Three – Chapter 1


Three – Chapter 1″Do you mind if we ask you something a bit … unusual?” the man asked, sitting down beside the stranger at the bar as the woman sat down on the other side with a smile. The stranger ran his eyes over her generous figure in the tight black dress, turned to him and said, “Go on.” Without a pause the man said, “We’re here on vacation, and we take it you’re not from around here either.” The stranger nodded. “Well, we’ve always been curious about having a threesome, and wanted to know if you were interested in joining us back in our hotel room.”The stranger turned back to the woman and began looking her figure up and down. She sat up straight to flaunt her breasts while coyly eyeing the two men before her. “You’d have to agree to a few things:” the man was saying, “First, you’ll have to wear a condom at all times. Second, you only do what she tells you to do. And third, you can never breathe a word of this to anyone.” The stranger turned back to the man and said, “You have a deal.”The door to their hotel room opened and the man, the woman, and the stranger entered. It looked like any hotel room, except for an open suitcase on a chair near the dresser that was brimming with various fun-looking sex toys and implements. “Have a seat over there and take off your clothes,” the woman directed the stranger, who obediently walked to the corner, sat down in an armchair, and started unbuttoning his shirt. The man stood nearby and started to strip as well, while his wife kicked off her shoes and slid her panties onto the floor. Her short dress was hiked up past her waist, but she kept her legs together and sat on the edge of the bed. She slid her hand around her ass and started to finger herself from behind while she watched these two men undress.They in turn had been watching her, and when she slipped off her panties the stranger’s groin had bulged noticeably as he removed his pants. The man pulled off his boxer briefs and stood stroking his naked hard-on, but the stranger hesitated. “I’ll take off mine if you take off yours,” the woman said seductively and unclasped her dress from behind her neck. It was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and the only fabric that hid her breasts from view quickly started losing ground. The stranger stood, sliding his boxers off his waist; no sooner had her dress fallen past her nipples than the stranger’s hard cock leapt from his passing boxers and reached out longingly for her body. She thrust her tits forward and stood up, swaying and dancing slowly while they watched her strip for them.The stranger’s eyes took in her beautiful, naked breasts and watched her dress as it slid down past her hips, over her luscious ass, and finally lay around her ankles like a pedestal. She stepped out of the fallen garment toward the stranger and struck a wide-legged pose with her hips and tits thrust forward, then walked up to him and pressed her body up against his. Her lips hovered an inch from his mouth and she cupped his balls with her hand. The stranger’s cock jumped and she stroked his shaft twice before lowering to her knees and grabbing a flavored condom from the dresser beside her. With his cock at face height she rolled the condom over the head of his cock and down his shaft. She pressed her hand against the base of his shaft and slid her lips along the route the edge of the condom had just taken, sucking him into her mouth.Deep-throating the stranger’s manhood she paused for several seconds to relish the pulsing, throbbing cock filling her mouth before pulling away again. “Mm, strawberry,” she said, giving the shaft another long, slow lick from base to tip with obvious pleasure. She slid over to her husband and pulled his hips to her face, taking his member into her mouth and deep-throating him the same way. After a few seconds she slid her lips back up his shaft but he caught her head in his hands and gently forced her back over his cock five or six more times. When she stood up she smiled at him and kissed him passionately on the lips before wrapping her hands around her husband’s and the stranger’s dicks and leading them over to the bed. She crawled seductively across the sheets on all fours and the two men climbed up as well, kneeling on either side of her.Kneeling between them, she bent over to rub her pussy against her husband’s hard cock saying, “Fuck me deep and slow.” He caressed her ass and slid himself inside her as she moaned with her face pressed against the stranger’s member and looked up longingly at the him. “I want your dick in my mouth,” she instructed and he lightly held her chin in one hand and slid himself into the cock-shaped hole she made with her lips. The stranger placed his hands gently on the