Tissue Tease Ch. 06


I was talking with someone that I met on Literotica. She, like a few others, sent a feedback which started up our friendship. During our conversations over email, I found out from the one I was talking with that she was part of a couple. Her partner was another woman who had suggested she try the site out and encouraged her to contact me. (They both enjoyed the stories. *blush*) Now before you think that I’m living that ultimate male fantasy of two women, you might as well know that it isn’t one of mine. I’m a one woman man. How do I know? I’ve tried.

Where is all this going? Well, recently we were discussing several things. Places we’d like to visit and public places where we have enjoyed the intimate company of our companions. We then discussed the fantasy of her and her companion having one of those intimate encounters with me.

I described to her this spot in a museum that I know about from years ago. It is a little space behind a large tapestry. The space isn’t that big but it is big enough to fit about four people standing in pairs back to back. There is a window that over looks a park, but the window was at the end of this ledge type space. The ledge is about four feet high.

So what I guess it is like a small closet but with this ‘heavy curtain’ instead of a door and a window stead of an opposing blank wall.

Oh, I also changed the name. 🙂 Privacy and all. This is over the course of three days. Anyway, now that I’ve set the story up, here it is…

Now, what if you, Carol and myself snuck into this practically private spot. As Carol kisses you deeply on the lips, I gently kiss your neck and shoulders. After a while, Carol kisses your neck as my lips brushes against your’s. Carol takes one of your hands and guides it along her body as her lips continue to tease your neck and shoulders. You return my kiss as you feel Carol’s lips move down from your shoulder, along the side of your breast. Her hand brings your hand to her breast, making you squeeze her as my lips take your lower lip into my mouth.

You feel and hear her moan lightly against the side of your breast as your fingers carefully move around her nipple, teasing her back. My fingers brush along the side of your neck as my lips let go of your lip. You glance at me then glance down as my fingers slide behind your neck. You watch as Carol moves slowly from the side of your breast along your shirt to the front. Your mouth opens slightly as she opens her mouth to take you in. You feel the warmth of her mouth around you as you close your eyes. You feel my lips on your lips again as Carol gently begins to suck on you. Your hand squeezes her breast again as our lips move firmly against each other. You shiver slightly as you feel Carol release your nipple, causing the coolness of the air to quickly turn the wetness around your nipple cold.

You push your breasts forward slightly as you feel her mouth touch your other nipple. You feel Carol giggle quietly as you push her against me. My tongue tip slides lightly long your lips, as you slowly open your mouth. Your lips close around my tongue as you feel Carol’s tongue start to tease your nipple through your shirt. You absently suck on my tongue as you feel Carol licking and teasing your nipple through your shirt. Her hands slide down to the front of your pants and you feel her slowly unbuttoning your pants. I slide my tongue from between your lips and pull away. You open your eyes and moan as you see Carol continue to suck on your nipple as your fingers work slowly to unbutton your pants.

You look up into my eyes as you feel my hands slide under your arms. Carol’s fingers slide under the top of your pants and panties as I slowly lift you up. You feel your pants and panties slide off as your nipple pulls away from Carol’s mouth. You feel the sun warmed ledge on your naked ass as I gently place you down on it. Carol stands up between your exposed legs and me. She winks at you as you see her step back, pushing her ass up against me. She smiles as she leans forward, pressing her ass against me as her head lowers between your legs. Her fingers slide lightly along your thighs and stop as she reaches your upper inner thighs.

You close your eyes as you feel the tip of her tongue touch your moist pussy. She teases you with the tip of her tongue. First by sliding the tip along your lips. Then slowly flicking the tip of her tongue lightly against you, just barely spreading your pussy lips as the tip of her tongue strokes lightly up along your pussy then down again. You open your eyes to see my hands sliding up Carol’s back under her shirt. She moans slightly against your pussy as I grind my hardness against her. You feel your hands on her head as her tongue continues to slightly lightly along your pussy.


Your hands gently guide Carol’s head as her tongue lightly runs along your pussy lips. Her hands squeeze your thighs, pulling at you. You open your eyes and look down again at Carol’s tongue sliding against your pussy and you moan. You moan quietly as you feel kurtköy escort her tongue tip glide against your clit. You feel yourself move against her tongue as your hips rock gently forward and back. You feel the cool ledge against your naked skin. This seems to heighten your sensitivity to the heat of the erotic moment. Carol’s hot tongue tip sends sparks of excitement from your clit through your body.

