The Stocks


The young girl trembled slightly as she was led onto the stage. She was Asian, with long black hair to her waist. Only 18 she did not quite know what was going to happen to her except that it would be exciting and scary. She blushed as she caught sight of the audience sitting in front of the stage, waiting for her. Two other women walked alongside her, each one gripped one of her wrists, holding her between them. The two women who held the young Asian girl each wore short dresses that barely covered their bottoms, under them they wore nothing. Their captive was dressed in blouse and jeans, with bra and panties under them.

A man already occupied the stage holding a microphone waiting for the two women to bring their nervous captive to him. The two captors brought their charge to the front of the stage at the man’s left and halted. The man raised the microphone and spoke.

“And now for our pleasure tonight I present Keiko!” he announced.

The room erupted in applause and Keiko blushed again with the attention she was receiving. The woman on either side of her continued to hold her wrists tightly, keeping her captive between them. The two captors watched the man as the applause slowly died away. When the room was quiet once again he pointed to the strange device next to him and nodded.

The two female captors pulled their nervous victim over to the contraption the man indicated. It was a set of stocks mounted on a moveable platform, designed to hold the hands and neck of their victim between its two parts. The one imprisoned in this diabolical machine would be forced to kneel with their head and hands trapped between the two parts of the stocks. Each piece has a semicircle cutout for the unfortunate victim’s hands and neck. The young oriental girl eyed it fearfully as she was rapidly pulled over to it by the two women who held her captive.

The two women pressed their unresisting prisoner down and pushed her into the lower portion of the stocks. They pushed the Asian girl’s head down so her neck was pressed into the notch provided for it, then they placed each of her hands into the recess made for them. Once the Japanese girl was is position the two women lowered the upper part, trapping her in the stocks. Keiko’s legs and feet were free but her hands and head were trapped in the stocks so she was forced to kneel on the platform on which the stocks were mounted. The oriental girl’s buttocks faced the audience, her position stretched the cloth of her jeans tightly over her ass cheeks.

Once their charge was secured in the stocks the two women stepped down off the low platform on which it was mounted. They then pushed it toward a square recess in the wall at the back of the stage, the stocks with their prisoner glided smoothly on the casters supporting it. The side of the stocks from which Keiko’s head and hands protruded was pushed toward the recess in the wall until the upright portion of the stocks were joined with the wall. Once this was done it appeared to the audience the teenage Asian girl was embedded in the wall.

Keiko’s head and hands were now in a closed off space, a vent blew a gentle breeze of fresh air against her face, a small light snapped on, illuminating the space. Keiko could see nothing of what was happening behind her and the junction of the stocks with the wall was tight enough she could hear little sound from outside.

The young Asian girl nervously awaited whatever was going to happen next, trembling with excitement. Her nipples tingled in anticipation of what might be to come, she felt herself moisten between her legs.

Meanwhile outside on the stage the man raised the microphone and spoke again. “Keiko is now ready so we will get started. Remove her clothes!” he ordered.

The two women each picked up a pair of scissors and approached the trapped Asian girl. Beginning with the sleeves they slowly cut away the imprisoned girl’s blouse. They continued cutting until the oriental girl’s blouse was completely cut away and destroyed. The two women tossed aside the now useless scraps of cloth which were the remnants of the teenager’s blouse. This left the trapped girl dressed only in her lacy black bra above the waist. The efforts of the two women had a two-fold purpose, to remove the younger girl’s clothes, and also to ruin them beyond repair.

