The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 06


Author’s note: Sorry to all my readers that it took so long to get this story up. My life had a curveball thrown to it. I am now back to writing. I hope you all enjoy this story! Thanks for the support and comments! Please keep them coming!


After my loss to Tiffany, I really wanted to be left alone. I knew I had the tag team match at the end of the week, but my heart just wasn’t in it. Sean was a different story. Sean had blown up my phone with three calls and five text messages to see if I wanted to start training today. The answer was no. I needed to be alone. I needed to get out of my place. I knew that I had to do some sort of exercise. I did have a gym membership so I decided that I could just throw on some music and lift some weights. As I walked in, the place was packed. It was loud and definitely not what I was looking for. I was about to walk out when I noticed a yoga class starting. I had taken yoga a few times during college, but that was mainly to meet girls. I wanted quiet and yoga was definitely quiet.

I rented a mat from the desk and followed the class inside. There were probably about fifteen to twenty people in the room. I found a spot in the back of the class and rolled out my mat. The instructor told us to start out with ten minutes of meditation. As I sat there and closed my eyes, all my matches and experience came forward.

Ashley was the first. How the hell was she one of the trainers? She was a bartender. I mean how did she get involved in the wrestling league? Was she feeding information to the girls that I went up against? Was she plotting against me from the beginning or did she actually stay neutral? Could I trust her? She seemed to genuinely like me. But was that an act?

Tiffany was next. Something didn’t add up. At first it seemed like she didn’t want to be the champion, but she was extremely good at what she did. How did someone so sweet and innocent get involved in something like the sex wrestling league? Would I ever get another chance for the title match against her?

Lindsey came up after Tiffany. Was she for real about training me? Was she going to try to mess with my career? I realized that my major problem was that I didn’t know who I could trust and who I couldn’t. The only people who had been in my corner from the start had been Sean and Clark. The three of us were going to have to form a bond to keep us together as times get tough. Sean was about to get kicked out of the league if we didn’t win our tag match and I felt like I was losing respect from the rest of the league.

Sean was the next person who came to my mind. We had to win this next match. He was the one who introduced me to the sex wrestling league. I felt bad for him. Sean had worked hard in everything he did. Nothing came natural to him. He was about to be told that he was not good enough to compete in a league. I had done fairly well in all of my matches. If I won the tag match, it would still make Sean feel like shit because he needed his friend to win a match to even keep him in the league. It was a lose/lose position.

The instructor brought us back to the room and ended the meditation session. She was a woman in her fifties with long grey hair. “Today, our goal is to find balance within ourselves”.

She continued, “Balance is something that some people are born with, please go into tree pose.”

We all stood on a single leg with our arms spread out to our sides. I struggled for a while until I found my balance. I definitely felt like everyone was staring at the guy struggling with a basic yoga pose. I watched most of the girls in the class have no problems finding their balance. I worked harder to center myself. I would be damned if I would let another woman show me up again. And that’s when it clicked for me, my work effort. That’s what was going to set me apart from the rest of the league. I knew from here on out, I was going to train harder than any other guy in the league. I also thought back to Lindsey’s offer to train me. Maybe I should take her up on her offer. I could use a different perspective.

As the yoga class ended, I thanked the teacher for letting me be a part of the class and started to walk through the gym. In the corner, I saw three girls lifting weights. The one girl, who if I heard right was named Katie, looked like she could kick some serious ass. She was built like a Greek Goddess with muscles. She would be a very difficult challenge for any guy in the league. I looked at her and smiled, that would be my goal. To be able to handle a girl that looked like “Katie”.

After I changed out of my clothes I checked my cell phone. Clark and Sean had blown up my phone. I think they had filled up my voicemail, wondering where I was. I sent a text to both of them, “Needed to be alone for a day, ready to train tomorrow.”

After thinking long and hard for a minute, I dialed Lindsey’s number.


“Hey Lindsey, it’s Rob. Is the offer to train with you still on the table?”

“Hey Rob. Yeah it is. I heard about your last match. I’m sorry you Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort lost. How about we get a cup of coffee and talk?”

“Sure Lindsey. Can we meet in about 45 minutes?”

“Yeah, you know the coffee house off of Liberty? I’ll see ya there.”