You look up as you see my hands sliding down under Carol’s shirt along her back to her waist. My head dips down as you watch me kiss her back. You lift your legs slightly as your back leans back. The cool glass of the window presses against you as you notice Carol moving slightly. Her head moves forward and her tongue glides and strokes up along your pussy and clit. You see her move back slightly as her tongue once again moves down across your clit and along your pussy. You feel Carol’s moan more than hear it. You notice her hands have moved from your thighs to the bottom of your thighs. Instead of pulling, you feel her pushing slightly. Her tongue continues to stroke you, distracting you slightly. You see her moving her hips as she grinds herself against me.

My hands move from her waist to the front of her pants. My fingers move deftly across the front of the pants, unbuttoning it as I continue to share my excitement with Carol by moving and grinding slowly against her.

You watch our movement as her tongue strokes your pussy and clit with the same rhythm. Up along your pussy and over your clit as my hips push forward against Carol. Down along your clit and pussy as Carol grinds back against me. Carol’s hands squeeze your leg gently. You watch as I step back slightly, my hands pushing down against the waist her Carol’s pants. You hear yourself moan quietly as Carol’s tongue concentrates closer to your clit. You feel her face pressing against the side of your upper inner thigh as she shifts and moves, allowing me to pull her pants and panties off her.

You glance to watch my movement as I kneel down behind your Carol. You watch as my mouth opens as I lean forward. I catch your eyes and I wink at you. My tongue slides out and glides along Carol’s crack, moving from where her ass cheeks meet down towards and between her spread legs. You feel Carol’s tongue slip into your pussy as she pushes her face forward, moaning herself against you.

My tongue travels down between her legs as my tongue tip slides between her pussy lips. You see the tips of my fingers as my hands gently spread Carol’s ass cheeks.

You see my eyes look into your eyes as my tongue slides up along Carol’s pussy. Your hips continue to move, moving with Carol’s tongue as she licks you. Carol shivers slightly as you hear me moan against Carol’s pussy from behind. The scent of her excitement and the view of you being pleased by Carol’s tongue cause me to lick Carol’s pussy faster and deeper. At the feel of my tongue’s movement, you feel Carol spread her lips slightly to press more of her hot mouth against your pussy. You feel Carol’s hair in your hands as you realize you are trying to press her harder against you. Your body moves with and against Carol.

You watch as Carol’s as moves, grinding against my face and pressing her pussy against my tongue. My hands squeeze Carol’s ass cheeks as I pull back. You feel Carol whimper slightly, her ass pushes back trying to feel my tongue. We stare at each other, slight smile playing across my lips as I lick Carol’s juices off. You see my hands slide down from Carol’s ass and you notice Carol shifting slightly. Every movement of Carol’s shifting legs causes her lips to press harder against you. Carol’s tongue moves a little more roughly against you, sending waves of pleasure. Your hands pull at Carol, urging her to lick you faster.

You watch as I turn around and lower myself under and between Carol’s legs. Carol moans against you as my tongue tip flicks across her clit. Her lips surround your clit as mine takes her clit in between. You watch as her ass dips down as my lips draw in her clit. You feel your eyes close and your head tilt back with pleasure as Carol does the same with you, taking your clit between her lips and slowly sucking. I hold Carol’s clit in my mouth between my lips as she does the same with your clit. Slowly I begin to suck on her clit. Carol shivers as she feels my mouth pull her clit in between my lips, sliding in and then releasing her. I press myself closer to her as I continue to do that again and again. Her clit slides against my soft lips and the pressure of my sucking mouth causes her to moan slightly louder against you. You feel her sucking your clit into her mouth. Carol’s lips, soft and silky pulls against and around your clit. You moan at the same time. Slowly, my sucking increases as I gently slide a finger into Carol. Carol’s mouth starts to move with the same speed as mine. You feel Carol’s finger sliding against your pussy, stroking you as she sucks you.

My mouth continues to move, slowly increasing my maltepe escort sucking pace, as my one finger sliding in and out of Carol’s pussy becomes two fingers. She moans softly against you as you feel her fingertips slide between your pussy lips.