The woman on the girl’s left gently slipped the blades of her scissors under the shoulder strap of the imprisoned girl’s bra, the woman on the right did the same. The young Asian woman shivered as she felt the cool metal of the scissors glide along the skin of her shoulders

Once the two older women had the younger girl’s bra straps firmly within the jaws of their scissors the two women looked at each other and then simultaneously closed the jaws Maltepe Yabancı Escort of their scissors. The shoulder straps of the Japanese girl’s bra were quickly parted by the sharp blades, leaving only the main body strap holding the young woman’s bra on. The two women next inserted the blades of their scissors under the remaining single strap holding the Asian girl’s bra on her body, making her shiver again as the cool metal of the scissors glided across the skin of her back. The two older women paused a moment and then again closed the blades of their scissors. The metal blades effortlessly sheared through the cloth of the bra, completing the garments ruin and exposing the treasure it had hidden as the bra fell away from the young girl’s body. This left the trapped young woman naked from the waist up, clad now only in her jeans and the panties hidden under them.

The young girl in the stocks shivered with excitement, fearful of what was to come but also excited by her plight. Her small, firm breasts hung down only a little, capped with large brown nipples already engorged with excitement. The two women at the trapped girl’s sides brushed the tips of their fingers lightly across the Asian girl’s nipples, causing them to harden even more. Then the two older women picked up their scissors again.

They inserted the blades at the waistband of the Japanese girl’s jeans, being careful not to hurt her soft, delicate skin. The trapped girl shivered at the feel of the cool metal, she knew what was coming. The two women looked at each other, and then applied pressure to the blades of the scissors they held. The heavy cloth of the young girl’s jeans resisted the blades for a moment and then gave way to the powerful blades. The two older women worked their way down the sides of the Asian girl’s jeans, until finally they reached the cuff at her ankles. They paused for a moment, and then snipped through the final remaining strip of cloth holding the trapped girl’s jeans. With the cutting done the two older women set down their scissors, pulled the ruined jeans off the Japanese girl’s body, and tossed them aside, leaving her only wearing a pair of thin string thong panties. The two quickly snipped away this last remaining garment leaving the Asian girl nude.

Trapped as she was the young Asian girl’s ass faced directly toward the audience. Her pussy was open and showed the dew of her excitement. Keiko had no idea what was happening outside the chamber in which her head and hands were sealed. She had only felt the hands and cool steel of the scissors cutting away her clothes. Even sound had great difficulty penetrating the space that enclosed her head. Not only was much of the outside sound muffled by the wall in which she was embedded but there was also a ventilator fan that covered even more sound from the outside world.

The announcer again picked up his microphone. “We can now see what Keiko has to offer us. Notice the cute little breasts, just right to fit the palm of your hand. Show us girls!” he said.

The two older women beside the trapped Asian girl each cupped one of her breasts in her right hand. The announcer was right, Keiko’s small breasts fit the hand perfectly. The two women cupped and massaged the Japanese girl’s breasts, then they fingered her nipples, making them even harder than they were before. The trapped Asian girl squirmed from the new stimulation to her sensitive breasts and nipples.

“We can also see she has a cute little ass.” the announcer continued. “Show us what she has to offer, spread her cheeks girls, ” he ordered.

The two women beside Keiko each gently grasped one of the Asian girl’s buttocks and pulled it away from its mate, exposing what lay between them. She had a beautiful, inviting puckered anus. Below was her pussy, and as instructed she was shaved smooth. This exposed every part of the Asian teenager’s cunt to the admiring audience. Her inner lips were relatively long, a light coffee color, and were beginning to swell with the girl’s growing excitement. The woman on the left used her left hand to spread open the inner lips of the trapped girl’s pussy, showing every secret of her delicious body. The camera operators zoomed in for a close up shot of Keiko’s ass and pussy.

“Now is the time we all have been waiting for. It’s time to announce our winners for tonight.” the announcer continued. “As you know we have 3 winners tonight. The 3rd prize winner will receive Susan, our blond assistant on Keiko’s right. The lucky 2nd prize winner will receive Jennifer, our beautiful assistant on the left. And to our grand prize winner tonight will go our centerpiece, Keiko!”

“Each winner will take possession of his prize by fucking her here before us on the stage. Keiko will remain confined Maltepe Yeni Escort as she is now until her new owner has cum within her.”

