Tinkle Bell Ch. 17


As it turned out, we were just in time for the big finale. I caught up with Bella close to the patio, the two of us then making our way over towards the large sliding glass doors. As was usually the case, the curtains had not been drawn leaving us a wide-clear view of the entire family room just beyond. I chuckled softly seeing the four of them actually lying on top of dad’s prized billiard table. The fact that they were said a lot. Doreen was flat on her back, and though it took a moment to realize it, dad’s cock was embedded in her ass! He was slowly (almost carefully by the looks of it) sliding in and out of Doreen’s butt, mom sitting on her face, leaning over licking her pussy. The fact that she was, that I was watching her do this was a little unnerving…and yet highly arousing at the same time. Andy was likewise involved, standing on a makeshift set of steps in order to achieve the appropriate height. He too was likewise skewering mom’s ass…which again was another unexpected revelation. Obviously my own parents were pulling out all the stops here!

Not too surprisingly, Bella started taking off her clothes. “Hurry David, get your clothes off! I want to come when they do!” She informed me. The night had been strenuous and exhausting…but even though it had, the sight of my parents so wickedly engaged as they were sent renewed surges of arousal coursing through me almost immediately. That and the sight of Bella now standing there cupping one of her breasts, toying with it…her other hand down between her legs fingering herself. Just seeing her doing that never failed to make me hard, no matter how tired I was!

I walked up behind her placing my now hard cock against the soft firmness of her ass. She leaned forward pressing her hands against the sliding glass doors. It was interesting in a weird way seeing her do that, one look over by anyone, and they would clearly see us, just as clearly as we could see them. But as I’d already decided earlier, and especially now…I didn’t care anymore. It was erotic…strangely so perhaps…but it simply was.

“You know what I want…so do it.”

Seeing what was going on inside the den, I did. Bella had already been using her own juices to lubricate herself with. And though she had been, I still spit aiming at my dick resting against her ass, adding further lubrication on it prior to placing the tip gingerly against her tight puckered little opening.

“Don’t be gentle with me,” she said hotly, urgently. “Trust me…I’m ready. Give it to me!”

I granted her wish. I pressed, felt her sphincter surround, grab and only slightly resist the intrusion, and then I shoved, burying the entire length of my cock inside her in one quick thrust. Bella groaned deeply, crying out…not in pain but in pure pleasure. I held still however, allowing her to feel me, get used to the sudden fullness of my cock buried in her bowels. I felt her clench around me, squeezing me.

“Fuck me David…fuck me…fuck my hot tight ass!”

I began doing just that, the two of us watching my parents along with Andy and Doreen in the room beyond as the four of them now began racing for the finish line inside. The obvious look on everyone’s faces as they contorted in ecstasy, pleasure…lust. Like dominos falling after that, as one of them came, someone else joined them. The same affect now occurring here outside. I hadn’t expected it of course, I had already climaxed more times in one evening than even I thought possible…and yet, that all too familiar tingling seized my balls, as did Bella’s ass as she again clenched me, clamping down…crying out again, this time in orgasmic bliss.

I filled her ass almost to overflowing.


I rolled out of bed the following morning just before ten having slept in considerably. But then again…I had needed it. Thank god it was Saturday. After taking care of early morning business, I tossed on a lightweight robe and opened the door to my room heading off for a much needed morning cup of coffee. As I did, I noticed of course that the door to Bella’s room was open, wondering as I saw that if she had in fact somehow still managed to go for her early morning run. Somehow I knew…she still had, though where she got all that energy from I had no idea. I could barely walk as it was, my dick actually a little tender this morning.

I passed by her open doorway, Doreen just then leaning over Bella’s bed fluffing the pillows having just made it. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I just shook my head continuing on, not wanting to interrupt her schedule, but felt the almost painful throb of my cock upon realizing that.

“Coffee,” I told myself. “More important than pussy right now,” I added further chastising myself.

As I drew closer I could hear voices coming from the kitchen area. Speaking in low tones even then, they obviously heard my approach as moments later I entered the room. Mom and Bella sitting at the kitchen table, they had fallen silent, waiting for me perhaps…but the fact Bostancı Grup Escort that neither one was saying anything when I did spoke volumes. Not too surprisingly Irene wasn’t there. This time of day, she’d no doubt already be off doing the Saturday grocery shopping.