woman’s head and she placed her hands on his, teaching him how to press down so her own mouth was impaled on his member in a strong, steady rhythm.Her husband thrust into her hips hard and bottomed out inside her, making her lose her balance and have to catch herself on her hands while her tits swayed freely between her arms. The cock in her mouth deep-throated her again and when she regained her balance she felt the stranger’s hands forcing her head to continue its strong, steady rhythm up and down his shaft. The man continued thrusting and steadily, deeply fucked his wife, making sure every stroke probed the deepest part of her sanctum. The woman, in turn, rocked back and forth between them, ensuring both dicks entered fully into her with every stroke and letting out a lusty, feminine moan each time her mouth was filled with the stranger’s cock.After a few minutes and several dozen strokes of their shafts the woman moved to try to stand up. The man and the stranger, hands grasping her strongly, quickened their pace and began thrusting into her in unison. Their members were stiff and their balls held back their cum as they buried themselves inside her warmth, squeezing her konak escort between them long and hard before letting her go. She scrambled into a kneeling position and closed her eyes, pausing to relish the feeling of submission with a girlish grin spread across her lips.Opening her eyes, she crawled across the bed to the open suitcase beside it and retrieved two pairs of handcuffs. She returned to the two men who had been admiring the view of her ass and gave her husband a firm kiss on the lips. Shoving him back toward the headboard, she straddled his chest and he let her handcuff him as he watched her tits sway a foot above his head. Once his wrists were secure she turned around and planted one knee on either side of her husband’s head and spread her legs to their fullest extent. His tongue instinctively darted into her pussy and her moans made the stranger start absentmindedly jacking off as he watched her roll her head back, stretch her arms out along the headboard, and start riding her husband’s face.The man’s tongue and lips licked and sucked, kissed and massaged her slit and clit in a tenderly expert fashion. She bent down to kiss, suck and stroke his cock in return, sliding his dick in past her lips and holding it with her tongue. She let it fill her mouth as she tickled his balls with her fingernails, but after a minute of 69ing him the woman found her lips immobile around his shaft while focusing on what he was doing to her nether regions with his tongue. The stranger stood up and stepped forward until he was standing over her, watching her hips thrust as he stroked his own member. The husband drove his tongue in and out of his wife’s pussy until she was on the brink of orgasm and craved something bigger to fill her void.The woman opened her eyes and pulled her mouth off of her husband’s dick, smiling as the stranger’s full, hard cock came into view. She stretched her arms along the headboard again and stood up. Stepping up to the stranger she pressed her body up against his, thrusting her hips against his hard shaft and feeling his balls so close to her pussy. With the taste of her husband’s cock still in her mouth she let her lips hover a fraction of an inch from the stranger’s, then slid down his body making sure his dick wove its way between her tits and along her neck to rest on her cheek. Her hands stroked his back from his shoulders to the base of his cock, and while one hand wrapped around his member as it pressed against her face her other hand reached between her legs to guide her husband’s manhood through her voracious pussy lips.She sat back, plunging the man’s shaft deep inside her, and arched her back in pleasure. Her hands grabbed the stranger’s hips, pulling his cock to her naked breasts and teaching him to titty-fuck her. After a dozen thrusts she let go and put her arms above her head, letting the stranger grab her ribcage and indulge himself on her chest while she rode her husband like a stallion. Seeing a stranger fuck his wife’s tits while her naked ass and back swayed before him made the husband’s cock bulge and he started thrusting deeper into his wife’s pussy.”Don’t cum until I tell you to,” the woman told the stranger. She felt her pussy tighten as it was filled with the lustful, pulsing member and it in turn clamped down on her husband’s invading man-meat with all its might. She could feel her climax start to peak and grabbed the stranger’s hips, diving onto his cock with her mouth. The stranger’s balls tapped her chin as she planted her lips around the base of his shaft. Her arms and legs held both cocks deep inside her as an orgasm spasmed through