The Wages of Sin

Big Dick

Pam and Christina returned from the Brownies outing later that afternoon and weren’t surprised to see Bob’s car not in the garage. What her husband saw in this insane game of chasing a white ball around a field for several hours was a mystery to Pam. He seemed to enjoy it though, and she certainly didn’t need him underfoot all day on a Saturday.

Pam put the groceries in the cupboards and set about preparing dinner. She was cooking lasagna, Bob’s favorite dish. It was a lot of time and trouble in the preparation but she really didn’t mind. She’d even started a small herb garden in the back corner of the yard. With little Tina watching her favorite afternoon show on their new television set, Pam ran out to the garden to harvest some fresh basil for the lasagna. She picked out just the ripest leaves for there was way more than they would ever need. She’d considered tearing out a section of the lawn to grow a full vegetable garden but Bob nixed the idea. The lawn was his pride and joy. He was now pushing for one of those new gasoline powered lawn mowers since the grass grew so fast out here in California. Actually it grew fast because their automatic sprinklers watered them every day which Pam considered a waste but, she had to admit, the lawn was beautiful.

Pam was finished picking the basil and preparing to head inside when she happened to look over the back fence. Something caught her eye. There…on the ground…by the orange tree. What was Bob’s orange picker doing over in Stan and Lucy’s yard?

Several miles away, Bob McGregor was just leaving Griffith Park. Of course it was way too late to play golf, especially there where you couldn’t even sneak in nine. Harding and Wilson were true 18 hole courses. Once you teed off on one, you never got anywhere near the clubhouse until the eighteenth hole.

But Bob wanted his alibi to be pretty tight so he walked around and tried to mentally invent his afternoon. Not that Pam ever inquired about his golf Saturdays. As he made his way down Riverside Drive, Bob again recalled the events that had transpired earlier.

“I’ve gotta go over there and…and…” Bob didn’t really know what to think. He was now wondering just who Lucy’s husband Stan really was? He seemed to recall having met him once very briefly, but he wasn’t sure. Was he some kind of insane lunatic who would come after him with a meat cleaver if he found out what had happened? Did Lucy now think they were “Lovers” and would she interfere in his life, or worse yet, his marriage?

All these things were preying on his mind as Bob turned onto Lankershim, taking his usual “Shortcut” home. All these things and one more: the cocklurching sensation of Lucy’s soft warm mouth as she knelt there before him, sucking him off! The way she’d pulled down her panties…as if the sight of her splendid nudity would spur him on. Which it did! Bob’s cock began to harden in his pants as he replayed the encounter in his mind.

“I really have to stop this…” He wanted to talk to Lucy but he really wasn’t sure what would happen if he went over there again. He turned onto Victory and followed it all the way to Reseda where he could cross the railroad tracks.

“And no more of those screwdrivers!” He promised. “Boy! They pack a whollop!” Bob pulled his Desoto into the driveway and, leaving his clubs in the trunk like always, entered the house.

Pam was still wondering why that contraption of Bob’s was lying in their neighbor’s yard but decided against asking him point blank about it.

“It’s probably nothing.” She figured.

“Hi honey!” He greeted his pretty brunette wife with a peck on the cheek.

“Daddy!” Cried little Tina already running towards him at the sound of the front door.

“Hey there Sugar! How was the Brownies meetin’ today?” His sweet little daughter proceeded to regale him with all the amusing details of her day and Bob did the best he could to act interested. Tina finally went back to her TV show and Bob opened the ice box and took out a can of Rhinegold beer. He fished through the junk drawer until he found the opener. As he was puncturing the can Pam asked “So how was your golf game today Bob?”

Pleased that he’d prepared his alibi so well, Bob launched into his “Day” complete with a typically frustrating final hole.

“Who did you play with?” She said without looking at him.

Bob was suddenly flustered. He hadn’t even considered that question at all. He couldn’t very well name any of him usual golf buddies because Pam knew them all. It could come back to haunt him. An awkward silence followed as Pam’s question hung in the air until Bob managed to reply “Oh…just some guys I met at the course.” He quickly tried to shift gears, returning to his “Round” that day but the damage was done.

Pam made no further mention of it during dinner but, to her, Bob seemed awfully chatty. Something was up. Pam’s intuitive nature was sure of it.

It was the following Wednesday when Bob decided it was time to have a “Little Talk” with Lucy. Pam always picked up Tina from school on Wednesdays and met Escort bayan with some other young mothers for a children’s play date. The prestigious aerospace company he worked for allowed their employees to more or less come and go as they pleased. Creative thinking and time clocks didn’t mix was their general theory. So making a visit to his hot blooded neighbor wouldn’t present a problem. He decided to call her first to make sure the coast was clear.

