The taxi ride


The taxi rideIt was my best friend kellys birthday so to celebrate me , kelly and three other girl friends had been out on the town for a much needed night out.. we was all completely drunk so we decided to all share a taxi home. the cabby went to all the girls houses and dropped them off one by one until i was the only girl left. after my friend left and i was alone in the car with the cab driver. I realized i hadnt paid him any attention and i felt a little guilty so i decided it would be polite to at least achknowledge the guy. so i shuffled into the middle of the rear seat and looked at him in the mirror.”Soooo been busy?” Me ?? No i havnt .. darn unlicenend cars everywhere !! How am i supposed to make a living ?? I cant compete with these people”I started to regret asking faking interest and nodding as he ranted on..”They dont have to pay insurance.. tax.. half the cars dont even look road worthy.. its a abserloute joke.. dont ever get in those cars alright?”I had a few too many drinks and i can be a very playfull drunk.. i could sense he was passionate about it .. so i teased him a little..”Well if its cheaper why wouldnt i ???” I saw his exspression change as he half smirked and cut his eyes at me in the mirror realising i was being provocotive.. “Cheap ? Yeah .. cheap way to get sexually assaulted more like “I giggled and slapped my hand on his head rest and pulled myself closer..”REALLY ?? YOU AINT GOT THERE NUMBER HAVE YA ??The driver sighed and shook his head grinning.
“Sorry luv”i could tell he was a little stumped by my cheeky response and i was enjoying watching him squirm so i pushed it further.. tutting loudly and shoving his shoulder playfully..”Meeeh your no good are ya !! … oh well .. im not lucky enough to get sexualy assaulted anyway hahaha”The driver looked over his shoulder at me .. and looked me up and down as i raised my eyebrows at him with a comical exspression and licked my lips in a deliberately provocotive way.. “You keep dressing like that love your luck may change”i looked at him puzzeld as i swayed drunkenly in the middle of the seat..”What do you mean ?”He looked over his shoulder again but this time he stared brazenly between my legs..”Nice knickers”I slapped my knees closed and hid my face in my hands..”OH MY GOD YOU PERV !! WATCH THE ROAD YOU “I threw myself back in the seat adana escort and laughed hysterically into my hands .. before pulling a strand of my blonde hair from the corner of my mouthThere was a awkward moment of silence as our eyes breifly met in the mirror..”you are looking where your going arnt you mr taxi man?”My felt butterflys in my tummy and my heart rate soared as i allowed my legs to fall open a little giving him a clear veiw up my dress..He adjusted his mirror and hummed to himself under his breath..”Mmmm no.. im looking where id like to go”I moved my arse foward on the seat and spread my legs properlly for him and ran my finger tips down the front of my bright pink thong and pinched the little black bow on the front of the waist band..”oooo your not going to sexually assault me are you mr taxi man ?” He chuckled sarcasticly to himself as he took in the veiw in his mirror ..”Nah luv thats not my style but i can turn this meter off of ya like ?I continued to run my finger nails up and down my slit through the shiney panties .. but my voice cracked slightly as the reality of the situtaion dawned on me..”And what do i have to do for that?He was blunt and to the point..”Ill tell you what we will do..ill pull over on the trading estate and you can suck my cock.. how about that ?”I closed my legs tightly onto my hand and pressed hard on my swollen clit.. pauceing for a moment and looking away from him out the window.. the buzz in my knickers was driving me mad .. i knew id had to much to drink .. and i also knew this was risky and that id probably regret it in the morning but the buzz was so intense .. my heart racing and my hands shaking .. i took a deep breath .. i tried to sound confident and failed .. my voice shaking ..”yeah .. cmon then if your brave enough” He immediatly hit the indicator and threw the cararound a corner onto the road that leads to the industrialEstate causing me to roll against the door of the car..”Oh thats it your getting it” The car tyres chirped as he sk**ded to a halt between two factory units .. he immediatly got out and stormed around to my side of the car and threw open the sliding door.. “Cmon then” He gestured to me and i slide my bottom forward on the seat and sat with my legs out of the car as he quickly undid his belt and jeans and pushed them adıyaman escort down until a fat but average lengh cock flopped out and stood at half mast in front of my face .. i looked around nervously placing my hands on his hips.. “What about cameras ?”He impataintly slapped the tip on my lips ..”Fuck that cmon get this in ya mouth”I looked up at him wide eyed and held eye contact as i slowly slid his cock into my mouth and blinked innocently through my glasses at him..i sucked him down half way and back up to the end .. clamping my lips around his uncut head as i held his base with my cool soft mummy hands… wanking him slowly and firmly before squessing the tip until a bead if precum appeard..i lapped it off with my tounge and swallowed slowly slapping my lips to savour the taste as he inhaled deeply and told me i was a”dirty little cow” but i hadnt even started yet ..i gathered some spit and oozed it out onto his tip and sucked him right down to the base and wrapped my arms around his waist in a bear hug and squeesed until his helmet touched the back of my throat .. i held it there and squeesed and released him slightly three times..before turning my head to the side slightly to give him the perfect veiw of my puckered lips gliding up and down.. chasing my mouth with my hand to give him a cheeky twist at the end.. i slid myself off the seat and into the gutter on my knees to lower myself enough to lick his balls with the full width of my tounge before i  waggled the tip on the little bridge between his balls and he was hard and standing upright ..He exhaled heavilly as he trashed talked me ..”Argggh you fucking bitch .. you like that dont you ?”
I looked up at him and nodded with my tounge out jerking him furiously with my hand as he slipped his fingers through my hair and around the back of my head gathering my soft blonde locks into a make shift pony tail at the back of my head and gripping it tightly in his fist.He stepped forward over me and used his free hand to guide his cock into my hot steamy mouth and forcefully pushed it down my throat until my nose was buried in his pubic hair..he used the fistfull of my hair to hold himself deep in my throat until i gaped my mouth open around his shaft to desperatly suck in some air ..
“Uughhh .YEEEEAH .. thaaats escort bayan it … riiight there …. swallow it . take it you fucking bitch “i tapped his thighs with my hands franticly signalling for a time out .. but he denied me and violenly jerked my head back and forth causing me to gargle and gag loudly .. i managed to place my hands on the front of his legs and push his cock half way out and steal a few gasps of air by gaping my mouth open around his shaft before i slowly lost the battle of strengh and he pushed his fat cock all the down to the hilt once again..He held me there for a few more moments while he pushed the straps of my dress and my bra down my arms with his free hand until my heavy breasts fell out and my nipples instantly hardened in the cold night air..he released me and i fell backwards into the car gasping for breath with my hands over my face..I was exshuasted by our little love struggle as he clambered on top of me spreading my legs wide so one of my feet was between the front seats and my other knee was pushed up to my chest ..before i could catch my breath hed hooked his fingers in the gusset of my thong and dragged it to one side.. he held my knee up to my chest as he positioned himself over me and pressed his throbbing tip between my soaking wet pussy lips..i protested breifly gasping “wait wait wait time out”But his cock just sank all the way down inside me and i felt paralized in ectasy as he began to stir his hips against me dipping his head to lick and suck both my nipples in turn .. batting them furiously with his tounge before licking them all over until both my breasts were soaked in his saliver ..he pushed his mouth onto mine and our tounges swirled around each others mouth while he began to fuck me as hard and as fast as he could.. He shoved me up and down on that back seat so violently my head hit the door and was pushed at a angle..Hard spitefull and disrespectfull thrusts jerking my whole .. until he began to slow and leave a short pauce in betweenEach lunge to whisper little taunts into my ear ..”Yeah take it .. thats what you want isnt it ??? Mmmm ?? Thats what you came out here for isnt it ??”He pauced and held deep inside me as i pleaded.. “Not inside .. not inside .. im not on the pill”But his only response was a long patronizing “shhhhhhh” As his cock began to violently jump inside me …1 .. 2 .. 3 …4 long strong jets of boiling hot spunk fired deep inside me.And he collapsed onto me gasping for breath.. it triggered my own orgasm and i wrapped my legs around him and furiously thrusted my hips until my own warm orgasm washed over me..

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