Tied Down and Made Up


This is my first story, be gentle please.

As a general rule, I am usually hot. No, I don’t mean hot as in attractive, nor hot as in horny. I mean hot as in temperature, as in sweating, as in wanting to walk around in your birthday suit in an attempt to cool off your body in the flaming heat of summer. But that often applied in winter as well.

Walking down a back road, amongst the slush and dirt of a Michigan winter, I was cold. I wrapped the jacket around myself a little tighter, as if that would somehow stop the wind from slicing through it to my skin. The deconstructed (or holy, which ever you prefer) black jeans I wore offered little protection against the biting wind, and the canvas converse I was wearing quickly soaked through. But I wasn’t thinking about that. My mind was numb, nothing transferred to my brain. I just walked. Walked down a few alleys I shouldn’t have, took a few wrong turns. I think my subconscious knew where I was going. Maybe it, in its dejected state, wanted me in the south end. Maybe it hoped I’d get murdered. I didn’t obviously. But as a hand with a fowl-smelling rag closed over my mouth, that was the last thought that passed through my mind before the world faded to black.


I awoke groggily and alive. I did not know how much time had passed, nor where I was. I was blindfolded and my hands were bound behind my back. When I tried to stumble foreword a chain between my ankles clanked, and a collar of some sorts choked me back.

“Looks like that pale twink you picked up on Woodrow woke up, Tyler.” A male voice stated off to my right. “Should I knock him out again?”

“Nah, shop’ll be open before he wakes up again. Besides, he ain’t going anywhere.” The second, deeper voice responded, somewhere near the first, finishing with a dark chuckle.

“You know,” the first said, coming closer to me. “I ain’t normally that into guys, but this one’s rather pretty.” He grabbed my chin, probably to get a better look at my face, and I jerked away.

“Where am I?” I demanded, kicking the man, possibly in the shins. He cried out in pain and the other one came thundering over. He stood next to me in silence for a moment, then let out a booming laugh.

“Getting beat by a tied-up bitch, Luke? Now that’s pathetic for even you.” He said to his hobbling companion.

“Shut up, Tyler.” Then he turned to me. “Why you little bitch! I ought teach you a lesson!” He was close to my face now.

“Someone ought to teach you a lesson in grammar.” I quibbled Escort bayan back.

“Why you…” Luke growled. I think he was about to punch me when Tyler grabbed his fist.

“You know we’re not allowed to damage the merchandise. Boss’ll have your head.” The bigger man stated calmly. It seemed like they had had this discussion before. Luke huffed and stormed away.

“His owner is gonna have a hella time with him.”

“What is this?” I questioned again. “Some sort of slave trade?” Tyler opened his mouth to speak when he was cut off.

“Smart, kid.” A rich, commanding voice commented. I could hear the smirk in his voice. This man was powerful, and he knew it. He took long quick strides and stopped in front if me. He could not see my eyes, but I still looked down. “What is your name?” I could smell his cologne, hear the whisper of his suit against his tie.

“Russell…sir.” I debated on the address, but decided it would be best if this man liked me, likely being the boss of the place. There was a moment of silence before he spoke again.

“Would you rather have a Mistress or a Master?” I remained silent this time, tilting my head down to hide my blushing cheeks. I was thankful for the tight pants I wore, hiding the boner I had because, in all honesty, I was horribly turned on at the idea of a Master. I knew I was a masochist, and this way, I wouldn’t have to try and find someone who would like me, they would come to me, so to speak.

“Well that gave me my answer. Nothing to be ashamed of, kid.” I was a bit surprised by that statement. Apparently he hadn’t heard what the rest of the world was saying. The man turned to Tyler. “Tell me when Mr. Baxter gets here. I think he’ll like this one.” Then he turned and walked away. A short while later I heard “Lukas, what the hell were you thinking with that girl’s shirt?!” There was other bustling sounds of a business preparing to open that I mostly ignored. As much as I disliked being in the dark and defenseless, I was at least thankful they hadn’t changed my clothes as they apparently had with some of the other people chained up like me. Guess they thought I had good style, not that I would argue otherwise. At some point a girl next to me woke up and started panicking and screaming.

“Shut up will you?!” I snapped after a moment. She quieted, sobbing.

“Wh-who’s there?” She asked fearfully, yet I could hear the hope in her voice.

“My names Russell, kid.” I said, playing cool. “Yours?” I could hear her stifling Bayan escort her sobs.

“Ja-aclyn…where am I?”

