The Vacation and then The Bachlorette Party


A few weeks I posted this story, in two parts, into the “Celebrity” category using names of personalities that you may recognize. The title of the stories is “The Anchorwoman, the Meteorologist & her Son.” If you want to see who these personalities are click on my name on this story and you will find the story.

I wanted more people to read the story so I have posted it into the “Group Sex” category not using any celebrity names. This story will stand on its own merits without the celebrity status.

The story centers around two women on vacation and five months later three more women join the two women for a bachlorette party in Las Vegas. This is a very, very long story, much longer than my usual stories. However, the sex is virtually non-stop from the very first page until the last page. There will not be an additional chapter written.

Beth Katz is the anchorwoman for the local evening news in Miami Beach. She is 43 years old and divorced. She is drop dead gorgeous. Taylor Messing is a reporter at the same station working beside Beth. She is Beth’s best friend. She is about 40 years old, divorced from her husband with four children and very good-looking. Her best feature is her amazing tits. For this story, Taylor’s oldest son is 21 years old.

Further along in the story I have also added Toni Arena, who is a newspaper reporter for the local newspaper, Jamie Burns who is a sports reporter for a national cable station, where she is based out of Miami, and Bonnie Weinstock, a successful real estate broker in South Beach. For this story Jamie is married with two sons 21 and 23 years old. Toni is married with small children and Bonnie is engaged to be married.

This story contains, group sex, lesbian sex, male-female sex, incest and two lines of male-male sex. If this is not to your liking please move on. Contrary to my other stories where there is a gradual build up to the sex, the sex in this story comes to you early and often.

Lastly, I have done my best to get the grammar and spelling correct. If you discover any of these please don’t comment on them as they have very little impact on the overall story. Thank you.

This is a work of fiction and fantasy. All participants are over 18 years of age and the sex is consensual. Your feedback is always appreciated. If you care to add me as a “Favorite Author” that would be appreciated. I hope you enjoy. Any relationship to any public figures is purely coincidental.

Taylor Messing stood in front of the mirror admiring both her tan and her nude body. She was attending two national conventions for Meteorologists. The Marriott Camelback Inn, in Scottsdale was a perfect location for an early spring meeting. She was able to convince the hotel manager to upgrade her room. Perhaps it was the scooped out top she was wearing, sans bra, that convinced him to give her the best room in the hotel. The one with the private pool. Taylor was looking forward to not only the convention meetings, but also the opportunity to catch up with her 21-year-old son, Jack. Jack was a student at the University of Arizona and would be on his spring break and would be arriving soon.

Taylor’s other children were off with her ex-husband, Bert who was taking them to Disney World. Taylor had divorced her husband 5 years ago after she caught him getting a blowjob from his secretary. She was to meet him for lunch at a local restaurant. When she realized that she would arrive early, she decided to surprise him at his office, just one block from the restaurant. Usually her husband’s secretary Joan is sitting at her desk in front of her husband’s office, but when Joan was not at her usual spot, she decided to just walk into her husband’s office. She knocked and let herself in.

Her first sight, as she recalled in her divorce deposition, was to see her husband and Joan locked in a 69 position with Joan’s naked ass right in front of her eyes. Joan’s cheeks were pulled apart and she could see her husband’s tongue running roughshod over her hairy slit. She could also see Joan’s mouth full of Bert’s cock. They were oblivious to Taylor’s presence in the room.

Joan’s hips were undulating as she quietly moaned her approval of Bert’s tongue. The matted red hair on Joan’s pussy matched the color of her hair on her head. Joan’s hips continued to move faster in time to the speed of Bert’s tongue. Finally, Joan could not keep Bert’s cock in her mouth as she came violently and noisily, pushing her pussy down on Bert’s face.

“Oh my, yes, yes, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I’ve never cum so hard!”

Just that second, Joan saw a shadow in the office and realized they weren’t alone. She had thought she locked the office door, but on second thought, it was obvious she didn’t. As she rolled off Bert, she let out a scream, causing Bert to rise up, both catching Taylor, hands on hips, not saying a word. Bert’s erection started to shrink.

Without a word, Taylor left the office. Two hours later Bert was served with divorce papers. Escort bayan Things were done quietly and quickly, as both parties were public people.