“First I will announce our lucky guy tonight who will become Susan’s new owner. Bud Johnson, come up and get your girl!” A man in the audience quickly got up from his seat, moved to the aisle, walked up to the stage and climbed the few steps up to the to join the those there. He walked over to Susan and put his arm around her.

“Take her dress off, Bud. Show us what you’ve won!” the announcer instructed.

Susan was wearing a one piece, T-shirt like minidress which exposed most of her thighs and left her arms bare. Bud grasped the bottom of the dress and lifted, and Susan bent forward as he pulled it off over her head. Once he had it completely removed he tossed the garment away out into the crowd. Since Susan had worn nothing else the removal of her dress left her standing nude next to her new owner. Bud put his arm around the now naked Susan and pulled her to his side. He slid his hand down her back until he reached her round, sweet butt. Except for squeezing and exploring Susan’s ass Bud mad no further move to claim his prize. That would come later.

“And now for our second place winner,” the announcer continued. “Ted Dyer! Come and get your girl!”

There was another disturbance in the audience as Ted moved rapidly up to the stage to claim Jennifer. Unlike Bud Ted did not wait for the announcer to order him to strip his girl. As soon as he reached her he grabbed the bottom of her dress and began to lift it. Jennifer hesitated for a moment then caught on to what Ted was doing and started helping him. Even more quickly than Bud had done with Susan he had Jennifer’s dress off and tossed it away into the audience. With this Jennifer now too was nude.

Like Keiko both Susan and Jennifer were smoothly shaved, their hairless pussies inviting and exposed. Both Jennifer and Susan had large, firm breasts, topped with nipples already hard with excitement. Their work with Keiko and now being stripped themselves had both girls hot and wet. And now they were feeling the anticipation of what was going to come which excited them even more.

“And now for the moment we have all been waiting for!” continued the announcer. “It’s time to announce our big winner! Scott Brown! Come and get Keiko!”

Scott hesitated for just a moment, hearing his name was unexpected and quite a surprise. But then he stood up and walked to the front and climbed onto the stage. He took his place standing along side Keiko’s body but unlike the other two men his girl was already nude so he didn’t have to undress her.

The announcer resumed speaking. “Now we come to the moment we have all been waiting for. Our three winners will now remove their clothes and fuck our girls. Take your time guys and give it to them good. Go for it!”

The three men quickly removed their clothes and each turned to their respective girl. After taking his clothes off Scott knelt down next to Keiko. Her body was exquisite and he could see her face in a TV monitor off to the side of the stage, her face matched her body.

Held as she was by the stocks the Asian girl was forced to remain on her hands and knees. Scott would have to fuck Keiko doggy style. He reached down and caressed her back, feeling her shiver as he touched her for the first time. She was so beautiful, and she was his.

The two men on either side had wasted no time, each had positioned his girl on her hands and knees alongside Keiko. Bud was rubbing Susan’s ass and pussy with the head of his cock. She was moving her ass in an inviting way, she was ready for Bud’s cock.

On the other side Ted was already fucking Jennifer, holding her hips as he slammed his cock into her doggy style. Jennifer’s forehead was bumping lightly against the wall in which Keiko was embedded. As Scott watched this action for a moment Jennifer started moaning with pleasure as Ted fucked her harder and faster.

Watching the two couples next to him had an immediate effect on Scott. He felt a thrill of excitement flow through him and then down to his cock. It was already well on the way to a complete erection but the sight of the two couples finished the job. His eyes lingered on Bud and Susan for a moment, Bud was just sinking his stiff penis into his girl’s pussy for the first time. Then he turned back to Keiko.

Scott reached down and touched Keiko’s pussy for the first time. He immediately found that despite her trapped condition her pussy was soaked. She squirmed as he gently probed her sex, but there was little she could do locked in the stocks as she was.

Keiko was startled for a moment when she felt male hands on her for the first time. She squirmed Maltepe Masaj Salonu a bit when she felt him touch her pussy but she had been expecting it. Of course she knew the moment would come when a man would take her tonight. Then she felt the fingers go away and she felt a little wanting for the lost attention.