every muscle in her body and her scream of pleasure was muffled by the cock in her mouth.Both men held their cum while she pleasured herself on their members, riding her rolling orgasm in frozen ecstasy. As it began to subside she pulled the dick out of her mouth and slid off her husband’s cock onto his chest. A shiver of delight burst through her and the stranger watched her tits bounce and jiggle. Now that she had cum she only wanted more. “Fuck me slowly in the ass,” she said, looking up at the stranger, then turned around to lay on her husband’s chest. Easing herself back onto her husband’s cock, she propped herself up on her arms so he could get a good look at her tits as they hung inches from his face. The woman felt a pair of hands on her ass and the stranger’s legs on her inner thighs as he pulled her asshole apart with his thumbs and slowly eased himself into her back door.Her face froze as her mind was consumed with the feeling of being double stuffed, and when he bottomed out inside her she leaned back to hold him there. Then, slowly, she started rocking, letting each man’s shaft bob in and out of their respective holes. The stranger’s hands on her ass and hips pulled and pushed in time with her movements, letting him pull out almost to the head on each stroke only to sink back in til he pressed his hips against her ass. Her husband was next, thrusting up with his hips each time the stranger pulled his wife back onto his own cock. The man buried himself inside her pussy on each stroke and the feel of her ass and pussy quivering from the stranger’s hips and balls slamming into her made his balls tighten.When he came his wife pushed back hard, filling herself with his exploding member, while the stranger sank his shaft into her and waited. A second orgasm flooded the woman’s body and she let out a cry as her womanhood clenched her husband’s cock and milked him dry inside of her in spasm after spasm of elation. She collapsed onto him as they finished and felt the cock pulling out of her ass. After a few moments she kissed her husband and released his arms from their manacles so he could go clean up. As he walked to the bathroom he heard her say, “Let’s get you a new condom.”The man took a few minutes to wash up, konak escort bayan and when he came back into the room his wife was on her back, her legs spread wide and her arms stretched out above her head. He sat down in an armchair and watched as the stranger moved between his wife’s legs and slipped himself into her waiting pussy. The stranger bent over her and licked and fondled her bare breasts as he started thrusting slowly and deliberately with his hips. The husband stroked his shaft and balls as he watched the woman moan and wrap her arms around the stranger’s back, pulling him closer to her. He kissed all over her neck and breasts, stroking and fondling her skin as he made love to her gaping pussy with his manhood. He leaned back and grabbed her ankles, holding her legs apart as he buried himself deep inside her on every stroke. Her enjoyment was obvious; she groped her breasts and pinched her nipples, moaning longer and louder.The woman’s hand slid down to rest against the stranger’s chest near the base of his cock and she said, “Do me from behind.” He pulled out and she turned over, laying her chest down against the bed and sliding her ass back into his crotch. As he slid into her pussy and started gently thrusting, she cooed to him, “Fuck me hard!” The stranger took his cue and grabbed her ass. She reached out instinctively for the headboard as the stranger slammed into her from behind. His hips slapped against her ass with every stroke and a cry built in her throat as she braced against his furious onslaught.This went on for several minutes, and when the stranger finally slowed in exhaustion the woman heard a fap fap fap coming from the armchair. She looked over to see her husband masturbating as he watched her taking it from a perfect stranger from behind. A smile crept across her face as she lay pressed into the bed, getting slowly fucked by the stranger’s cock and she reached out for her husband. “I want you in me,” she said, and he stood up and walked over. The stranger pulled out and all three stood beside the bed.With one hand on each of their cocks she said, “I want you both in me,” looking first at the stranger, then back to her husband. “I get her pussy all the time. I’ll fuck her ass, you can take her pussy,” her husband said to the stranger. The woman turned toward the stranger and he grabbed her waist. Her husband held her just under the shoulders and they helped her wrap her legs around the stranger’s waist. Placing their cocks next to each other, they slowly lowered the woman onto themselves. She leaned