The Right Choice Ch. 02


It was close to five o’clock when Toya pulled her Jaguar in the driveway of the condo she purchased last year. She shut off the engine and got out, deciding to leave her luggage in the trunk. She walked inside her home and nearly screamed when she saw Miguel sitting on her couch holding a bouquet of lilies, her favorite flower.

“What the hell are you doing in my house?” she screamed at the incredibly sexy Cuban as he rose from her couch. She was grasping her chest, breathing to slow down her heart beat.

“I called your job yesterday and they said you were in the city for your high school reunion and I figured you’d be back by now and I wanted to surprise you.” He walked towards her and handed her the flowers.

The two had dated for nearly three years and he had even asked her to be his wife last year, which she had accepted. But he ended the relationship when she outright refused to move with him to Cuba to be closer to his family after the wedding. That was nine months ago and two months after their split Miguel came to her home bringing by things she had left at his apartment and before he could get two steps in the two engaged in an intense round of good-bye sex.

“How did you get in here?” she asked a little pissed, but not angry enough to accept the flowers; they were gorgeous. Miguel pulled out her spare key that he ‘conveniently’ forgot to return to her. He dangled it in front of her and she snatched it before picking up an empty vase on the coffee table and making her way into the kitchen. She placed the vase in the sink and filled it with water before placing the lilies inside.

Her breathing increased when she felt Miguel’s raging hard on grind into her ass and his humongous hands cover her breasts. “I’ve missed you so much.” he moaned. He pushed his body into hers forcing her to bend over the sink.

“I suspect that you have since I haven’t heard from you or seen you in seven months asshole.” she spat back. She wiggled free of his grasp and spun around to face him. She shot him the evilest look she possessed and pushed past the 6’2, 225 pound man.

As she started to walk away Miguel grabbed her arm and pinned her in her place. “Toya, you broke my heart when you refused to marry me.” He was blaming her for their demise.

“Miguel if I had asked you to uproot yourself and move with me to Africa would you?” she hypothetically countered.

“Yes!” he shouted quickly. “Because I love you! I’ve been going crazy over the months. Please take me back.”Miguel begged but Toya could see through the controlling prick. She shook her head and pulled her arm from his grasp.

“Get out.” she slowly said and walked into the living room. Miguel followed and she pointed to the front door.

“NinguÌ n hombre le amará la manera que hago y usted la sabe.” Miguel said to her in his irresistible Spanish tongue. “Remember that.” He then walked out the door. She could sense and see the sadness in his tone and in his face but it didn’t phase her, she made the right choice kicking him out.

Toya dragged her luggage inside an hour after Miguel left and now she was sitting on her couch eating a defrosted frozen dinner while watching reruns of ‘Good Times’. Her doorbell rang and she placed the dinner on the coffee table as she rose and walked to the door. She tip toed to the peep hole to see her visitor(s) and smiled as she opened the door.

Erika, Lucas and Kirk fell though the doorway and each latched onto her body. “Why didn’t you call us and tell us you were back bitch?” Erika playfully snided revealing a perfectly white smile set against her chocolate skin.

“Shit! That reminds me!” Toya yelled bringing her mind to Wes. She pushed her three best friends off her and ran into her bedroom. “I’ll be right with you guys!” she yelled to them as she entered her room.

The three surveyed the room and Lucas noticed the food and Toya’s choice of a TV show. “Eww. Frozen TV dinners? Good Times? Girl, who done pissed you off?!” he called and Toya nearly curled over in laughter.

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll tell you guys every detail.” She found her phone and redialed the number of the last incoming call; she had to remember to save Wes’s number in her phone.


Toya tried to contain herself as she heard his sexy voice. “Wes? Hi, it’s Toya. Just calling to let you know that I’m home.” she said.

“Oh, well I’m glad you made It safely.” After he said that there was a pause in the conversation. “Damn it. I miss you already.” he finally said and Toya blushed. “I’m really glad you decided to come to the reunion.”

“Now I am too.” she smiled.

“When can I see you again?”

Toya bit her lip, an act she always did when she was nervous. “The only day I have free during the week is Sunday.” she tells him.

“Well, how about I give you a call during the week and we can try to arrange something?” he suggested.

“OK. That sounds fine. I’ve gotta go. Some friends drop by so I can’t have you holding me hostage and they are dying to know how the Escort bayan reunion went.” she laughed.

