Those Designs You Have on My Throat


There’s a solid tie around my ankles, pulling them tightly together, and a beautiful weave framing my knees, keeping my thighs clasped shut. My ankles are securely fastened to the edge of the bed, with no wriggle room.

Hands under my arms you roughly pull my body taught, neck tipping over the edge of the bed so my airway opens and lengthens. My wrists are lashed to posts either side of the bed increasing the spread of my body to an almost painful position.

You place one hand on my elongated neck and the other pinches my closed-off clit, teasing as you are wont to do. You nestle a vibrator millimeters away from the sweet spot that just hits it right, switching it on to its lowest, most frustrating setting, causing me to wiggle and strain against my bonds.

You bring your hands to the sides of my face, forcing my gaze to yours and my body to be still. That special little smirk crosses your face and the raise of your hand causes me to flinch. I’m rewarded for that with a sharp double slap. My cheeks redden and my eyes water. This is going to be tortuous.

I’m already pent up, desperate. You’ve been teasing me for what feels like weeks, Bostancı Türbanlı Escort edging me and not letting me tip over. You won’t fuck me, you won’t let me finish. My frustration is palpable and it’s starting to show.

Your thumbs tip my jaw open, pushing my mouth as wide as it will go. Your left hand clasps my jaw as your right strokes your cock elegantly, slowly, inches from my eyes. I can see every drop of moisture protruding from the tip and gurgle with lust. You drag the tip around my lips, spreading your scent over my skin.

You’re semi-erect as you invade my waiting mouth, relishing as you slide through the extra saliva pooling in my mouth. Excruciatingly slowly you press on down my throat, the growing head of your cock tickling the sides of my gums, my tonsils, my throat. You push till you can go no further, moving your hips so that your cock irritates my gag reflex and draws out that lovely little gurgle you adore. Your cock hardens, thickening in my throat and cutting off my ability to breathe, plugging against the ever increasing gagging noise. You watch as I try to maintain composure against the fight Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort to breathe, the fight for oxygen, watching as my chest starts to strain and my throat muscles clench wildly and then you pull out…

My lungs flutter, my body audibly dragging in the breath it has missed, my throat spluttering and coughing against the lubrication you’re dragging out of my throat. Your cock is glistening, thick strings of saliva connecting you deep into my throat. With a glint in your eye you cover my face with this gloopy liquid, spreading it all over and ensuring I feel like the mess I look.

My ragged breathing starts to settle and you invade again. I’m fighting harder this time, I know exactly what’s coming, and my body tries to resist. I force the panic response to settle, mastering it, allowing your cock deep into my throat with ease. You hold deep in my throat, twitchingly hard as you feel my vocal chords gasping around you.

This time, when you feel my body get desperate, you pull halfway out, allowing my longs a minimal gasp of air before plunging back in at speed. You start a rhythm- a slow Bostancı Ucuz Escort draw out, a pause, a thrust back in- and pleasingly those minute seconds where I’m allowed to breathe amplify the gurgling noises my throat is constantly throwing out. You keep going, pushing my body till it is at bursting point before pulling all the way out once more.

My eyes are glazed as they try to focus on your throbbing cock, my natural propensity for breathing working its hardest to reoxygenate my blood. I’m not prepared for your next onslaught, the relentless pummelling of my throat, and my gurgle merges to a cry. Your hips are pistoning your cock along the length of my throat and your hands assault my breasts, grabbing grinding pummelling pulling pinching slapping…you’re rocking my body so that every thrust causes my clit to hit the painfully low vibrator and against an audible backdrop of my cries and gasps you work yourself to orgasm.

You twist my nipple with one hand, cock buried deep in my throat, reaching down for the vibrator with your other hand and increasing its intensity. You press it hard against my clit and your cock twitches to orgasm as I start to moan around your cock, my own orgasm firing suddenly as you spurt your cum deep into my throat, hips against my face and cock cutting off my airway.

You pull out for the last time, cock dragging cum and saliva with you to drape all over my face as my body twitches violently, straining with its orgasm.

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