The Slavescapades Ch. 04


Yesterday, had been an interesting day. Morgan had witnessed the punishments of both Cassie and Alexis for their failures at the office, and Morgan had been left to simply observe and enjoy, bathing in the success of her own sexually satisfying endeavors with the staff and in being in the Master’s favour for it. Alexis, small and petite, had been strapped down onto the four-legged wooden stile in the sex den and had one of the fucking machines set up behind her, pounding her for a fair few hours. Where as Cassie had been whipped by the master, and by the end of the day was covered in welts and bruises.

Morgan had enjoyed her sister slaves receiving punishment, but had no illusions that it had made her the favourite. Indeed, it had not been her bell this morning that had summoned her to the Master’s bedroom. The noise had awoken her, but the Master had new toys to play with, and she had subsequently gone back to sleep, idly musing on what she might do that day.

At an appropriate time, she arose and dressed into her uniform of the day (which consisted simply of two thin leather straps tied above and below her breasts, and a thong) and went downstairs for breakfast. She found her usual mango waiting for her on the table, for the Master controlled what they ate and was very careful about her putting on any weight, and she sat down, picked up her spoon and started on it. Not long after, Cassie entered, looking smug, if not a little pained, as she sat down at the top end of the table.

“Still not calling for you in the morning, eh Morgan?” She preened, almost purred in satisfaction, before inhaling quickly with glee as her breakfast was placed down in front of her. A full english, and a muffin.

This ample breakfast rather than Cassie’s snide remark caused Morgan to raise an eyebrow, stowing away the frown of jealousy as she poked her own mango with her spoon. Morgan was lean, whereas Cassie was already soft and doughy, with ample thighs and breasts and a hanging stomach, so if either of them should be eating a mango, it shouldn’t have been Morgan. “Nice breakfast Cassie. He feeding you up?”

Cassie picked up her muffin and began buttering it, her smirk sitting on her a little more broadly. “The Master has asked that I gain some weight. I suppose he’s sick of fucking little sticks. They break and cant take what he’s giving.”

Morgan returned to her mango, then felt ridiculous for being jealous. She didn’t even like bacon. Alexis arrived not long after, and sat down opposite Morgan, treated to the same breakfast as her, and there they sat in an awkward silence for ten minutes, at which point the Master himself joined them. He brought his paper with him, sat down at the head and started on his own breakfast.

“Well my girls, I’ve got some big news.”

Morgan sat upstraight and craned her neck down to the end of the table, listening avidly. While she found his ways unsatisfying, she still craved his attention and goodwill. Alexis followed suit, and Cassie even put down her fork.

“I mentioned when I brought you two new girls in that I wished to have a Head Slave. Well, after observing the three of you in the recent days I have decided on whom that shall be.” He paused. The other two girls looked excited and a little eager, but Morgan remained wary; while yes, she should have been considered the best of the three in the last week, she highly doubted it would be her. As such, she remained cautious of the likely disappointment approaching her.

“I’m naming Cassandra as my new Head Slave.” The words came in, and Cassie squealed with joy, whereas Alexis’ face dropped and her head drooped down. Morgan felt the disappointment wash over her, but also a tinge of relief. Without the burden of being the head slave, she could always pursue other things around the house. “Now,” he continued, picking up his cup of tea and nodding at Cassie, “This means a new collar for you Cassie, and your things will be moved to the Mistress’ bedroom adjacent to mine.”

He paused, took another sip, then turned to his other two slaves. “Now for you girls, this means a few things. First off, when I am not present, you will Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort follow Cassandra’s orders. Secondly, don’t be too disappointed Alexis. It was a tough choice, but she took her punishment a little better than you did. Now, I’m going to take you both into town, so go and get ready. Morgan, if you could stay please.”

The two girls got up and left, Cassie with a little more joy and bounce in her step. Once they were gone, he turned to Morgan and put his tea down. “I know what you’re thinking Morgan.” She froze, having been daydreaming about Forbes possibly pressing her to the wall and fisting her, and refocused on the table. “Yes, you have done exactly as I have asked, not been punished, and excelled in every task. But I’m still bored of you. I thought about selling you on, or putting you in charge of the staff, but I’m not through deciding yet.”

Morgan could only nod, feeling his words in her stomach, icing over and creeping under her skin. “Yes Master.”

“But you’re still an excellent slave and while we’re out, I have a task for you.” He finished off his tea and stood up. “The gentleman who comes to take care of Claire is unable to, and given your performance on the rest of the staff, I hoped you would do it instead. There’s a courier bringing something to help you with this, but he wont be arriving for a while. So, take some time to yourself until he arrives.”

