The Surprise


Jeff worked as a bartender. He had been in the business for 10 years and figured he’d seen everything. Working in a small seaside town in New England had its ups and downs like anything else. Busy summers, slow winters, but a decent living all around, and even though the hours were long and late, there were fringe benefits to be had. Plenty of free booze, and the frequent pussy to be found.

Jeff smiled remembering his younger days when he’d fuck 2-3 different women a week. It had led to a few problems, and Jeff had quickly adopted the motto “Don’t fish off the company pier.”

Nowadays, at 33, Jeff had settled down a bit. He had been living with the same girl for 2 years now, and things were good. Charlotte was 5’7″, 135 with long wavy blondish red hair. She had big brown eyes, and a pretty smile. She had that perfect girl next-door look that Jeff loved. Great 34 C tits and long sexy legs topped by the cutest little ass he’d ever seen. Even after two years, their sex life was great. They were constantly exploring new areas to play in, and Jeff felt, for perhaps the first time in his life, content.

One Thursday, the bar was a little slow, and the weather was warm. It was mid-spring, that time of year when northern women were shedding the winter layers and walking around in light summer dresses and shorts. Jeff never tired of this part of the year.

A stunning woman walked in around 11PM. She was at least 6 feet tall, and ravishing. She wore a tight backless top, and a short skirt that displayed long lithe legs. Jeff wasn’t sure, but he could swear he saw the tops of her stockings as she twirled and sat down at one of the many empty seats at the bar. The 4-inch high heels she wore added to the sexy look of her legs and her towering beauty.

Jeff quickly got her order, lit her cigarette and hung at her end of the bar chatting with her trying not to stare. His shift flew by and he realized that if he weren’t careful, he’d be trying to talk himself into trouble with her. Her name was Merrill, and she was up visiting friends and family from Atlanta. As they talked, Jeff kept moving right up to the bar to re adjust his hardening cock.

Around 12:30, Charlotte came in as she often did. As gorgeous as Merrill was, Jeff was glad he hadn’t tried to seduce her. Seeing Charlotte made him remember why he had changed his evil ways. He introduced them, got Charlotte’s drink and went to start closing the bar for the night.

As Jeff cleaned up, he kept hearing laughter from their end of the bar ands wondered what they were talking about. They seemed to be getting along well, at least. After Jeff had ushered the remaining customers out the door, he returned to the bar to let the girls know he’d be done soon.

“Honey, Merrill’s going to come over for a drink after you finish all right? We’re having a great conversation, and we don’t want it to end,” Charlotte’s eyes gleamed.

“Sure, I had fun talking to her as well.” Jeff answered. “Just let me finish up.”

Merrill stood up to go to the rest room, and true to form, Charlotte accompanied her. Jeff sighed inwardly, after years in bars, he’d never understood that.

As they arrived at the house, Jeff excused himself and grabbed quick shower and changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. When he came out he found the girls lounging in the living room with a pitcher of margaritas. As the evening wore on they laughed and joked together. The liquor lubricated the conversation nicely until; finally, Jeff reminded Charlotte she had to work in the morning.

It was decided that Merrill was in no condition to drive home, so Charlotte got her situated in the spare room as Jeff turned in. He lied down, eagerly awaiting Charlotte. Spending the evening watching the two of them had left him hard and anxious to fuck his sweet little queen.

Charlotte took much longer then Jeff expected and he had started to drift off in a drunken haze when he heard Charlotte come in. She moved his body to the center of the bed and straddled him. Leaning down to nibble on his ear, she whispered “Baby, are you too tired to play?” Jeff smiled and started to open his eyes. Charlotte quickly covered them saying “Uh-uh, love, keep ’em closed until I say.”

Jeff smiled and closed his eyes. Charlotte grabbed on of his wrists and he only gave token resistance as she tied it to the bedpost. He giggled lightly as she quickly tied his other wrist as well as his legs. Staked out spread eagled on the bed, Jeff heard Charlotte move about the room before finally he heard her say, “OK, now you can look.”

Jeff gasped. Standing at the foot of the bed was Charlotte dress in the white garter belt and nylons he loved on her. She had on high heels Betturkey and a white bra. What truly caught him off guard was Merrill standing next to her in an almost identical outfit except in black.

Jeff started to open his mouth to speak, and realized he had no idea what to say. Here he was tied to the bed with two unbelievably gorgeous women standing in front of him. As he tried to recover and think of anything to say, Charlotte crawled up onto the bed and said “We decided that you are going to belong to the two of us tonight. Any arguments?”

