Training him to be a woman


Training him to be a womanAlexa was our pet training to be a female. We were all set to do what ever she needed, hrt, breast implants and anything else she needed. She was there so far for 4 months. Me and my wife kim loved sex with each other we were both very versatile with each other, but needed a sub. We were both dominant and wanted to train her to be our personal slut. We fixed the basement up with stone floors and wood walls we also built many bdsm furniture. I installed a toilet, open shower in the middle of the room. A large cage was erected in the corner. Chains and leather decorated the walls. We installed a dumwaiter so we could lower supplys.One morning we woke her up out of her comfy bed, we put a dog collar and leash on her and d**g her from her bed, she new the day was coming. As she was on the floor on all fours kim held her leash tight , i walked to her ass and smacked it hard. I pulled out a tail butt plug and forced it in ber ass raw. She squealed a bit and we led her to the basement. After we arrived it was time to start. Over to the shower kim removes the plug and inserts a shower enema, as i slowly canlı bahis turned the water on to fill her up. We held it in till it was squirting out, quickly kim pulls it out and jamb her tail back in.Leading her around on her leash till she begs for the toilet. We allow her to go relieve herself. Then we proceed three more times. “Im starving ” she pleads i grab my paddle and crack her hard on the ass. No speaking i demand and she wimpers” but but i havent eaten” smack! I head to the kitchen as kim does what she wants, in the kitchen i grab a pack of hot dogs and some chocolate pudding. I hear moaning coming from the basement, kim is having a good time so i grab a cup of coffee. As i walk down the steps kim is straddling alexas ass pumping her hard cock deep in her ass. Her balls smacking alexas balls hard. With a loud moan kim pulls out of alexas gaping whole and sprays a huge thick load in her hair.”Still hungry, i got you some hot dogs but your gonna have to warm them up” i start sliding hot dogs in her ass 2 total. She sits there confused heating them up. Kim gets on all fours ass up. I start eating her ass, bahis siteleri i pull a large dildo and enter her a few time to open her gape. Taking a spoon and filling her ass with pudding 2 cups. After she clenched i clean her up.” dont worry baby im making your desert after your lunch.A half hour passes and i tell alexa to retrieve her lunch . 2 wet dogs slide from her hole and she immediately starts eating them. When she is done i instruct her to get on all fours behind kims ass. She starts licking and kim releases a little pudding she laps it up. I grab the back of alexas head and force it to kims hole “open up”. Then i smack kims ass. She releases the pudding in force, alexa is gagging trying to swallow it all. As im forcing her head i slide my cock balls deep in her asshole. forcefully pounding her hotdog oven, she is whimpering and gagging. Kim gets up and starts fucking her throat. Alexas big 10″ cock slapping around.i grab her handle and can feel cum dripping from her. I pull my throbbing cock from her and she holds the gape like a pro. Grab my warm coffee and pour it in her followed by my cock and go back bahis şirketleri to pounding ” im gonna ad the cream ” i moan. Streams of thick cum coat her inner walls, kim rushes around and slides in her asian cock after mine and drains her balls. Alexa is squirmy and we tell her to hold it and squat ocer the cup. She squirts it out coffee and cum.She lays there used and abused on her back , kim starts sucking on her huge cock, alexa gets hard as a rock, i lube my ass up and climb over her as i lower myself down her huge head penetrates my hole. Lower and lower i go, i work my ass hard and fast taking her all in i lean down and start kissing her and kim crawls behind forcing her cock in with alexas. 2 nice cocks pounding my tight hole, stretching me out and filling me up the both finally cum. Kim pulls out and i squeeze alexas cock tight then remove her from me, instantly i put my ass in the air and kim inserts a funnel, filling me with the cum coffee. I keep it in for a while before ejecting it into the cup. Alexa lays there drained , kim carrys the cup of coffee to her and tells her to drink it all. She drank every drop! Over the next couple days we stretched her out filled her with many liquids and foods. Fucked her had her fuck us ( her cock is amazing) spanked, whipped, smacked and tortured her over and over morning noon and night.

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