Taylor had the body of a 25-year old. Her 36D tits were featured prominently, although not on purpose, when she was on the air. Now, in the cool air- conditioned bedroom of her suite, her nipples stood out like erasers on a pencil, about ½ out from the center of her large aureole. The privacy of the private pool allowed her to sun herself without the confines of a bathing suit. The thick, hairy black bush was made more prominent because of the contrast with her overall tan. While she had trimmed the sides of the thicket of hair, in case she had to wear her bikini to the regular pool, the bikini bottom would still struggle trying to contain the bulge caused by the bottom pushing against the bush.

She idly ran her fingers through her bush, seeking her rapidly expanding clitoris. Taylor never had a problem reaching orgasm since learning how to enjoy sex during a lazy weekend at college, when her sorority sister introduced her to lesbian sex.

Taylor had returned to her sorority house, after she thought most of the kids in the sorority house left for an extended weekend break. She shared a room with Lisa Downs. Opening the door to her room she found Lisa lying naked on her bed, legs apart, eyes closed, furiously pushing a large dildo in and out of her very wet pussy. Taylor stood transfixed while Lisa continued to moan as her pleasure built. Lisa opened her eyes only to find Taylor staring, but did nothing to stop her own pleasure.

“Why don’t you join me? I have another toy in my nightstand.”

“I’ve never used one.”

“Now is as good a time as any to start.”

Taylor continued to stare at Lisa’s hard nipples on 34B tits and continued to move her eyes down to wear the dildo was disappearing between vaginal lips protected by a strawberry-blonde bush.

Taylor had always fantasized about having sex with girls. After hesitating for a second, Taylor began to remove her clothes. Now it was Lisa’s time to stare.

“My God, you have huge tits and I like the fact that you don’t shave. Here, come lie next to me” as Lisa pointed to the other side of her queen size bed. Lisa re-focused on the job at hand, giving herself a massive orgasm. She screamed, “I’m almost there. Yeah going to cum soon. Real soon.” With her right hand, Lisa began to move the dildo faster and faster out of her cunt and with her left hand she began to finger her exposed clitoris. “Oh yeah, yeah, cumming. Yes, Yes, Yes.” And then she sighed and sank back onto the bed.

Taylor was awestruck. She had rarely reached orgasm when fucking her current boyfriend and when she masturbated her results were not as explosive or rewarding as Lisa’s orgasm.

Lisa needed a few minutes to recover and then she handed Taylor the other dildo, this one also had a vibrator component to it. ” Set the speed to slow and as you start ‘feeling it,’ increase the speed. Start by rubbing it around your lips, then onto your clit and finally shove it into your cunt and fuck away.”

Taylor had never masturbated in front of anyone else, boy or girl, but felt at ease with Lisa next to her. She started exactly as Lisa told her and within minutes she was moaning and her breaths became labored.

“Trying to find your cunt hole with all that hair around your pussy is going to be a challenge” Lisa laughed.

Between moans, Taylor responded, “Never had a problem in the past,” as she shoved the dildo into, with the vibrator speed on medium, her very wet snatch. Taylor was about to move her fingers onto her clit when Lisa moved Taylor’s hand out of the way, replacing it with hers.

“You concentrate on fucking yourself. Let me get you off.”

Taylor was too far-gone, feeling so, so good to care. She just nodded her okay.

Lisa turned toward Taylor and turned Taylor’s head toward her. A small kiss was followed by a more sensuous kiss, driving Taylor’s lips apart and shoving her tongue into Taylor’s mouth. Taylor responded in kind, and they began forcing each other’s mouths and tongues together. At the same time, Lisa used her hands to pull at Taylor’s extended nipples. The pulling elicited another favorable response as Taylor’s moans became louder.

“Oh, so good. Harder, pull them harder,” Taylor shrieked.

Lisa did that for a few more minutes then she moved her left hand down to the tangled mass of pubic hair, seeking out Taylor’s pleasure button. She toyed with the black mass of curls and found Taylor’s clit peeking out of its hood. Lisa began to massage both sides of the sensitive button. That, along with Taylor pushing the dildo-vibrator into her cunt brought Taylor to a sexual high she had never experienced.

“There, right there, frig me faster, faster. Need to cum, need to cum,” Taylor wailed.

