Tom, Dave and Scott in Between


This is part of an ongoing story over multiple Categories with common characters.

Too much cock. Never thought I’d say the words, but I had access to too many cocks. The three ladies lived in Vegas, so that was three hours away. Edwin, Alexa and Marcus were in town occasionally so that was cool. That still left nine fucking cocks in this small town. Even I understood that was a lot. If I sucked two a week, that would only be once a month each. Aaron wouldn’t like that, we were pretty close, and Lori, I want her cock every day; okay, I know I can’t have it every day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t want it!

I figured if I didn’t suck these guys at least once a month, there was a chance that I could lose them. That’s why taking two or three at a time was good, but they wanted that personal attention of one on one. What to do, what to do?

Then when Edwin, Alexa and Marcus were in town, I wanted them. If I didn’t have them I could lose them and they all had unique qualities I loved. That meant doing them in addition to the regular cocks or instead of, and that can’t happen.

That’s why us doing a threesome is great. Not only did I get to do two at a time, but if I pick and choose the right two, they could stay in touch with each other and suck each other on a one on one, freeing up my time.

Okay, so maybe you think this is crazy shit, or maybe you wish you had my problem, whatever; it was just something I thought about, which was why I wanted a threesome with Scott. He was pretty new and as far as I knew, had only been with me and Ben. It’s always good for a guy to have three possible cocks to suck, makes him less dependent. So who to match him up with? Maybe someone that could be there for him all the time so that would be a local. Seemed like Carl was into Kathy so maybe not him, Frank had too many, Aaron, well I didn’t want to share him. Dave! That could work out pretty well.

I texted Dave.

Me – “Want a new friend?”

Dave – “You good with him?’

Me – “Very good with him. He needs more friends.”

Him – “Sounds good. Join the club?”

Me – “Could. Only sucks me and Ben.”

Him – “Ben?”

Me – “Friend of Gary. Bookstore boy.”

Him – “Sure, can always use more cock to suck.”

Me – “Yep. You been to Cup in Time. Coffee place?”

Him – “Yep. Just down from office.”

Me – “Works there.”

Him – “Jason?”

Me – “No. Scott. You know Jason?”

Him – “No. Heard you did though. ?”

Me – “When you free? For Scott?”

Him – “I’ll go there for my lunch and check him out. He working today?”

Me – “Not sure. Let me find out and get back to you.”

Him – “Cool.”

This could work out pretty well. Dave and I could go have lunch at Cup in Time. Dave and Scott could check each other out. Maybe Jason would be there and perhaps Dave could meet Jason. Twos birds, one stone.

I arrived at Dave’s office at 11:45. Lori wasn’t there and still on lunch I guessed. I nodded at Dave through his open office door; he nodded back, on the phone, and flashed his hand twice – ten minutes I guess. I sat down in the lobby and grabbed a magazine. About five minutes later Lori came through the elevator door, she saw me and had a big smile. I flashed one back to her. Do I get up or stay seated? What does Dave know?

“Hi Tom,” she said. “Waiting for Dave?”

“Hi,” I replied. “Yeah, going to lunch with him; Cup in Time.”

She smiled and leaned in as she passed me on her way to her desk. “When are we going to get together again?”

“Tonight work for you?”

“Yes,” I replied. “What would you like to do?”

“How about Netflix and chill?” she said with a grin. “You know what that really means? Right?”

“No.” I lied on purpose, “But you can show me tonight.”

“How about 6? I’ll take care of dinner,” she said. “You like Korean food?”

“Sounds great; all of it.”

Dave came out of the office and said “Sorry for the wait. Lori; off for lunch, back at 1. If you really need me, just text me.”

“Will do, Dave,” she said. “Enjoy your lunch. You too; Tom, right?”

Lori was smooth and not just her mouth. “Thanks and yes, you got it right, Tom.”

Dave turned and headed towards the elevator; Lori rolled her finger around her hard tongue and winked, then went back to work.

When we got in the elevator Dave said, “I think she likes you Tom.”


“Lori,” he said rolling his eyes. “She always has this bright look in her eyes when you’re around and smiles a lot.” The door opened and we got out of the elevator.

“Maybe you should ask her out?” he said. “It’s always nice to have a change of pace.”

“From what?” I asked.

“From cock,” he whispered as we left the building. “I know you’re doing at least six different ones.”


“And I’m fucking jealous,” Dave said as we walked down the street towards Cup in Time. When we entered Cup in Time there was a bit of a line. Dave and I got at the end. Scott was on the bar making drinks, Debbie on one register and Jason on the other. Jason looked at me and smiled, looked at Dave as we got closer and nodded bayburt escort up and down.

I looked at Scott, he had seen us enter the shop, and like Jason he nodded up and down when he saw Dave.