“No.” Jeff answered in a flash.

“And you’ll do what you’re told without hesitation?”

“Anything,” Jeff said hoarsely. His cock throbbed painfully.

Charlotte turned and winked to Merrill and straddled Jeff’s face. This was very out of the ordinary, as she tended to be very submissive, but Jeff took the role reversal in stride and his tongue quickly flicked out to tickle Charlotte’s clit. She moaned softly and reached down to spread her pussy for him.

Jeff was amazed at how wet she was. He lapped quickly hoping he wouldn’t drown, realizing that there were many worse ways to die. His tongue lapped at her engorged clit as his teeth grazed her sweet pink flesh gently.

Jeff moaned in surprise as he felt a pair of hands on his crotch. Merrill rubbed his throbbing cock through his shorts, teasing him. His moans muffled by Charlotte’s dripping cunt. Merrill pulled his cock out and licked the tip running her hands up and down his shaft.

Merrill curled up between Jeff’s spread legs and in one smooth motion buried his cock deep in her throat. Jeff moved his mouth from Charlotte’s pussy and moaned loudly. Merrill’s tongue slid back and forth across the underside of his cock as her mouth moved slowly up his shaft.

Charlotte reached down and firmly slapped Jeff’s cheek “Don’t you dare quit licking my pussy, bitch, or I’ll make her stop” she said roughly. Anger flashed in her eyes and Jeff virtually threw his face back into her cunt biting her clit fervently.

Merrill continued to work on Jeff’s cock, her mouth sliding up and down the shaft eagerly. Jeff could feel rather then hear her moaning softly in her throat. Without warning she took his meat all the way into her throat causing Jeff to moan loudly into Charlotte’s cunt.

Charlotte reached down to grab a handful of Jeff’s hair grinding her wet pussy into his face wantonly. She could feel her orgasm begin to build and she slid her hips to grind her ass onto Jeff’s mouth as her hand flew to her cunt to rub her clit frantically.

“Eat it, eat it, oh god yesss…” she wailed as she came on Jeff’s face, her juices gushing out of her. “Suck it you little bitch!”

Jeff couldn’t believe what he was hearing from her. Usually she had been eager to try new things, but usually he’d suggest them to her and after she’d mulled the idea over they’d move into new areas. He had never heard her like this, but was happy she was getting into it so much. His tongue lapped at her little rosy asshole, but he wasn’t sure whether he was more eager to please her, or keep Merrill sucking his cock.

Charlotte’s orgasm subsided and she lifted her body off of Jeff’s face. She knelt on one side of Jeff’s head and motioned to Merrill who removed her mouth from Jeff’s cock with a soft wet “pop” and came up to kneel on the other side of Jeff’s head. Charlotte nodded to her and she smiled and straddled Jeff’s chest.

Charlotte leaned over to kiss Merrill’s neck, her hands sliding down her sides pinching her nipples through the black lace. She let her hands slide down to Merrill’s black panties and looked into Jeff’s eyes. Her gaze locked onto his, she reached into them and pulled out a semi erect 8-inch cock.

Jeff gasped openly. He had heard of women like this but had never seen one up close. His jaw gaped as his eyes widened.

“Now, bitch, I expect you to remember your promise.” Charlotte sneered at him.

Jeff gulped and licked his lips, unsure of how to proceed. Merrill took matters into her own hands and grabbed Jeff’s hair, guiding his head forward. “Your turn, slut” she said as her cock slid past his lips. Her cock throbbed as she pushed it into his mouth, hitting the back of his throat.

“MMpphhggg….” Jeff struggled weakly as Merrill’s cock fucked his lips. He had never been involved in anything like this before and felt like he should be protesting, promise or not, but Merrill’s hand held his head firm as she used his mouth.

Charlotte bent close to his head, “How does it feel, bitch?” She hissed harshly, “How do you like being tied down and having your mouth raped? Do you feel like a helpless little slut? Do you like Betturkey Giriş not knowing how deep she’s going to fuck your mouth?”

Jeff could only moan around Merrill’s cock as it assaulted his lips. She thrust it in deeper hitting the back of his throat and he gagged. The two girls laughed cruelly at him and Merrill kept shoving her now fully hard cock against the back of his throat.

