The Secretary

Alexa Tomas

Each day as I sit at my desk, shuffling all the papers to make it seem like I actually have an important role in keeping the company going, I steal glimpses at you, my private secretary. You are always dressed so sexily. Classy and sexy. From my vantage point , I can watch you at work, always so professional. What I really love is the way you show off your long legs. I watch as you cross your legs, sometimes your skirt pushed above your stocking tops. I can even hear the hiss of your nylons as you cross your legs. I could sit for hours, gazing at your legs and seeing your feet in the highheel pumps. OH, and when you dangle you shoe from your toes, I get a raging hardon! Sometimes, it is embarrassing, and I often have to sit in my office to regain my composure before stepping out to talk to you.

Gathering up some letters for you, I approach your desk. “Anne, could you please send these out for me?” I can’t help my eyes from looking up and down your legs, and my mind fantasizes about dropping down to your feet and making love to your shoes and feet. Feeling a hotness in my groin, I realize that a bulge in my slacks may be quite noticeable. I quickly hand you the letters and turn to walk away.


You hand me the letters, and I see your eyes are glued to my legs. I am glad about it because I had been lost in a daydream when you walked by. I had tried to imagine how your cock would look like. Sometimes I get lost thinking about that, and before I could scold myself and try to focus you walk over. I must have turned into a deep blush but fortunately, you did not notice.

I have noticed how you look at me, and I like it, so for weeks I have made a point of wearing the highest heels I can wear without stumbling. You hand me the papers and leave. I notice your buldge and can’t help a deep sigh as you walk back. I check but am sure you can’t see me. I move my right foot up my left leg imagining it was your touch. I imagine letting my sensual foot gliding over that buldge of yours. I can’t get rid of the thought and I feel I am getting moist.


I return to my desk, the image of your beautiful sexy legs and feet burned in my mind. I sit slowly back down in my seat, my thoughts always returning to you. I wrestle with the temptation of spilling my guts out to you. “But, what if she files sexual harassment charges? What if she is really as hot as she looks? Am I on the verge of an awful legal problem or an incredibly unbelievable sexual experience? Is it all worth the risk?” I nearly go crazy as I ponder the possibilities. I finally make a decision.

“Ann, could you please come into my office for a moment? I need to have you take some notes for me.” My heart pounds excitedly as I hear you rise from your desk and walk towards my office. The clicking of your heels on the marble floor is so erotic, and I feel foolish to be turned on by such a thing. I gaze at you hungrily as you approach. I gesture to the seat in front of my desk. “Please close and lock the door, and take a seat.” I stammer. “I have something to tell you, and I hope that you won’t take it wrong.”

I take a moment to admire your beauty and sexiness, and have to nearly slap myself back to reality. My throat tightens and I begin to feel a giddiness. It’s a giddiness that I felt in high school when asking for a date.

I tell you, “Ann, I must confess that I really don’t have any work for you to do, and I apologize for asking you to stay after everyone else has gotten to go home. I must also confess that I find you very attractive. I must admit, I even have sexual fantasies about you. My weakness is a woman that likes to wear nylons and heels. And, well, Ann, the way you dress makes it very difficult for me to concentrate. All I seem to do all day is fantasize about kneeling at your feet and getting off sexually. I know that you may be offended by hearing this, but my intentions are not to insult you.”

Feeling somewhat a burden lifted off my shoulders by this confession, I feel a bit of relief, but now my heart is pounding in anticipation of what you may reply or do. Uncontrollably, I walk over to you and softly kiss your neck, my hands running over your back. As I kiss you, I steal another glance at your feet and gasp softly as I see your ankle strap heels. I feel the warmth rushing to my groin and the unquestionable feeling of my cock hardening. By now, I realize that I have committed myself, for better or worse, and my sexual urges control my actions. Flashes of you becoming angry at me pass through my brain, but they are overtaken by my desire to have sex with you.


With a tingle of relief I realize you are not going to fire me. I hear your words and your confessions and suddenly it feels as if your words have stirred a fire deep inside my guts. You walk over to me and kiss my neck and, like a jolt, it feels as if you have opened the flood gates. I am so wet that for a second I am afraid I have peed. I moan softly and with a Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort glance I see a buldge in your pants. I stiffle a groan and I manage to say, “What about the door?”