Wes laughed as well. “Don’t tell them too much.” he said this in a warning tone but gave it away with his chuckle.

“A lady never does.” she giggled and said good-bye . She walked into the living room and the Three Stooges were nowhere to be found. She made her way into the kitchen and saw them raiding her fridge.

“Time to go grocery shopping.” Kirk said stuffing her last slice of honey roasted turkey in the trash bin he called a mouth. She would have considered Kyle attractive if he didn’t gross her out with some of the crap he put in there.

Nevertheless her friends were her life. She met the group her freshman year in college and even after 10 years they still made her feel like an eighteen year old. Erika was the sweet and sensible one who kept the group sane. Lucas was the heart throb who was the life of the party where ever they were and had some moves for a white boy. Finally, Kirk was the fighter of the four and would take on the devil himself if he disrespected his friends. He was black but grew up in rough neighborhood so he grew up taking tons of self defense classes and was freakishly strong.

“So do you wanna tell us what’s got your panties in a bunch?” Lucas had walked to Toya and wrapped an arm around her and had just finished chomping on a chocolate chip cookie. When he asked her the question a crumb fell on her cheek. She flicked it off and looked up Lucas who was a good seven inches taller than her. She pushed Lucas off her and then leaned against the counter behind her.

“Miguel was here when I came home.” she told them. They all gasped and hung onto every word she said as she explained what happened.

“I thought you wanted Miguel back.” Kirk rubbed his head and Toya shrugged her shoulders.

“I did six months ago when I was going through some serious withdrawal symptoms.”The group busted out in a huge laugh and Erika walked to Toya and threw her arm around her shoulder.

“Guys, why don’t you go and watch the game. I need to have a talk with my best friend.” She swatted the guys out of the kitchen and pulled Toya into the dining room. They sat at the table and Erika leaned on her elbows. “So, how did the reunion go?”

“It went well. I enjoyed myself.” Toya held back her smile.

“Girl, you know I can see through you like a ghost. Who did you hook up with?” Erika blurted out. She couldn’t hide anything from her.

“Two guys…”

“You fucking slut!” Erika gasped and playfully hit Toya’s arm.

“It wasn’t like that!” Toya said trying, but failing, to dodge the strike. One I slept with, the other I didn’t but he gave me a whole new view on the word intimate.”

Erika smiled at her friend’s smile. “Who were these guys?”

“One was this guy that I had a major crush on from sophomore year up until senior prom, his name is Ben and the other was my senior English teacher.”

“You messed with an old man?!”

“No, he’s like 35. And he’s just as hot if not hotter than any 25 year old I’ve ever seen.”

“Are you going to see any of them again?” Erika asked.

“Wes, the teacher, wants to see me again but after Ben fucked me up, down and sideways, he bounced right after so I really don’t care if I see him again.” Toya said and saw that ‘I’m ready to cut a bitch’ look on Erika’s face. She may be sweet but when it came to her girl, Erika did not play.

The look quickly faded away and Erika jumped up. “Well, I’m putting my money on Wes. Come on let’s go and join the guys.” Both women walked into the living room and sat on the couch in between Lucas and Kirk.

“Oh, guys I forgot to tell you.” Kirk said and faced his three friends. “Miranda and I are getting married. I proposed to her over the weekend.”

Toya loved Miranda. Of all the girlfriends that Kirk had over the past ten years she was the one that lasted the longest and kept Kirk’s anger in check. She was a beautiful half black, half Hispanic former beauty queen and was the nicest person you could ever meet and Toya was glad Kirk was finally deciding to settle down and marry the girl; they had been together for the past four and a half years.

“Girls, Miranda wants you all to be her bridesmaids so clear your schedule for the next eight months because it will include dress and wedding rehearsals and she wants your help planning the wedding since you both know me so well.” Kirk told them. “And I want you all to bring a date to either the wedding or the reception.”

“I suggest we go out and celebrate! This is big news!” Erika exclaimed.

“No, guys I have to go to work in the morning!” Toya complained.

“Oh, we all do. Shut up and go put on something sexy.” Lucas commanded and pushed her off the couch.

“Aren’t you guys gonna change?” she asked as she headed to her room.

“Can we take your Jag back to our place?” Kirk asked.

“Hell no!” she screamed back.

“Then no. Hurry up so we can leave!” Lucas Bayan escort replied.