Merrill pulled her cock from his mouth and rubbed it across his face. “Mmmmmm, I think the little bitch likes it, honey”, she moaned. She pushed it back into Jeff’s mouth and Charlotte reached down to grasp Jeff’s hard cock.

“I think you’re right, judging by this.” Jeff realized that his cock was throbbing violently in Charlotte’s hand as Merrill pumped his mouth roughly, her cock banging painfully into the back of his throat over and over again. Tears started to form and run down the sides of his face.

“I’m gonna’ give him the whole thing,” Merrill muttered. “You ready to deep throat my cock, bitch?”

Jeff tried to shake his head, knowing he’d never get Merrill’s thick meat down his throat, but between Merrill pumping his mouth, and holding his head, he was a helpless captive.

“Mmmmm, this I gotta’ see,” said Charlotte moving back towards Jeff’s head.

Merrill started pushing her cock deeper. Slamming it harder against Jeff’s throat. Jeff squirmed, trying to escape but Charlotte reached out and held his head firmly. “Oh no you don’t slut, you’re going to take all of it.”

Jeff gagged and moaned. Merrill’s cock slammed into his throat yet again and this time slid down his gullet. Merrill moaned in lust as she slid it deeper and deeper. Jeff gagged and moaned until at last, he felt Merrill’s pubic hair against his nose.

“Oh god YES!!” Merrill shouted as she started to pull out. She left the head in as Jeff gasped quickly for air. She slammed it back into his throat. Jeff choked on the thick cock fucking his throat again as Merrill began fucking his throat roughly.

“Yes baby, you love that don’t you?” Charlotte jeered at him. “Who’s the little bitch now? You like sucking that cock don’t you baby?” Her hands stayed on Jeff’s head forcing him to swallow Merrill’s cock over and over again.

Merrill pulled her dripping cock out of Jeff’s mouth and slapped him with it. “Answer her, slut! Do you like sucking my cock?”

Jeff started to say “No.”, but realized how turned on he was by the whole situation. Here was his girlfriend force-feeding him the cock of a gorgeous woman while he was tied and helpless, and his cock was raging!!

“Yes!! I love it,” he yelled “Give me more!!!”

Merrill responded by shoving her cock back into his mouth and continued fucking his throat.

“Is he doing a good job for you honey?” Charlotte asked.

“Like you wouldn’t believe!!” Merrill moaned, her cock pounding in and out of Jeff’s mouth.

“Well then maybe our little slut deserves a treat,” Charlotte said, “Would you like a little treat, bitch?”

“MMppphhgg…,” Jeff moaned, not sure what she had in mind, but hoping she’d give his throbbing cock some badly needed attention.

Charlotte moved down and grabbed Jeff’s throbbing cock in her hand. Straddling him, she rubbed the head of his cock greedily against her clit. Her pussy was dripping wet as she lowered herself down onto his cock. Jeff moaned around Merrill’s cock and as Charlotte started riding him she reached around to pinch Merrill’s nipples and bit her neck.

Charlotte and Merrill continued using Jeff’s body for their pleasure. Merrill’s cock slipped in and out of Jeff’s mouth as Charlotte rode his cock harder and harder. Charlotte could feel herself getting ready to cum and she let go of Merrill’s nipples to pinch her own. She exploded over Jeff’s cock and moaned loudly. Merrill removed her cock from Jeff’s mouth and turned to Charlotte lowering her head to lick her erect nipples. Charlotte screamed as Merrill bit her nipples gently.

“Oh god I’m gonna’ cum!” Jeff shouted. Charlotte quickly lifted her shaking body off of his cock.

“Not yet you don’t, we’re not done with you yet!!” she said evilly. Jeff groaned in frustration, thrashing against his bonds and wondered what else they could have in store for him.

He didn’t have long to find out as Charlotte and Merrill untied his legs and repositioned them so that his ankles were now tied to the headboard. Jeff started to get worried as Merrill positioned herself between his legs.

“Umm, hey look it’s not that I haven’t been enjoying this, but…” he started.

SLAP. Charlotte’s hand whipped across his cheek “Shut up, slut!! You’ll take what we decide to give you!”

Jeff Betturkey Güncel Giriş felt himself blushing, and a little angry. He and Charlotte had played some pretty rough games in the past and had always used a safe word. He thought about invoking it, but decided to keep mum, and see where things led.

“Oh look, the bitch is worried,” jeered Merrill. “Shall I?” she looked at Charlotte.