Bob got Lucy’s phone number from the operator and dialed his neighbor’s number.

“Hi Lucy…it’s Bob…from next door…I mean, uh, behind…uh I mean…”

“I know who this is!” She interrupted. “So, how’s tricks Mr. Screwdriver?” She teased.

“Heh heh!” Bob couldn’t help but picture the sexy little blond, standing there in the kitchen, probably wearing those little shorts again, that teasing little tone in her voice.

“Well…uh…actually Lucy I was hoping to get together for a…a little chat about…about the other day.”

“Gee, I was planning to go out for lunch Bob. There’s a new restaurant on Ventura Blvd. I’ve been wanting to try.”

Bob thought for a moment. At a restaurant there was virtually no chance of any nosy neighbors seeing them together. And no chance they would end up in the sack.

“Sounds good Lucy.” He decided, “Where and when?”

“How about 12:30?” She responded. “It’s on Ventura near Laurel Canyon. The Tail of the Cock.”

It took a few seconds for the name to register. Then Bob slowly repeated: “Tail…of…the…cock?” They both dissolved into nervous laughter.

“Oh there you go again Bob!” Lucy chided. “You just have such a dirty mind!”

“Well that makes two of us Lucy!” Bob replied. He had to admit he liked her wild sense of humor.

“OK then, twelve thirty…see you there.”

Bob easily drove from his Burbank office to the Studio City restaurant since there was very little midday traffic.

“Gee this place looks kind of swanky.” Bob noticed. He parked his Desoto and, just after entering the restaurant, spied Lucy waving from one of the plush red booths near the back of the dining room.

Bob found himself wondering if Lucy often dined alone. Seemed a bit unusual to him but then she wasn’t your usual suburban housewife. As he approached the table he was struck anew by her ravishing good looks. She was dressed smartly in a yellow polka dot dress with her short blond hair styled in a page boy. Her dazzling brown eyes flashed at him as he sat down in the booth.

“Hi Lucy!” He greeted her with a smile.

“Hi yourself!” She retorted. She gestured to the busy lunchtime crowd and shook her head. “Boy, the word gets out fast doesn’t it?”

Bob didn’t particularly feel like engaging in chit chat but, since he was more or less committed to lunch here with Lucy anyway, he went ahead with the small talk, commenting on modern restaurants and people’s changing eating habits. He gulped when he saw the prices on the menu.

“Geez! Three bucks for a hamburger steak! And this is the lunch menu!” He thought to himself. “Lucy sure has a taste for the high life.”

Lucy managed to catch the attention of a waiter and called out “Two Screwdrivers please! Oh, and one Bloody Mary!”

“Hittin’ the sauce a little early aren’t you Lucy? Three drinks?”

“Oh, one of my girlfriends will be joining us for lunch today.” Lucy commented as she opened the menu. “I think you’ll like her.”

“Her?” Bob was already familiar with Lucy’s quirky…Hell, Kinky ways! He wondered who would be meeting them for lunch. It would be difficult to say the least to discuss the lewd encounter that had taken place last Saturday. With a stranger sitting there it would be impossible. He figured he’d better get it over with before Lucy’s friend arrived.

“Listen Lucy…about the other day…” But Lucy wasn’t paying attention. She was waving towards the door where a dazzling young brunette stood, her eyes searching the room.

“Debbie! Debbie…over here!” Lucy motioned to her guest who finally saw the stylish blond and began to approach the table.

“Hi honey!” Lucy greeted the young woman. “Here…sit down. Debbie, this is Bob. Bob…Debbie.”

Both parties looked a little chagrined as they exchanged “Howdja do’s.” Debbie was pleasant enough, but seemed to be shooting “What is This?” looks at Lucy who simply chatted on while perusing the menu.

Bob quickly saw his plans for a heart to heart talk with his pretty blond neighbor going out the window. Several minutes went by with Lucy carrying the conversation while Debbie and Bob avoided each other’s gaze the best they could.

Bob eventually noticed the knockout movie star looks of the uncomfortable brunette who sat across from him.

“Boy! Lucy can sure pick em!” He finally said to himself. “What a dish!”

The cocktails arrived and the waiter placed icy screwdrivers in front of Lucy and Bob. As he served the Bloody Mary to Debbie she blurted out “Oh! No, none for me please!”

Actually Bob had no plans to start up with the Bayan escort screwdrivers again either. He was supposed to be back at work, well, sometime this afternoon.