back against her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck as he slid himself slowly into her ass. Once he bottomed out, the stranger started pressing his hips forward, parting her pussy with his engorged head and sliding his shaft’s full length inside her until her pussy lips gripped the base of his shaft.The woman sighed delightedly at being double penetrated and relaxed back against her husband’s chest with her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped around the stranger’s waist. Together the two men lifted, then lowered her back onto their dicks, slowly double fucking the woman pressed between them. The husband stroked the underside of his wife’s breasts with his fingers and lifted them so the stranger could bury his face in them each time the men raised her up. His hands fondled her ass and upper thighs as he supported her and parted her cheeks to make room for their lustful sex organs.The two cocks throbbed and swelled inside her as the three of them writhed and thrusted in unison to their mutual pleasure. She could feel her husband’s penis growing again after his recent cum and soon it was stretching her asshole, consuming her mind with the overwhelming feeling of double penetration. The woman’s eyes closed as she held on, knowing that being fucked by two cocks at the same time was a precious commodity and relishing as much of it as she could. Her pussy and asshole gripped their penetrating members firmly as she rode them both, humping and fucking in time with them to pull them into her cockholes as deep as they could go. When her ass felt it couldn’t stretch any more, her mouth started to water at the thought of tasting cum-budding manhood. Leaning her lips to her husband’s ear, she whispered through her grunts and moans of one who is stuffed by double ravishing invaders, “Go … wash off. … I want …. to taste your … cock.” Her husband’s shaft pulsed with anticipation inside her ass, and he pulled out. He left, and the stranger wrapped his arms around the woman, her tits caressing his face with their soft, warm skin as she continued to ride his fuck-stick with her dripping wet pussy. She wrapped her arms around his head and rubbed his face in her cleavage while he laid her down on the edge of the bed. While her husband was washing off his dick, the stranger held the woman’s legs up in the air and slid his shaft slowly and deliberately along her pussy passage.The woman relaxed at his strong touch and knowing thrusts, reaching down to hold his cock as it perpetually parted her pussy lips. His hips continued their rhythm and she jacked him off with her hand wrapped around his member as his cock head darted in and out of her over engorged cumhole. Her fingers brushed his ballsack and she could feel his shaft was tensed almost to the point of exploding inside of her. She ached to feel his manhood swell and burst with affection for her, but wanted to wait for her husband so she could have both of them in her when he came.”Fuck me over the end of the bed,” she commanded, and he dutifully pulled out and turned her over. With her toes barely touching the floor and her piece of ass awaiting satisfaction, the woman propped herself up on her elbows, pressing her breasts in front of her alluringly, and looked toward the bathroom for her husband. Just as the stranger’s escort konak hands parted her asscheeks and pussy lips and slid his raging member deep into her inner sanctum, her husband walked around the corner and approached the bed. The dick in her pussy was bigger than ever and with waves of sexuality pouring over her she batted her eyes at her husband and licked her lips.Needing no further prompting he crawled onto the bed and kneeled in front of her face, his knees straddling her head as it hovered near his cock, swaying in time with the stranger’s thrusts as he fucked her from behind. She kissed the head of her husband’s cock while her hands stroked his shaft and tickled his balls. Once he was sufficiently hard again, she turned to the stranger and said, “Pick a good pace, and fuck me til you cum. I want to feel your dick explode deep inside my pussy.” She could feel her husband’s head swell in her hands when she said it, and as soon as she turned back to him she slid his member through her waiting lips. The stranger’s cock started fucking her steadily and she let out seductive moans from the sexual waves he was washing over her, muffled by her lover’s head and shaft filling her mouth.The stranger had held his cum for a long time, and now his eruption built at a nice slow rhythm. His pace remained constant: medium pace and decent impact. The woman could feel his shaft sink in every time til his balls tapped her clit and his head grazed the back wall of her cum