I hopped into my car and drove over to the coffee house. There was Lindsey waiting for me. She had already picked up her coffee. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Her brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She still had some of the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. She smiled as I sat down.

Lindsey seemed friendly enough, “I’m shocked you called me. I figured that you didn’t want anything to do with me.” She smirked when she said this.

“Yea well, after our match. I was focused on trying to win the championship. Plus, I don’t really know if I can trust you. How do I know that you aren’t trying to screw me over?”

Lindsey laughed, “How can you trust me? You can’t. I’ll tell you this though. I know what goes on behind the scenes at that place. Plus, it would benefit me more the better you do in this league. If you ever do get to the top, I do expect a rematch. You beat me by a second.”

It was an odd answer, but I felt that it was honest. I decided I wanted to know more. “Why did you take so long of a break from the league?”

Lindsey’s smile faded. “As you know, I was once the champion. But I lost so bad in one of my title defenses that Ms. Wallace went off on me. She tried to assault me and was verbally abusive. I decided that I didn’t want to do this anymore. I had a few more matches, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore. It was actually Mr. Bartlett who called me to have our match. I felt that I was in a good place to come back on a part time schedule. I still haven’t had another match since I lost to you.”

You could tell that it was difficult for Lindsey to talk about why she left the league. She was a happy person but you could tell there was a change when she talked about Ms. Wallace. I knew that she was going to help me, and if she was going to screw me over it was going to be for her own gain, not because she was ordered by Ms. Wallace.

We chatted a little more about my last match and some of the different things I could have done to have beat Tiffany. “You played her game. Play yours. Once she was warmed up, you should have fucked the living shit out of her. I know she is confident and cocky, but I have a hard time believing that she could handle a guy in control fucking her.”

Lindsey gave me a smile. Even after our match she said how much she wanted to fuck me. I smiled back at her. I really was feeling at ease with her.

Lindsey stared into my eyes for a second, “Rob, I want to fuck you. I just want to know what it is like. Ever since we were in the ring together, I just can’t stop thinking about you.”

She didn’t have to say anything else. I took her by the hand and led her to my car. I don’t think I ever made it home that fast. Same goes for her shirt. It was off before we made it through the door way. Her firm 34D tits stared at me through her black lace bra. Within seconds, the bra was off and her nipple was in my mouth. “Yes, Rob…..” She moaned as her hand ran through my hair.

She pulled my shirt over my head and slide her hand down my stomach onto my cock. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft and slowly started to stroke. I moaned out as she started to get me hard. I stopped her just for a second to get her into the bedroom.

I spread her out on the bed. Her gorgeous blue eyes staring back at me, with her tits heaving up and down. I didn’t waste any more time and pushed my dick into her pussy. I guess she really did want me because she was soaked. I slowly pushed into her.

“Mmmmm god, Rob. This feels as good as I thought it would.” She moaned out as I started to pump my dick in her eager pussy.

Her legs wrapped around my hips pulling me deeper into her pussy. Damn, she did feel great. I started to fuck her with a little more force. My balls started to slap against her as her tits bounced in perfect rhythm. “Ohhh, fuck, yessssss…. More Rob, please fuck me hard” Lindsey begged.

I separated her legs and turned her over. She got the hint immediately and got on her hands and knees. She reached behind and guided my dick back into her pussy. Instantly she threw her hips back onto my dick. I reached up and grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed my dick deeper into her pussy.

“Harder. Fuck me harder Rob!” Lindsey screamed.

Not one to disobey an order I started to really pump Lindsey’s pussy. My dick was a blur running in and out of her. Lindsey breathing got heavier and heavier until finally she threw her head back and screamed out.

Lindsey’s entire body jerked as she had an intense orgasm against my dick. I grabbed her hips to hold my dick inside her as she bucked against me. Her orgasm had to be one of the biggest I’ve ever seen a girl have. “Don’t…….stop…..Rob….” Lindsey gasped out.

I Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort loved being in control of Lindsey. It was like her body was craving me. Her pussy seemed to try to suck my dick in deeper with each thrust. This was some of the best sex I have ever had.

Lindsey turned her head back to me and smiled, “Let me get on top. I want you to cum for me.”