“Oh Debbie don’t be such a prude!” Lucy said pushing the drink towards her friend. “Let’s live a little!”

Reluctantly, Debbie grasped the cool drink. She stared at it as if uncertain where to go from here. Bob chuckled to himself as he watched Debbie’s indecision. “She’s in the same boat as me.” He concluded.

Lucy held her drink up as a toast and said “Cheers!” All three took a drink.

Debbie’s expression seemed to change after just one sip of the potent red drink. She settled back in the red naugahyde booth and took a deep breath.

Bob’s reaction was similar. He liked Screwdrivers because he couldn’t taste the alcohol. But it was there and he felt it almost immediately. He quickly drank again, downing almost half of his drink. All three parties continued to sip their cocktails while studying the menu.

Debbie was the first to finish her drink…and the waiter hadn’t even made it back to take their food order. Her dark brown eye eyes were heavy lidded now and Bob noticed she appeared to be eyeing him.

“So Bob…” She began, “Where do you know Lucy from?”

“We’re neighbors Debbie.” He replied, drinking in the beautiful brunette’s face as he smiled at her.

“Yeah.” Lucy interjected, “He helps me with my gardening and…and some other stuff too!” She said, almost giggling. “He’s handy with a… screwdriver!”

Bob was swallowing the last of his drink when she said it. Was she going to spill the beans? To this stranger? He sat there nervously…unable to think of something to say.

Debbie also wondered what her friend had meant by that last comment. “Oh. Are you…are you helping Lucy out with some projects at home this afternoon?” She offered.

Lucy set down her menu and looked across the table at Debbie.

“No Debbie.” She winked. “He wants to watch me lick your pussy!”

“Lucy No! Debbie hissed in fury. “That’s private!”

Just at that moment the waiter arrived to take their lunch order. An extremely awkward silence settled over the table.

“I’ll try the Waldorf salad.” Lucy addressed the waiter. She seemed unconcerned about the stunning announcement she’d just made moments before. Bob stared at her from across the booth.

“What did she just say? Did Lucy just say what I think she said?” His mind whirling, Bob somehow managed to order a hamburger, medium well with french fries.

Debbie sat quietly…eyes downcast. “I’m…I’m really not hungry.” She finally spoke without lifting her head.

“Nonsense!” Insisted Lucy. “She’ll have the club sandwich and another round of these.” She said gesturing to the cocktail glasses now sitting empty.

When the waiter had left the table, Debbie turned to Lucy and said “Lucy I need to speak to you in private for a moment.”

“Oh Debbie please!” Lucy shot back. “Bob and I have no secrets. Besides, he’s a very curious guy. I’m sure he’d get a kick out of watching while I…”

“Please Lucy! That’s enough! Debbie interrupted. The distraught young beauty was turning beet red from the uncomfortable position her friend had put her in.

Bob was beginning to believe what Lucy had so indelicately announced could very well be true. Lucy was a wild one. He knew that from personal experience. Debbie, however, didn’t seem to be “That Kind Of Girl.” He studied the embarrassed young woman across the table who now seemed to be studying her Bloody Mary as a way of avoiding her fellow diner’s eyes. She was naturally beautiful and, other than her red lipstick, she wore little makeup. Her stylish pink sweater had those pearl buttons and her ample breasts filled it out quite well. Her dark brown hair was parted on the side and cascaded down over the side of her face. She looked a lot like that hot young actress, Natalie Wood. To see Lucy lick Debbie’s pussy would be a dream come true.

“Nah! Never happen!” He decided. Lucy was nutty and all but Debbie would never engage in anything so kinky as that.

“So…Bob…” Lucy turned to speak. “What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

Suddenly, it was Bob’s turn to squirm. He couldn’t very well bring up the delicate subject of their encounter last Saturday in front of Debbie.

Curious now, Debbie looked over at Bob who was downing his screwdriver in an attempt to kill time. He set down his glass and, as casually as possible said, “Oh…That can wait Lucy.” He moved his eyes around the room, hoping to avoid hers.

Lucy sipped her vodka beverage and, using the same casual tone asked “Was it something to do with all that sperm you made me swallow last Saturday?” The knowing smile she flashed at him quickly made him understand that she was holding all the cards now.

“Honestly! You two!” Lucy shook her head. “All we’ve done is have a little fun and you act like we’re all going to Hell or something! Debbie, if your husband is always traveling around the country on business, don’t Escort you think he has some fun himself while he’s gone? So why make such a big deal out of it if you do likewise? He shouldn’t be neglecting you honey. You have needs too!”