“Hmm, not yet.” She replied. Charlotte shifted her body and straddled Jeff’s face again. Lowering her soaking pussy onto his mouth and wiggling her ass to settle down on his mouth, she leaned forward between his legs and reached around his hips to spread his ass. Jeff’s moans were muffled as he instinctively ran his tongue into her wet cunt. “Now,” said Charlotte “I want to watch this.”

Merrill positioned her hard glistening cock at the entrance to Jeff’s ass. His moans muffled by Charlotte’s pussy, Merrill started to apply pressure. Jeff clenched his ass reflexively and Charlotte bit his thigh lightly.

“Don’t be a bad boy, Jeff,” she scolded “or else!” As Merrill’s cock pushed harder and harder against his ass, Jeff wondered about what “Or else!” could possibly mean. He concentrated on licking Charlotte’s pussy as he felt Merrill’s cock start to push its way into his ass slowly.

“Mmmmmpphhggg..” he moaned into Charlotte’s cunt.

“Ooohhh, yessssss…” Hissed Merrill in ecstasy.

“Oh my god!!” Moaned Charlotte as she watched her boyfriend’s ass stretch around the large cock it was being fed.

Merrill kept up her assault, forcing inch after inch of her cock into Jeff’s tight virgin ass. Jeff frantically licked and nibbled at Charlotte’s pussy and clit trying to ignore the thick member invading him. As it slid into him he began to relax and realized that his cock was still throbbing harder then ever, just inches from Charlotte’s face. He wiggled his hips in hopes of her paying some attention to it, which only served to get more of Merrill’s cock into him.

Charlotte moaned as Merrill began fucking Jeff’s ass slowly. In all the times Jeff had fucked her this way, she had never imagined the way it looked. So nasty and dirty, she felt new heat spread through her thighs as Jeff’s tongue danced on her clit. Her own ass tingled a little as she held Jeff’s ass open for Merrill’s cock.

“What a tight little hole our new bitch has,” Merrill grunted as she pumped Jeff’s ass a little harder. “We may have to do something nice for him.” She winked at Charlotte. Charlotte, catching on, moved her hands and took Jeff’s cock by the base and began licking it slowly. She had never seen him so hard before.

“Poor baby,” she crooned “I know how to help him” She took him into her mouth and ran her tongue around the head. Jeff groaned and moved his hips gently upwards trying to fuck Charlotte’s hot mouth. As his hips rose, Merrill pumped her cock deeper into his tight ass. Charlotte’s eyes never left the cock pounding in and out of Jeff’s ass as her head began to bob slowly up and down his hard shaft.

Merrill pumped Jeff harder and harder, building speed as she pummeled his ass. It had been ages since she had broken anyone in and she enjoyed it lustily as his ass clenched around her cock. As she watched Charlotte’s lips oval around his cock, she knew she would be pumping him full of cum soon.

Jeff felt his orgasm build as Charlotte attacked his cock with the same vigor that Merrill used on his ass. He couldn’t believe his own reactions as he felt his cum begin to boil out of his balls.

At the same moment, Charlotte felt herself slip over the edge and began grinding her cunt down on Jeff’s tongue. Wave after wave of lust swept through her as she felt his cock begin to leap in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of his cock and began to pump it with her hand as she licked the head and watched Merrill’s cock thrust deep into his ass.

With a shout Merrill began to pump her load deep into her new toys tight ass. At the same moment, Jeff began to shoot his cum like a geyser. Stream after stream landed on Charlotte’s cheeks and face as she furiously licked at the tip. Crazed with lust, she moaned as Jeff’s cum spurted onto her skin. She had never denied him any pleasure, but until now, the thought of letting him cum on her face like this had always disgusted her. Now she understood as she lapped at his sperm like a woman possessed.

“Shoot for us, baby,” moaned Merrill. “Let us see your hot cum!” Merrill pulled her cock from Jeff’s ass and leaned back looking at the two lovers devouring each other.

The two girls untied Jeff’s shaking body and placed him between them as they snuggled up together. Jeff lay against Charlotte’s ass, his softening cock nuzzled between her soft ass cheeks.

She wiggled against him and said, “I’m calling in sick tomorrow I think.”

Merrill lay against Jeff’s back, her arm around his waist. Her cock pressed up against his freshly fucked ass and whispered to them both, “Maybe tomorrow, you two can tie me up?”

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