Train Ride to Work


I’d like to tell you about my first experience of this kind of thing, ‘nor,’ I’m I happy to report, that it wasn’t the last time either.

Before we go into all that, I think a proper introduction is in order.

Hello, my name is Susanne Whittington, 34 years of age, married happily to the same man since I was 18yr’s old and we have twin boys.

Back then it first happened to me I was aged 21yr’s old and had become accustomed to my husbands early morning ‘needs,’ as you do when you’re a wife. Since marring him, I’ve always woken up before him, so I’ve always know about his early morning ‘woody.’

I don’t know how many of you girls out there, (reading this,) has had to put up with this kind of thing from their husbands/boyfriends/lover’s, but I bet it’s quite a lot of you. How do you handle it?

Me, I tried different ways to dissuade him, I’d move away, or just turn over so he couldn’t get at me, ‘if you know what I’m saying?’ Did it make a difference in the long run, ‘No,’ is the answer to that question. It didn’t matter what I did, he’d always found his way back to me, I even shouted at him one morning to leave me alone. Then I discovered that he was actually fast asleep while he was doing that to me. I even told him about it when he was awake, he was sorry, ‘very sorry,’ he said he’d try not to do it again but seeing as he was asleep he didn’t know how he was going to do that?

well what could I say to that, after all it was true, he couldn’t help what happened while he was asleep, unless, of course he was to sleep in the spare room for the rest of his life. Even I like that idea, I mean, what kind of marriage would that be? So I had to accept it, ‘didn’t I!’ it wasn’t like he was trying to do things we didn’t do anyway! It wasn’t like it was every morning, just most mornings that’s all.

Things went easier after that once I accepted it as it was, ‘I was awake anyway,’ just waiting for the time to get up, what else did I have to do at that time in the mornings? It usually only started a couple of hours before he woke up anyway!. The morning after I’d accepted the inevitable, I woke up even earlier that usual just waiting for it to start. My back was to him when he rolled over to me and put his arm over me to hug me. I said nothing, I did nothing when it started to grow from flaccid to full erection between my thighs knocking at the door.

Surprisingly enough, Betturkey I’d been thinking about it for such a long time that I was already ready for him. I made him wait thrusting at me for a few seconds longer before opening myself and letting him in. ‘A lady, must show some decorum,’ as my dear old mother used to say. He took his time, I’d never experienced ‘the big O,’ with him before, ‘at least not with him inside me like that.’ but because he took his time, and he lasted a hell of a lot longer than he normally did, I had my first with him. I was glorious, ‘I was even touching myself just to make it last even longer!’

He’s still like that now, you’d be surprised how quickly you get used to it! How quickly you start to like it! Or how quickly you start to look forward to it and even to encourage it when it seems like it’s not forth coming. It’s become now my time at that time in the mornings, and his time at night before we go to sleep. I think the best time of that though was when I got pregnant with the twins, (which I’m fairly certain that what’s started them,) is when I’m on my monthlies. I have to do without it for eight days at the most, ‘usually!’

But that’s, ‘by the by,’ I just wanted to explain to you how I came up being in the condition I was in that first time on the train. (Are you with me so far?)

I was still bleeding after nine day’s! I was beginning to worry there was something up with me and made an appointment with my Doctor. I’d not been without it for that long in… ‘fore ever!’

I was bad tempered, frustrated, I was even beginning to consider breaking my one cardinal rule about ‘bloody sex,’ even if I had to do it myself.

I’d been thinking about it while making his dinner, or when I was in the shower even sat at my desk at work typing. You know it bad when you type your privet thoughts on the computer when you’re supposed to be typing a letter to a law firm, ‘right?’ it was just a good job, that I checked the letter before I printed it off and sent it to them.

Well, it was the very next day after that, that it happened to me on the way to work. It was on the commute train, packed to the gills. Every seat taken, with people crowded together in the isles, it was a night mere. I hated that kind of thing, I didn’t like my personal space being invaded like that unless I was making love to them. So when the crowd behind me, Betturkey Giriş squashed me into the woman in front of me I didn’t feel like she’d be trying to feel me up or anything like that. That didn’t help with the guy behind me rubbing himself against me, (yes I could tell even by not looking it was a guy!)

