The Promotion Party Pt. 03


The VP’s party to help in his evaluation of persons to promote had proceeded through two rounds without an incident or complaints. Whereas some people had refrained from sexual activity in the first round, everyone had participated the second time around. The VP’s job of picking winners was not going to be easy. The competition for promotions was definitely heating up as round three commenced.

As they entered the rooms for which they received keys, Dawar, Yusuf and Joe all thought they had gone to heaven. This was the round when the bottom three guys ended up matched with the top three ladies. All three felt their jaws hit the ground on finding the next partner inside. Shabnam, Haniya and Kulsoom meanwhile all instinctively wondered how long one hour truly was and what they could do to get to the end of that time. Things were about to take some strange turns for all six of them.


Tanya was feeling quite frisky after the little flirtation with the VP when she had handed over the scorecard on her second fucker (rather than lover) on the night, Habeeb. She had scored him very average, particularly since her first round with Mr. Shahzad had been so much fun. Habeeb had been proper and deferential, taking her once doggie style and then not arguing when she had indicated that a blow job was out of the question. He had been partially satisfied, however, when she had given him a fairly adequate hand job instead. He had tried to perform oral sex, but his bushy mustache tickled her pussy too much and she had quickly pushed him off.

Tanya figured things would be on a nicer keel when her third partner, Waseem, walked through the door. He sort of reported to her husband and so was cautious in his approach to better half of his direct supervisor. Given, however, that he was a fairly decent fellow and not exactly displeasing to look at, she figured he would get whatever service he desired.

The first act with any of the guys was an almost expected missionary fuck, and she lay back to allow him to come on top and penetrate her. Compared to Habeeb, he was a better lover, but elevated her nowhere near the heights she had been taken to in round one by the VP himself. Still, Waseem was up and ready and thrusting in with a good pace. After all, his prior partner, Kulsoom, had left him somewhat unsatisfied due to her chastity belt and the fact that he really did not want to risk getting onto the VPs bad side. Waseem noted that Tanya was quite accepting and willing to be adventurous in her mating, whereas Kulsoom had been inexperienced and restricted. He held himself for an extended period before letting go.

Kulsoom, while virginal and inexperienced, had cuddled up to him, kissed with abandon, and even insisted on anal sex, finally losing that particular virginity to him. Her real cherry, however, had been put under wraps by her “dad” and no one dared to try anything and remove the contraption. Kulsoom’s ass had hurt mightily but she felt like she had taken a giant leap towards womanhood.

“Thank you, that was nice,” Tanya chirped, indicating that he could continue in the same vein after their first fuck.

Waseem, happy at this turn of events was glad to be of service. Tanya pushed him onto his back. Seeing that his penis was not fully up, she put her lips around it and began to suck, getting an immediate reaction. Waseem had never experienced the feeling of oral sex and this charged his batteries in a magnificent manner, given that she truly had a very sexy mouth. Tanya moved her head down onto and back up from his rapidly regenerating cock. When she figured it was at full erection, she came atop his torso and handed him a condom. A moment later she was bucking and having a wonderful ride, impaled on his member. He was in seventh heaven himself.

“Where did you learn all that?” he just had to ask as they relaxed after both had come profusely, his cock still inside her and her head on his chest as he played with her hair.

He could not believe her brazen reply, “if the VP had fucked you the way he made love to me, you might have learnt these tricks too!”


Shabnam figured the law of averages had gone against her again, after her very satisfying session with Mahmood. Joe was not the person she was expecting. She had an inkling that she would have been on the VP’s card, but now only one round was left. Was she being punished for something, and deliberately being kept off the VP’s menu, she wondered. Joe, however, was thanking the VP for this bounty. Personally he would have liked to be with Kulsoom, but Shabnam was a close second on his list.

All of Shabnam’s concerns about the unsuitability of her partner went out of the door within the first half hour. Using the same magic massage formula with which he had unfrozen Iffat, he now had the top-rated female on the list moaning and asking for more. He had worked all sorts of kinks out of her body, and she had spread herself lewdly on the bed waiting for bahis firmaları whatever he wanted to do. So far, he had brought her to orgasm many times by the dexterous use of his tongue and fingers.