I hadn’t said anything to Dave before we got there, but I had texted Jason as well as Scott. I think you can never have too many cocks.

As we got closer Dave and I talked about sports, work; you know nothing big.

“I can take you over here,” Jason said to Dave as we got to the front of the line. “The regular Tom?”

“Yep, please,” I replied. “Jason, this is Dave; a good friend of mine. Dave; Jason.”

The two acknowledged each other and Dave ordered. “For here?” Jason asked. “Anything to eat?”

We both grabbed a pre-made sandwich from the cold case and Jason rung us up. Dave paid for lunch and as we left Jason said he hoped he would see Dave again.

We went down and waited for our drinks.

“Doppio for Tom. Large Mocha for Dave,” he said when the drinks were ready. We walked up there and I said to Scott, “How you doing?”

Scott nodded his head as he made drinks and said “Good, good. You?”

“Good,” I said. “This is Dave; Dave, Scott.”

Dave gave Scott thumbs up and Scott smiled. “Nice meeting you. Been here before haven’t you?”

“Yeah, a few times,” Dave replied. “I work nearby; some of my employees come here and so do I. Love the coffee.”

“Yeah, I thought I remembered you,” Scott said. “Large latte for Sally.”

Scott handed the drink off and said to Dave with a smile, “Hope to see more of you.”

Dave nodded and smiled, “Oh, count on it.”

We went to our table and started lunch. “So what do you think about Scott?” I asked.

“Looks yummy,” Dave said while looking at Scott on the sly.

“Cool. He thinks you’re cool too.”

“Really? How do you know?” Dave asked.

“He gave me the signal that he’s interested,” I said. “So did Jason?”

Dave smiled and asked “What?”

“Well, you mentioned Jason before so I thought what the fuck. I’ll see if he’s interested and he is,” I continued to eat my sandwich.

Dave shook his head and said “You are one smooth dude.”

I laughed, “Oh. One more thing. A threesome with Scott and Jason is out; Jason won’t do it he said.”

Dave nodded “Never put your penis in the payroll.”

I laughed, “Exactly. Have you?”

“Only one time. Didn’t work out well,” he said. “Married; divorced; alimony. Never put your penis in the payroll.”

I liked that, especially as he was Lori’s boss. We finished lunch and I got a text from Jason.

Jason – “What did Dave say?”

Me – “He’s with it.”

Him – “I’m off now, one of you two want to do the store room? I’ll suck you off; you or Dave.”

I looked at Dave and said, “Uh, Dave. You won’t believe this.”

“Believe what?”

“Jason just texted me, said he’s off work and wanted to know if one of us wanted to go to the store room and get sucked off,” I said, not sure what else to say.

“Your shitting me,” Dave asked.

“Uh; nope,” I said. “What should I say?”

Dave looked at his watch and asked, “You ever done that before?”

“Uh; yep.”

“With employees here?” he said.

“Uh; yep. He has the only key and the baristas stay up front,” I said.

Dave looked at his watch and said, “Tell him yeah, but he has to be quick.”

I texted Jason and he spoke with Scott and Debbie then headed out towards us.

I quickly said, “I told him you didn’t have time to reciprocate; he’s good with it, did it with me that way the first time.”

Jason walked up to the table and said “How was everything?”

“Good as always,” I said.

“Excellent,” Dave said.

Jason nodded and said quietly to Dave, “Can I suck you off?”

“Oh yes,” Dave said. “Only if I get to see you again; I want to do you.”

“Deal, follow me,” Jason said and headed towards the hallway.

“Hey, Dave, I’ve got some stuff to do so I’ll catch up with you later,” I said.

“Will do, bud,” Dave replied. “Thanks a lot Tom.”

I took off, waved goodbye to Scott, who looked towards the hallway and rolled his eyes.

When I got outside I got a text from Scott.

Scott – “So he chose Jason over me?”

Me – “No, just like me, he wants both of you!”

Him – “Not at the same time.”

Me – “He knows that.”

Him – “Have some time tonight?”

Me – “Sorry have plans.”

Him – “I’m off in an hour, when Jason is back on. Even the van sounds good to me.”

Hmm, that’s interesting. Scott at 2 would give be about three or four hours to recoup for Lori, assuming I let him suck me off.

Me – “My place, 2ish, but only have until 3.”

Him – “Shit, I’ll suck you off way quicker than that.”

Me – “And give me time to suck you off too.”

Him – “Or fuck my ass. C U then.”

After I got home Dave texted me.

Dave – “Thanks man! Jason knows his way around a cock.”

Me – “Cool, you guys exchange numbers?”

Him – “Got it.”

Me – “He’s good for the personal touch, Scott not. Three bilecik escort way with Scott?”