What I’m talking about, ‘basically,’ is getting sexually abused while riding a crowed train… it happens more often than one would admit. Maybe you’ve already experienced it yourselves. You’re on a packed train, people are crammed in like sardines. You’re personnel space as been invaded but there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Maybe, (subconsciously), you arrived to the station later than you could have because you wanted it to happen to you. After all, you take the same ride every day to work and you know that you could have taken the earlier train, but no you had to take that one didn’t you. Because you’ve heard people, ‘usually woman,’ complaining that they were being touched, and you ‘secretly,’ wished that it was you.

God forbid that you would ever admit to such a thing, but you know that it goes on a lot more often than the times you hear someone calling out that they are being touched.

There I go again, (early senility,) rambling on.

Anyway, I took just half a step away from him rubbing himself against me, but it was also half a step closer to the woman in front of me.

Did I mention how sensitive my breasts are…? well they are, very sensitive in fact, so when I say I could feel this woman’s nipples through my blouse you better believe me.

She was clinging to the over head strapping to keep her balance whilst reading a book of some sort. A clung tightly to a seat back and was easily jostled about by the trains movement, which in turn made me rub my breasts up against hers. I received a look from her, ‘not the kind that says ‘what the hell are you doing touching me like that,’ no not like that it was more of an acknowledgement of my presence with a smile, then she went back to reading her book.

More people got on at the next station pressing us all together even closer. The woman in front of me neither gave room, except to let put my foot between hers so I didn’t stand on her foot, nor did she retreat any.

‘If only I had on my jacket, maybe than I wouldn’t be so sensitive with my breasts Betturkey Güncel Giriş rubbing up against hers, ‘I thought.’ that guy that had been behind me, ‘do you remember him?’ Well he to had been pushed forward onto me, his erection had been lodged firmly between my cheeks, right up against my butt hole, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. I couldn’t even move forward out of his way, I could already feel that woman’s upper thigh rubbing against me. And if I moved back away from her, I’d just end up sitting on his cock regardless of how much it reminded me of my husband.

My body reacted all by it’s self to my need, the memory of my husband, and the situation I found my self in regardless of what I told my body. I was hot, flushed fanning myself with my hand to cool down. It didn’t do me any good when then train set off, I fell back on to him when the train surged forward, he was lodged inside me. She’d fallen forward onto me trapping my upper thigh between hers I could feel her ‘camel toe,’ on my thigh. I’m sure she could feel mine too! She didn’t back off though once we’d regained our balance, neither did I, neither did he. It felt like he was using the motion of the train to fuck me, to push me against her camel toe and hers against mine. God help me! I was enjoying it, and not wanting it to stop. I caught her staring at my aroused nipples, she lowered her book and looked at me. The back of her hand pressing against one of my erect nipples and she leaned toward me to whisper something in my ear pressing her hand harder against me, and I pressed back.

“Don’t worry so much dear, it’ll all be over with soon,” she whispered breathing on my neck and sending cold shivers down my spine. That’s when I became aware them both thrusting at me the same time, I too started thrusting back. I felt him go deeper into me pushing my Tampax further up. He came first, he rammed it up me and held it there emptying his balls into his pants, I could feel it pulsing inside me. Who was next I don’t know but it was a closed run thing between her and myself. I was breathless, hot and dizzy, she lowered her book again, and leaned in again to whisper something. I felt her hand, ‘hidden by her book,’ squeezing my bust, rolling my nipple, and she licked my ear lobe before giving me her last message.

“Thank you very much for that, we enjoyed that tremendously.”

‘Silly me…’ I thought she was talking about the Royal ‘WE,’ until she reached behind me took the hand of the man behind me. He was a ‘Gentlemen,’ he even took the time after pulling himself out of me to tug on my skirt and pull that out too.’

‘That was also the last day I wore a bra and knickers to work!’

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