The Sex Club and Jessica’s Submission


It had been three years now that I had known you and over that time we had fulfilled many of our fantasies. We had visited many of the underground clubs and groups around the country, but you had been a voyeur and observer most of the time. Now you had signed your contract with me and it had been all settled… you would be my submissive and sex slave for one year.

Kelly your sister had approached me, she was your younger sister but she had a wild streak and wanted to show you her life style… at least that was what she said. I felt confident that I could control you and any situation that might arise so I agreed to you being under Kelly’s control for one 24 hour period. Kelly had made the arrangements, telling very little except that I was invited, and that we’d meet at Jessica’s apartment on Saturday at 2pm. She said I’d be involved to a limited extent, mainly observing but if I chose to I could participate.

Now, very soon you and I and Kelly your slut sister would initiate you into a different would… one that you had not yet been introduced to and I was not sure what was to come. I had called you on Friday and told you, “Jessica my sub, I will be frank with you, I have misgivings about this, I have no idea what your sister has planned for you and it would not be a disgrace to me if you backed out. Furthermore, I will have no control over you for the next 24 hours. You will be in your sister’s complete control… that is something I cannot change….”

“Master, I understand. I am yours to control. I will be Kelly’s sub and slut for 24 hours… then you will have me all to yourself. I think this is a good test… a test of just how much and how far I will go for you.”

It was early Saturday morning when the package was delivered to you. You opened the letter-package, and were instructed to wear the enclosed garments; a short sleeve thin cotton top, with low scooping neckline showing plenty of your cleavage and cut short to expose your midsection and just cover the bottoms of your breasts. You were instructed to button only one button in the middle, making your nipples and breasts stand out under the stretched material. You were given hip-hugger micro mini skirt of thin silk material that had splits on each side that traveled nearly to the skirts low slung waist band. To finish your outfit were a pair of white strap heels and instructions to wear no bra or panties. The last item was a leather choker with a gold D-ring attached in the front. You were to shower, fix hair and wear just the right amount of makeup that accentuated your facial features, but not to over do it and make you look slutty. The clothes would take care of that. But what made you hands tremble was the paragraph as to where you were to go and what you would do there…

When you were ready and waiting for your Master to pick you up you looked in the mirror and were amazed at your reflection, you really looked quite good. Your leg muscles were accented by the heels and the high cut shorts made your legs look even longer. Your tits were covered, but were outlined nicely by the thin material that did nothing to control each breast as it swayed and bounced independent of the other. Nothing was left to the imagination, and if you were to attempt to reach for something from a high shelf, the top would immediately expose your pert and excited tits as it rode up.

I picked you up at your apartment and we drove in my BMW to the shopping center, and parked in the pre-selected spot that was near to a main entrance. As you had been instructed, you walked into the mall, attracting a lot of attention. Your instructions were to go to the High Times, a hairstyle shop and spa inside the mall that catered to the yuppie crowd offering a variety of extra services such as massage and piercing. There were prices for piercing ears, navels, noses, and even eyelids, but you had to negotiate with the specialist when you told her that you wanted your nipples pierced with gold rings, each with a small thin chain, that would reach up to your choker.

After you convinced the girl with some extra cash, she exposed one breast at a time while the piercing was done and chain fitted. Other patrons watched, but said nothing as they kept their eyes glued to the process. You unbuttoned your small top and exposed each breast while the specialist pinched your nipple and sprayed the skin refrigerant ethyl chloride on your nipples making then swell out and become very erect. She inserted a needle through the meat of each nipple as you felt the drawing sensation of the needle and then watched as she passed the small gold ring through your nipple and closed it. When finished, the gold chain was passed through your choker ring, to dangle provocatively toward each breast, and your hard nipples projected nicely under the sheer material of your top.

You next asked the price for piercing your pussy lips, but the girl refused. However, you pressed the girl until you settle on a private Maltepe Sınırsız Escort session, for about $200. You gave her an address, time, and instructions in a sealed envelope, which was also part of the package you had received at home. You left amazed and excited at what you had done, and shocked over your exhibition.

You made one complete stroll of the mall, as instructed, and then exited where you had come in, but as you neared the exit of the mall, you were approached by two black men who asked to be your escort. “I’m busy at the moment,” you replied, but they informed you not to be insolent, and told you that they were sent by Kelly your Mistress. You flushed and took one on each arm, while everyone in the mall watched this young white woman leaving the mall sandwiched between two huge black men.

You exited the mall and walked to a stretch limousine, attracting as much attention as possible. The men got in, and turned to issue instructions to you. You looked around, noticing those who are looking from their cars, those walking, and a few who followed from the mall. You stood at the open rear door of the limo and as you looked in my direction you proceeded to remove your top first, exposing your breasts and pierced nipples, then let your top hang on the open door of the limo, and removed your short mini skirt next. Without a word you gathered up your clothes and turned carrying your clothes at your side as you walked the 200 foot distance back to where I was parked in the BMW. You leaned through the window, placing your clothes on the seat next to me and said, “Please follow us after we pull out Master.”

