The Slave and the Sissy Ch. 05

Big Tits

Ayesha was not to be denied; slave was rampant after witnessing the erotic antics of the maids, and was anxious to please Ayesha quickly, so that he may watch over Pepper; she was so soft and vulnerable. Slave’s cock rose quickly as he sniffed at the gloriously rich scent of the dusky beauty’s thong. She smiled with a sense of admiration as he licked and lapped at the savoury gusset without faltering in any way; she watched over him, whip in hand as he lovingly licked at the tangy brown streaks to the rear of the gusset as readily as he had dealt with the yellowy stains to the front, where her gorgeous black cunt had spread its sticky perfume over the past two days. She had tired herself over the journey and was anxious to come before having a sleep; she had plenty of time to be entertained by slave, whom she had for the entire week. She lay back on a futon and lifted her massive thighs in the air.

“Get in here and lick my pussy now!” Slave did has he was told and readily pushed his face into the shiny dark brown canyon and lapped at her richly scented womanhood. He was distracted slightly by his recognising the soft moans of Pepper behind him; the two African maids smiled wickedly as they teased the white boy-girl with aplomb, as they watched their mistress serviced by her lover. One fondled Pepper’s pert little breasts with one arm, whilst poking two fingers into her soft little rectum with the other; her dark brown arms contrasting sweetly with Pepper’s milky whiteness. The other maid had position herself with her ass cheeks in Pepper’s face; she like her mistress would have her anus and pussy licked. Pepper moaned in submissive pleasure; her little cock rigid, partly with fear, partly with pleasure. The two giggled softly as their mistress neared orgasm; they knew she would sleep long into the afternoon after slave had brought her off; they would then have their sport of these two lovers.

Slave was now rampant, his cock as rigid as broomstick as he was ordered to Ayesha’s magnificently savoury asshole; she stroked at her bulbous clitoris with fury as slave stretched his tongue to the limit in probing her hot rectum; she first made the characteristic warbling noise that many African women make when excited, and shot her legs rigidly skyward as she burst into a glorious orgasm, her gloriously huge and glistening brown thighs high above the white slave symbolising her dominance over him as he willingly licked her asshole; and then she moaned and brought them down around the used and degraded male, ensuring he was engulfed by the sweaty cheeks of her huge ass. Slave fought for breath and lapped up and down the huge crevice as her orgasm subsided; she went limp, satisfied Betturkey and stroked his hair as she giggled softly. The two maids continued to tease Pepper; they now covered her mouth to deaden her moaning, but continued to probe the tight little anus between her silky soft cheeks; her little cock dribbled sweetly as the maid inadvertently massaged her prostate, making it necessary for them to stifle a giggle. Ayesha stopped stroking Slave’s hair as she drifted off to sleep; now the maids would have their wicked fun.

Slave felt his leash being pulled taut, and looked back to see one of the maids standing dominantly over him with her short whip. She checked that her mistress was fast asleep, and then silently beckoned him toward the door, which she opened quietly; Pepper followed, led by her smiling assertive maid, who handed her leash to her partner then ran off to another part of the house as the whip maid led them slowly down the steps to the beach and around the corner to a secluded cove. They suddenly heard the frantic sound of many feet on the sand behind them; Pepper cowered in fear and wrapped herself about Slave. He squeezed her and kissed her hair to reassure her, though he did not know himself what was happening. The smiling maid appeared with about seven other maids, all grinning and eager to see the boy-girl. After giving looks at disbelief in seeing such a pretty girl with a cock, many of them sat in the sand, legs apart and started openly fingering themselves; they had obviously been promised some erotic show. The whip-maid sneered at her two captives and, putting her whip under her arm first, grabbed both Slave’s and Pepper’s cocks. She looked Slave in the eye with a devilish grin as both cocks stiffened in her elegant brown fingers.

“They have come to watch you fuck the boy-girl; you will be whipped if you do not.” Pepper tried to look more scared than she was, but inside she was relieved. A brown hand slapped her soft little ass smartly.

“You suck his cock first; we want him hard when he fucks you!” The crowd of girls giggled with joy as they rubbed away, and settled to watch the show. Pepper sank down on her dainty little knees; her soft red hair wafting in the hot breeze, she closed her eyes to shut out the audience and slipped her sweet red lips over Slaves rigid cock, making her little freckled cheeks bulge as she lovingly sucked on the cock of the male she would willingly go to hell and back with. Some of the girls whooped with joy, others looked on with a sense of deep eroticism, and the remainder just looked on agape, as they nursed their clitorises. They were very turned on by the sweet white body; so feminine Betturkey Giriş as she kneeled in service to her man, and yet, there was this little pink bell-end poking excitedly up from where her pussy should have been; erect with sexual excitement.