You open your eyes and watch as she moves against you between your legs. You glance up and see Carol’s ass moving in a similar fashion and the same speed up and down against what you assume is my lips pressed against her. You find your fingers gripping the ledge as you try to lift yourself harder against Carol’s lips. Her mouth and lips sends waves of erotic electricity up from your clit.

You start to moan louder, not really caring if anyone heard us. You stare at Carol’s ass as she moves herself against my mouth. You move yourself against Carol’s mouth. You watch as Carol begins to shiver moving slightly faster. You feel yourself moving faster, your mouth open wanting to moan louder. You feel your body shaking as you feel yourself reaching that erotic edge.

You hear yourself tell Carol that you’re going to cum soon. You feel her mouth quicken as Carol presses faster and harder against me. You close your eyes and press your back harder against the cool glass of the window. Your body, your hips lifted off the ledge press faster — grinding harder against Carol’s silky lips. Carol moans against your pussy and clit as she moves harder against my lips. You bite your lower lip as you try to hold back. You feel Carol’s lips tremble as she starts. You realize that she’s starting to cum and that brings you over. Her lips pull at your clit as you push against her, you cum hard against her as Carol cums against me.

You open your eyes just as Carol pulls away from your pussy. The cool air sends a small wave of erotic sensation through you. You see Carol’s hands on my head, pulling me away from her pussy. You see her juices glisten along my lips as I lick it off me…


Carol looks into your eyes as she lets go of my hair. I move from between her legs as Carol steps closer to you. You feel Carol between your legs as her hands reach up to touch your face. Your eyes close as you lean forward to kiss her. You open your mouth as her lips touches yours. Your hand reaches up and touches her naked hips. You taste yourself on her lips and tongue. Carol’s fingers gently cradles your as she continues to kiss you. Your fingers follow Carol’s smooth naked skin. They move up under her shirt past her waist. Standing behind Carol, my fingers brush the hair from the back of her neck as I lean forward to place my lips against her. Your lips gently close around Carol’s tongue as she leans forward slightly, sliding her tongue deeper into your mouth. You feel your back against the window as you try to push back, pressing your lips harder against her lips.

My lips move down Carol’s neck as your hands, still sliding across Carol’s skin under her shirt, touches the underside of her breasts. My lips travel towards her shoulder, as your hands take Carol’s bra’d breasts, squeezing them.

You feel my hands on your hands through Carol’s shirt. You feel my hands squeeze your hands over Carol’s breasts. I lean forward and lean against Carol letting her feel my arousal against her bare bottom through my pants. Carol grinds slightly against me as her tongue teases your tongue in your mouth. You hear her moan against your lips as your fingers squeeze her nipples through her bra.

My hands run down along your shirt-covered arms. My lips open against Carol’s shoulder as I gently bite her. Carol’s tongue slides out of your mouth as she moans lightly against you. My hands travel past Carol’s shirt to touch your arms. I move gently with Carol as she grinds against me, moving slowly with the way your fingers squeeze and tease her nipples.

You feel my fingers slide along your arms up to your shoulders. You lick Carol’s lip with the tip of your tongue. Carol opens her mouth wider, inviting your tongue into her mouth. You feel yourself push your head forward slightly, moving your tongue into Carol’s mouth. Now it’s her soft lips that surround your tongue, she pulls you in eagerly as she sucks on it.

My hands move down from your shoulders and gently cup your breasts through your shirt. I tease your nipples with my fingers, carefully with the palms of my hands then slowly with the tips of my fingers. Feeling your nipples harden, I squeeze each nipple in between my fingers harder. I let go of Carol’s neck and kiss up along the side of her neck. As my lips reach Carol’s ear, you hear me whisper to Carol that I want to see you licking her pussy.

You feel Carol’s lips release your tongue as she pulls away from you. You open your eyes and watch Carol for a moment. Carol’s eyes are closed as my lips are still kissing the side of her neck. You glance down towards her naked legs and you note that she is still grinding against me. She raises her arms over her head and lowers her hands behind her. You see her hands touch my mutlukent escort head as I gently bite the side of her neck. Her mouth opens as she gasps lightly. You reach forward and squeeze her breasts with your hands then slide your fingers up along her neck. The tips of your fingers brush along her lips. She opens her eyes and looks directly into your eyes. Carol’s mouth opens and gently wraps her lips around one of your fingers.

