The Submissive Temp Ch. 04

Big Dick

This is the fourth chapter of a ten-chapter story.

Brief Summary to Date: Sally has a temp job as an executive secretary to Mr. William Criens, a legendary hedge fund titan. She was pressured into having sex with Mr. Criens in order to save her husband’s job, but Mr. Criens went one better and sent her husband to be a Vice President at their Singapore offices. This got him out of the way. Now Mr. Criens has laid Sally and dropped the bomb that she is to be an industrial spy and seduce Dr. Jack Taylor, the CEO of Genomeds, in order to learn the progress of a new secret blockbuster drug in development, code name Rivonine.


I missed Mark already. He had only been gone to Singapore for two weeks. I was getting tired of masturbating! I had thought Mr. Criens would be taking me to bed every chance he got, but for some reason he wanted sex with me only on Wednesdays, and only at lunch time. The rest of the time I was actually working. I was beginning to look forward to those Wednesdays lunches.

I knew Mr. Criens was extorting sex from me, but somehow that made it more erotic for me. I also liked that he was an older man. I’ve always had a thing for older men; the older the better (within reason).

If that wasn’t enough there were two other factors making my situation a real turn on. First, he was truly good in bed. (We used the couch in his office as a bed, although sometimes he bent me over a chair, and once we did it on the floor.) Second, he had ordered(!) me to seduce Dr. Jack Taylor, the CEO of Genomeds. Being ordered to do something like that really got my submissive motor running!

I had not yet seduced Dr. Taylor, but simply the idea of being ordered to do it, that a man could order me to have sex with another man, well, I could not believe I was going to do that! Of course, maybe Dr. Taylor would not want me that way? Why would he? Mr. Criens thought it was enough that I was young, sexy, and his mistress. Some men like to lay other men’s women; I knew that. Look at my husband for Pete’s sake, with Andrew’s wife Maria! Maybe Mr. Criens was right after all, but I wasn’t so sure.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about sexy pictures of myself to send to my husband Mark. For some of the poses I was going to need help. I could ask Maria? Anyway, I was going there Sunday again to help host the Giants game. This time her hubby was on a trip and you know what that means! The two husband cats were away. Maria and I were sexy little mice. Well, Maria was, especially.

The men Maria entertained knew of course her hubby was away, but my presence there made them nervous. As the game approached the final two-minute warning, the men became curious when I would leave. I knew they were worried the winner could not have sex with Maria if I were there.

Teasing them with my presence and their worry Maria would not put out while I was present was delicious. Maria was enjoying it, too. Finally, I took pity on the men. To calm down the men I announced I had to go, but that I’d wait to see the final score. I had bet on the point spread with the others, after all. I’d go and let them have their fun.

Mike won the betting pool. “Time for me to go,” I said, and I saw Mike exhale. Maria and I were highly amused. The men assumed I did not know about Maria’s sex reward to the winner of the betting pool.

“It was nice to see you, Sally,” Mike said.

Doug, I guess, decided to be a little nasty and he said, “Oh Sally, it’s so nice having you here with Maria. Can’t you stay a little longer?”

“Well, it would be fun to see Mike get his prize,” I said in my best innocent voice. This led to some quiet chuckling among the men.

“Yes, I’m sure you’d love that,” Doug said, and all the men now began openly to laugh.

Maria blushed.

I said, “What’s so funny? Am I the butt of some unknown joke?”

Maria said, “It’s because, Sally dear, we have a tradition that the winner of the pool gets to enjoy me in bed, assuming he wants to.”

I exclaimed, “Oh!” in horror and held my hand to my mouth, and Maria blushed. We were doing a great acting job, I felt.

“It’s not a big assumption,” Miguel said, some lasciviously I thought.

“Yes, I’ll bet it’s always true. Maria is quite a girl,” I said, looking at her sexy body, which just then seemed to be nothing but curves. I wondered if my husband Mark would like a picture of Maris going down on me? Men were rumored to find girl on girl sex very erotic. I needed to keep Mark interested while he was over in Singapore, handsome, rich, successful, and surrounded by sexy Asian women.

“You must be getting horny yourself,” Doug said, looking directly at my boobs. Perfect timing, Doug, I thought to myself. I was missing Mark terribly.

“I really am. Girls have needs too, you know,” I said. “But you guys are off limits. You’re all Mark’s friends! Besides, I don’t cheat on Mark,” I lied, like a rug. I was thinking of my times with Dr. Criens as I said this.

“And if we weren’t his friends?” Doug replied, alt porno again staring at my boobs.

