed her fist down on the desk Bycasino deneme bonusu in front of her. She had spent over a week searching, to no avail. The license plates of the vans came back to Wolferson Industries, so that was another dead end. Other than confirming her suspicion that Michelle’s mother was involved, it meant nothing.

Already having figured Michelle’s mother, being evil and vindictive, was behind the kidnapping and destruction of Location Alpha, the confirmation did nothing more than redouble Matti’s efforts in searching remotely through all of Wolferson Industry properties.

She could find no trace of TJ, anywhere. Random and spontaneous activity came from Michelle’s social media accounts, popping up at all times of the day and night. One problem was that all the pictures were obviously photoshopped, with horrible pixel disruption. Another problem was that the pictures that weren’t photoshopped, seemed to be just copied and pasted from Google image searches. Nothing from Michelle’s accounts could be relied on in her search.

Not having TJ’s abilities in hacking was frustrating Matti. If only TJ were here… but if TJ were here, she wouldn’t need to be searching. Matti sighed again in her frustration at the paradox of the situation.

A confidential pop-up appeared on one of Matti’s screens. ‘It must be from one of the programs TJ had previously set up’, she thought to herself, opening the file. It was from the hospital emergency room, in Cheyenne, and showed the admittance of a female named Michelle Wolferson. The file didn’t show any type of medical data or reason for admittance but that was enough for Matti. She might not have TJ’s computer smarts, but her contacts were spread across the country. Within an hour, she was on a flight to Cheyenne.

During the flight another notification showed up on her phone, a discharge for Michelle from the hospital to a private, unnamed facility. Matti hoped, as she read the new message, that she could find a trail to follow, once she got there.


Cheyenne, Wyoming (April 30, 2025)

Michelle slowly opened her eyes and was immediately blinded by white. She shuddered and tried to lift her hands to her face to shield her eyes from the blinding light, to be able to look around.

As she struggled to lift her hand, something rattled near her wrist. A memory of being bound and gagged was triggered. “Not again,” she mumbled to herself, “at least I don’t have a hood over my head, this time.” As the memory entered her head of TJ kidnapping her, she realized it couldn’t be a real memory. Depression swept through her, causing her entire body to tremble.

The hospital bed shook from her sobbing. The movement of her body caused her arms to hit the railings holding her. Stabs of physical pain from the cuts on her forearms joined the emotional pain in her body. She was lying helpless, strapped to the bed, with tears streaming down her face.

The door to her room opened and closed, as a doctor entered. “Ah, I see you’re awake. My name is Dr. Ana Murphy. Can you tell me, do you know where you are?” a soft, feminine voice asked.

Michelle tried to control her emotions enough to breath regularly. She took a deep breath, which just released into a fresh wave of convulsing sorrow. She just shook her head ‘no’.

The doctor eyed her patient. Working in a private mental health facility, she had seen her share of spoiled, rich people attempting suicide for attention. The young woman before her was not here for attention. She could tell her patient really was ready and willing to end her life.

“Michelle, I’m going to try to help you with whatever you’re going through. I can only help so much, you are going to have to want to get through this, if we’re going to succeed” Dr. Murphy said gently. “Do you remember doing anything that would have brought you here?”

Still unable to control her breathing, Michelle began fighting with the straps on her wrists. Sh revelled in the pain brought on from struggling…at least the pain was real.

“Michelle, please stop.” Dr. Murphy asked, almost as a question, reaching out, running her fingers down the back of Michelle’s arm. “Talk to me, so we can get these straps off.”

The human contact jerked Michelle back into the present. “It doesn’t matter, she’s dead” Michelle was able to whisper.

“Who’s dead, Michelle?” Dr. Murphy watched the pain shoot across Michelle’s face. She gave Michelle medication to ease the pain from her apparent emotional trauma.

“My soulmate. She died a long time ago.”

Dr. Murphy, happy to be getting responses now, continued stroking the back of Michelle’s arm. “If she died so long ago, what caused the incident that brought you here, Michelle?”

The touch soothed Michelle enough that she was able to process information. The medication the doctor just gave her to numb the pain in her arms was also helping to numb the pain in her head. The physical pain she wanted back but it was worth losing, to be able to think about TJ freely.

Being able to think without the pain associated with her thoughts, Michelle let her mind wander back to TJ. Those memories seemed so real. She could still smell TJ’s scent and the taste of her on her tongue. She could feel TJ’s fingers on her breasts.

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