She looked over at Bob and spoke. “And you, Bob. Your wife certainly keeps that house clean and I hear she’s a terrific cook, but does she ever give you anything other than the good old ‘In and Out?’ Well, my husband travels all the time and I decided a long time ago he doesn’t run my life and he isn’t responsible for my happiness. I do what I please and so should you.

Just then, the waiter arrived and set their lunch plates in front of them. Bob dug into his hamburger, his head still spinning from what had just transpired. He glanced over at Debbie and wasn’t surprised to see her looking back. They both seemed to be under Lucy’s power now. He really didn’t know where his afternoon was heading but it sure wasn’t where he’d intended when he entered the restaurant.

Lucy ordered another round of drinks to which there wasn’t even token resistance on the part of either of her intimidated dining companions. She then turned to Debbie and said “Now Debbie, remember me telling you that Bob is a curious guy? Well, believe me, he is! And I think he might be interested to know what color panties you’re wearing today.”

Debbie almost choked on her bite of food. She looked across the table at Bob who was almost as surprised at Lucy’s question as she was. Knowing she had to answer, she replied “White” in a quiet voice.

“OK..white panties! I think Bob likes white panties don’t you Bob?”

Bob nodded his head, wondering what Lucy was up to now.

“Would you like to see them Bob? Would you like to look at Debbie’s white panties?”

Bob was beginning to realize the role Lucy was expecting him to play in her friend’s humiliation. He also felt he had no choice now but to reply.

“Yes, I would Lucy.”

“Now, why don’t you be a dear and go to the ladies room Debbie.” Lucy’s eyes were flashing now as she read the shocked expression on Debbie’s face. “You can’t very well take off your panties right here now, can you?”

Afraid of what might happen if she refused, Debbie quickly slid across the naugahyde and made her way to the ladies room.

Lucy took the opportunity to explain Debbie’s situation to Bob. Apparently, her husband was in the movie business and doing quite well. But his work involved going on location for sometimes, months at a time. He was quite a bit older than Debbie and, in fact, she had once worked for him in a clerical position. Debbie had at first loved the life of luxury he’d introduced her to after his divorce was final and they were able to marry. But, over time, he seemed to lose interest in her, both socially and sexually to where Debbie now considered herself “Unattractive” to men.

“Well she sure isn’t ‘Unattractive’ to me!” He replied after hearing Lucy’s explanation.

They both saw Debbie reappear from the ladies room walking, a little tipsy, towards the table. She sat down and, before returning to her lunch, she pulled a wadded up bundle of white fabric from her clutch purse and handed it to Lucy.

Bob was unabashedly staring now at the two ravishing women sitting across from him. She’d done it! She’d actually done it!

“Oh Bob…” Lucy began, “You have a spot of ketchup on your lip!” She handed the “Napkin” to Bob who took Debbie’s panties and pretended to wipe his face with the soft warm cloth. He then “Wiped his nose” using the opportunity to inhale Debbie’s vaginal fragrance.

Debbie watched closely as Bob enjoyed her panties. He then carefully folded them and put them in his slacks. His cock was hard at the thought of Debbie’s pussy…now bare beneath her ruffled black skirt, and the scent of her fresh young cunt in his nostrils.

By the time the check arrived, all three parties were ready for more fun and games.

“Why don’t we adjourn to your house Debbie?” Lucy suggested. “No one will bother us up there.”

Bob was judged to be the best able to drive and the three all piled into Debbie’s cavernous Lincoln. Bob couldn’t wait to drive the baby blue beauty.

“Damn!” He thought. “What a car! All leather inside, radio and everything! This thing must have cost five thousand bucks! Her old man must be really doing well!”

The Lincoln handled so smoothly it almost drove itself. Bob maneuvered the luxury sedan up Laurel Canyon’s winding curves and made a right onto Mullholland drive. They drove a short distance further and then pulled up a long steep driveway which revealed a large, two story home accented with flagstone at the top.

“Geez! What a pad!” Bob couldn’t help but gush as he took in the view. They entire San Fernando Valley was laid out before them.

“That’s nothing!” Lucy responded. “You can see Catalina from the upstairs bedroom windows.

When they heard Lucy mention the “Upstairs Bedroom,” both Bob and Debbie realized that was where they were headed. They followed Lucy who seemed to know the layout well. She climbed the circular stairway with Debbie just behind her. Bob was ogling the jiggle of Debbie’s unpantied butt…hoping, but still not quite believing, that he would soon be seeing her splendid body in the nude.

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