“I misspoke. I don’t cheat on Mark, no matter how horny I get, and lord knows I’m horny!” I proclaimed. I guess I could lie with the best of them. Maybe I should have gone into politics?

“Tell me about it!” Maria said. “Say… Sally…since Mark is so far away in Singapore and all…”

“No,” I said.

“Would I get to choose my girl in that case?” Mike asked. ¬¬

“Hypotheticals, Mike. And it’s offensive. What makes you think I’d cheat on Mark?” I said.

“Well, Maria is a wonderful woman, and she cheats on Andrew, you know, so I thought, well maybe…” Mike replied.

“I don’t like it when you say I’m cheating,” Maria said. “Andrew is a good man.”

“Who came in second?” I asked.

“I did!” Miguel piped up.

“Oooh. I was hoping it’d be you,” I said. Truth be told, I did not care. Any warm cock was welcome just then. I was getting cravings for sex. Shit, I thought. First the tingling headaches, and now the cravings. It was starting. Was I to once again become a sex hungry slut?

“Sally is going to be SECOND prize?” Mike said.

Maria looked peeved, and offended. “What, am I not good enough for the almighty Michael? You asshole!”

“No, it’s not that at all! It’s just that we’ve all laid you, Maria, but none of us have laid Sally yet. How about Sally being first prize until we have all enjoyed her?” Mike explained.

“What on earth are you talking about? Nobody’s going to lay me. I’m married, boys, remember?” I waved my left hand around.

“So is Maria, Sally. And your husband, Mark, is in fucking Singapore!” Mike said.

“Who is he fucking in Singapore?” I screamed, deliberately misinterpreting what Mike said, just to tease him some more. Mark had been in Singapore only a little over two weeks, after all. While I had deliberately misinterpreted Mark’s remark, it nevertheless had the delicious effect of all the men turning red in the face.

The men were glaring at Mike. Uh-oh; had Mark already cheated on me??

“It’s a figure of speech, Sally,” Mike said weakly, but he knew the game was up. Seeing his face, I too knew the game was up. Mark was not only already cheating on me, he was bragging about it to his friends. The rest was all details; who cared? Stupidly, and self-destructively, I did. I cared.

“Show me the pictures, Mike,” I said. I now knew my Mark was as faithful to me as a dog is when said dog is surrounded by bitches in heat. I figured Maria had not been his only infidelity.

He sheepishly got out his phone, clicked a bit, and there was my husband Mark, smiling like the Cheshire Cat while a cute little naked Asian tart sucked his gorgeous cock. Another naked Asian tart was playing with my husband’s naked ass at the same time. I liked Mark’s ass, too. *sigh* I wondered if the whores were Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, or what? Did I care?

The Asian whores were flat chested, too. Mark had always loved and worshiped my boobs. He always told me they were just the right size: Big enough to fill his hands, but not too big so as to spill out of them. I loved the way he loved my boobs. At least he could have cheated on me with some whores who were stacked, you know?

“Prostitutes?” I asked, breathing disgust for my husband.

Mike shook his head no. “Secretaries,” he said.

I emitted a blood curdling scream. I dragged Maria into the kitchen and we had a quick and whispered conference. We returned to the living room and Maria announced, “Tonight, and tonight only, there’s two winners. I know you all want Sally, so one of you can have her. Sally will audition all five of you. The second prize is me and if you complain you get nothing. Understood?”

Mike said, “But I won the betting pool! Come on, Sally, let’s go to the bedroom,” and he pulled my hand towards Maria’s bedroom.

“No. If I’m doing this, I make the rules, and I get to choose the man for me tonight,” I said. I was pissed. If Mark was cheating, then I could cheat, too. My indiscretions with Mr. Criens did not count in my mind; shit, I was doing that to save Mark’s job, after all! Mark did not know it, but he was sent to Singapore (and all those Asian tramps!) so that I would put out repeatedly for Mr. Criens, and do his industrial spying via my feminine wiles, and not have to worry about my hubby. And this is how I’m rewarded for my sacrifice?

Okay, okay, this “sacrifice” I was doing for the benefit of Mark and our marriage was erotic as hell for me, but still, I was a married woman, and I was raised for that to mean something. So it was in fact a sacrifice. Maybe it was even more erotic in my twisted mind exactly because it was in fact something forbidden?

The men looked deliriously happy. I had fun asking them questions. With Mike I asked him to guess my measurements. With Doug I asked him to guess my bra cup size. Doug could not believe he was wrong, so right there in front of all the men I took hd abla porno off my bra and showed the label to Doug! The men now were panting with their tongues hanging out, or at least that’s how it seemed to me. I quickly covered up my breasts. I would never had done such a thing had I not been so drunk!