Toya changed into a short blue jean mini skirt, a light blue long sleeve blouse with a low neck line, a silver waist belt and silver knee high boots. She knew they were headed to either a nightclub or a bar and she would be the designated driver. She walked out of her room and Kirk and Lucas whistled their approval of her attire. The four squeezed into her Jag and headed to Gino’s, a nearby nightclub/restaurant. Erika once dated the bouncer and the fool is so pussy whipped that even though they broke up two years ago he stills lets her and the group in for free.

They stood in the semi-lengthy line and Toya helped Erika apply some last minute eye liner. Of course Lucas was getting all the female attention while they waited in line; he had already gotten three numbers and they weren’t anywhere near the door.

They made it to the front of the line and Erika threw herself on the bulky bouncer who could pass for The Rock’s twin; Erika had a thing for muscle bound men. “Hey Jax.” she whispered sweetly in his ear. He was so tall that his hug lifted her off the ground.

“You look nice.” Toya heard him say. She also saw his large hand land and squeeze her ass.

“Thank you.” she giggled as he placed her back on the floor.

“When are you gonna let me get back in here?” The entire crowd behind Toya, Lucas and Kirk drew their attention to Erika as Jax cupped her crotch through her jeans. Erika pushed his hand away and tip toed to his ear.

“You’d said you’d wait forever for me so I’m holding to that.” She pushed him aside and walked inside. Toya, Lucas and Kirk followed and the four grabbed an empty tabled. Lucas and Kirk went to order their food and pitchers of beer and lemonade.

“Why do you tease Jax like that?” Toya asked Erika when the guys were out of sight.

“Because it’s fun. You’re not the only one who’s allowed to be a slut.” Erika winked and danced in her seat to the music.

Lucas and Kirk returned with the food and the four toasted on Kirk’s engagement and ate until they were stuffed. Toya rubbed her belly as Kirk pulled Erika on the dance floor to work on the food and booze. Lucas found one of his admirers from the line and led her onto the dance floor.

“You are too fine to be sitting here all alone.” Toya heard a voice that sounded as if it hadn’t hit puberty. She turned in the direction the voice and saw a boy who barely looked 18 and she wondered how he even got in.

“How old are you?” she asked annoyed and he took the empty seat next to her.

“Old enough. How ’bout we go back to my place? My parents are out of town and we can have the whole place to ourselves.” he suggested and Toya laughed so hard and long that the boy got up and left the table with what was left of his pride.

Toya finally decided to get off her ass and went out on the dance floor and worked her body to the beat with Erika and Kirk. She danced behind Kirk as if a guy got the balls to dance up behind her Kirk would shoot them a look to back off. If this had been the weekend before Toya would’ve cussed him out for cock blocking but tonight she appreciated the over protective side of him.

The four left the spot at 1 AM and Toya drove home. The three got into Kirk’s Buick when she pulled into her driveway and Toya waved good bye as Kirk pulled out and headed to drop Lucas and Erika off at home before he headed home. Toya walked inside and after locking up she walked into her room and collapsed on her bed.

She awoke the next morning when her alarm went off at 5:30. She reached over and shut off the annoying buzzing. She grumpily crawled out of bed and did her best to make it to her bathroom on four hours of sleep.

She showered quickly and ate an even quicker breakfast. After dressing, putting on her makeup and doing her hair she left and headed to the office for Eruption, the men’s magazine she had been working for during the past five years.

She pulled into the parking lot at 7:30 and walked inside the five story building. She signed in with the security guard who was always flirting with her and got on the elevator and rode it to the top floor. She got and walked into her office. The owner of Eruption, Charles Merriweather was sitting on her desk.

“Good morning Ms. Daniels.” he smiled and she knew she was in trouble. Mr. Merriweather was only in a good mood when he was either firing someone or saving a shitload of money. She slowly laid her briefcase on her desk and waited for him to speak.

“I received those articles you edited over the weekend and do you know you saved me three full pages that I was able to sell to our top contributors and they just announced that if they see an increase in their business by the end of the month they’ll increase their stake in the company and that means a huge raise for you sweetie!” he said and caught her nose in between his thumb and index finger.