Pepper’s soft little eyes looked up at Slave, who looked down as he panted; mouth open with the beautiful sensations awarded him by his sweet sissy. Though they had been forced into a sexual act before an audience, both had been aroused by their prior situations. Pepper had been scared at first but now on realising she, or more importantly to her, Slave, would come to no harm, her little balls tingled with submissive pleasure as she was forced to perform and be used before a crowd of girls. Slave took no notice whatsoever of the mischievous maids; Ayesha had made him rampant and he had been unable to concentrate as he had heard his sissy behind him, being probed and teased; now he had her all to himself and would make the most of pleasing her and himself; the affection he had for the soft ginger sissy ran deeper than ever, his cock was stiff and ready, her tight little pussy awaited him.

The girls had initially come to laugh at the spectacle of a possible freak-show; now they watched with a passion as they grasped the true eroticism of the scene. Even the haughty whip-maid, now knelt and worked her moist and bulging cunt to a rapture as she watched the two; engrossed with each-others scents and soft touches. They knelt facing each-other now; Slave’s brawny, and tanned hairy arms caressing the milky white hairless flesh of his beautifully feminine sissy. Her soft slender arms, worthy of any princess, cuddled his waist and strong back as their torsos wound against each-other’s; their erect cocks rubbing together, hers so petit and delicate, his almost half as big again, rudely stiff and ready to penetrate the delicate sissy. They sniffed and kissed each-other’s lips, ears and hair, then Pepper pulled her face away and looked up to Slave with a soft submissive expression; she was ready to be mastered.

Pepper turned and faced the ocean, going down on all fours as slave gently rubbed her soft white cheeks; she smiled and moaned with pleasure as he slipped a finger slowly into her hot, tight little boy-pussy, making her little cock bob up and down . Some of the girls moaned too, as they quivered in orgasm, and then immediately rubbed themselves urgently to enjoy a second course as they marvelled at the sweet little hairless balls hanging delicately below the feminine body, the pearl band of her ownership displayed vividly in the hot sun. The whip-girl leaned deftly forward and sniffed at Slave’s Betturkey Güncel Giriş erect and needy cock as he prepared to penetrate and use the sissy for the girl she really was. She then slumped back and moaned in a deep orgasm; the pungent and masculine scent of his sticky bell-end fresh within her nostrils. Pepper went down on her elbows, raising her beautiful little ass high, showing her submission and yearning to be a woman for her man; Slave’s cock jutted rigidly at the sweet sight of her soft inviting cheeks and parted them gently, displaying the soft brown pucker of her wanting pussy. Slave bent and sniffed at the spicy little anus, before licking lovingly at the tang of her girly bottom. Pepper whimpered; she knew she would soon enjoy the feel of his stiff cock as he used her like a girl; the girl she longed to be. She quivered with sweet anticipation as she felt his strong hands splay her soft buttocks and watched his shadow in the hot sun, as he rose to penetrate her. Slave savoured the view of the soft feminine form below him; the cute little hairless balls hanging in a token gesture to her diminishing masculinity, his cock stiffened nicely as he eased his engorged purple bell-end into the tight brown orifice. Pepper moaned with pleasure and her little cock bobbed as she was taken.

The watching girls sighed and moaned too as they watched with a strangely spiteful and erotic pleasure, as their wicked minds tried to fantasise that the boy-girl was being used against her will, and was hurt by the punishment the slave’s cock would cause her as it thrust deep into her tiny anus. They may have moaned in orgasm at the fantasy, but Pepper’s expression could not help but betray the truth; her face was one of abject pleasure as she rocked back and forth as Slave held her hips firm, his balls slapping her soft buttocks as his torso and chest muscles rippled as he set to his thoroughly enjoyable and erotic task in earnest. As he began to moan and grind his urgent cock inside her all the harder, Pepper’s little cock began to dribble as she squealed with pleasure at being manhandled and used so sweetly. She cried like a lamb being slaughtered as Slave bucked in ecstasy, unleashing his balls with a succession of grunts and moans, both master and sissy feeling the warmth of his delivery within her. Those girls who were not mid-orgasm themselves, clapped and cheered as he lifted the sissy back on his haunches, and with his erect cock still deep in her pussy, put one arm under her pert little breasts , and milked her stiff little cock with the other. Pepper lay her head back across Slave’s shoulder as he held them both upright; Pepper yelled loudly in a scream of ecstasy as her little balls shot her cream upwards from her little boy-clitty as Slave smiled with pleasure. He squeezed and teased her little member, to ensure she spent every drop she could muster, then wrapped both arms round her and squeezed her tight, kissing her soft little neck long and hard.

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