Him – “You know best. Tonight?”

Me – “Got plans.”

Him – “I get it. Too many dicks!”

Me – “Never too many. I’ll set it up and get back to you.”

Him – “Thanks.”

Two o’clock and Scott knocked on the door. I opened it and he said, “Jason let me off a little early. Came back from store room,” Scott did air-quotes on store room, “and was happy as shit so let me go early.”

“Dave has a way of doing that to people,” I replied. “He was my first.”

“Cool,” Scott said as he headed for the bedroom and started to take his clothes off. He had come a long way from a shy “should I suck cock” barista to being comfortable with himself. I followed him; he was naked and had pulled out the dildo and lube.

“Hope its okay to pull it out,” he said holding the dildo in his hand.

“Only if you’re going to put your cock into me instead,” I said with a smile.

Scott laughed and as I had finished taking off my clothes he pushed me back of the edge of the bed and dropped to his knees.

“Man, I’ve been wanting to suck a cock since you texted me about a new guy,” he said. Scott grabbed my cock and stroked it up and down. “So heard back from Dave?”

That felt nice I thought as I replied, “Yeah, he is really interested in getting to know you; know what I mean.”

Scott had placed my cock in his mouth and was moving slowly up and down, licking the head of my cock when he reached the top. “I’d like that too,” he said, pulling my cock out. “When can we do that?” Down went his head as his hand squeezed my balls.

He was learning pretty fast, his cock sucking having come a long way since our first time. “What works for you? He wants a three way with you and me. Oh fuck, that’s good.”

Up from sucking. “Oh; that sounds nice. Does he spit roast?” Down back to sucking.

“Yes he does; he likes giving it and taking it,” I replied.

“Wednesday or Thursday, daytime or night,” he said; back to sucking.

“I’ll let you know later today,” I said. “Now, no more talking, just suck me.”

Scott needed no encouragement as he played with my balls and slid up and down my hard cock, nice and slow. I could feel cum building up as my cock stiffened. My balls weren’t aching yet, but I knew it wouldn’t take long for it to happen.

No matter who sucked my cock, and I know a lot of cocksuckers, it was always hot watching them doing it. Most would go down to work from the get go and it was still hot seeing their head move up and down while feeling my cock in their mouth, but the hot ones; Kelly K., Aaron, Lori and Jason, they loved making eye contact while sucking. Those were the hottest. Of course after a while they couldn’t keep the contact as they were pumping hard and fast to milk me, but until they did; fucking hot. I needed to teach Scott how to do that.

“Look at me, Scott,” I said. “While you’re sucking my cock; look at me.”

He stopped, kept my cock in his mouth and we locked eyes. “That’s it, now go down and suck me, but keep your eyes on mine. Good, oh fuck yeah, really good. Now come back up.”

He did as he was told and he picked up a little speed.

“Okay, that’s good,” I said starting to breathe a bit quickly. “Now when you’re ready for me to cum speed it up, and don’t worry about eye contact. That’s, oh fuck, that’s it.”

Scott was moving up and down, really fast and tight. He would swallow once in a while, but quickly, so as not to break the rhythm he was doing. I was getting closer and he was making those yummy sounds. Okay, I do it too, still pretty hot. He squeezed tighter and sucked quicker.

“Can I cum in you Scott?” I said.

He pulled off of my cock and smiled, “No, Tom, not yet.”

I looked at him with a quizzical look and he replied, “You’ll cum Tom and really good too, but not that way.” He began to lube his cock.

Oh shit, the boy had become a man! Scott always deferred to whatever I had wanted in the past but now he was taking the lead. This could be the start of something really good!

He took a pillow and stuffed it under my ass, raising me up to that sweet spot angle of cock and ass hole. He stepped forward and placed the head of his well-lubed cock to my asshole.

“Can I fuck your ass Tom?” he said with a smile. “You’ll like it; I promise.

“Fuck me Scott,” I said.

He pushed his cock into my asshole, slow, head only, keeping eye contact as he slowly slid deeper into me. Deeper and deeper he slid, slowly, slowly until I felt his balls on my ass – all the way in me.

“Oh man, fuck. Fuck me Scott!” I said. He slid back out, taking his time, up to the head then down again, slow. He reached out, licked his hand and grabbed my cock.

“I’m going to jack you off Tom,” he said sliding his cock in and out of my ass for emphasis. “You like that Tom?”

“Fuck yeah,” I replied. “You going to cum before me Scott? Just let me know, don’t worry about me if you do.”

He began to fuck me faster, his balls starting to bang against me now. Bam! Bam! bingöl escort Bam! Scott was in a grove, no pun intended, as he pounded my ass. My cock ached wanting to cum with my ass full. I was close, so close; he was doing my cock great.