I pulled out and laid down on the bed. Lindsey straddled my cock and smiled as she slowly lowered herself down. When she got to the base, she pulled up and snapped her ass back down. Waves of pleasure hit me like they had never before. Slowly she did it again, snapping her ass back down as hard as she could. Within minutes she was riding my cock like a pro. I don’t think there is a pornstar out there that could ride a dick better than Lindsey. Within two minutes, I could feel the pressure building up in my balls. Lindsey could tell too.

“Good thing this isn’t a match, Rob. I don’t want you holding back on me.” Lindsey said with a smile.

I didn’t want to hold back either. With few quick snaps of Lindsey’s hips, I moaned and pumped out one of my biggest loads every. As I came deep into Lindsey’s pussy, she rubbed her clit as fast as possible and had another strong orgasm. Finally, she collapsed on my chest and as breathing as heavily as I was. “I was right. You were a good fuck Rob.” She leaned up and kissed me softly. Within minutes we were both passed out from exhaustion.

I awoke the next day to Lindsey wearing one of my t-shirts cooking me breakfast. Damn she looked sexy no matter what she did. She smiled and winked at me, “Breakfasted will be done in a few minutes. Rob, you might want to call Sean and find a time to work with him on the tag-team match. The rules are a lot different than a regular singles match.”

She was right. Our tag match was less than a week away and Sean’s career was on the line. I grabbed my phone and texted Sean, “Training, 6?” Hopefully, he would get the message because we really needed to get our game plan together.

As Lindsey finished up cooking, I soon realized how amazing she was. Not only was she extremely attractive and great in bed, she turned out to be a really good cook. As I ate, I found myself thinking about what life would be like if I was in a relationship with Lindsey. She had everything I wanted in a woman and she seemed like she was a good person. But I had also thought that way about Ashley. I reminded myself to keep my guard up, but there was definitely something different about Lindsey.

I looked at my watch. Sean was late again. Clark and I had been waiting in the ring for about a half hour when Sean finally showed up. “Sorry I’m late guys. Got caught up at work and then traffic was a bitch.”

I was definitely a little annoyed with Sean. He needed this more than I did. “Dude, just get into the ring.”

Sean climbed in and Clark was able to start in on the rules for the tag-team match.

“It is similar to a singles match, but also has some major differences. Only one person is allowed in the ring at a time. But when you do make a tag, the team mate is has to get out of the ring within 10 seconds. This does allow you some time to double team your opposition. Also it’s elimination tag-team. You have to get a submission or pin and an orgasm out of BOTH girls. Also, in singles matches there is a break between rounds. In a tag team match, there is no break. You can keep on your opponent even after they lose a round. After a person is eliminated, that person is still a factor. If you eliminate Jordan for instance, she is allowed to stay at ring side, but just not allowed in the ring. She can’t make your submit or pin you, but she can definitely warm you up for the remaining teammate. Be careful out there. Always keep your eyes open and communicate.” Clark said.

Sean and I got to work with each other. We started by talking out our game plan. We both felt that if we could make frequent tags to each other that they could never really get to us. Plus they were both pretty inexperienced in the ring. I felt that they would make some serious rookie mistakes that we should be able to capitalize on.

We also decided that I would try to be in the ring when Jordan was in and Sean would be in the ring when Sasha was in. We trained for hours together and it became clear that I was definitely the better wrestler. Sean had really let his losing streak get to him. Sean was making some serious mistakes. He let himself open to be easily attacked. I would definitely be lucky if Sean won at least one part of the match.

Clark let us know even more about our opponents. “Guys, these two girls aren’t rookies. They are actually part of another league very similar to ours. They are actually visiting the area and decided to have a match within our league. This will be probably the only time you will ever face them. Don’t think they won’t know what is going on. Believe me, a tag team match means that all bets are off.”

I was starting to get nervous Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort as the training did not get better as the week went on. The sex with Lindsey was amazing throughout the week. She definitely was increasing my stamina. After a few training sessions with Lindsey, I was lasting longer and longer with her. “Don’t get too confident, Rob. Those girls are going to be extremely aggressive towards you. But you shouldn’t have any problems making them cum.” Lindsey said to me with a wink.

