The Story of Jan Pt1


The Story of Jan Pt1This is the story of Jan, the lady who is on Hamster, and how it all began. How a woman who was a straight lady, church going, and shy, became a woman who was shared with many men in threesomes, foursomes and eventually gang banged, with photos and videos taken. Those videos and photos, or some of them, still exist and will be shown to accompany these stories step by step so you can see and enjoy her journey.I 1st met Jan about 20 years ago. I was dating a lady who was about 30 and I about 45. When I say dating I should say taking her out now and then and fucking her if I was lucky. One Saturday I dropped round and while having a coffee and playing with her 2 k**s, she asked if I could drop some plates and kitchen gear around to a friend of hers, Jan. I said sure. So I drove around and met Jan. She was about 50. Medium build, about 5 foot 1, not a beautiful woman by any means, plain, just your average normal 50 year old you wouldn’t look at twice in the street.. She was rather glum and not really a happy person and a little snappy, bordering on slightly abrupt and rude. When I went back to my lady friends house I commented that Jan seemed to be a bit bitchy and not very friendly.My friend explained that it was just her nature and didn’t mean it but that yes she was a grump but had had a rough life.Jan had been married twice, both times to drunks, were abusive physiologically and in one case, physically. She had divorced her last husband about 3 years back, had 2 grown k**s, a daughter and a son, was straight, catholic, and went to church.Several weeks later my lady friend and I dropped round Jans one night and sat having a coffee and talking and Jan seemed a little better and I realized that my friend was right. She just seemed grumpy and blunt but was quiet friendly and chatty.We ended up playing cards and of course it ended up strip poker. The bet was that if I won I got a hand job. I tried to make it that I got a fuck but neither would be in that and as it was a good natured way, we all agreed that I get a hand job and that if I lost I had to buy a pizza, the catch being I had to wear lip stick to the local pizza shop when I went and bought it. Good fun lol. In the end Jan ended up in panties only with her shirt held to her tits and my lady friend ended up in bra and panties and I in underpants. The last hand Jan lost so she had to get naked and lose the panties. She was all coy and in the end we laughed it of and let her of the hook. I said “hey what about my hand job”. I slid down my underpants and Jan reluctantly reached over and held my cock, which was of course nice and hard. She started stroking but really had no idea and was pretty lame at it. My lady friend was laughing and gaziemir escort I asked her to help out so she stared jerking me, and Jan and her took turns stroking me. After a few minutes we laughed it of and finished. I didn’t cum as it was to awkward. Sitting in a lounge with lights on and a woman who was reluctant and embarrassed wasn’t my scene, and Jan didn’t really appeal to me anyway.Over the weeks and months I used to see Jan at my friends now and then but eventually I stopped seeing my lady.t We stayed friends and kept in touch.A coupe of years later my friend called one day and said, “do you remember Jan?” I said sure.She said, “well she called me and wanted your phone number can I give it to her”. Sure I said but have no idea what she wants with me?Jan called a day or so later and said she was in trouble.I asked what and she explained that she had met a guy and they had moved interstate about 18 months back to a country town in the middle of no where to run a trailer park.The guy had hooked up with another woman and Jan was dumped, stuck in this town and couldn’t get back and her daughter and son in law were letting her stay with them but she had no money and no way of getting home.I said to her that I would drive up, about 2000 miles, and pick her up and her stuff. I was on holidays anyway so what the hell I had never seen that part of the country.So I did, and after meeting her daughter and son in law and staying a few days I packed her up and bought her back to a small country town about 100 mile from the city I lived in and where she used to live. She explained that she had been bought up around the town and could get a small apartment from the Church there as she knew the Priest and they had emergency apartments for parishioners in trouble. The apartments weren’t much and were old,but it was somewhere to stay until she could get herself together.Over the following weeks every so often I would drive up and visit.It was a nice town and she was not a bad woman when you got to know her so it was something to do.She was still the same, abrupt, grumpy and never really happy or smiling.One night she called an asked if was coming up soon. I said sure I can drive up for the day Saturday. She said, “you have a digital camera don’t you”?I said yes I have, She asked that I bring it.Now this is 20 years back and digital cameras were just coming in and were expensive but I had bought one so thought yeah I can try it out and take pictures.When I got up on the Saturday, we were sitting in the lounge and Jan had computer. She explained that she was in Chat Rooms.I had never heard of it and she explained they were around the world and you met people on line and chatted to them etc.She gaziemir escort bayan had met heaps of people and some of the guys in her chat room wanted to see what she looked like and had asked for