catcher. Then his shaft would pull out, sliding along through her engorged pussy lips that gripped it greedily like a juicy, ripe fruit on the knife that splits it open. The stranger’s cock was dripping with her sexual longing, and each time its head broke the surface to be kissed by her passionate pussy lips he drove it back into her, filling her void and eliciting another moan of gratification that begged him to continue. Getting manhandled from behind made her start to orgasm again, and as she felt the cock in her pussy swelling toward its ejaculation she let the scream from her own climax fill her throat as she sucked on her husband’s swollen shaft.The feeling of the woman’s pussy tightening in orgasm around his member made the stranger’s balls tighten. He pulled her ass into his hips, driving his shaft home where it belonged one last time, and with a groan and a shudder he released his satisfaction. Cumming with a cock in her mouth was one of the woman’s turn-ons, and now that she was cumming in unison with the dick in her pussy, the shaft along her tongue and balls tapping her chin paralyzed her in ecstasy. She screamed her pleasure onto her husband’s full member while the stranger rocked his hips to milk every last pulsing drop of his cum into her gluttonous cum-starved pleasure chamber.She was a slave to sex whenever she was in the bedroom, and having only had her husband’s cock made her wild for this stranger’s wanton manhood. As his orgasm subsided, the stranger relaxed his grip on his conquest’s waist. Feeling him start to pull out, the woman bent her knees, cupping the stranger’s ass with her feet and pulling him deep inside her again. He was still quite hard, and she rode out the waves of her orgasm on his spent sex rod. When she finally released him, he went to go wash up and she collapsed on the bed, slipping her mouth off of her husband’s cock.With a smile, the husband got off the bed and took up the position behind her that the stranger had just vacated. He put his legs inside hers and stroked her ass. She moaned absentmindedly at his touch and he lined up for penetration. Even though her pussy was just invaded and sated by the stranger’s cock, his wife gasped when her husband pierced her swollen, still-gaping lips with his raging member. She held on to the bed as he grabbed her hips and fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked before, and her pussy was so tight around his shaft that she thought he might tear her in his savage onslaught. Her postcoital delirium was shattered by the new wave of orgasm that tore through her and she screamed long and loud as his shaft bottomed out again and again.The bulging veins that ran along his dick sent a thrill through her pussy lips every time he slipped past them like a freight train. His balls went tight and her third orgasm of the night doused his head and shaft with a wave of new cum. Her back arched reflexively and when the stranger came out and sat in the armchair, he masturbated watching her tits bounce between her arms and her face contorted in pleasure as her husband rammed her from behind. Her nipples were hard and proudly stood erect in sexual fervor.The husband sank his shaft balls-deep into the ravenous, spasming, cum-guzzling cunt before him and held himself there as his cock swelled to its fullest, foreshadowing its imminent torrent to feed her voracious appetite. A loud moan erupted from her throat as her gluttonous, grasping pussy lips shamelessly gorged themselves on her husband’s lusty emissions. He rocked back and forth, letting her swollen slit tighten around his shaft and milk him dry for her insatiable sexual gratification.Their orgasms peaked in tandem, then subsided. They both collapsed on the bed, the stranger’s masturbation slowing to a gentle stroking of his cock. After a few minutes, they got up and washed off, and came back into the room with a pair of sly, sheepish grins on their faces. The woman walked over to where her dress had fallen, and slowly pulled it back up her naked body with a swing of her hips. Her husband and the stranger stood on the other side of the bed watching her intently with semi-hard cocks that twitched and jumped at her every movement. She clasped the dress behind her neck and strutted seductively over to the two naked men. Grasping one dick in each hand she planted a long french kiss on her husband’s mouth, then crawled onto the bed.She propped herself up against the headboard and the two men followed, laying on either side of her and letting of her hands fondle their shafts and balls. The three of them dozed with smiles on their faces, wallowing in their own endorphins as their spent orgasms turned to sleep.

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