Brought to attention by your question, I quickly stride to the door, close and lock it. I return to you, still seated so sexily, your shapely legs crossed. I bend down to you and kiss you passionately on your lips, my tongue plunging deeply into your mouth. My tongue searches for yours. I let my hands drift downward, to your chest and begin to fondle your tits through your white silk blouse. Stopping only occasionally to gather in a quick breath, my fingers begin to unbutton your blouse. As each button is unfastened, I gently pull your blouse open until it is more than halfway open. But open enough for me to kiss down your neck and down to your bare skin above the partially exposed lacey bra.

“Oh, Ann, you make me so damn horny! My cock is so hard!” I moan as I continue to nuzzle my face deep into your exposed cleavage. Now on my knees, my face is chest-high to you. My hands reach down to your legs and caress your nylon-covered legs. Oooohhhhhh … the smoothness of the nylons on your nice legs is so sensual. I stroke your calves, then move my hands downward to your ankles. I run my hand over your ankle, feeling the smoothness of the nylons and the coarseness of the ankle strap of your shoes. OOoooooooooohhhhhh!

I close my eyes and let my lust take hold of me. I hear my nylons rustle as your hands glide down and it feels like a million little fires are burning on my skin. I can only moan and as I open my eyes for a moment I see how big the buldge in your pants is and a wave of desire hits me again. My tits ache for touch and my nipples feel as if they will tear my bra any second now… I can not speak anymore …

I continue to fondle your ankles and run my hand all over your shoe, sliding my fingers sensually down the slim heel. MMMmmmmmmm…you have me so horny, and I don’t know where to start on your body to pleasure myself! I pull your blouse out from the confines of the waistline of your skirt and unbutton your blouse fully. Your chest heaving with excitement, your tits seem to beckon for attention. Still on my knees in front of you, I reach up and pull your tits up and out of the bra cups.

I place my open, eager mouth over your right tit and begin to suck, pulling my head back as I reach the nipple. My tongue swirls around the nipple, feeling the erection of it. My hands then slide back down to your legs. I slowly ease the hem of your skirt upwards, almost to your waist. I slide my hand in between your slightly open legs and caress your inner thighs through the nylons. AAAaaaaaaa….Feels so good to feel you! “Ann,” I say in a quiet, but husky voice, “you have been a very good employee for me. You have always done good work for me. Now, it is your turn to tell me how to please you.”

I almost cum as I feel your hand etching higher on my thighs! I pull up my skirt and in a hoarse voice I ask you if you are ready for anything…. I see you nodd and my foot begins to touch the pole in your pants. I try to grab the tip of your cock between toes and the sole of my heel and I finally mananage… not I look into your eyes and tell you… “don’t open your fly…and….breathe on my pussy through my nylon pantyhose”…. I spread my legs as far as I can without loosing your cock and close my eyes….

I groan in total ecstasy as your foot touches my hard cock through my pants. “AAAaaaaaaa….Anne, I love your foot against my cock. I dream about it daily, and it is even better than I had imagined!” I move closer to you so that your foot can press harder against my cock. I move my head between your open legs and feel the pantyhose rub against my face. OOOHhhhhh…it is so smooth… Not needing to be asked a second time, I move up even closer so that my face is buried into your crotch.

I take in a deep breath as I bury my nose into the crotch of the pantyhose. MMMmmmmmmmm….Even through your pantyhose, I detect the unmistakable smell of a wet pussy. Pressing my face tight against the crotch, I begin to take in deep breaths. I am so aroused by you that my breathing is heavy and a little rapid. I know that you must be able to feel my breathing on your sweet, wet pussy. “Oh, Anne! I want to sexually please you so bad! Tell me more how I can satisfy you.”

I am frantic for yout touch by now. I feel your raspy breath through the wet fabric and I move to the edge of the chait and pull the hose tight. I am so wet the nylon sticks to my panties immediately und I slip a hand under it to pull the wet panties out of the way. I lay my pussy free and almost like a waterfall my juices wet the nylons. My pussy lips lay now open on the nylon for you as I take out my hand again und suck on my fingers that have my delicious juice on it. I twitch your cock between the fabric of your suit pants my Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort foot and the sole of my heels and I whisper… “oh Ed…lick my pussy through my nylons and make me cum!….

I shove my face tighter against your crotch, and I can now not only smell your fragrant pussy, but I feel the moistness dampen your pantyhose. My tongue flicks against the nylon fabric, and I get a small sample of the taste of your sex juice. This only whets my appetite, and I desire more of the juices. Driven mad by desire, I open my mouth further, munching upon your pussy through your pantyhose. As my mouth rapes your pussy, I shove my face into you rhythmically, as if FUCKING you with my face. I place my hands under your ass cheeks and pull you tightly aainst my face. MMMmmmmmmmmm….I love eating your pussy through your hose.