The he came! “Oh, oh, fuuuuccckkk!” he exclaimed as his cum pumped into me. It was hot, hot, hot, my ass getting wet really fast as the second, third, fourth (?) heavy spurt filled me up. He kept pumping, dry firing, but I didn’t care as I was about to cum.

And I did! My ass filled with his cock, I shot high into the air, the first squirt landing on my neck, the second and third on my chest. Scott let go and staggered back to the chair, I grabbed my cock and yanked it fast over and over until all the cum had shot. I stood up, wobbled a little bit, and walked over to Scott. I took cum from my neck with my fingers and placed it to my mouth. He smiled and opened wide as I placed my mouth over his, sharing my cum. Still kissing, I scooped more cum from my chest and slipped into our mouths, seeing who could swallow the most. After all of the cum was gone, we continued to kiss. After a few minutes I moved away and sat back on the bed. We sat in silence. After bit I said “That was fucking awesome Scott. Where’d you learn that?’

“Been watching some internet porn and taking notes,” he replied. “I liked it a lot.”

“Me too,” I said. “Be sure to clear your browser in case Debbie uses the same computer.”

“Yeah, I forgot and she asked me about it,” he said.

“What she’d say? She freak out?”

“No, she said whatever makes me happy,” he said. “But I think she meant watching porn, not sure if she’d go for me sucking cock.”

“I hear you,” I replied. “I’ve met girls that love it and want to join in, well Cyndee for example,” he nodded his head, “And some that don’t like it; hate it. Think they should be the “be all end all”.”

“Yeah, not sure about Debbie,” he said. “I think she might have done it with girls before; her business.”

I agreed and thought about asking him if he thought of having a three way with Debbie and another girl, but hey, that’s not what the “club” is about. Grownups doing grownup things.


It was Lori.

Lori – “Crap! Have to cancel babe, Dave has me working really late. Dumped a lot of stuff on me at the last minute.”

Me – “That sucks. Can I get you anything?’

Her – “No, I’m fine. I really wanted to see you tonight.”

Me – “Me too. Tomorrow night?”


Her – “For sure. Miss you. Take care.”

Me – “You too.”

Someone else texted me; it was Dave.

Dave – “Any chance of a three way tonight with Scott?”

What the fuck? This wasn’t a coincidence; or was it? I don’t think Dave knows about Lori and I so I’ll go with coincidence for now. I turned to Scott. “My plans for tonight got cancelled. Want a three way with Dave?”

“Hell yeah, what time?”

“How about 7?

“Done deal.”

I texted Dave back.

Me – “Tonight at 7; you, me and Scott, here. Bring food!”

I told Scott to be back around 7, that Dave was bringing food if he had the time, said it sounded good.

“Gotta go man,” Scott said as he finished getting dressed.

“Okay,” I replied. “Seven it is.”

7 o’clock rolled by and Dave showed up before Scott. He brought a pizza, Meat Lover’s, how appropriate.

“Strangest thing Dave,” I said as we waited for Scott.

“Yeah, what?” he asked as he opened his beer.

“I had my plans cancel tonight, right before you texted me,” I said taking a drink of mine.

“No shit? Well, I was wondering,” he said.

“About what?” I asked.

“I needed Lori to work tonight because I have a presentation tomorrow morning at 7am,” he said drinking his beer. “Then I took a flyer and thought I’d give you a text to see if you suddenly had free time. Odd that you did.”

That fucker!

“Well they are totally unrelated, but glad we can get together,” I said.

Dave looked at me and said, “You know, if you’re going out with her, that’s okay with me. Actually, I have nothing to say about it.”

Scott knocked on the door so we left it at that. He came in with a six pack of beer, place it in the fridge; we sat down and ate the pizza. I let Scott and Dave do most of the talking and they seemed to hit it off pretty well. After we had finished eating we sat in to watch some television, just to let the pizza settle. After a bit I asked if they wanted another beer, both said yes so I went to the kitchen to get them.

I guess the pizza must have settled because when I go back to the living room Scott was sitting on the couch and Dave was on his knees sucking Scott’s dick. I went to the bedroom, grabbed the lube and came back. Scott had pants all the way around the ankles and Dave was going to town.

“Fuck, he’s good,” Scott said.

“I told you that you’d like it,” I said as I started to take off my clothes. Once naked I dropped down next to Dave and said, “Let me have some of that while you get naked.”

Dave stood up and started taking off his clothes. I grabbed Scott’s cock and licked it with my tongue. Around the head I went, in a lazy circle as I stroked it up and down, wetting my hand when needed. Once Dave was naked I stood up and we pulled Scott to his feet. I slipped behind him, leaned in and whispered, “We want to spit roast you Scott,” then licked and kissed his neck.

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