“A slave trade from what I gather. I’d get rid of those tears, a pretty gal like should get noticed by a good Master if your good.” I said with a smirk and a soft chuckle.

“B-but I d-don’t want a master…” She blubbered, on the verge of crying again.

“Aw, it ain’t as bad as it sounds. Least this way you don’t have to worry about friends setting you up on blind dates.” I said with a chuckle. “Well hello, Jaclyn,” I started in a nasal, feminine voice. She stopped sniffling. “Just the girl I was looking for! Do you want to go out with this friend of mine, Jeramy? You know, he’s real sweet and, well,” I dropped my voice to a loud whisper, “he’s kinda got the hots for me, but you know, not my style. So maybe you could…” She laughed.

“I’ve heard that one more than once!”

“So what is your type?” I asked charmingly. I dropped my voice an octave and talked a little slower. “Tall, dark and all muscle?” I switched to my normal voice, “Or someone with a little more brain?” We chatted, me almost flirting with her. Not cause I liked her really or anything, but she needed someone to do that for her. If you weren’t someone like me, this could be very traumatizing, waking up somewhere like this. I think it helped I woke up early. Time to process information or something along those lines.

Silence filled the room as a whistle was blown. Jaclyn softly whispered my name but I shushed her.

“Welcome to The Untied Knot, home of the finest drink in Detroit and the best selection of bitches!” The Boss said grandly with a chuckle. There were some outcries and some catcalls, and Tyler whooped. “Now in a few minutes your future Masters and Mistresses will enter and I don’t want any misbehaving, so keep your hands and /feet/” he paused, and I was quite sure he was talking to to me. I chuckled. “To yourselves.” There was a soft rap on the other side of a door. “Now bitches, slaves and subs, prepare to meet your Masters or Mistresses, Owners and Doms!” The door opened and a flood of sound chatter flooded through to meet us.

It wasn’t that different from a regular market to me. Well, not that different if I were a piece of meat on sale. I was more or less lightly man handled. One woman came back four times to run her fingers through my hair. On man physically grabbed my crotch. I let out a startled cry that shifted into soft breathy moans as he began Escort stroking and kneading me through my pants. I think I had started to draw a small crowd before Luke shooed the man away, my hard on now terribly uncomfortable. After a while I heard the Boss coming over, talking to someone.

“I think you’ll like him, Zach.” There was a pause as the person commented. “He’s pretty smart I think, was correcting Luke’s grammar today. Got a bit of spirit in him too, kicked Luke in the shins when he woke up. Calmest I’ve seen one when they wake up though, even comforted the bitch next to him. A looker too.” They stopped in front of me, and this time I could hear the other’s response.

“Gorgeous.” I blushed. The man’s voice was soft, but demanded attention. It was as if he expected the world to shut up and listen, because he wasn’t going to shout. I imagined he would be a wonderful singer. He came closer to me. He was a lighter man, with long legs. “Can I see his eyes?” He apparent got a nod because he removed the blindfold. I clamped my eyes against the harsh lighting my eyes were unaccustomed to. I slowly peaked open my right eye to look at the man. I inhaled sharply and my eyes snapped open because the man before me was hot! Tall; with just enough muscle to be fit, gorgeous sapphire eyes and straight black hair that hung messily around and in his tan face. I couldn’t help but glance at his cock, and he looked majorly hung.

My bangs hung in my face, as I usually styled it, covering my left eye, while the rest was in a loose ponytail. He brushed my bangs aside before I realized what he was doing and he gasped. I clamped my eyes shut fiercely and blushed scarlet.

“It’s red,” he breathed.

“I’m not like half demon or something,” I muttered. “It got cut when I was little and the iris filled with blood… I can’t see out of it either.” He remained silent for a moment, then I felt him pull my shirt up. I squeaked in surprise and watched him run a hand down my flat, pale chest. My heart rate picked up as he traveled further south. His mouth quirked into a slight smirk.

“I didn’t do that.” He stated, looking down at my raging boner. I blushed.

“Um, no, a guy was kinda groping me a little earlier…” He chuckled.

“Like this?” He asked, roughly grabbing my cock through my jeans. I, involuntarily, let out a low breathy moan.

“Something like that, sir…” I breathed out.

“So that’s what that little crowd was from.” The Boss chuckled. “But rules are no groping merchandise, Zach, so-” he genuinely seemed disappointed. Maybe he liked the sounds I was making. I’m certain Mr Baxter did, because he didn’t stop, and I knew for certain as he cut the Boss off.

“He’s not merchandise. I’m buying him.”

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