Lisa complied and once again brought her mouth to Taylor’s. Taylor was now humping on the bed, trying to get Bayan escort every last bit of pleasure from all the touching to her sexual core. Finally, with one loud shout, Taylor came.

Even after she reached her orgasm, Taylor took her time moving the mechanical sex tool out of her cunt. Lisa helped her along, but Taylor’s respite from being on a sexual high did not last long. Lisa swung her hips on top of Taylor facing her cunt and lowered her own cunt onto Taylor’s face. Taylor hesitated, but when Lisa began spreading her bush and putting her tongue onto her clit, Taylor reciprocated. Both women were now positioned to give each other the ultimate pleasure. And they did.

Both women toyed with the other’s pubic bush while finding their way around each other’s cunts with both their fingers and tongues. Taylor seemed to mimic what Lisa was doing. Tonguing the clit then they began to finger fuck each other. Both were gasping for air, moaning loudly and undulating their bodies to capture every bit of the sexual pleasure they could. It was hard to determine who came first but both of them were spent and collapsed on each other. The room reeked of sex. Each woman had a fine sheen of sweat on her bodies. Fluids were leaking from their respective cunts and their pubic bushes were matted. Lazily, they continued to play with each other’s cunts, realizing that they both had no strength to do anything more than rub their hands slowly across each other’s wet slit.

From this Taylor learned how to pleasure herself and that of her sexual partners during her college days. That included Lisa with whom she spent many hours satisfying each other.

Taylor finished her thoughts and continued to play with her cunt. She needed to cum and cum quickly. She moved to the edge of her bed, facing the mirror, and moved her hand faster across her cunt. Seeing herself in the mirror was always a turn on. With one hand rubbing her right tit, she found her clit with the other hand and moved her hand with increasing speed as she came hard. When she was done a smile crossed her lips. She was satisfied for now, but knew that there was more of the same coming when her soon arrived. She needed another shower.

Taylor dressed in a very short skirt, bikini top and flat sandals. She was going to the main lobby to meet her son who was driving in from college. As usual, with her ample chest on display in the bikini top, Taylor drew stares from men and quick glances from women. She was walking form her suite to the lobby taking the route that would have her go through the hotel’s large pool area. She wanted and liked the attention. Actually, she wanted her son’s attention.

When Taylor got to the lobby there was commotion by the front desk.

“What do you mean, you don’t have my reservation,” the woman yelled at the hotel manager. “I made the reservation two months ago,” shoving the written confirmation into the face of the manager.

The Manager, the same one who gave Taylor the upgrade, tried his best to assist this other beautiful woman standing in front of him. Long, wavy black hair, a beautiful face and figure to match, the woman had every right to be angry. If she was right. “Ms. Katz, a month after you made the reservation we sent you an email telling you that we would have to cancel it because all the rooms would be needed for the convention we are hosting that ends tomorrow and for the next large group coming in on Monday. We received confirmation that the email was received and read.”

Beth Katz, the anchorwoman from Miami Beach, denied ever receiving the email. She probably did get it, read it quickly and put it aside. She had planned this trip as a way to take advantage of their world famous spa. She was looking forward to a few days away from her job, her ex-husband, and even her kid. Now things were fucked up.

Taylor recognized the voice and moved closer to the front desk.

“Beth, I thought I heard your voice. What’s going on?”

Beth turned around to see her colleague from the station in Miami, Taylor Messing.

“Taylor, I’m glad to see you. They screwed up my reservation because of some conference. Now I don’t have a room. And my bags won’t arrive until tomorrow morning as they put them on the wrong flight.”

Taylor laughed. “I’m here for that conference and for the next one and for the weather. That’s why there are no rooms available.”

“I was looking forward to the spa and sun for a few days. Now I have to find another hotel. Unfortunately, nothing is a good as this one.

Taylor has admired Beth’s beauty ever since she first met her. She was gracious to her when she first came to the station. Plus the fact that Beth was the object of one of her sexual fantasies, made it easy for Taylor to make the following offer to her.

“Why don’t you stay with me? They gave me a huge suite, with a king size bed and a private pool.”

“Won’t it be an imposition?”

“No. There’s plenty of room.”

“Thank you,” Beth Escort said as she grabbed Taylor and hugged her. The visual of two stunning woman hugging was not lost on the man who had just walked into the picture.