You were one incredible sight, as you stood there talking to me through the window. Bent over at the waste, your glistening tits swayed freely, and your straight legs atop the four-inch heels pushed your pussy lips seductively out, peeking from between your small round ass cheeks.

“By the way, watch this Master,” you continued as you wiggled your ass for affect. In front of an estimated 10-15 people who were in various stages of shock, you stood up straight and walked proudly back to the limo nude, with tits and nipple chains swaying, bald pussy, and heels clicking loudly on the pavement.

There was no doubt that you were enjoying giving the show and your moves were something to behold as the total exposure really turned you on. Men were staring in disbelief, women looked at each other and turned back to look some more, and Teenagers stood frozen. At the limo, you walked to the opened rear door where the driver was holding it open for you and as you glanced inside there were three black men seated and stroking their cocks.

You stood there for a few seconds receiving more instructions, then entered the limo without closing the door behind you, and immediately went to your knees in front of the middle black bending your head and taking his cock into your mouth. While sucking the large black cock you reached out and grasped the other’s cocks in each hand, moving your hands up and down their massive cocks. The one on the end looked out to see the onlookers who had drawn nearer, and reached over and slowly closed the door. The limo exited the parking lot leaving the people standing in their tracks, not a one thinking to move.

It was early evening, when the limo arrived at a multi-acre ranch and drove into the circular driveway, where many other cars are parked for the party, including two limos like I saw at the mall. The catering crew was supplied by a Hispanic couple, and was strictly voluntary, comprised of one valet and several young waitresses. These were friends of the ranch owners who were there, but not full members of the club. They understood that this was strictly private, and were told the nature of what was to occur, but were still curious about the club’s activities. A valet opened the limo door, and out stepped Jessica, fully naked and followed by her three black escorts.

Eldon and Melinda Hopkins, who owned this beautiful setting were a very influential black couple, who enjoyed a sophisticated lifestyle, due to they’re successful business ventures, and indulged in fantasy fulfillment as a serious hobby. Inside, a semi- formal party was under way, with music and torchlight’s engulfing the property in a festive atmosphere. The warm summer evening, combined with the sun just having set, created a scene of sophistication as you entered the house. The door opened to guests standing with drinks in hand, talking casually with one another, as one would expect at any normal party, only the stark contrast between black and white was to be the main theme. The guests were dressed semi-formal, and about 40 people in all, all black except for Jessica, Kelly and myself.

I watched as you were escorted by Eldon who introduced you to the couples, either one by one, or standing in groups. The people made no attempt at diverting their attention from your nudity, Maltepe Suriyeli Escort and several commented on your nipple rings and gold chain. Some even reaching out and pulling slightly on your nipples or nipple rings. Several comments included a suggestion that your pussy lips should enjoy the same treatment, to which Eldon smiled and agreed that perhaps something could be arranged.

I could see that you were visibly keyed up and breathing hard while being presented and displayed nude in a room of semi-formally clothed couples, for you knew that it was obvious from the oozing juices running down the insides of your upper thighs that you had been freshly fucked in the limo on the way there. You continued to stroll among the guests with wine glass in hand, engaging in casual conversation as at any normal cocktail party, the only difference was that you were an attractive white woman, and you were totally nude in the presence of a mostly black crowd.

You had been instructed not to try to conceal her body in any way, nor were you to reject any advances. You were to openly describe the events surrounding your piercing and your treatment in the limo to any one who inquired. If you were to engage in conversation with any group that did not ask, you were to bring up the subject, pointing out the details of your new jewelry, and asking if they liked the effect. Reluctance to cooperate with anything less than an enthusiastic description and response would result in further marking. One of the women present asked about your nipple rings, and you responded with a fully erotic tail of self-exposure, which pleased the woman, making her twitch with excitement. The process continued complete with appetizers and cocktails.

I had been casually mingling in the party, and had been conversing with a nice looking couple when Melinda Hopkins moved close and rubbed her hip and breast against my side as she commented, “I presume that you are the Master of that lovely creature over there.”

She motioned behind me and I turned to see my sub and slut, on the arm of a well-dressed black man. She gave me a wink and a smile and turned back to her conversation, glancing back to ensure that I was watching, and visibly moving closer to rub against her escort.

“Yes, she is. She is on loan to her sister Kelly for 24 hours. I’ve instructed Kelly that she may use my sweet pet anyway she chooses, however if I should consider that my subs treatment was too severe, then she will pay as well as the paying party,” I said as I looked over her fro head to toe.

Then I asked, “Mrs. Hopkins… May I call you Melinda? I feel after to night I may get to know you better”

“Yes…… yes please do,” she replied as I watched the color drain for her face for a minute.

We talked about the club as we walked around the house and I learned that many of the guests were from foreign countries and the rest were very wealthily, and enjoyed this type of entertainment.

My eyes widened as I recognized the image moving through the crowded living room. It was Kelly, Jessica’s sister. Kelly had always been an excellent seamstress, and she preferred to make much of her own clothing especially if it was to be unique. To say the least, she outdid herself in making one of the most blatantly sexy evening dresses known to man. She seemed to be wearing more of a cloud than anything at all. The floor length gown’s material was off-white in color, stretching to cling to her every curve, and was astoundingly absolutely shear.