Meanwhile, your foot drives my throbbing cock to extreme hardness, and I can feel my underwear getting moist from precum. “Ooohhhh, Anne. Let me make you cum !!!”

I moan as I feel your face pushing my nylon into my pussy that is oozing now steadily…I shiver and spasm as your face hits my CUNT!…. I lift my ass a bit and ask you to pull down my hose with your teeth!…take it off…I have plans for it… I feel your cock twitching and I jerk you hard while I feel your breath on my hot clit…I want to make you cum in your zipped pants….I rub faster and harder and I scream CUM FOR ME!

Abiding by your instructions, I unclasp the ankle strap from each heel and ease your foot out of your shoes. I reach under the waistband of your pantyhose and lift it so my teeth can clasp the hose. With some difficulty, I manage to finally get your pantyhose down from your legs.I watch excitedly as you pull them all the way off. I replace your shoes onto your feet and gasp as your foot again rubs my cock through my pants. I shove the panties to one side and busy my tongue in your slit, teasing your clit. MMmmmmmmmmm….your pussy juices are incredibly sweet and plentiful!!

As you press your foot against my throbbing cock, I can feel the cum start to build up pressure. “AAAHHhhhh…. gonna…. cummmm…. OOoohhhhh…. FUCKKKkkkkk….!!!!!!” In frantic spasms, my cock explodes, squirting out cum in forceful rhythymn. I can feel the warmth of cum accumulating in my boxers and on my groin. Soon, as the cum cools and becomes more liquified, I can feel it running down my thighs.

As I cum, my tongue plunges deep into your cunt, moving to and fro in a FUCKING motion. My muffled groans of pleasure are drowned out by the wet sucking sound of my tongue FUCKING you…. “Ohhhhh, Anne! That was an incredible orgasm! I have never ejaculated that much cum before!” Even more incredible is the fact that my cock was getting hard already, again!!! I reach down to your feet and stroke your shoes, and my cock responds to the sexiness of you…

I command you to open your zipper…only your zipper!…as you slowly open your zipper I let a foot glide into your pants. I feel your sticky goo and I rub my toes to lather my feet and to feel your cock. Finally I manage to slip my sticky foot under your boxers and almost cum as I reach your cock. You have cum so much I feel like I have my feet in jell-o… I let it wander up and down your shaft and tickle your head with my toe… I pull my foot out again and you can see it is really covered with your delicious cum. I ask you to look at the mess you made…and ask you to hand me the nylons… will you lick my foot clean? If so…lick it and look directly at my pussy… as I take the nylon…and with one hand spread my pussy lips…with the other…I very slowly push the nylon into my cunt….with every stroke of your tongue on my foot I push the nylon in…

I obediently open my fly and pull it open widely, so you can have access to my cock. I slip your heel off your foot…”OOOOHHHHHHhhh,” I moan, as your foot slips inside and reaches my cock. As you slide your foot up and down over my wet, but slightly stiffened cock, I can feel your toes getting wet with my cum. When you ease your foot out, it is dripping with cum, and my eyes open widely in surprise at how much cum there is on your toes. Not used to tasting semen, I am at first hesitant to lick your foot clean, but I am so aroused and curious that I abide by your command. I gently grab your foot and pull it up to my mouth. My soft tongue begins to lick lightly at your toes, noting the somewhat salty/sweet taste of cum. You spread your pussy and my licking becomes more intense, lapping even between your toes, so as not to miss a drop. You begin to stuff your pantyhose into your cunt, and my heart pounds furiously and I begin to suck each toe ravenously!!!

“Oh, Anne,” I murmur between my sucking of your toes, “you have me so HOT and HORNY! Command me and watch me obey!!!” I watch lewdly as you shove your pantyhose into your cunt, inch by inch. While I envied the pantyhose because Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort of its location, my cock signals that it is enjoying the show. My tongue laps each toe, then travels to your sole and licks up and down the length of your foot as my hands gently caress your foot…

I can see your eyes glued to my pussy. I shudder violently and CUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you can see me twitch and jerk… catching my breath I pull out the nylon…it is gooey and slimy and fully lathered from my juices…. I ask you to stand up and to pull your cock out… I want to wrap the nylon around it….

