The Rules


The RulesPart Two of my on going saga of becoming a Sex Slave…“All right, each day will consist of various lessons for you to experience. And then Sunday will be the culmination of all that you have learned”, Master said with an authoritative tone.“You will only do as I say. No more, no less. You will have no ability to think for yourself. In fact, if you even need to use the restroom, you must wait until I instruct you to do so. I get off on seeing my slut’s belly protrude so full of urine and about to burst. But, no peeing until I say so. And then I want to watch it slow leak out of you. I want your legs squeezed tightly together so I may watch the pee coat your legs and feet. Or I may want you spread widely so I can see and hear the pee run out of you. As for eating, I will allow you to dress so we may go out to dine. But, you will wear the leather collar I inscribed with my name on it for you. (Property of Slave Master Graham). In the café, you must only eat with your mouth and hands, no utensils and eat only when I say you may.” Master was training me faster that I thought possible.“As far as sleeping goes, I usually make the sex slaves sleep in that cage over there. But, you are lucky. I kind of like you and want you naked in my bed so I can use you anytime I feel the need. I will keep you tied to the bedposts so you cannot try to escape and plan to keep my fingers in that hot cunt all night long,” Graham smiled a far away smile that reminded her of what Master had probably wanted for a very long time. He would get his own personal naughty filthy fuck whore, who would fulfill all of his perverted fantasies.She bursa escort smiled up at him and without a word it seemed they knew this was a perfect arrangement. It was getting late and Graham took her into the bathroom for what would become a nightly ritual of bathing together. She was still so sore and her ass cheeks stung and burned, but, the water felt refreshing. She did as told and did not make a move or say a word unless given permission from Master.Master tied her up on the bed as anticipated. So began her night of all things forbidden in a lusty perverted dreamlike state. Once situated, Master sat up on her face and plunged his thick long hard cock into her mouth. He fucked it like it was a cunt, barely allowing her to breath. He came in a rush of hot splashes down her throat. Then rolled over and rested gently beside her, fingers locked tightly up inside her raw snatch. She drifted off to sleep and was awoken startlingly by a thrust of hardened cock deep inside her wet cunt. He fucked her hard and savagely for one hour and then drifted back to sleep. Exhausted and spent, she, slept fitfully until early dawn. Upon opening her eyes, she saw an amazing t****ze like contraption above the bed. Master clapped his hands and said, “I need to pee. You will be my private toilet from now on”. And with that he shoved his cock in her mouth and let go of so much urine she thought she would drown. Having had no food or beverages for over twelve hours, she was surprised at her lack of hunger. Guess all the cum and pee nourished her somewhat. “Now let us see if I estimated the length of the tethers correctly to bursa escort bayan suspend you over the bed”. He untied her and immediately placed her wrists in tie up suspension. Her toes did not touch the bed and she swayed there feeling the blood drain from her arms. I have to go to work for a while the Master told her and you will be hanging around awaiting my return he told her. As a reward for being compliant last night, you will watch porn videos of fuck slut sex slaves servicing their masters until I return.He flipped on the DVD player and left the room briskly. She watched and at first felt uncomfortable seeing some heavy BDSM treatment inflicted on the women. The more she watched though, the more she was intrigued. The numbness in her arms even began to feel pleasantly arousing. She was getting horny and wishing to relieve her throbbing wet pussy. Not being able to touch herself, she exercised her pussy lips with muscle contractions. It felt like weeks had passed before he returned.“What do you say when I arrive Cunt?” He inquired. Was this a test? She wasn’t supposed to say or do anything without permission. He winked and laughed! “Good slave! You will always greet me with a cheerful hello master sir”. With that he made the gesture of slapping one of her tits and that would allow her to speak the words. With a dry mouth she managed to utter cheerfully, “Hello master sir”.This pleased him and he slapped her other tit. She again uttered the magic greeting.“No! Sex slave! When I slap that tit you will say good bye Master Sir”!He loosened her wrist ties and allowed her to stand by the bed. Then she was escort bursa ordered to suck his cock, lick his balls and finger his rim. She brought him to a full tilt orgasm and he shot buckets of cum on her tits. Resting a minute he proceeded to pee all over her tits. “Okay. Fuck slut, put on this outfit. We are going out. I am hungry from fucking you so much!”She looked filthy with matted hair, pee and cum everywhere, but, knew to obey and dressed in the leather corset and miniskirt he had chosen for her. She was only allowed to brush the cum out of her hair before they left. They arrived at a different café that night. Once seated the Master instructed her to get under the table and suck his cock while he ordered for them. She felt so humiliated and ashamed to been seen in public like this, but, accepted the invitation happily. She looked up into his eyes from under the table, wondering how many eyes were on them, as well. That very fact that others were watching was a total turn on to her. She played and sucked and licked and fingered until the Master let out a nice loud moan and shot hot steamy gism down her throat. She was ordered to sit back in her chair and await the food. Cum coating her lips and cheeks were obvious. But, she wasn’t to wipe it off. When the food arrived, she again, waited for the signal. “Come over to me bitch”.She arose and sat next to him whereupon he twisted her nipple hard. “That is the signal to eat slut”.She went back to her seat and slurped the bowl of hot creamy broth like a starved dog. So thankful that it was soup instead of fried chicken or spaghetti. It had now been over twenty four hours since she had been being trained by Graham to be a faithful obedient sex slave. She knew the night was far from over and thought about what would happen upon return to the master’s house. To be continued…

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