Toya breathed a sigh of relief and Mr. Merriweather left her office. Escort She collapsed in her chair and turned on her computer. While it loaded up she pulled out the handwritten articles that she manually edited and then signed into the office computer. She jumped up from her desk and placed the articles on their respective writer’s desks. Just as she placed a horribly written article on Geoff Peter’s desk, the office heart throb Sebastian Varner walked in and winked at her.

“So, how was the reunion?” he asked as she passed by her and she felt him ‘accidently’ slide his hand over her ass. If he wasn’t one their best writers and so damn cute she would slap a harassment suit on him. The other only reason she didn’t was because she never entertained his advances or comments; she always kept it professional.

“It went well. Thanks for asking.” she said and walked back to her desk. She worked for the next three hours and jumped at the buzzing of her cell phone; she always put in on vibrate since sometimes she had phone conferences with other departments and didn’t want the jingles she downloaded, especially ‘Play” by David Banner which used to be Miguel’s ringtone.

She grabbed her phone and answered without checking the caller ID. “Hello?”

“Toya, it’s Ben.” she heard and nearly dropped her phone. “Hello? You there?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m here.”

“I thought you might be pissed that I left so quickly the night before. I’m really sorry about that.” He let out a soft sigh and Toya didn’t know what to make of his apology. She figured Ben just saw her as a one night stand or fulfilling an old high school fantasy, somewhat like she was, so she wasn’t really tripping.

“Hey, it’s cool. Listen, I’m at work so I have to go.” she said quickly and was about to hang up when Ben stopped her.

“Wait! Can I see you again? I mean I would really love to see you. Just name the time and place and I’ll be there.”

Whoa, this man is bold as shit, Toya thought as she bit her lip. “Can I get back to you on that. Like I said, I’m at work so I can’t really talk.” She hung up before Ben could answer. She worked with a head full of thought and was interrupted when lunch time rolled around by Sebastian.

“Hey gorgeous. Wanna go to lunch? I just finished the article you assigned to me and I got some free time before I head out.” Damn, he finished the article already, she thought. She had given it to him around nine that morning and it was just 1:30.

“Bring me the article and I’ll look over it and I’ll e-mail you if there are any changes to be made.” she told the blonde haired, green eyed babe.

“So, that’s a no to lunch?” he smirked.

Toya sighed and looked up at Sebastian. “Look, I have got way too much work and too much shit on my mind to entertain your ego today.” she spat angrily; so much for her professional persona.

“Whoa! So the Ice Queen does show some emotions.” Sebastian chuckled and turned on his heels. He returned two minutes later and laid his article on her desk. She skimmed the article regarding advice to men on the do’s and don’ts of oral and anal sex. Sebastian had also included advice from doctors that he had contacted personally. He was good, Toya had to admit. She placed the article in her briefcase to take home and thoroughly edit it.

“Toya, go to lunch!” Mr. Merriweather screamed to her when he passed by her office at 2:45. “Those articles aren’t going anywhere.”

She sighed and grabbed her purse and left the office and walked to a Japanese restaurant. She ordered a plate of tempura and a handful of California sushi rolls. Kyoshi, the cashier/cook punched in her order and took her money and went into the back to cook. She took a seat in the semi-crowded small restaurant. Kyoshi came out of the back and placed her order in front of her. He also sat in front of her and the two talked. They had become friendly after Toya had tipped him $20 since it was the only bills she had at the time. That was a year ago and since then he always gave her extra sushi rolls since she told him she loved them.

Toya told Kyoshi about the reunion and asked his advice on the Wes/Ben situation. “I can’t give you honest advice because I do not know these men.” Kyoshi said in his adorable accent. “But I can sense that you like this Wes gentleman a little more than Ben but go with your heart. It will lead you to the right choice.” Kyoshi took her hands and placed it on her heart. He nodded and smiled and then a Japanese couple walked through the door. Kyoshi spoke to them in his native language and got up from his seat. He returned to the counter and took their order.

Toya finished her meal and walked to the counter. She slipped a few bills in Kyoshi’s tip jar as he helped a new set of clients. She leaned over the counter and placed a kiss on his cheek. “See you later!” she yelled and walked back to her office. When she boarded the elevator her cell phone rang and she answered it when she saw Wes’s name on the screen.

“Hey.” she answered.

“I know I said I would call during the week but an idea just popped in my head.” Wes stated. “You said you were free on Sundays only so I could come upstate Saturday night and we could spend all day Sunday together.” he suggested. “Of course I’ll stay in a hotel Saturday night.”

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