The Trip Home


I had my carry-on under my arm, completely stuffed with the shirts and boxers I had brought for the weekend. I can’t stand checking baggage—I’m always paranoid it’ll get lost. As a result, I try to live out of small bags whenever I fly. I’m also addicted to my computer, which was just one more thing I had to stuff in the bag. And then there was the pair of heavy dress shoes I had somehow managed to squeeze in.

What it all meant was this bag was REALLY heavy. As I waited in line to board, my discomfort was obvious. I kept switching the back between arms, shifting my weight on my sneakers, and even leaning against the columns when my place in line brought me by one.

I felt like sort of a wimp, to tell the truth. I’ve been out of puberty awhile and have a decent build for a man, but it’s all looks. I never had the time or concern to build muscle mass, and sometimes the most basic tests of endurance would wear me out. So when I finally got to sit down on the plane, I let out an audible groan of relief.

“Tired, huh?” said a light voice to my left. I looked over at the window seat, suddenly noticing who was there.

“Yeah, long weekend,” I said defensively. True, it had been a long weekend, but the bag would have worn me out anyway. I smiled at her and took the opportunity to check her out a little.

“You look a little bit like a partier,” she teased with a red-lipped smile. She was older, perhaps in her late forties. But from what I could tell, she still had an amazing figure. Her skin looked pretty firm as well, but she had quite a lot of makeup on, so I couldn’t tell for sure.

“Hah yeah I guess. I was visiting family, actually. Just didn’t sleep enough.”

“Ah, well you won’t get much sleep on the plain. These seats are awful.” She brought up that teasing smile again. It was kind of odd; sure she had on a lot of makeup, probably too much. But she obviously knew how to apply it, and combining it with large brunette curls, it gave her a sort of over-glammed charm. And it helped that she was actually pretty—the makeup wasn’t just to hide her face, just exaggerate it.

“I guess you try to sleep on them a lot?” I ask with a smile, finally noticing the little wing-pin on her tight black blouse. I just figured she liked to wear button shirts and short skirts, but this appeared to be some kind of uniform upon closer inspection.

“Yeah, on the flights back home, like today. Thankfully I’m off. But today I’m not tired.” Her blue eyes started to move over me. She’d probably noticed my inspection of her, and decided to return the favor. I was used to this sort of thing; mom porn I can appreciate the beauty of older women and they typically think I’m cute as well. But they always find me harmlessly young and just chat and flirt casually until we walk our separate ways.

“Hah, well I’ll try to stay up so you won’t be bored,” I said while flashing my own smile. It’s one of my better traits, I think. She didn’t notice, she was looking at my legs.

“I love those jeans!” she said, causing me to blush a little.

“Thanks. I got them pretty cheap at a thrift store. Can you believe somebody would just give away designer clothes like this?”

“Oh I know. But it’s great when they do. I’m surprised, most guys your age wouldn’t go shopping enough to ever find jeans like that.”

“And how old do you think I am?” I challenged flirtatiously. She raised an eyebrow and smiled again, this time just barely curling her full lips.

“Twenty five?” Her eyes darted up and down my body again as she said this. Something gave me the feeling she was trying to check my cock out with how her eyes lingered around my waist.

“Twenty two” I replied, blushing a little again.

“You’re just a baby!” she teased, reaching out with long fingers to tussle my short hair. It was a motherly action, but something in the delicateness of her touch made it seem more sensuous than platonic.

“Hah I know, I know. But don’t let it fool ya, I’m set in my ways and can be cranky like any middle-aged man.”

She laughed a light laugh, closing her eyes for a second. When she was done, she curled her lips suggestively again, then asked, “And how old do you think I am?”

“Thirty nine,” I lied, purposely trying to flatter her. She laughed again and was about to reply, when we were suddenly airborne.

“Wooh! I didn’t even notice we taxied,” she said, taking the opportunity to change the subject. When she had let out her surprise, her leg had conveniently slid close to mine. I looked down to notice they were in sheer black stockings, which made my pulse go a little quicker. I adore stockings.

“Me either. And you didn’t answer my question,” I said, not moving my leg from hers.

“No fooling you, I guess,” she said. “You’re gonna think I’m sooo old.”

“Naaah. C’mon, tell me.”

“I’m fifty nine.”

“Really?” I asked, thinking she was lying. “You look waaaay younger than that. Not to mention how great your figure still is. I know some college girls who would be jealous.”