Lindsey was extremely supportive, but still the problem was going to be Sean. This was one of the reasons I was struggling to sleep. I barely slept the night before the match. It wasn’t much better during the afternoon. I just figured that I needed to get to the center.

I walked into the locker room and there was Sean sitting on the bench. “Hey man, you ready for tonight?” I asked him.

He didn’t really notice me walking in. He was in a daze. “Uh hey… yeah I’m ready man.”

Sean didn’t have his head on straight. “Remember, let’s tag often tonight. We need to keep each other fresh.”

Sean and I stripped naked and waited for our match to finally start. Sean was clearly nervous. “Look, Rob, if I lose for us tonight I’m sorry. I appreciate what you are doing for me but if I do get kicked out of the league for losing this match, I won’t blame you.”

“Sean, stop talking like that. We got each other’s backs. Just stick to the plan and we will do just fine.” I tried to sound confident.

Just then, we heard the sound of my music and that was our queue that it was about to go down. Sean and I went out together. Our masked pulled down tight as we both strutted towards the ring. Fuck it, we might be nervous as hell on the inside but we definitely didn’t show it for the crowd.

The crowd was pumped. It had to be just as big as the crowd when I had my match with Tiffany. Sean and I got into the ring with both of us standing and poising on a turnbuckle. Suddenly, our music ended and the girls’ music hit.

As the curtain parted I got my first look at what we were up against. Jordan was a very sexy black woman. She had braids that came out the bottom of her green mask. Her tits were firm and round, but then came her ass. Even as a guy would loves big tits, I still have to say that Jordan’s ass could possibly be the best one I have ever seen. It was thick and round. There wasn’t much fat, but the thing was fantastic. I just couldn’t believe it. All I wanted was to now fuck this girl doggy style just to watch her ass.

Sasha was very different. She had on a pale blue mask. She was skinny and small. She looked like she was a gymnast. She had nice b-cup tits that formed to her body perfectly. She probably had a nice ass as well, but compared to Jordan it was nothing. Her legs looked firm and athletic. She definitely looked like she would be the better wrestler.

Once they climbed into the ring, the ref went over the rules again. He made sure that we knew that he had to see the tag and that he would be counting during the double team part. Sasha and Jordan stood across from us with these cocky little smirks on their faces. “You boys have never faced a pair of girls like us before. Oh, and Sean is it? We look forward to ending your career here.”

Sean couldn’t speak. He didn’t talk trash very well. I decided to just stone wall them. We returned to our corner, “Sean, do you want to start or shall I?” I asked him. Sean was definitely somewhere else at this moment.

“Go ahead man. You start, see if you can do some damage to them.” Sean replied softly. I smacked him on the back and headed for the center of the ring.

I was sure that if the girls saw me coming out first, they would definitely send Jordan out against me, but to my surprise I was going to be facing Sasha. She didn’t turn me on like Jordan, but she still was going to be a challenge. I was almost a full head taller than her. She was tiny.

The bell rang and Sasha and I started the match. We circled each other for a moment or two before I lunged into to lock up with her. Sasha slipped right under my arms and wrapped me up from behind. Her soft breasts pushed up against my back as she tried to pick me up. Bad mistake by her, I thought. She couldn’t lift me. I barely had my heel raised off the ground. I immediately dropped to a knee and flipped to my side. Sasha, still holding on to my waist went straight down to the mat.

She let go of her hold on me, but not before I wrapped her head underneath my arm. Sasha struggled to get out but I had a solid hold on her. I moved her into our corner, just like Sean and I had planned. “Let go of me, you fucker!” Sasha screamed as I twisted my arm harder against her head.

“That’s what you want is for me to let you go?” I said with a smirk. “Fine by me!” With that I threw Sasha as hard as I could into our corner. She hit the turnbuckle hard and let out a moan. I waited a second for her to take a step and lifted her up and slammed her hard down to the mat. I looked at Sean and for the first time he smiled. He knew what we had to do. I reached my hand over to him and he tagged in. I dropped down and grabbed Sasha’s arms and pulled them back. Sean grabbed her legs and picked her up. Both of us pulled in an opposite direction. It was a human rack machine to Sasha. Sasha screamed out in pain. Her joints had to be on fire already.

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