Finding that the trapped Asian girl was very wet Scott decided to waste no more time. He moved behind her and spread her legs on the floor to make sure there was plenty of room for him. His cock was hard and ready, he wanted to fuck this girl now. He moved closer to Keiko’s ass but paused for a moment with the tip of his cock not quite touching her. He took a moment to drink in the sight of the girl in front of him one last time.

Keiko had felt Scott moving her legs further apart and knew what that meant. She felt a surge of lustful excitement, in a few seconds the man behind her was going to push is cock into her pussy and fuck her! And trapped as she was in the stocks there was nothing she could do to stop him doing it! Her fantasy would become reality at last!

Scott moved closer to the trapped Asian girl and moved the head of his penis to her waiting sex. He rubbed it around a bit to moisten it on Keiko’s wetness and then set the to her vaginal opening. He grabbed the girl’s hips with both hips and pushed forward quickly, sinking his cock into her pussy with one swift stroke.

Keiko felt the man behind her rub his cock on her pussy and felt a surge of pleasure as the smooth head of it brushed across her sensitive clitoris and inner lips. She felt him pause for a moment and then she felt the man behind her place the head of his cock against her opening. Then she squealed as the cock roared into her pussy in a single big push. The man’s hips slammed into her buttocks and forced her shoulders somewhat painfully against the stocks that held her.

Scott began to fuck the Asian girl with deep hard strokes. He held tightly onto Keiko’s hips and held her so that her shoulders would not be slammed too hard against the stocks. Looking down he could see her flawless anus and her pussy filled with his cock as he moved inside her. With the view and the situation he knew it would not be long before he filled the Asian girl with his cum.

Keiko was in ecstasy as the man pounded her pussy. She quickly found herself almost ready to orgasm, the situation and now the hard cock inside her were so exciting. She felt the cock inside her pussy grow even stiffer, she knew the man was going to cum in her in a moment. Since she was so close already that was all it took to push her into her own orgasm.

Scott felt Keiko’s body stiffen and her pussy squeeze his cock and felt her begin to cum. He hear a faint squeal from inside the space where her head was trapped as she will filled with the ecstasy of her orgasm. Scott was so excited by this that he began to cum too just as the girl was finishing her own orgasm.

Just as her own orgasm was finishing Keiko felt the penis inside her quiver and the warm feeling inside her as the man fucking her began to cum. Hot jets of semen shot from Scott’s cock into Keiko’s helpless pussy, making her his.

Finally Scott’s orgasm subsided and he pulled out of the girl and sat down beside here, exhausted. The other two men next to him also finished quickly.

Seeing that all three men had finished the announcer returned to the center of the stage.

“I am happy to announce all three of our winners tonight will be taking their girls home with them. I will now present the collars and leashes,” the announcer said.

The announcer produced a paper bag and tore it open with a flourish. From the bag the announcer produced three collars similar to dog collars, each with a matching leash. Ted, Bud, and Scott were each presented with one.

“Susan, Jennifer! Remove Keiko from the stocks,” the announcer ordered.

The two naked women got up and reversed the process they had used to entrap the Asian girl. As they did so the cum that had just been deposited in their pussies slowly leaked out of them again, making sticky trails down the insides of their thighs. The two lifted Keiko to her feet and helped her over to Scott. When Keiko reached him he fastened the collar around her neck and clipped the leash to it.

Keiko stood patiently as Scott put his clothes back on. She remained naked and she felt some of Scott’s semen leaking from her pussy. Of course Keiko’s clothes had been destroyed earlier so Scott would have to lead her away naked. She would remain that way unless and until he gave her something to wear later.

Once he was dressed again Scott took the leash and triumphantly led Keiko, his prize, down off the stage. He led her back to where he had been sitting. There they were joined by his girlfriend who had been sitting with him watching the show. While she had not been expecting Scott to win she had been required to accept the possibility in order for the two to gain entry. Now that Scott had won Keiko she would have to accept the new addition to their home.

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