The Sleepover


Stella looked up as the back door slammed shut. She glanced at her watch and was surprised to see it was nearly 1.00am. She could hear the laughter and deep voices of her son and his friends. She hadn’t intended to stay up so late herself. She heard her son James shush the others as they tip toed up stairs.

“It’s ok I’m awake.”

The door edged open cautiously and James leaned in.

“Sorry about that Mum.”

She grinned at him.

“It’s ok. I was up reading. How was it?”

The boys had all been out to a local nightclub for their last night out before returning to college for the new semester.

“It was great. We had a laugh. Is it ok if the guys crash here again tonight?”

Stella nodded her agreement. It wasn’t the first time in the last 15 years that they’d stayed over and now they were older she didn’t expect them to be doing it after this Summer. They’d all grown up so fast she could hardly believe it.

James came in and kissed her on the cheek, “Thanks Mum. ‘Night.”

She smiled indulgently at him and caught sight of Scott and Rob out in the hall.

“Night boys, sleep well.”

Scott waved back, “Night Mrs Cameron.”

James and Scott left but Rob hadn’t moved and the light from her room fell on his face. He was staring at her, his eyes unreadable. Stella held her breath as he strode into the room. All Summer she’d fought her lustful feelings for him. It was insane that she would feel so attracted to him but that small boy she’d watched grow up was now 20 years old and he was tall, lithe and very masculine. Stopping at the end of her bed, his hands gripping the railing at the end of the bed, he looked imposing and she was again aware of just how much of a man he was.


There was an uncomfortable silence as his eyes raked over her. She blushed hotly and felt her body tingling from head to foot. Her nipples tightened and puckered in response to the heady aroma of him, that intense scent that fit young men carry with them. It’s exuded from their very being and draws women to them in droves.

“Stella…um…good night.”

He turned and left the room shutting the door behind him.

Stella exhaled, her heart thudding loudly in her chest. What on earth was that about? She was hot and uncomfortable and got out of bed, her legs shaking. She stumbled into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She saw herself in the mirror and wasn’t surprised to see her face flushed, the hot pink stain across her cheeks softening her 45-year old face.

Stella was shaken by the encounter with Rob. For the last couple of years she’d battled with the desire she’d had for James’ friends. They were so young and vibrant, so bright and funny and so very sexy. She swallowed and licked her lips. She’d been conscious to always keep her thoughts to herself and saved the memory of her lust for the long lonely nights she spent in bed with just her vibrator for company.

She shivered in the cool of the bathroom and splashed water on her bare arms and face. She looked at herself again and saw what it was that Rob saw. Her body was trim and tanned, her long blonde hair was loose and fell about her shoulders in soft waves. Her old blue singlet was a couple of sizes too small and pressed against the firm roundness of her breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin cotton and were straining against the tight fabric.

She hated being the type of woman who lusted after young men but for the life of her she felt unable to control her thoughts and feelings. This summer had been particularly hard as James’s friends had spent a great deal of time at her place hanging out by the pool, playing video games and crashing in his room most nights. There was many a morning she was greeted by shirtless young men at the breakfast table, their warm soft skin smelling of the great men they were soon to be, their hair dishevelled and sexy.

Stella was more than a little ashamed at what James would think of his Mum lusting after his friends. She shuddered at the thought of just how disgusted and angry he’d be. She hastily got back into bed, turning off the light and pulling the covers over her. Lying quietly in the dark she couldn’t help but reach down between her legs. Her panties were damp and her pussy lips were swollen. She sighed at just how much of a traitor her body was.

Stella was instantly alert as her bedroom door opened and closed softly, the lock falling into place with a click. She sat up, her eyes quickly adjusting to the dark. Moonlight illuminated xslot her room through the half-open curtains and she could make out a tall shadow crossing the room to beside the bed.

“Who is it?” she demanded, scrambling to the other side of the bed, dragging the sheet with her.

“It’s me.”

Stella breathed a sigh of relief. Rob sat on the edge of the bed where she had just been, the mattress giving under his weight. She could now see him in the muted light, his shirt was off and his thick dark hair was ruffled.

“Rob, you scared me. What’s wrong?”

She reached for the light switch.

“Don’t! Please leave it off.”

She hesitated and turned back to him, pulling the sheet up over her chest.

“Rob, what’re you doing here?”

She glanced at the alarm clock and was surprised to see it was nearly 4 a.m. She didn’t remember falling asleep.

“Stella…umm…God this is harder than I thought…I…I…don’t know how to say this.”

He was whispering and his voice sounded hoarse.

“Rob? What is it?”

She was worried now. What could’ve happened that’d make him come to her in the middle of the night? With horror Stella felt a tightening in her lower belly. She felt her pussy loosen with moisture and again her nipples tightened. This time they ached for attention. In the semi-darkness Stella blushed at her response. When was this going to end?

“Shit!” He thumped the mattress. “I don’t want to fuck this up.”

He was getting annoyed and she felt a small flicker of fear as she realised that for all her fantasies she’d never really explored the fact that Rob was a man, a fully grown man. Not a kid. She swallowed nervously and waited.