“Good morning,” I told them both, leaning over to kiss mom, kissing me back, and then Bella, as she likewise did before heading over to the counter for that much needed cup. I stood filling it, neither one of them speaking yet, turning back around to face the two of them. “Ok…what’s up? You two look like you’ve just finished eating a canary together.”

I did have a pretty good idea though. My birthday was in less than three weeks, I had been expecting and anticipating something of this sort, mom always trying to surprise me even though I was usually well aware of anything that was going on. She had found an ally and consort in whatever it was she was up to. That…or Bella had.

“No birds…only pussy,” Bella answered snickering. Mom blushed, but giggled upon hearing that.

“Someone once told me that pussy tasted like chicken…it doesn’t though does it?” She now answered back, laughing even more, surprising Bella a little with her comeback.

“Another bird…no, not hardly,” Bella burst out laughing at that. “But you’re making me hungry now…and not for food either!”

“Good god!” I exclaimed standing there watching the two of them giggling hysterically now in fits. I think they were both still a little slaphappy from their adventures the evening before.

“Should I…set the table?” Mom continued on, forcing me to raise my eyebrows at her when she said that.

“I’d like that,” Bella teased back. Looking as though she actually might do that even with me standing there.

“Ok, I know what you’re doing,” I interjected. “You’re trying to get me to leave by trying to embarrass me into doing so…so you two can plan whatever it is your planning no doubt for my birthday.”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Mom asked trying to look serious, but she was also having a difficult time still trying to contain her laughter. “I just figured you’d be too embarrassed to see your own mother spread out here on the kitchen table while Bella enjoys a little mid-morning snack!”

I rolled my eyes at that one. “Bella? I think you’ve created a monster here…and she’s my mom. And another one too, come to think of it…and where is dad anyway?” I had noticed his car was still sitting in the driveway outside. “Isn’t he usually out on the golf course by now?”

“I think your dads already played around this morning,” she giggled hysterically once more, laughing at her own joke. In fact…he even scored a hole in one!” This time she burst a bubble, laughing hysterically, as was Bella.

I shook my head, poured more coffee into my cup and immediately headed outside towards the patio. Obviously it was their intent to drive me off…and if trying to embarrass me into doing so was one way, it wasn’t working. But their sudden slaphappy silliness did.

“Fine…go back to whispering, or diddling one another, whatever your intentions were before I came out here. I’ll leave you two alone so you can go back to talking about whatever it was…uninterrupted!” And with that I stepped outside, not quite fully having closed the sliding door when I heard mom.

“Meow…here kitty, kitty…kitty,” another giggle…more laughter. And then the sound of Bella’s chair moving back as she stood up. “Table work for you then?”

“More than,” mom said with a totally different sound suddenly to her tone of voice.

Admittedly I was tempted to see if they were now being serious…or just pulling my leg. But I was honestly too tired still, and admittedly even more tender. And the thought of getting aroused this early regardless…would have honestly done me in. I sat drinking my coffee, voices once again no longer heard aside from a giggle here and there. I sat my cup down, removed my robe and walked out towards the pool. Maybe I wasn’t yet ready to start running naked in the morning, but the least I could do was a few laps.


I didn’t swim as many laps as I normally did, soon after climbing out of the pool heading back inside again. No one was in the kitchen this time as I started to head up to my room, but not before glancing over at the table. It had been cleared completely off!

“No way!” I said to myself, and then paused adding…”OK, maybe.” I chuckled then, heading upstairs walking past Bella’s open bedroom door to the sound of the shower running. Which is also when I again heard giggles coming from it. “Ok…for sure,” I now amended. It was mom’s laugh that I heard along with Bella’s. They were obviously in the shower together. Unable to help myself, I stepped in, the door to the bathroom was open as well, though this time I merely called out to them. “You two having fun in there?”

“Already did that!” Bella responded. “But don’t go away…come Bostancı Manken Escort in here!”

Even with mom in there with her, I wasn’t about to turn and leave. Maybe they really were just showering together doing nothing else…though that would have surprised me. They actually were, standing there washing one another’s hair by the looks of it.

