Training Weekend Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Punishment

She knew when she opened that first email, somehow, she just knew, that this guy would be different. When she read his commanding words full of confidence and an air of authority, even though she had never even met him, she knew. Reading his words, all the RIGHT words in his letters, brought an instant wetness to her pussy and an aching to her nipples. She could already picture him whispering in her ear about the nasty things he was going to do to her. She could already feel the pain across her ass from that first blow of his strong hand. And his hands would be strong. That she knew, just like she knew he would have her wailing and whimpering over his lap in no time. And she was not disappointed. On the contrary. He paddled her and possessed her like no one ever had and with his hands and lips and tongue he had brought her to wonderful places she didn’t even know existed. But it was hard, obeying him. Harder than she thought it would be. She thought once she met a dominant, strong, man that she would just fall into her place and submit willingly to his authority. After all, it had been a fantasy of hers for so long. But an inner struggle had begun to assert itself. And her stubborn, sassy nature would take hold and she would become in fact, unsubmissive and petulant.

He vowed to tame her, vowed to teach her obedience. And she would learn. He would use his belt, and she would learn. He would use the paddle, and she would learn. In fact, he even began to use a switch, a tried and true method from his own childhood, he knew. And she would learn, but only for a time. Then, eventually, the attitude would creep back. The meek, submissive girl would disappear and a fresh-mouthed, defiant woman would take her place. And the teaching would begin anew. She knew, at these times, that he was most displeased and exasperated with her. And she hated to truly anger him. But sometimes she couldn’t help herself. It was after one particularly harsh bout of arrogance and disobedience that he announced a rather fascinating, but terrifying prospect. They were going away for a weekend. To a quaint, isolated cabin by a lake. But this was not a weekend for relaxing, he informed her. This would be a training weekend and the last thing she would do would be relaxing. And he vowed that by the end of the weekend she would know the true meaning of the word obedience and, with a twinkle in his eye, he also promised great rewards if she learned her lessons well and pleased him.

So she packed her bags, with little clothes. After all, he warned her, she would not need much. And off they drove with his bag full of toys, minus the switches, they grew on trees, after all, to begin her training at ‘boot camp’ as he laughingly called it. On the way there she worried about what lay ahead. She worried if she would be able to take it and worried about what he had in store for her. But eventually she slept some and woke to find his hand curled in hers. And then like a weight had been lifted, she felt better. He loved her, after all. She knew this, and she loved him too. And above all she trusted him. Everything would be all right. She gave him a radiant smile, that faded as they drove down the gravel road and she realized they had arrived at the cabin. As they sat in the car he outlined a few instructions for her. The rules for the weekend were simple enough. She had followed them before. She was to do exactly as she was told with no questions and certainly no whining or back talk. When she was being punished, which he assured her, would be most of the weekend, she was to call him sir, and she was to speak only when spoken to. She nodded and reached for the door handle. But he stopped her before she could get out of the car. He took her chin in his hand and gazed directly in her eyes. He lightly kissed her lips. It was a kiss that brought an instant surge of wetness to her panties, even though he touched her no where else.

‘I love you,” he said. “Remember that.”

She nodded. Then, still looking into her eyes, he gave her some simple instructions. Enter the cabin and go to the bedroom, he said. Take off all your clothes and unpack the bag with the implements in them. Lay them out on the chair. Then climb on the bed on your hands and knees and wait for me. So quickly she complied, with her heart racing a bit and her pussy moistening even more. She waited for him in the dimness of the room. He hadn’t, after all, told her to turn on the lights and she was trying very hard to obey his words to the letter. He took his time and made her wait, vulnerable and naked on the bed. Finally he came in and crawled up on the bed behind her. He was still in his clothes, though he had shed his jacket and shoes. Without any words he picked up the paddle. He grabbed a handful of thick hair at the base of her neck and pulled her head back so she was looking directly at him in the mirror. She could see his eyes in the dim light. Finally, he said, “This weekend you will learn what it is to obey me. For starters Betturkey you will look me in the eye any time you have the opportunity, especially when I am punishing you. You will not look away. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

And still holding her by the hair, he began in earnest to paddle her naked rear all the while watching her face, her eyes in the mirror. After a while, when her ass began to show hues of red and was hot to the touch, he reached for the bath brush. She saw what he had in his hand and winced, and for a brief moment, dropped her eyes. SMACK! The brush fell hard across the crest of her ass. Up came her head in an instant.

“Look at me,” he ordered, sternly.

“I’m sorry” she said, knowing that ALREADY she had disobeyed him.

“50” he announced, simply, “and you shall count”

So she did. He laid 50 intense strokes all over her ass. She had a hard time keeping track, but she did. She almost closed her eyes, but in spite of the pain, she held them open and on his grim face. After he was done he got off the bed and ordered her to stand up. He stood in front of her, so she could see, and he very deliberately unbuckled his belt and slid it through his pant loops.