Slowly he inserted his prick as she pulled him towards herself. His mouth closed over hers and she kissed back with passion. Shabnam and Joe were joined together as one and it was only the cruel ringing of the alarm that forced the two reluctantly apart.

“Can I take you to dinner sometime?” he hesitatingly asked, as they dressed after the mating.

“No, you cannot take me out to dinner,” she responded initially shocking him then playfully continuing, “but we can always do what we just did if you have a nice place to whisk me away to, like perhaps a fine Shangri-La hotel in Seoul or Singapore or Beijing!”


Jehangir, however, really was getting screwed by the law of averages. He had figured out from the first two rounds that the best partners were done and now he would have to put out for the absolute dogs. He was absolutely correct as the monster on the bed was none other than the wife of his boss, Dawar.

“So young man you do know the penalty for not making me happy tonight!” Yusra ribbed him, but he felt the threat was more than real. He just had to grit it out and hoped the witch in front of him did not want to do anything too radical. He was wrong.

“Get over here and suck,” she ordered him, spreading her hairy pussy. Jehangir almost threw up at the prospect but braced himself. He had invested too much already to give up now. It was going to be a very long sixty minutes!


Haniya wondered if she had pissed the VP off to get a third guy in a row that she considered well below average. In her case, the peeve had some merit. She too had four guys selected to be with her, one from each group. However, within those groups she was getting the number three person consistently rather than the number one according to her own voting. Her latest partner, Yusuf, on the other hand was living it up. His last lover, Habeeb’s wife Omama, had been very pleasant. And now Haniya was certainly one of the most desirable females in the group and he felt lucky.

Haniya’s eyes opened wide, however, when he dropped his pants and released a more than sizable penis. For the strangest reason she went to her knees in front of her partner and began to admire the instrument. Taking a risk, Yusuf pushed forward and Haniya opened her mouth gladly and began to suck with gusto. She had sucked cock a number of times before but was not prepared for the gob of sperm that hit the back of her throat, almost gagging her. The ejaculate spewed all around, but a significant proportion went down her gullet also.

Two minutes later, she was gladly enjoying a rather filling, or more appropriately fulfilling, fuck from the guy she had initially written off as the cost of being with others that were more attractive. Now she damned the rest and wanted this guy’s baby. The only issue was that he was already a father of three and was well sheathed as he fucked her.


Both Rashid and Lalarukh breathed a sigh of relief as they came face to face in the room. Rashid had known her for a number of years and had always thought that Yusuf, the guy she had married, was far below her station and unworthy of an attractive female like her. He also knew it would be years before he got over the revulsion of fucking Yusra Dawar in the previous round.

Lalarukh wondered how she had managed not to throw up while the highly repulsive Dawar had used her body in the prior round. She had been in a predicament as Dawar technically was her husband’s boss, since Yusuf worked alongside Jehangir in the franchise relations section. By a twist of fate, he already had fucked Jehangir’s wife Fauzia and now had his second subordinate’s spouse at his mercy. All the same, she could not help suppress a giggle when Dawar dropped his pants and she saw how puny he was compared to Yusuf. She was thankful for that fact and, although the idea of being bare naked with his paws all over her was detestable, the wee-wee he brandished was so small that she hardly felt it in either her pussy the first time or in her rectum when he had a second go.

Now each with a more attractive partner to mate with, the participants moved towards each other, engaged in a half-decent kiss, and began to undress. Rashid marveled at the fact that Lalarukh did not show any evident sign of motherhood while his own wife was carrying all sorts of stretchmarks. She appreciated that Rashid was much manlier in his endowment than Dawar had been and willingly spread her legs to accept him inside herself.

Suddenly each of them made a remark concerning the previous round’s partner. Recognizing that they had been with the two members of a married couple, both of whom had rated at the bottom of the rankings, Rashid and Lalarukh burst out laughing. Rashid calmed himself by nibbling on her kaçak iddaa tits and she emphasized her joy by leaving noticeable scratches on his back with her nails. Yet every so often they would start uncontrollably laughing again. They kept at this for a while before Rashid finally reached his climax.