“What do you need?” I asked. The shower enclosure was still opaque and steamed up enough that I really couldn’t see much of anything, until she opened it a bit more fully. Then I could…the two of them naked, smiling from ear to ear.

“I was wondering what your plans were for the day,” she asked me.

“Catching up on some more sleep,” I thought…but said instead. “Nothing really, what are your plans?”

Mom stood directly behind her now lathering shampoo into her hair. Even as simple an act as that was…I felt myself oddly aroused by it. Maybe because it was my own mother with her perhaps…and yes the fact they were both naked, though I tried very hard not to look and to treat this as just one more thing that was going to become a normal occurrence around here.

“I’d like to see something new. Go some place, do something fun. I’ve seen very little of the area around here, so was sort of hoping maybe you’d take me for a drive or something,” she asked.

“How about Catalina?” Mom suddenly suggested. Which honestly was a good one, I’d actually considered doing that a few days ago when we had time.

“Where’s that? And how do we get there?” She asked.

“Usually by boat…more fun that way,” mom told her. “As a matter of fact Harold and I were just discussing that last night, saying that we really wanted to go back there soon. There’s a really nice seafood restaurant I think you’d enjoy.”

“Oh I’d love that!” Bella exclaimed excitedly. “So where do we catch the boat?”

“We don’t. We have one,” I told her. The look in her eyes said it all.

“You have a boat?”

I laughed. “Yeah, you’re not the only one around here with secrets and surprises,” I continued chuckling. But it’s not really my boat…it’s more mom and dad’s.”

“It’s the family’s boat,” mom interjected then as she began rinsing out Bella’s hair. “And speaking of which, after we’re finished here, I’ll go wake him up…find out if he’d be interested in heading up there this afternoon…spend the night again like we used to do. I’ve missed doing that.”

“Spend the night on the boat?” Bella asked again excitedly. “Really? Could we?”

“Sure…we used to do it all the time.”

She thought about that for a moment, “Just how big is this boat anyway?”

“Over forty feet,” I informed her.

Her eyes grew wide at that. “That’s not a boat! That’s a ship!”

“Almost,” I agreed, “though it’s actually called a Yacht I guess. At least it’s plenty big and comfortable enough to enjoy a nice trip up the coast in it, with plenty of amenities. And I agree with mom, it’s been a while since we’ve taken it out…I’m sure dad would love taking the four of us up there!”

“Go wake your father,” mom stated then. “And then tell Irene if she’s back to pack us some food for the trip, also let her know she won’t have to worry about meals this evening or at all tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll be pleased hearing that. Now shoo…go get dressed, get your dad going…we’ll be out in a minute or so,” she added suddenly cupping Bella’s breasts as she stood behind her. “It’s her turn to do me now,” she added winking.

I left not sure if she’d meant one thing…or the other.


Dad was as excited as everyone else was when he found out mom wanted him to take the four of us up to Catalina for the weekend. Irene had packed us more than enough food to take along with us, and of course dad had included a case of wine for us to enjoy as well, especially as we now had another one. We packed light and simply, the girls of course wearing bikini’s…mom included. It was the first time in recent memory I actually recalled seeing her wear what could officially be termed that as opposed to a more modest two-piece. Dad was more than pleased seeing her in it, as well as Bella of course, who’s bikini was almost non-existent…something she would obviously be more likely to wear, or not wear at all on the beaches in Europe. We all had packed one set of reasonably nice clothes, though nothing formal or elaborate for dinner that evening after our arrival. But beyond that…not much else.

It was a beautiful calm day as well, bright and sunny with hardly any wind at all. The seas about as calm and serene as I’d ever seen them as we finally headed out early that afternoon. As he usually did, dad set out at an angle, heading both out to sea, as well as heading up the coast. About the time we had trouble making out the shoreline at all, he corrected course and began heading directly north.

“I think we’re far enough out now that no one’s going to see us for one thing, so if you girls want Bostancı Masöz Escort to go ahead and get topless, I don’t think David and I will mind that all too much!”

“Topless hell…I’m getting naked!” Mom declared even surprising Bella as she easily slipped out of her bikini, though Bella did too seconds after that. I stood next to dad inside the cabin watching the girls as they then walked out aft onto the rather spacious deck we had just for doing that. Sunbathing.