“Stella…all summer I’ve been watching you. In the pool, at breakfast, at dinner…in bed, like tonight. Stella…God I just…I just can’t stop thinking about you. I want you.”

“Rob! No! I’m…I’m old enough to be your Mother for God’s sake. What about James?”

Shame flooded her entire being, shame and panic. Shame that he’d obviously picked up on her lust for him and panic that he felt the need to pursue it. Someone was going to have to be the grown up. It would have to be her.

“Fuck it!” he groaned and stood with his back to her.

The moonlight caught the contrast of his skin. The dark of his broad strong back where the sun had left it’s mark and the lighter part of him that had been covered by his swim shorts. She realised then he was naked and her mouth dried in an instant. She could just make out his firm buttocks and strong legs, the long tight muscles in his back. She licked her lips, her heart pounding and her pussy flooding again with desire. She shivered and he turned his head toward her.

“Stella I want you.”

She dared not say a single word least her voice give her away yet she knew without a doubt that she’d have to say something to get him out of her room before someone made a huge mistake. She attempted to stammer a response watching in horror as he made his way around to her side of the bed.

“Really Rob…um…ah…this is…you should…um.”

He was now in shadow again as he blocked the light. She glanced up and found herself staring directly at his middle. She could just make out the dark patch of hair and the shadow of his cock. He sat down next to her his hands on either side of her legs trapping her.

“Stella?” he said hoarsely.

“Oh Jesus,” she whimpered.

He leaned in toward her, moving slowly, cautiously. She could now see the dark shadows of his eyes his full mouth and strong jaw. He reached up and cupped the back of her head, his fingers twining in her hair, bringing her towards him. She whimpered and was silenced by his mouth covering hers, his lips crushing her to him. He had showered and her senses were assailed with the clean sandalwood smell of his skin. His full mouth warmed her own and she opened herself up for him and he slid his tongue into her slowly, tasting her, teasing her. Her own hands grabbed at his neck pulling him in closer to her and before she was aware of it she was kissing him back, hard. After a while they pulled apart, both breathless, panting.

“Rob,” she finally managed, “you should go. This isn’t right. Please?”

Rob sighed, ducking his head so she could only see his thick lush hair and not the expression on his face. She yearned to run her fingers through his soft hair, to drag his mouth back to hers but it was madness, crazy stupid madness.

“No! Not now. Maybe before but not xslot Giriş now I know you want this too. Stella, I don’t give a fuck about your age, James or anything right now. I just want you.”

Stella felt sick with dread of all the things that could happen should anyone ever find out what they were doing.

“You say that now Rob but if James or Scott were to walk in now you would be embarrassed. Ashamed? Something! I know I would.”

She tried to scramble away from him but he quickly grabbed her leg, his large warm hand spread over her, the heat of it coursing through the cotton sheet, searing her skin. She tensed as he squeezed gently, his hand inching slowly up her thigh as he leaned toward her again not going for her mouth this time but kissing her shoulder, her neck, her jaw. She was melting under him, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back as he trailed his tongue over her.

“I want to taste you, to fuck you,” he whispered in her ear.

She gasped as the reality of what he wanted and what she wanted, was spoken aloud. She pushed him away and made for the other side of the bed.

“Rob, no! God this is so stupid. Stop it please!”

Rob stood then, catching her by surprise. He grabbed both her ankles and spread them wide before she could get away. She now lay across the middle of the bed, spread-eagled and vulnerable. He knelt between her legs and pressed himself over her, his hands grabbing at her wrists, holding her arms over her head. Stella whimpered and her brain shut down as she realised she’d not be able to fight him off.

“You’re joking right? This is crazy. You want it and I want it. What’s wrong with that?” He whispered.

Stella struggled to get her breath. He was so much heavier and bigger than her and his belly was pushing into hers. She was aware of his hardening cock between her legs. He was gently flexing his hips into hers, his cock brushing the inside of her thighs and the already damp crotch of her panties.

“Jesus Rob, everything is wrong. James for a start. He’s your best friend. I’m his mother.”

He chuckled, “Are you going to tell him?”

He went to kiss her again and she turned her head away, so the kiss landed on her cheek. She could feel the hot stinging tears of frustration and fear beginning to form in her eyes. He growled softly under his breath.

“Come on Stella. You’re hot for me and you know it. You want my cock in you. You want me to fuck you. Why’re you playing hard to get?”

Stella’s face burned with the shame of what he was saying. It was true. Everything he said was true, yet the reality of it all was too much to bear. She wriggled under him, twisting herself away. He tightened his grip on her wrists, the tender skin under his hands burning painfully as he pressed her even further into the mattress.

“Let me up Rob. I mean it. This has to stop, now.”

By now the tears that Stella had held back ran down the sides of her face and into her hair. Her voice broke with the frustration of the what was happening.

“Rob please!”


His voice was deep and dangerous. He took a hand from her wrists and before she could react he’d trapped both her arms in one hand, tightening the grip even harder. His free hand now snaked up inside her singlet, pushing it up her belly and over her chest. His hot hand covered her breast and he brushed the palm over her hardened nipple before plucking at it with his finger and thumb. Stella whimpered in frustration and desire.