My tongue continues to taste the semen, but much of it is gone, now. I suck your toes deeply as I watch you cum, your pantyhose shoved partway into your cunt. “AAAannnnnnne…..” I moan hoarsely. Then, as you slowly pull the nylon from within you, it makes a wet, sliding sound. The crumpled hose is sopped with your pussy juices, and I lick my lips excitedly, imagining how it would taste.

Your order awakens me from the trance, and I stand up as instructed. I reach into my open fly and pull my once again excited, hard cock from within the confines of my pants. Grabbing the pantyhose in my right hand, I begin to wrap it over my cock. OOooooooohhhhhhhh… is so sexy, the feel of your nylon – the pussy juice soaked nylon – on my throbbing, hard cock. As I wrap it around my cock, I pull on myself, feeling the smoothness of the nylons as my cock slides through the material. My breath begins to quicken, again, and my heart pounds.

“OOOoohhhhh,Anne…You’re making me feel like I’ll need to cum, again, soon! I’ll give you all the semen from my balls….”

I notice you trembling and I am torn… maybe I should let you taste the nylons and lick what has rubbed off of my juices from your cock wanting to taste your cum so bad… I am pure lust by now and ready to give it to it and change the roles…. “use me now”…is all I manage to whisper…

Jumping at the chance to give a few orders, I tell you, “Take your nylon off my cock. Now, slide my cock into the hose until my cock is at the very tip of the toe of the pantyhose.” The nylon fabric is wrapped snugly around my swollen cock, like a nylon rubber. The material glistens from the moisture of your pussy juices still upon it. “Now, Anne, suck my cock with your hose wrapped around it. Get my cock nice and hard, and use a lot of saliva. Get you hose nice and wet. When you’re done, lie down on your back on my desktop and get ready to be FUCKED by my cock with its nylon sheath still around it.”

I am still shaking but reach forward to warp my mouth around your cock. I taste my own juices and wish it would mingle with your cum in my mouth so I start to coat you in my saliva until everything drips and then I start to let my tongue tickle your cockhead in earnest. I ache for you so much I barely can remember your wish to fuck me so I really have to call me to order. I am so hot now I feel a breeze touching my clit will make me cum violently. I pant and sweat and then I lie on my back feeling my own juices running down my legs! God I never was so wet and I never wanted to be fucked that much in my life…

I lie you on your back on my desktop and place your feet on the arms of my chair so that your legs are spread open. I stand between your open legs and gaze at your hot, dripping pink pussy. My cock bobs up and down from pulsations and throbbing. My cock, still covered by the condom made of your nylons, continues to ooze more precum, wetting the inside of your nylons. “I’m sorry, Anne, of the sticky mess in and on your nylons!” Because your sucked my cock so well, it is very wet and slick from your saliva.

I grab my cock and stroke it up and down your slit, rubbing gently at your clit. “Do you like my cock massage?” I ask lewdly. I rub it up and down, up and down. As I tease your pussy with my cock, your sex juices keep the nylons wet and slick. “I’m gonna FUCK you!!!” I ease my cock partway into your cunt. “AAAaaaaa…..oooohhhhhh….” Then, with a firm thrust, I bury my cock deep into your cunt. “Ooooooohhhhh…goddddd!!!” Even though your nylons somewhat diminish the feel of your cunt around my cock, the sliding of my cock against your nylons more than makes up for it…..

with each of your thrusts I feel closer to losing my mind it seems like my entire body is nothing but a burning cunt now I feel the wet nylon rubbing my pussy walls into pure madness and then suddenly your touch at my nipples hguuuuuuuuuuhhh your tongue at my toes I scream and sweat and I want to cum so bad so bad I want to have your cum now nothing else !!!!!!!!!

My pelvis thrusts deeper and harder, ramming my cock into your cunt. “AAaaaaaa……Oh, Anne…..OOOooohhhhh….!!!!!” As my cock slides in and out of you, a wet swishing sound is made from the wet nylon sliding between us. As I FUCK you, I reach up and fondle your tits, pinching at the nipples. I then grab your legs and lift them so that they are draped over my shoulders. Not only does it enable me to get deper and harder penetration into your cunt, but I can now nuzzle your feet as we FUCK.

I continue my FUCKING, in a deep trance of sexual ecstasy. I tilt my head to the right and lick at your left toes. I lick each toe delicately, then suck each one…

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