“Aw thanks. And I noticed you liked my figure,” she said a little quietly. She turned mobil porno a little more toward me, giving me a better view, pretty much inviting me to admire her. I didn’t pass up the opportunity. “Honestly, it feels nice to have a guy your age looking at me like that. Don’t stop any time soon”

I looked at her large breasts for awhile, noticing her nipples were hardening through what must have been an unpadded bra. I finally let my eyes drift up to her face, noticing she was smiling again, this time showing some of her teeth in a wider grin.

“I won’t stop until you make me,” I said flirtatioiusly, returning the smile. The wide grin she gave me was a show of honest excitement, which I found much more sexy than any guarded smirk most temptresses give.

She leaned forward, giving me a better view of her cleavage, wanting this game to continue. It was having an effect on me, and my cock was starting to get hard in my jeans. She was looking right at it

“Yeah, I realllly like those jeans” she teased. She put her hand on my thigh, her red-tipped fingers rubbing close to my cock. “Now that we’re up, I’m getting pretty cold. I’m sure you noticed” She rotated her torso again, letting the satin of her black shirt pull over her breasts more. Her nipples were even more erect. “Mind asking one of the on-duty stewardesses for a blanket?”

“Oh…no problem,” I said, feeling distracted. She was fiddling with the pin on her breast, deciding to finally take it off. I finally broke my eyes away and pushed the call button. It wasn’t long until another stewardess walked by.

“Can I help you?” she asked with a rigid and inhuman smile. She was young, but not very attractive.

“Yeah, I just need a blanket if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, right away. ” It wasn’t long until she was back with one of those small, square, brown blankets that airlines use. I handed it over to my new friend, expecting her to bundle up. Instead, she stretched it across both our laps and moved her grip firmly to my hard cock.

“Ooh, that’s better. Thank you.” She leaned in, putting my arm around her with her free hand. She guided my hand right to her left breast.

“Yeah, this is…much better,” I said in a soft voice. I was blushing bright red. I let my hands move across her breast, realizing that she was wearing a cupless bra. “So that’s why your so cold…you’re letting your breasts face the elements alone.”

“I like it this way. I want people to see as much as possible when my nipples get hard,” she whispered quietly. Her lips were against my ear. “Oh, and incase you xnxx porno were wondering…I really want to make you cum.”

I swallowed, not believing how far this was going. This woman found me sexy, and seemed to get off on doing all the work. I decided to keep my mouth shut from this point forward, knowing that whatever I had to say wouldn’t help the moment.

I felt her hot wet tongue tease my ear as she started unzipping my jeans. I guess she planned on taking a few liberties being in the window seat…no one could see her that well. After a few moments she got my hard cock out from under my boxers and ran her warm fingers along it.

“Look straight ahead. If I’m gonna do this we can’t get caught.” She started kissing and licking my ear again, working my cock slowly. “Do you need some lubrication?”

“Yes,” I said quickly. Her hand left my cock for awhile, but staid under the blanket. Before long, it was back on me, wet and sticky.

“That’s exactly what you think it is,” she said as the smell filled my nostrils. That woman must have been soaking wet to get that much on her hand. She let her fingers glide over me, keeping her grip just tight enough. My nerves were on fire.

“Nn..I..uh..nn” I mumbled, trying to warn her that I didn’t want to cum all over the blanket.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan for that too,” she smiled. She shifted in her sheet a little bit and I tightened my hand on her large breast. “Mmm, squeeze it harder.” She said as her other hand moved under the blanket. I felt satin move onto my cock.

“Are those…”
“Yes. Those are my panties. I want your cum in them,” she said as she started working me faster. She started kissing and licking my neck now. “I love being a dirty girl like this. You’re just a little boy but I want your cum so baaaaad.” Her voice was quiet, but with a hard edge.

I started sweating a little, my hear beating furiously. She started tightening her grip on my throbbing cock and nibbling my earlobe. I was on the edge, but trying to hold back. I wanted to keep enjoying this.

“You don’t understand,” she kept whispering. “I realllly want your cum. I’m gonna put these panties back on after you cum in them, just so I can feel it against me.”

That was all it took. I lost any semblance of control and shot my load hard and fast into her panties. Some of it dribbled down my cock, but she was quick to rub the satin all over me and get it all up. Suddenly the panties were gone and she started shifting in her seat again, then stopped.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she whispered in my ear. “I’ll wear these for awhile…but when we land…I’ll have to take them off again.”

“Yeah, they’ll need washing,” I said lamely, feeling the need to talk but having nothing worth-while to say.

“No, silly,” she chastised me in that fuax-motherly way. “I’m gonna have you fuck me in my ass.”

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