With that, he got up and left the room, not even looking at her again. Morgan simply sat there, fear rooting her to the spot. Selling her on?! Granted, the idea of being in charge of the staff did appeal to her somewhat, but the other option gave her chills. To whom precisely? Still, she couldn’t sit there all day. He had given her some time for herself and she would not waste it on worrying.

She stood up, and went to look for Forbes. She found him in the foyer, waiting for her Master to leave with the other two. “Mr Forbes?”

He turned and looked at her, that same haughty smirk coming to his face. “Yes Slave Morgan?”

“I would ask for your help in the den, whenever you are free.”

“I am waiting for your Master to depart, then I will certainly be glad to aid you. I shall meet you in there if you would wish it so.”

Morgan simply nodded, then turned and headed to the den alone. It was through the lounge, hiding behind the double doors, which she closed behind her. The Den, or to its true function the Sex Den, was filled to the brim with her Master’s sex toys and devices. Yet she knew what she was after. After watching Alexis take one of the machines, she had wanted it, and she went on a search for the machine. After she found it, she pulled it out to position next to the wooden stile, though did change the dildo currently attached to it. It was the one that Alexis had been fucked with, and it was a little on the small side for Morgan. Rooting around in its component box, she found a much larger one. This one was huge and red, with enough girth so she couldnt put her fingers the whole way around it. Much much too big for Alexis, she chuckled. She attached it to the fucking machine and as she was not wearing enough to strip down, she simply removed her panties and sat down on the stile.

About twenty minutes later Forbes arrived, scowling as he saw her naked and waiting for him. “I thought I told you I would not be summoned to fuck you, you cheap presumptious whore.”

Morgan only laughed and then laid back on the stile. “I did not call you for that. I want you to tie my hands and legs down.”

Oh, he mumbled, then walked over to her, looking her over and then the giant dildo on the fucking machine. Squirming briefly as his dick pressed almost painfully against the inside of his trousers, he took her by one of her wrists and pulled it down to about a foot off of the floor, attaching it by a leather strap to the ring on the floor. He then repeated it with the other wrist on the otherside of the stile. Down at her feet, he pressed her ankles down and attached each of them to the rings. He could have attached her to the ceiling much in the same manner, but she had said ‘down’.

He Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort stood back and examined her again, now spread apart and tied to the floor. He walked over to the fucking machine, pulling it closer to her and then pressed the end to her gaping wide cunt.

“Alright, turn it on Forbes, and if you could stand there and wait for me to be done.” Forbes nodded while Morgan shuddered briefly at the touch of the big dildo head against her cunt, then tensed up a little as she waited for him to turn it on. She didn’t have to wait long, as moments later the machine fired up and shot the massive head straight into her cunt.

She let out a long, loud moan as the dildo drove into her, an “Oh fucking hell” following as Forbes turned up the pace, while he stood there and watched it fuck her. He couldn’t help but admire her stretched out hole taking the massive dildo so well, and moved his hand into his trousers, rubbing his swollen dick.

Morgan shrieked as the dildo spread her a little further, unused recently to anything bigger than the average sized run-of-the-mill dick, groaning louder as it slammed into her, stretching the walls of her cunt tirelessly and a little more with each thrust.

She came quickly, and yet it continued, still fucking her, while she was dazed briefly in her waves of orgasm, coming back into focus to find Forbes gagging her mouth. “You’re making such a racket girl,” he said with a grin, before stepping back out of sight.

She hadn’t realised he had gone out of the room until he came back, welcomed with a smothered moan while she pulled on her binds. She ignored him until she heard a “What the fuck?” and she leant her head up, to see Forbes stood there with another man, holding a package. “Uh, package for you madam.”

He came over with the delivery guy, who followed dumbly, in full awe and shock of what was occuring, unknowing in whether to stare at her, naked and tied down, or at the huge dildo fucking her. Forbes leant down to untie one of her hands, and the delivery guy placed the package next to her on the floor, then held out a clipboard for her to sign. Morgan, blushing a deep red, gagged and with the machine still fucking her, reached out and signed her name, nodding her thank you to the man, who very quickly departed, though lingered at the doorway briefly.

Forbes turned on her once the man had gone, and smothered a laugh, as Morgan took the gag out of her mouth. “Well, I’ve got a job to do now then Forbes, if you can let me down.”

Forbes looked very briefly like he might just leave her there, then turned off the machine. He walked by her, letting his hand drift up the inside of her thigh, up over her hip and over her ribs, letting his palm brush against her hard nipples. Morgan just lay there, allowing him to move his hand over her, a shiver creeping up her spine as he touched her, sighing gently as he leant down to free her second hand. She sat up, waiting for him to free her legs, then she hopped off of the stile, carefully keeping her legs apart for the moment, and pulled her panties on.

