Totally Chesty – Prologue

Non Nude

Totally Chesty – Prologue(NOTE: This is a crossover between Totally Spies and Art Wetherell’s Treasure Chests. All characters 18+ and all rights reserved to the ones who own/created/produces/distributed/broadcasted them. I am doing just for fun and not for money intentionsTOTALLY CHESTY – THE SERIESBy Victor2K and Sgt. SnakePROLOGUESteelport…A seaside town, just an ordinary town at the coast.That kind of place where everything seems peaceful and even boring at times.Why a city like this might get the attention for a story written about it?Because Steelport was the perfect place for a revolution. A sexy revolution if we can say that. One that no woman that lives at the town will ever forget. Ever.To start talking about it, let’s talk about why this place is sakarya escort so important to the story. Steelport was a proud town back in time where steel industry needed a place to facilitate the exporting of their products around the world. For many decades, it was one of the most important places where steel could be shipped and a town grew up due to progress and the wealth around.But things go up and down and then the steel companies that once flourished left for other cities and greener pastures. Steelport didn’t actually decay but the luster in the town diminished and the port lost much of its importance in the area.Which remained was the beach, a pleasant place for the citizens and for the tourists that decide to ditch glitzy places and adapazarı escort a few other places that still stand showing their glory. The town became more like of the regular suburban kind, with many houses and families living there. Some locations that held factories and plants were replaced by homes, malls and retailers all ready to serve those people who moved to Steelport chasing peace of mind and running away from the troubles of the big city.The immense women populations of the place made Steelport get the nickname of ‘Prettiest City in America’, a testament to the fact the place was a magnet for beautiful ladies of many ages living there, single or married. However there was another alias that is immediately associated to the town: ‘Busty sakarya escort bayan City’. The city had an enormous number of females with large breasts that might make anyone wonder what there was on their water or food for that happen.But the lady population desired something and that was a decent option to enjoy the nights. The town had a number of bars and clubs, but many of them saw unpleasant episodes of fighting, harassment and riots between gangs. The fewer ones that escape uns**thed of the trouble kept themselves pretty much afraid of that happening around them and others closed.And those women wanted to enjoy a place where they could talk, dance, eat and even try to find someone to spend the night with. The married ones also longed for going out and enjoying a night away of their husbands and a time away things of marital and family affairs. Steelport had many options, but none fitted what they desired.But that was about to change. And thanks to two newcomers and a number of lady assistants…

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