Carol removes one hand from my head and reaches forward to take your free hand. Carol pulls your hand first to her breast, squeezing her hand around your hand. You feel Carol’s tongue against your finger as her mouth pulls in. She teases your finger as your finger slides out. All the while, she continues to grind slightly against me. She continues to stare into your eyes as she sucks.

Your fingers squeeze her breast again, then as you release, you feel Carol’s hand tug your hand away. Your hand moves from Carol’s breast as she guides your hand lower. You feel more than aroused at the feel of Carol’s tongue teasing your finger in her mouth and her hand guiding your hand lower. You long to feel her wetness on you. You can almost taste her as the tips of your fingers touch Carol’s pubic hair. As your fingers move lower to stroke Carol’s clit and pussy, you feel her mouth pull your finger deep in.

Carol holds you there as your first strokes over her clit and along her pussy sends waves of pure pleasure through her. Carol’s hand releases your hand as her mouth releases your finger. She continues to stare into your eyes with lust as you stroke her.

You move your fingers slowly, sliding over her clit and against her pussy. You feel wetness there and it makes you more excited. My hands move around Carol’s arms and wrap around Carol’s shirt covered breasts. I gently squeeze as your fingers stroke deeper against Carol’s clit and slightly in along her pussy.

Carol’s eyes close and head leans back against me as you stroke her while I grind against her. You lean forward to kiss the front of Carol’s neck. You trap my hands against Carol’s breasts as my fingers squeezes her nipples. She moans as her hand reaches up to grab the back of your head, pushing you harder against her neck. You stroke faster, over her clit and now the tips of your fingers move into her pussy.

We continue to tease Carol this way for a few moments, me grinding against Carol’s ass in time with your fingers stroking Carol’s clit and pussy. Your lips teasing the skin of her neck while my fingers squeeze her aroused nipples. You feel her hand grip your hair and pull you off her neck. She looks at you, hunger in her eyes as she tells you to lick her. She kisses you once and pulls back. She reaches down and reluctantly pulls you away from her pussy. You pull your fingers up and carefully lick her wetness of your fingers. Just as you are about to jump off the ledge, you hear me ask you to stop. You look over to me just as my hands reach down and wrap around Carol’s waist.

Carol places her hands on the sides of your legs on the ledge. You watch as I lift Carol up. Carol carefully places her legs on the ledge by your ass. Carol quickly glances out the window to check to see if anyone is watching.

You look up and you see Carol standing over you. You look at her, up at her wonderful pussy just inches away from you. You watch as she lowers herself, one hand on your head and the other against the window to steady herself. Just then you feel my fingers on your lower back. You glance quickly at me as I smile and ask if I could taste you. You smile and nod once as you look up again. You feel my fingers push down against your ass. Carefully, I lift you slightly sliding you forward a little. Your mouth opens as Carol’s pussy comes closer.

You feel more excited with the feel of the glass window against your head and the scent of Carol so close. Your tongue moves out of your mouth since you can’t feel her on your lips yet. The tip of your tongue touches Carol’s pussy. You feel her shiver slightly against your tongue as she lowers herself some more. You move your tongue up along her pussy lips just as you feel her press down against your lips. You start to lick her, feeling her pussy against your tongue. Your tongue explores Carol’s pussy lips and teases her clit slowly.

You feel her move, excited already from your fingers. Just as your tongue tip strokes Carol’s clit once, you feel my tongue against your clit. You had forgotten about me until then.

My lips gently press against your pussy as my fingers stroke lightly along your upper inner thigh. You realize then as your hands squeeze and pull slightly at Carol’s ass how excited you were. My tongue moves along your pussy, almost stroking the way you are stroking Carol with your tongue. My tongue tip slides between your pussy lips, pushing gently into you as my lips slide, almost massaging your pussy.

You feel me moan slightly at the feel and taste of you. My hands gently guide your legs over my shoulders as I shift underneath you. I lean down as my tongue moves slightly deeper into you. You feel Carol moving against your tongue, grinding softly against your face and lips. You feel yourself moving too, moving against my face and tongue. My hands gently touch the sides of your legs as my tongue moves up from your pussy to stroke around your clit.

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