From the back side, I was looking at her nude form through the transparent dress, and it was plain to see that she wore nothing underneath, making her legs look more inviting atop her four inch heels. Trimmed in a thin band of lace, the dress was slit up the center in front to her waistline, which made her hairless pussy easily accessible, but hidden from direct view by only the edge-lace on the slit of material that opened seductively when she walked or shifted position. Teasing glances of her wet snatch were available for only seconds at a time as she desired, since the only way she was afforded movement was for the front slit to spread apart. The dress was sleeveless, backless, had a single narrow right shoulder strap that held the material that crossed her body, and covered only her right breast. While her jutting right breast with hard red nipple was fully visible through the sheer material, her left breast was totally uncovered, swinging free, and sported an equally erect nipple in full-unobstructed view. The entire thin veil of a dress was held together in front by a three inch length of narrow Velcro from the top of the front slit angled up toward her naked left breast. The left side of the dress was nonexistent, and plunged to well below her hip. The material closed again at almost mid thigh, and stretched across her ass cheeks, which were nicely visible through the thin veil. It was an exercise in seduction, Maltepe İranlı Escort as I couldn’t decide which breast was sexier, but it was obvious from her two hard nipples that she too felt its effect.

There was absolutely no question as to the intent of the dress and its expected affect. It was a dress designed to be there for formality, but designed to attract and send a message. Its every design was to expose her in a uniquely seductive way that was screaming “I am available for fucking,” and I know she was wearing it in a way that would guarantee it.

I watched as Kelly drank from her wine glass, and looked at me in the eye, and made sure I saw her rub her exposed breast against the arm of the man’s dark colored sport coat. I knew her so well that I could read her mind as she went through her act. She would move from side to side, affording everyone a good view of her body as she repositioned herself. As she bent over to pick up a drink, or turn to make some preparation in the room, she arched her back slightly, ensuring that her breasts would bounce seductively, and the slit in her skirt would part to expose her pussy. She even made it easy for someone standing to her right to place his arm around her such that his black hand would have convenient access to her exposed left tit, and she would giggle playfully as it was being massaged.

Around 8pm, Eldon brought Jessica, my obedient slave and Kelly’s sister, to an open space in the courtyard by the pool, and gathered everyone’s attention. Jessica stood silently with hands at her sides, nicely exposed for all the guests who, with drinks in hand, formed a semi-circle in front of her. Eldon announced that the entertainment was there for the use of the guests, and was to be used for their pleasure. As he spoke, two men brought a thick mattress from the house, and placed it in front of Jessica.

Now, this was a very exclusive club, the club roster consisted of a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Some of the people were highly influential businessmen with powerful domestic and international connections that often times had a taste for the extravagant and unusual. Eldon and Melinda were movers and shakers in the club, and dealt almost exclusively with the black business community. As with most deals and special favors, this party was arranged in the strictest of confidence for the sole “entertainment” of their guests, and was intended to provide them with the opportunity to enjoy the “spectacle” of a white woman being fucked by black men, and filled with their sperm. In the culture of the invitees, this practice was strictly forbidden, and would result in severe punishment in their country; however, the interest of these particular guests centered on the exhibited subjugation of a white woman, the more innocent looking the better. It was also their culture that the men were masters of their households, and their wives who accompanied them did so, on a tight, but lavish leash. They were provided many luxuries, but denied their husbands absolutely nothing. Hence, they were to watch the forbidden act forced on this white woman along with their husbands to heighten the excitement, and as a lesson to them of their position in a male dominated culture.

What was in it for Jessica was, in part, the body rush of being forced to engage in blatant interracial sex in front of a mixed crowd of strangers, but not only that, it was to be administered in a hard and almost degrading fashion. She also had no choice, she was my sub and slave and gave her to her sister for the evening.

Eldon continued by explaining that not only was this night for his guest’s pleasure, it was also for Jessica. “Tonight is special in two ways. First, she is here for the sole purpose of pleasing my friends, and providing a unique spectacle as a rare present, and, second, Jessica is currently ovulating and is in heat. I have talked with her and she says that her body has been producing eggs, and she is very vulnerable to any sperm that splashes over them. Are you ready to witness the impregnation of this woman?” The crowd was visibly flushed at the news, but managed a unanimous affirmative for the event. The wives joined in their husband’s murmurs, and were well trained enough to encourage their affirmations.

I was upset by this information; Kelly had not seen fit to tell me that she and her sister were ovulating. And further more Jessica had not told me that she was unprotected. It was apparent to everyone that Jessica had caught her breadth, and blushed at the announcement, her body starting to break out in a light excited sweat.

I glanced to see Kelly staring back at me. She gave me a mischievous, almost flippant smile and I realized that she had obviously timed this to coincide with her sister’s biological cycle, since it was just about identical to hers. I thought to myself, “Of course! They would both be keyed up at the same time!”

I looked back to Jessica and watched as she momentarily reached down and fingered herself at the thought. Her partner noticed as she looked dreamily into his eyes, suggesting exactly what she wanted. She also made sure to glance back and forth at me, making sure that her Master could see his nude sub cuddling up to her black escort.

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