The Woman in the Window


My parents, when I was about 12, moved into an older Victorian style house on Summit Avenue, a street that sloped steeply up to Summit Park. It was a three story house with a maids quarters on the third floor, three bedrooms on the second, one of which Mom had turned into her sewing room. My younger brother and I shared one bedroom until I went into high school. At that time, my parents let me move to the third floor, my younger brother had been an interruption when I was doing my home work in our room.

Next door to us and the house up hill from us, was occupied by old man Johnson and his daughter, Mavis, a thirty two year old woman. My new room was on a level with their second floor.

Right after my eighteenth birthday, in my senior year of high school, old man Johnson died suddenly, leaving Mavis alone in their house.

One of the perks I enjoyed in my room was privacy, I could jack-off whenever I wanted which was usually at night after I had finished my homework for the next days school. I liked to lay on my bed and watch, when when I came, the thick, ropey gobs of jism shoot out of my prick to land on my belly and chest. Afterwards I could go into my bathroom and clean up before turning off the light and getting into bed for the night. I always slept good then.

One night it was after dark when I entered my room and before I could turn on the light, I saw the lighted window in the house next door. Mavis was in, what turned out to be, her bedroom. I could see her moving about in her room until she stopped in front of the window, peering across towards my room. I knew she couldn’t see me as I watched her from my darkened room.

Then, she slowly started to undress. As each travesti porno piece of her clothing came off my cock began to stiffen until she stood in front of her window completely naked and I had a raging hard-on. Mavis seemed almost to be posing for my benefit, while looking directly at my window, running her hands over her body, cupping her smallish, pointed tits, then to her bare pussy.

As I slowly massaged my cock, Mavis left the window and then reappeared to lay down on her bed, her feet towards the window. Now I watched as she played with herself, much as I did myself on so many nights. “Good god,” I thought to myself, she’s seen me jerking off! How many nights has she watched me? Is she doing this for me?”

Her hips began bouncing up and down on her bed and I was sure she was about to get herself off and she did. Her legs, which had been slightly parted while she fingered herself, suddenly shot straight out and her whole body seemed to shudder.

In the dark, I stripped off my clothes and then, turning on my room light, lay back on my bed and commenced to jack-off. I would reward her for the show she had put on for me. It only took a couple of minutes and I shot my load and I watched as my jism spurted into the air and arched back onto my belly.

A minute later I looked out my window to see her sitting on the foot of her bed, staring at me. When she saw me looking back at her she raised one arm and motioned for me to come to her house. I glanced at my clock, it was after eleven and I would be able to sneak out of the house. I gave her an “OKAY” sign, pulled on my denims, grabbed a tee shirt and crept down the back stairs to the kitchen and güzel porno out the back door, making sure I left it unlocked.

Barefoot, I crossed the front lawns and up onto her front porch. I was about to knock but the door swung open. Mavis stood there in the darkened doorway, holding one arm across her tits. “Come,” she whispered loudly, “come in quickly.” I pushed past her into the dark house and then followed her naked body upstairs to her bedroom. I left my tee shirt on the stairs and as she crawled onto her bed, I stripped off my denims. My cock was again standing hard and stiff.

“Come on, Kevin, do me, do me. Put that beautiful penis in me.” I needed no second invitation and was on my knees between her legs in a flash, my prick aimed for her cunt. She guided it into her slippery, wet tunnel and immediately began humping at me. We were quickly in rhythm with each other, fucking like wild animals. This was so much better than jacking-off. Her legs wrapped around me, pulling me more forcefully into her, grunting an “ah..ah..ah,” with each stroke. God, but it felt wonderful!

In minutes, her grunts became a low growl and she gripped me with both arms as she reached a climax. “YES..YES..YEAH!,” and she stopped her humping, straining against me, panting hard.

After several minutes she relaxed and slowly began humping again. My own orgasm began to build slowly while she continued her grunting noises, then, softly she began, “Fuck me Daddy, fuck your baby girl, fuck her good. Oh Daddy, I’m gonna do it, Daddy, I’m gonna do it. You make it so good, you make your baby girl feel so good!” Her eyes snapped open and she looked into mine. “Fuck me, Kevin, fuck anal porno me good, I’m gonna cum again, oh shit! I’m there, I’m there.” Once more she gripped me in her arms as I continued my frenzied thrusting. I was not to be denied and I felt my jism shooting up the length of my rod to erupt into her hot cunt. God, what a feeling, I swear I could feel every spurt as it left my balls till it exploded inside her hot, wet nest… it was so intense.

Mavis held me for the longest time, even after we both relaxed from our mutual orgasm. Then “Kevin, I’ve wanted this, needed this for the longest time. Whenever I watched you do yourself, I had to do myself at the same time, imagining your cum on me when you came.”

“Why,” I asked, “didn’t you turn your light on sooner? We could have been doing this all winter. “I know,” she answered. ” I don’t know why it took so long but I just couldn’t do it before, but tonight I was desperate and I had to get you over here, I had to have you inside me.” She released me and eased out from under me. “I’ve got to go to the bathroom…I need to pee.” She got to the bedroom door, then turned. “Do you want to watch me Pee? Daddy used to watch me all the time.

I’d never seen a woman pee so I nodded ‘yes’ and followed her into the bathroom. Instead of sitting on the seat, she squatted over the bowel and quickly, a torrent of golden pee poured out of her to splash into the water below. As the last dribble left her, she grabbed a wad of toilet paper and handed it to me. “You can wipe me, Daddy always wiped me so good.” I reached down between her legs and blotted what dampness remained and then she straightened up and we left the bathroom.

Once back in the bedroom, I picked up my denims and pulled them on. “Mavis, I’ve got to get home. I’ve got a big test in school tomorrow and I’ve got to get some sleep.” At first she seemed disappointed, then grinned.

There’s always tomorrow night’s a Friday night.”

To Be Continued…

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