Taylor felt Beth’s nipples poke her through her bikini top and it appeared as though the hug lasted longer than a “normal” hug should last. The moment was broken when she spied her son coming toward her.

“Jack,” she waved to him.

Jack did not need to hear her yell his name. There was only one woman he knew that had killer tits like the ones on display. His mom.

“Mom,” he replied as he rushed over to her. Reaching her, her embraced her and gave her a typical kiss a son would give his mother, one on her cheek.

Beth was watching this from a short distance. After her hugging with Taylor ended she found herself flush as Taylor’s amazing tits had pushed against her own 34 B’s causing her nipples to stand out and her thong panty to become moist. She was not usually attracted to women; never had a sexual relationship with one, but this arousal surprised her.

“Jack,” Amy said while pointing to Beth, you remember my colleague at work, Beth Katz.

“Sure, how are you doing?”

“Much better now. Hey Jack, can you give me a second with your mom?”

“Sure, no problem.”

Beth pointed to Jack’s suitcase.

Taylor said, “He came to see me. He’s on his spring break form college. He’ll be staying with us.”

“Is there another bedroom in the suite?”

“No, but there is a large pull-out convertible in the living room. He can sleep there. You okay with this?”

“I have no choice,” Beth said as a smile came across her face.

Turning to Jack, Taylor told him that Beth would be staying with them. Jack’s eyes lit up and he detected a subtle smile on Beth. That smile was not lost on his mom and it appeared as though both of them had the same idea regarding Beth.

As they were walking back to the suite, Jack whispered to his mom, “Do you think she’ll understand and how do you think she’ll handle ‘our situation’?”

Taylor replied, “I think it will be a little strange at first, but I bet she’s dying to get fucked. She’s been in a terrible marriage and her last few boyfriends treated her like shit. I think the private pool will give us the start to a great few days.”

Taylor thought back to almost two years ago, on a warm summer Friday. Her three youngest kids were with their father while she thought her oldest, 19 year old Jack, was at his girlfriends house in Brooklyn. Taylor thought she had a free weekend to herself. She had to cover the 6 pm news and then she was free until Monday. She had nothing planned except to open a bottle of wine and relax.

On the way out of work a few co-workers convinced her to have dinner and a few drinks with them. She reluctantly agreed. She had a good time with her co-workers, including the sexy Beth Katz but was happy that she was able to get home by 9 pm.

She opened the door, not expecting anyone home, and was surprised when she was greeted by music loud enough to carry from the room where it was coming from to the front door, but not loud enough to get the neighbors angry. Her corner apartment had three bedrooms, the master bedroom and two smaller ones, with her two daughters sharing one and her two sons sharing the other. Jack was rarely there as he was either at school or usually staying at his girlfriend’s house. Taylor was about to shout to lower the music but something stopped her.

She moved toward the back of the apartment, toward her bedroom when she heard sounds coming from that room. The music was coming from her bedroom and the door was partly open. She stared at the mirror on the wall that had the reflection of her son and his girlfriend, Molly fucking. Molly was straddling Jack in a reverse cowboy position. She was balancing herself on her hands while leaning back against Jack. Jack had his hands around Molly’s tits and was kneading the nipples that were now standing prominently on display. Jack was thrusting his huge cock in and out of Molly’s cunt. Molly had a landing strip of red hair on top of her slit. Taylor noticed two things. She didn’t know that her son’s cock was so large. Had to be 7 to 8 inches and at least 2 inches around. The second thing she noticed that Molly’s tits were just as large as hers. They were bouncing wildly as Jack continued to fuck her hard.

“You like fucking me, don’t you Jack,” Molly wailed. “Don’t you?”

“I love the way your cunt grabs my cock and I love your red haired cunt.”

“You like my tits too?”

“Yeah, they are the same size as my mom’s.”

“You would love to fuck her too, wouldn’t you?”

Jack remained silent.

“Come on, you’ve told me how you fantasized about getting your dick in her cunt. Ever since you caught her coming out of the shower a few years ago.”

Now it was Taylor’s turn to express shock. Now I remember. Jack was 17 when I thought he had left the apartment to meet with friends. I guess he stayed back when I ran from the bathroom naked to my bedroom.

“Fuck yeah,” Jack replied. What a set of tits she has, just like yours.” Jack continued to thrust into Molly’s very wet hole.

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