With Miguel I asked him if he thought I was pretty. He said yes, of course. “Name three actresses prettier than me,” was my next question. He could name only two (Margot Robie and Emma Stone). Good for him! I guess he could not think of Jennifer Lawrence, or Rachel Weisz. Poor guy.

With Duane I asked him my age when I lost my virginity. “Guess low,” I warned him. “It’s a teen.” He guessed sixteen. It wasn’t nearly low enough. He let out a soft whistle. That’s a story unto itself, but it did set me on the road to slut stardom early, now, didn’t it?

And so it went. I ended up choosing between Duane, Ravi, and of course that hunk of a man, Miguel. According to the betting pool, Miguel was the second-place winner. Maria got the standard white guy Mike. I figured this was good revenge on Mark. I wished one of them had been Chinese, or at least Asian. There was a cute guy at work, Yilin. Maybe I should seduce him, too, just for revenge on Mark?

I chose Miguel. It was only fair, since he had taken second in the betting pool.

These men, friends of my husband Mark, ranged in age from 32 to 46. I was a tender 23. Maria was 29. I figured they would know their way around a woman. As it turns out, I was right.

We drank some more, and little by little things got out of hand. Somehow things changed to the point where all three guys, Duane, Ravi, and Miguel got me. Maria got the two standard issue white bread guys, Mike and Doug. Win, win.

I fucked Miguel first (I had no choice: Miguel insisted due to his status as coming in second in the betting pool). Duane and Ravi watched as we fucked. I hadn’t fucked for an audience since my freshman year of college. My exhibitionist streak clicked in, and I became a wild woman.

I gave Duane a blowjob for my next event, and it was fun to blow a black man. It’s the psychic thrill, actually. Otherwise it’s just like blowing any other guy. And no, Duane’s cock was not huge, despite the legends about the cocks of black men. Ravi took me rear entry and the other two watched closely. Miguel committed the fuck to video, using his phone.

Miguel was ubiquitous with his cell phone video camera. He got my face, my bouncing boobs, my face again as I moaned, Ravi’s hands on my hips, my toes curling with my arousal, and then he lasered in on Ravi’s cock going in and out of my welcoming pussy.

Miguel stood right up next to us and then slowly panned back, at the end filming my entire body getting ravished, as my mouth hung open while I gasped for air. Ravi was choking me as we fucked. It’s supposed to heighten my arousal I guess, but the real arousal intensifier was the fear Ravi would get carried away and choke me to death!

Duane got his face practically on top of my vagina in his enthusiasm watching us have sex. He stared intently as Ravi’s cock pounded me. “Haven’t you ever seen a girl get fucked before, Duane?” I asked. “Stand back a bit!”

“No, only when I’m in the saddle myself. Sorry, but this is fascinating. God, you’re sexy, Sally. Mark is a lucky guy!” Duane began to kiss me as Ravi fucked away at my other end. Duane could really kiss, and his black skin filling my eyes, while the brown Ravi fucked me, turned me on something fierce, I’m a bit ashamed to admit.

“Yeah, he sure is,” I gasped, breaking Duane’s sexy kiss. I was approaching erotic overload. “Two weeks in Singapore and he’s already fucking two secretaries! His luck on the home front may just about be running out!” and the moment I finished that sentence I climaxed, emitting an almost involuntary scream of pleasure. “Holy smokes, Ravi, you can really fuck!”

Miguel and Duane then wanted to prove to me that they could really fuck, too, and they each had another go at me. At one point Miguel was fucking me doggy style while I blew Ravi and Duane was playing with my dangling boobs as they bounced around. I was glad nobody wanted anal. Good little submissive that I am, I would have done it with a smile, but still I was glad I did not have to. I was used to anal, because Mark the cheating husband likes to have me that way, from time to time, and I just cannot say no to whatever my husband wants.

Anal’s not so bad, and boy does it help to make the poop pop out! Still, I was glad not to be pressured into doing it that evening.

When the men were finally done with me, I staggered into the living room wearing one of Maria’s robes. Maria was already there, in another of her robes, smoking a Marlborough. I don’t usually smoke, but I was still upset about Mark and it was beginning to dawn on me that I had just cheated on him with three of his friends, all at once! I became very nervous. I would have had a drink, but I was already well beyond my limit.

Indeed, rokettube porno I was too drunk to drive home, so Ravi shared an Uber with me to get home. “I’d ask you in, but I have to work tomorrow, and it’s late.”

“Sally, it was an afternoon game. It’s only six o’clock,” Ravi said.

“Even so,” I said. “And it’s six-thirty, not six o’clock.”

“Can I use your bathroom?” Ravi asked.