photos.Webcams were not common at that time.She asked that I take a few photos of her which I did, and took the photos back home with me as Jans computer did not have the lead to download them. Again this was 18 years go so it was all pretty new technology.I did the photos and emailed them to her and she was thankful and sent them of to her friends.Weeks later I drove up for visit.We were chatting and she said, “the guys in the chat liked my photos a lot, thank you”She said, “I have this guy in the UK and hes really nice and he asked for more pictures but he said to make them saucy, what does that mean?””Well he means sexy, saucy is like sexy.””What do I do in the pictures?” I said “well you just do things that will turn him on and stuff, tease”Like what? she asked.”Can you take some and tell me what you would like to see from a woman so I know he will like.”I took a picture of her sitting on the floor.I told her stand, and lift her dress up a little and show her legs.”Ok now sit in your computer chair so as the computers in the shot that you talk to him on.”She sat, and I said, “slide your dress up and show your panties.Surprisingly she didn’t hesitate and lifted and showed lovely white panties.My cock was hard as a rock by now as I was totally stunned that she would do it and also she had damn nice legs with those white panties and panty hose.”Ok now spread your leg, put it over the arm of the chair.”deletedAgain without hesitation she did it. I thought take the gamble. “Ok now stand up and take your dress of.’ She lifted the dress and threw it of standing there in panties and bra. I took a couple of shots and then said.”Are yo brave enough to get naked?”She thought a minute and said, OK I will but promise you wont put my face in ?I promised and with with that she undid her bra and released a lovely set of tits.I would never hanve known they wre so lovely .Throwing the bra aside she peeled of her panties and hose, and stood there naked.I was near ready to shoot my load.I said to spread her legs and use her hands to spread her pussy.She hesitated slightly and again said, “promise my face isnt in this?”I promised’She spread and with both hands reached down and spread her pussy lips.In an instant I took the picture and she grabbed her clothes and went into the bedroom, returning a shot time later fully dressed much to my disappointment.”Damn Jan” I said, “why did you get dressed/””No that’s enough, I was feeling a little sacred to be honest”.Why?”Well I have never done that escort gaziemir and I thought if I keep going you will want to have sex with me and I cant do that.”I was down. “Well ok and yes I would have loved to have done something but its ok.”Well I can pull you of like we did that night at my apartment ?I laid on the sofa and slid my jeans down and released my hard cock.Jan knelt on the floor and taking my cock gently she started stroking.After a few minutes she asked, are you going to shoot?”No Im not, I don’t usually cum like this anyway. Can you suck me”?She looked at me and said,” well I don’t really like sucking”. “My 2 husbands were drunks and stunk of beer.””My second husband forced me one night and when he started ramming it in my mouth he was rough and then he shot in my mouth and I was nearly vomiting so I never did that again”.”Well just suck a little, I wont cum.”You promise?Leaning forward she started sucking, warm but not very experienced. Lick the head I said. She licked and I said, WATCH OUT IM CUMMING. She threw her head back and started moving back on her knees and I started laughing.Your not? geezus Paul I thought you were serious. don’t do that.I laughed and said, lick the head so I can take a picture.She was giggling and lent forward grabbed my dick and licked.Smile at the camera.She stopped. Ok I will let you take pictures but these are only for you, they are not for anyone to see ok?I promise.Leaning forward she licked the head of my cock and I said smile.She looked at the camera and smiled.I then stood up and said wait I can put this on a timer and take a photo.Setting the timer at 30 seconds I walked over to her.She was on her knees.I stood while she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking and the picture was taken.I stood there while she continued to suck my cock and feeling my balls swell I said. Ok this time Im serious I am going to cum.She stopped sucking and leaned back a little, still on her knees.Where? she asked.I would love to cum all over you.I have never done that she saidTake your dress of and bra so I can cum on your tits., is that ok?She slipped her dress of her shoulders to her waist and then unclipped her bra and let her tits spill out.Ok hold them up I am going to cum.I stroked while pointing my cock at her lovely tits and shot my load while she knelt on her lounge floor holding them up.When I was done I fell back on the sofa with my cock empty.Jan stood and went and washed her boobs of and came back dressed.We sat and talked and she said she felt embarrassed.I said don’t be the guy will love the pictures but I will block the face in the photos when you send hem because the guy might put them on the net.So that was the story of my encounter with Jan an the 1st photos you see.As you see the ones sent to him have the face blocked and I dont have the originals so they will have to do.Hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like more and further stories of Jan let me know.Im not a writer but if you people want to learn more I am happy to do more.

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