Very shortly afterwards they were engaged in a second, equally satisfying coupling. While sitting upright in the bed, Rashid pulled her up to him, so that their legs crossed over and his cock could enter her vagina. The fucking was good, the kissing got better as time progressed. Neither wanted to disengage as the alarm sounded.


“No, you are not fucking my ass!” Kulsoom was adamant.

She was furious at seeing her third partner, Dawar. Kulsoom figured that either the VP was punishing her for attending the orgy, or that Dawar, who had some IT knowledge, had fixed things so she would be his third round companion. Although she had lost her anal virginity in the second round to Waseem, it had been a painful experience and Dawar just was not worth the fuck anyway.

His breath had stopped when he had seen her sitting on the bed. In an instant, he could easily surmise that she was not happy with his presence. Yet he was delighted that he would soon be spreading apart the legs of and fucking the VP’s ‘daughter’ and this would be just reward for the tongue lashing he had received from Mr. Shahzad during the past two days for not meeting results. Dawar was going to humiliate and debase her and later he would enjoy the angst this would put the VP into. In less than a minute he had ripped the t-shirt she was wearing and pulled off her jeans, despite her protests.

The sight of the chastity belt stopped him in his tracks. He demanded the keys to remove the device but was furious when she said he had to get them from the VP. For five minutes or so, he tried to pull at the leather to see if it would rip or give him some kind of opening. Kulsoom began to cry as he went at this in a rough manner and hurt her.

“Okay, get on your knees and suck my cock,” he ordered her. She shook her head to say no.

Grabbing her, he forcefully bent Kulsoom over the bed. She squealed and elbowed him hard. Dawar fell back and she started yelling at him for being a bastard and a coward. While in pain from the hit, he was enjoying both receiving and inflicting pain.

Getting up, he stood Kulsoom against the wall and was about to slap her when there was a click and the door opened. Two large guys entered, grabbed Dawar, and started giving him a thrashing. A European female also came in, offered Kulsoom a bathrobe and led her away. After they had beaten him black and blue, the men pushed Dawar out, still naked, towards the main lounge.

Five minutes later, while the ten other couples continued their carnal activity for the remaining time, Mr. Shahzad, along with his companion for that round, Rashid’s wife Iffat, arrived and first comforted Kulsoom, who had by now cried up a storm. Iffat took her to a room in another part of the building and stayed till she went to sleep on account of the strong sedative the VP had given the girl.

Mr. Shahzad meanwhile put a piece of paper in front of Dawar, giving him a simple choice. Resign or be ready to face whatever the two men and others like him would do. Still naked, Dawar tried to act important by saying he would go tell the world about the shenanigans at the party and everyone would be fired including the VP. Mr. Shahzad simply took out a CD and played it on a TV nearby. It showed Dawar with all three of the ladies he had been with, doing whatever he had with them in the past hours. Notably damning was the part relating to the near rape of Kulsoom.

“Every room we are using in the building has a video recorder,” he said in a matter of fact manner, “so unless you want your wife’s and your own antics all over social media in the next five minutes, not to mention the fact that these guys will ensure neither of your bodies are ever discovered, you will keep your mouth shut forever!”

Dawar dropped to his knees and began to whimper like a child, begging for mercy.

“Your wife is having a good time and I do not want to spoil things for her,” Mr. Shahzad let him know, “so if she wants to continue with the festivities, she can stay tonight but you need to be shown the error of your ways and so these fine gentlemen will keep you company. If everyone behaves we will see about all being friends tomorrow.”


“You can be rough,” Maliha told Mahmood, “I am more likely to get you fired for being a pussy in bed!”

Mahmood was not complaining. He had already been with Iffat and Shabnam. The VP’s wife was in his own top-five list, along with the two he had already been with, and he wondered if he was getting the reward for some good deed done earlier. What it was he could not remember. His first two partners had been cooperative and the third was absolutely dead set on a fantastic kaçak bahis fuck. He wondered if his number four choice, Kulsoom, would grace his bed next. Surely he could not get that lucky.