“Now don’t be getting sunburned,” dad warned them. “You know what happened the last time you actually took your top off Grace, I couldn’t touch your tits for over a week!”

“Don’t worry honey…I’ll make sure I’ve got lots and lots of sunscreen on them this time,” she then turned to Bella. “You will of course help me with that yes?”

Bella was only too happy to oblige her…and visa versa. I soon after left dad and wandered back to sit with the girls, enjoy the smell of the open sea, the feel of the spray as we raced along at a fairly good clip, doing just under twenty-five knots.

“You come out to join us? Or ogle us?” Bella asked smiling.

“A bit of both actually,” I openly admitted, starting to get used to seeing my mom running around naked all the time, no longer bothering me quite as much as it once had.

“You still wearing those?” She then asked looking at my swim trunks.

“I thought I’d better, yeah…don’t want to be getting that sunburned, on top of being a little tender today.”

Mom giggled. “Mr. Wiggly have a hard night then?” She laughed a bit more.

“Mr…Wiggly?” I said looking at Bella. She’d called me that a couple of times after we’d finished fucking when I was totally and completely spent…when she had literally drained me of the ability to get it up again, holding it in her hand, flipping it back and forth like a rag doll. Obviously she’d been talking to mom about our adventures!

“I’d be more than happy to put lots of sunscreen on it for you,” Bella told me. “You know…make it all nice and slippery, gooey…and totally protected against the sun?”

“I think it needs protection from you,” I shot back teasingly, though amazed when I felt it actually stiffen a little at the thought of that.

“Well, not fair then. You can’t be out here looking at us…if we can’t at least be looking at you too…right Grace?”

I was shocked when mom smiled, nodded her head. “No…I think you’re right Bella. Only naked people are allowed back here on this end of the boat.” Mom concluded though I was fairly sure she was just kidding around and not being all that serious about it. Especially when I looked at the two of them and suddenly began stripping my trunks off.

“Fine…there, happy now?”

I had stepped out of my trunks kicking them off to the side. Certainly nowhere’s near erect, I just stood there in all my deflated glory.

“Very…” Bella grinned. “Now…come here, let me put some of this on it for you!”

“Yeah right,” I said, but then she reached out, grabbing my dick, almost pulling me off my feet, already pouring a liberal amount of sunscreen onto my shaft as she began working it in. I felt my face turning red, the obvious of course happening. Which I wouldn’t have really minded all that much…but damn, mom was sitting there!

“Bella!” I said weakly, unable to do much of anything as my penis slowly began rising.

“Hold still!” She said continuing to stroke it now as opposed to merely rubbing the sunscreen into it. “I’m sure your mother doesn’t mind…do you Grace?”

“Oh…not at all. In fact I’m quite enjoying it,” she said actually staring at my cock as it rapidly hardened. “As a matter of fact, I once walked in on him when he was jerking off years ago,” she said.


“Oh really?” Bella laughed. “Do tell!”

“Bella! Mother!”

But then she began doing just that, recounting the day she had accidentally entered my bedroom with me lying there in the middle of the bed, Penthouse and Playboy magazines spread out all over the place and me sitting there right on the throes of orgasm. So shocked at seeing me like that, she had just stood there, me still not even aware that she was yet as I had closed my eyes, only then basking in the pleasure as my cock erupted. Mom had seen the entire thing.

“What to watch it again?” Bella asked.


“Matter of fact…I would!”


Admittedly, it was crazy…me standing there on the deck, Bella giving me a hand job in front of mom, though I had to hold onto the railing as she did as we hit a few swells that would have sent me flying otherwise. I had to admit, it felt good though…the slickness of her hand, the sunscreen making a rather decadent and naughty sound as she slicked my shaft back and forth, up and down until the inevitable happened. Bella made sure to catch most, if not all of it against her tits too, making another rather obscene spectacle of herself.

“Here, allow me,” mom said moments after that as she began rubbing my own brand of sunscreen into Bella’s boobs. “I don’t imagine this will protect much…but it sure feels nice,” she said, and then added. “David? Why don’t you go spell your father for a bit? I think I could use a little more lubricant on my breasts as well!”

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