“No Rob, please. Stop it!”

“Shh,” Rob growled softly.

He pressed his hot wet mouth to hers and forced his tongue in-between her lips, plunging into her, exploring her mouth. All the while twisting and pulling on her nipple and kneading at her breast until Stella felt herself free fall into a deep pool of lust. Her pussy ached with a deep desire to be fucked senseless.

She gave in then, kissing him back, her own tongue flicking over his teeth and mouth. She nipped his bottom lip and flexed her hips up to meet his, her thighs tightening around him, her feet stroking the backs of his legs encouragingly.

Rob pulled away from their kiss.

“Is this you saying yes?”

Stella whimpered with the shame of it.

“Yes, damn you. Yes.”

“Tell me what you want Stella. Tell me so we both know.”

Stella gulped. Tell him? Speak the horrifying words aloud? Oh God what was she doing?

“Fuck me.”

She whispered quietly. So quietly she couldn’t hear herself over the thudding of her heart.

“I’m xslot Güncel Giriş sorry, what did you say?”

Stella sighed at his teasing. Gathering her wits and courage she again told him what he wanted to hear.

“Fuck me.”

Rob assented, “That wasn’t so hard was it?”

He let her wrists go and she whimpered as the tendons and muscles burned at the release. Rob ducked his head to her breast and suckled on her nipple, chewing and gently nipping on the hardened nub. He placed small kisses over her chest and belly moving slowly, ever so slowly down her flat belly to her pussy.

“Oh God Rob, no.”

Rob stood up and stroked his hands up and down her soft thighs. He pulled her panties off and threw them aside, pushed her knees apart and dragged her ass to the edge of the bed, kneeling where she couldn’t see him. She froze as she felt his hot breath on the inside of her legs, then on her pussy. She jumped as the tip of his tongue stroked the length of her swollen lips, probing the folds insistently. Instinctively she clasped her legs together and he protested.

“Uh uh, no you don’t.”

Pushing her thighs apart he pressed them back towards her chest, her ass and pussy thrusting up into his face. He fed on her then, feasting and eating her out. His tongue probed her pussy, thrusting as far as possible into her hole, then stroking her clit with confident hard and soft strokes. He slid a finger into her wetness, then another, twisting both in and out of her pussy, spreading her warmth and juice all over her outer lips and ass. Stella could feel her orgasm coming hard and fast. She grabbed at her full breasts, plucking at her nipples, her head pressed back into the mattress as stars and light sparked inside her brain.

“Rob, I’m coming. Don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

Stella cried out then, the heart-felt cry of a woman whose sexuality had long been forgotten by her ex-husband, whose pussy hadn’t seen action for months and who had finally been satisfied in a way that she’d remember forever.

Rob slipped himself between her shuddering thighs, lifting her hips and placing a pillow under her ass. He stroked the head of his cock between her pussy lips, pressing it gently against her hole, thrusting insistently so the head filled her entrance. Stella wrapped her legs around his waist.

“I said fuck me.” She whispered breathlessly.

Rob grunted and pushed his cock agonisingly slowly into her. She stretched to accommodate him and he cried out as her hot walls clasped around his thick man hood. He stayed inside her for a minute, his fingers pressing into her knees, holding her open, his breath coming in short gasps.

“Fuck that feels amazing.”

Rob moved then, in and out of her, slowly at first feeling every stroke, the head of his cock nearly falling out of her before he thrust back into her. He held her ass up off the pillow, his hands clasping her around her waist. Stella’s ankles were now up over his shoulders and he thrust long and deep into her.

Stella was aware of how she was vocalising her pleasure, she could hear herself grunting with every thrust, breathlessly encouraging her young lover. It wasn’t long before Rob shortened his thrusts and increased his rhythm.

“Oh yeah Rob, that’s it. Harder, come on, harder. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Stella spread her legs a little and fingered her clit. It was swollen and sensitive and it didn’t take long before she felt her pussy moistening and clench against the intruder that was plundering her. Her already wet cunt was now oozing moisture around Rob’s cock and he was slipping in and out of her with ease.

“Oh fuck Stella, I’m coming.”

“Rob! Yes, yes, yes.”

Stella lashed her clit and squeezed her thighs together, crushing Rob’s cock into her cunt. He cried out as he came, grabbing her ankles in his strong hands, digging his fingers in hard, leaving tiny bruises that would last for weeks.

Stella came too. Her thighs shaking, her pussy so wet now that Rob’s limp cock slipped out of her. He dropped her legs then and she lay spread-eagled in the middle of the bed, open and exposed for the second time that night.

Rob collapsed beside her, his hand covering her breast.

“That was better than I thought. You?”

Stella turned to look at him in the half-light. She felt amazing. She felt daring and dangerous and for the first time in a long time she felt desirable and sexy.

“Without doubt that was amazing.”

Rob squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple hard, holding it tightly in his fingers. Stella yelped at the searing pain that shot from her breast to her belly before travelling south and flaring out into hot pleasure across her pussy.

“Maybe there’s time for a quick blow job before the sun comes up?”

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