Maliha had dropped her clothes while balancing herself next to a wall. Mahmood simply lifted her up and shoved his cock into her cunt as her legs locked around his waist. He was quite a strong fellow and had no problem moving about the room with her fixed to his midsection. She did not seem to mind that he banged her into the masonry at times. Finally he brought her to the bed and laid her down. Hooking her legs over his shoulders, Mahmood began to push in earnest, letting go as she screamed with a massive orgasm.

“So what would you like to do next?” Maliha asked as she caught her breath. Mahmood already knew what he had in mind. He had noted her tight butt the very first time they met months earlier. Today he would really enjoy one of her finest assets.

Maliha did not mind being roughly turned over. His finger traced a track to her rectum and pushed in. She pushed back even though the digit was dry. He wondered whether to simply use a gob of spit to lubricate his cock. Maliha screeched as he pushed a bit of his penis into her, making him slow the harsh ingress. Tears streamed down her face but she urged him to continue. Mahmood, however, decided that his own dick was also hurting from the excess friction and without her noticing took a bit of cream while staying attached to her. He pulled out about two thirds of the way, lubricated his cock, and pushed back in again. The entry this time was smoother and some further addition of lubricant made the task less painful for both of them. The alarm went off.

“Don’t take it out,” Maliha told him and the two of them carefully got off the bed and went into the shower still intimately connected. The task was completed under a welcome cascade of warm water.


Oblivious to the action taking place elsewhere, Zeba was watching the clock on the wall as Aftab, the oldest member of the team, tried hard to come. While he had not taken the VP’s offer of trying one of the blue pills in the bowl, he had nevertheless popped a similar tablet earlier. Now, while he had a reasonable erection, he was unable to come.

Zeba had enjoyed the first session with Rashid and was happy enough with fucking Jehangir next. Aftab, however, was a bother as he was not particularly good in bed, could not get himself off, and frankly smelled old. After he had tried to come for a long while, she pushed him off, rolled him over and began to massage his cock with her hand. Thankfully, after she had been at it for the best part of fifteen minutes, a little fluid leaked out of his penis. Aftab was relieved that the erection also was beginning to subside. He wondered if he would even be able to get his dick up for the fourth round.


Iffat did not get back from putting Kulsoom to bed till just a few minutes were left in the session. While seated on an armchair, Mr. Shahzad pulled her onto his lap, given that the others had vacated the lounge. Quickly he removed her clothes and inserted his cock into her as she balanced her feet on his knees. The alarm for 3 ‘o clock sounded prior to them completing their act. Luckily they still had a bit of time before the rest of the group headed to the central area after cleaning up. Both rushed to the bathroom and cleaned as best as they could in a few minutes. Just as they headed back to the main lounge, the VP went to his knees and placed a silver and gold anklet on her left foot.

“This is just to say I enjoyed your company, and I look forward to putting a similar one on your other foot sometime soon!”

Iffat blushed and smiled at the same time! It was the nicest thing any guy, including her husband, had done for her in years. She looked forward to another, more sedate and longer encounter in the near future. And, of course, the matching bracelet on the other foot!


When Iffat and Mr. Shahzad finally returned, the VP noted that Jehangir had taken over the vote collector role, having been quick to run out after his session with Dawar’s wife. As the participants returned with their respective scoresheets, he diligently ensured everything was tallied.

Tanya held back till the crowd thinned. She then moseyed over to Mr. Shahzad, who had bid adieu to Iffat and was having a quick chat with Jehangir. Tanya faked a complaint about losing her form, then caught his attention by turning around and bending over as if to pick something off the floor. He could see that the form was lodged in the waistband of her pants and instinctively understood that she was deliberately being playful since they had flirted at the end of the previous round also. Putting his groin right up against her backside, he placed his hands over her tits and pulled her up from the bent position. As she stood up, he moved one hand down her chest, under her panties, onto her pussy and around till it was copping a feel of her ass, and then pulled out the paper.

“You truly are trying to win my favour, my dear!” He whispered into her ear, while still massaging her boobs with the other hand.

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