She then turned her attention to the package. Kneeling next to it, she saw Forbes in the corner of her eye hanging around to see what was inside the box. Ripping through the celotape holding it together, she opened the cardboard and rooted through the packaging inside, finally drawing out a large blue double strap on. Morgan let out a laugh and stood up, turning around to show to Forbes. “Claire is getting a treat today.”

She ran her fingers along the edge of the double part dildo, then down to the piece behind the straps, wide and short. She leant in, running her tongue along the edge of it, then lowered it down, pulling off her panties as she went, and placed it, and pressed the wide part into her cunt, strapping the whole thing into place.

Forbes had stood in silence, staring hungrily at her as she put on the strap on, then he bowed. “I believe Claire is upstairs, cleaning the bedrooms.” With that, he made a quick exit.

Morgan grinned, rubbing her big plastic dicks, then she went to find Claire, leaving her panties Maltepe Vip Escort behind in the room. Taking Forbes’ advice, she went straight upstairs, being careful to be quiet as she looked in each of the room, opening and closing the doors silently. She eventually found Claire in Cassie’s soon-to-be old room, making up the bed with fresh linen, with her back to the door. Morgan came up behind the older woman, dark haired and lean, sneaking as best she could, then pressed into her back, rubbing the double dicks against Claire’s thighs.

Claire took it all in her stride, not jumping or reacting in suprise as the cold plastic pressed to her, instead tilted her head to the side as Morgan pressed her lips to her neck, running her tongue against her skin, while her hands reached around to undo the front of her blouse. Her other hand hiked up Claire’s skirt and pulled her panties down around her knees, then she pressed each of the dick’s head to a separate hole.

As Morgan pressed on her, Claire leant forward over the bed, prostrating herself infront of her, ready as she felt the strap-on heads press against her cunt and her ass, letting out a low moan as Morgan pushed forward, easing into her. Morgan kept her hand down between Claire’s thighs, reaching to rub at her clit, touching the dildo as it pressed between her cunt lips. Her other hand pulled open her shirt and then pulled it off of her, pressing her own breasts into Claire’s back as she slowly started fucking her.

The wide dildo inside her own cunt moved with each thrust, making her moan into Claire’s skin, rubbing her increasingly wet pussy while she squeezed her breast, fucking her with long slow steady thrusts, forcibly pressing the full length of the fake dicks into each of her holes. Once her hips pressed to Claire’s back, she stayed there briefly, sliding her fingers inside Claire’s cunt, wide open from its years of abuse, and fingered her, squeezing and pulling on her breasts until Claire moaned out a “Oh god…” and tensed up, shuddering in an orgasm.

Morgan slowly and carefully pulled out of her, however she was not done yet. She let Claire turn around then pushed her further onto Cassie’s bed, going in between her legs to lap briefly at her sopping cunt, pressing her tongue into her dripping flesh. Claire laid back as commanded, resting her hands on Morgan’s head, while Morgan put her hand on one of her fake dicks, jerking her hand up and down it.

She then crawled up Claire’s half naked body, stopping at the breasts to place her lips over one of her nipples, sucking on it and nibbling gently, then lifted her head and climbed up to be face to face with her. “God, you’re beautiful…” Morgan uttered, running her hand through Claire’s dark hair, so much like her own. Claire leaned up and pressed her lips to Morgan’s, kissing her firmly and deeply, while Claire moved her hands down, gripped both of the dildo heads and guided them both to her cunt.

Morgan ran her tongue against Claire’s lips, then pressed forward, pushing both head deep into Claire’s cunt. Claire struggled and groaned underneath her, as her cunt stretched around them, and pressed up into it. Morgan forced the full length of the dildos into Claire once more, then gripped her, and rolled them both over to put Claire ontop.

Claire took over immediately, lifted her cunt up and down on the strap ons, putting her hands down to grip Morgan’s breasts, still held by the leather straps around them, pulling on the nipples as she fucked herself on Morgan’s strap on, while Morgan rested her hands on Claire’s hips, gripping them as she rode her.

They both came together, writhing and impaled and then fell onto their sides, breathing heavily, letting go of each other, though still connected through the dicks in Claire’s cunt. Morgan reached out, running her fingers against the underside of one of Claire’s breasts, getting her breath back while she stared at the older woman.

“So I take it that was my monthly servicing, not just a spur of the moment thing,” Claire smiled and joked, grinding a little against the strap on.

Morgan nodded, unwilling to move for the moment, but unable to stay. She eased back, pulling the dildo out of the other, and then pushed it down her legs, letting it fall to the floor, then she sat up. Claire followed suit, though pulled her blouse on first. With only a smile, Morgan left the room, letting out a long, warm sigh as she wandered down the corridor.

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