“Yes, of course,” I let him in and indicated where it was.

He emerged shortly later. “That’s a huge dildo, Sally.”

I blushed and giggled nervously. “A girl has needs, Ravi. Just like men do.”

“What do you need now?” Ravi asked.

“Well, one more time can’t hurt, I guess. It’s still pretty sloppy in there, I warn you.” I said.

“I can deal with it,” Ravi said.

Ravi ended up fucking me twice more. The man can really fuck! Yes, he made me scream both times. I ended up wrapping my legs around him and pulling him deeply into me, and clawing his back as I moaned up a storm. Nobody for years had fucked me the way Ravi did, not even my true love Mark. I could get used to this, I thought.

I was naked, finally ushering Ravi out of my apartment, when the phone rang. It was my cell phone, from a blocked caller ID. It could have been the doctor’s office, so I picked up. I had found a suspicious lump on my breast and was nervous about what the biopsy might show.

It was Dr. Jack Taylor. He wanted to know if he could come over.

“How delightful of you to call! I wanted to apologize for having asked you to dance when I was so drunk! What can I do for you, Dr. Taylor?” I asked, using my most flirtatious voice. I did not even ask how he learned my name or more impressively how he got my cell phone number. I knew from Mr. Criens that men like Paul Hake could learn anything about you, anything at all. Taylor had his own version of Paul Hake. Mr. Criens himself had told me.

“Do you mean come over to my home? Now? This time of night?” I asked. I was dripping cum and trying to keep it from falling onto the carpet.

“It’s only eight o’clock. I’ll bring dinner over too. There’s something I want to discuss with you,” he said.

“Well, I’ve just been entertaining,” I said. “Give me an hour or so, okay?”

“I’ll be there, dinner in hand, at 8:45PM. Thank you for your graciousness.” Before I could even reply, he had hung up. I had not given him my address. I guess he knew that, too. I wondered if he knew I had just fucked Ravi? Did he know what positions we had used? Do I have any privacy? Any at all?

I got in the bath, trying to douche away Ravi’s cum inside me, when my cell phone rang again. It was Mark. It was morning in Singapore. We made it a Facetime call, with me in the bath.

“So Mark, tell me about your secretaries. Are they nice?” I asked.

“Yes, they’re great. How are my friends Ravi, Miguel and Duane?” Mark asked. Touché, I thought.

“They’re all good, even very good. Ravi, I’d say, is great. Mike and Doug were at football, too,” I added.

“You look good all naked in the bath. Stand up, I want to see your pussy,” Mark said. Mark knew I liked to bathe after a good fuck.

Good little submissive that I am, I stood and pointed the phone at my pussy.

“Your pussy looks a little swollen,” Mark said.

“I got my new dildo. Thanks, lover,” I said. I did not know how Mark knew so fast, but it sure seemed like he did. I was furious at the men. I figured it was Miguel. Or Maybe Duane had sent Mark the video? I had to figure out how I was going to kill Miguel, or Duane, or both? Poison, knife, gun? Maybe the old-fashioned way and drain his brake fluid? Tie him up and fuck him and then force Drano down his throat?

We talked on the phone for around an hour. I had to demonstrate the new dildo for Mark via Facetime. Only minutes after we hung up the doorbell rang. Oh shit! Dr. Taylor! I was still naked! I tossed my dildo onto the bed and I threw on my robe. I pulled the sash super tight, but still the robe showed too much boob. The doorbell rang again.

Fuck it, I thought. I answered the door in my robe. Dr. Taylor looked surprised, but it was a happy surprise. I decided to tell an edited version of the truth.

“My apologies. I took a long bath and my husband called from Singapore. He had given me a dildo and he wanted to see me use it via Facetime. I lost track of time, I’m afraid,” I said, smiling all the time.

“Dildos will do that, I hear. No worries. Are you ready to eat? I’m starved, myself,” he said.

“Let me just throw something on,” I said. I turned to head back to my bedroom.

“No, please stay as you are. You look beautiful in your robe,” he said.

“Thanks, but it’s not proper to entertain this way. I’m naked under the robe. I’ll just be a minute while I dress,” I said.

“Please stay the way you are, Sally. You look gorgeous. I’d consider it a favor,” Dr. Taylor said.

Well, I was supposed to seduce him, right? I acquiesced and did not dress, but stayed clothed in only my robe. I knew I did not look gorgeous. What I looked, was sexy. I looked tempting. Beneath my thin robe was a naked me, and my nipples seemed to be on a campaign to emphasize that little fact. My cleavage was driving him nuts, I could tell. I wanted to giggle, but I suppressed it.

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