“Bend over and place your hands on the bed,” he said.

Soon his belt was whistling through the air landing on her already well-punished ass. Soon she could barely stand it and she started to move, to plea, to whimper… and finally, to cry. After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped. He pulled her to standing and with the back of his knuckles, gently brushed away the tears.

“You did well,” he announced. “But now you shall please me, or we shall start all over.”

He pushed her down to her knees and with a nod of permission from him, she unbuttoned his jeans. Soon she had his hard, large cock filling her mouth as she licked and suckled and brought him pleasure. She teased and tempted, and let her hands wander all over his body, to his beautiful, firm ass, his back, his balls, but then finally she took as much as she could deep into her throat. He sat on the bed and she continued. She could tell he was getting close to his climax…as she felt his balls begin to contract a bit in the palm of her hand. Sensing the finish was not far away, she renewed her efforts and was finally rewarded with his hot, sticky come shooting down her throat. She greedily swallowed as much as she could and finished by gently licking him clean, as he fell back exhausted, on the bed. She lay next to him as he recovered.

He sat up on his elbow and eyed her expectantly. “How’s your ass?” he asked casually. She gave him a rueful glance and a grimace.

“Fine,” she said. She knew better than to complain.

“Good,” he said, “Now go to the chair and get the large paddle for me, the one with the holes,” he announced.

Surprise, shock, and a brief hint of anger colored her face. He watched the struggle knowingly. Finally, with a loud sigh, she got up and brought back the paddle and handed it to him, resigned.

“Well, that is a start, I guess,” he said. “So you will only get 40.”

Again the stubborn look was in her eyes as he passed sentence. “Had you immediately jumped up and grabbed the paddle with no disdainful look,” he informed her, ” you would have only gotten 10. You must learn, Susan. This is it. Obedience without question. Now go into the living room and bend over the arm of the chair and wait for me.”

So she went, faster than she wanted to, and soon he was standing behind her paddling her hard for her brief lapse. It hurt. It hurt worse than she could imagine. He wielded the paddle so wickedly. And she wanted to cry out. She wanted to protest, she wanted to stamp her feet, stand up, put her hands back and cover her tormented behind. But she did none of these things. She simply stayed there, bent over, and took it, stroke after stroke, with her hands holding onto the fabric of the chair so hard her knuckles were white. “This,” she thought, is true submission and obedience.” She was, indeed, learning. The next morning he made them breakfast. They ate on the deck looking out over the calm lake. He had awoke her gently by kissing her back and eventually her sore ass. That had woke her up in a hurry. He brought her lotion for her marked and tender back side. He gently rubbed it in while quietly telling her his plans for the day. Her training, much to her dismay, was not over. Not by a long shot, he informed her. He gave her instructions for later. She listened and nodded. But first, he said, they would shower and eat. After they cleared away the dishes she poured herself more coffee and sat again on the deck. He eyed her knowingly. Scarlet O’Hara till the last, putting it off till the last possible moment. After a while he gave her a more meaningful look. She knew what it meant and putting down her coffee mug with a resigned thump, she marched into the kitchen in search of a knife.

Together they walked down to the Betturkey Giriş lake as she searched for the right length branch. She found two, cut them and stripped them of their leaves and handed them to him solemnly. Then, without being told, she unbuttoned her khaki shorts and pulled them, along with her underwear, down and off. “Well,” she thought to herself, “those didn’t last long.” He eyed a large oak right near the water and ordered her to bend over with her hands on the trunk.

“Spread those legs,” he said.

She complied. He walked up behind her and let his fingers skim her ass and the crack between her legs.

“Wet and slick already,” he announced. She blushed and bowed her head.

“If you do well in your training today we will more than take care of that later,” he promised. “If you do not obey or give me any insolence, you will suffer without release, understand?” At the last words he cupped her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

“Yes, sir,” she said, knowing he meant what he said. And then, as he had instructed her earlier in the bedroom, she asked, “Please punish me, sir. Please switch my behind and teach me obedience.” Oh, but the words were hard to get out. But the punishment for not doing so was harder, so she managed it.

More training, she thought. More things to learn. But soon her mind was not filled with anything but the searing pain of the switch as it fell again and again across her wide sore bottom laying down welt after welt until she simply could not hold still any longer. He had planned it that way. He whipped her and whipped her and watched her internal struggle as it finally became too much for her. Finally she reached her breaking point and her legs snapped together and up she bolted unable to take one more stroke. But he had planned it that way. She had, in fact, lasted longer than he thought she would, and that pleased him. Looking at her his cock ached to break free of his tight pants and the pressure inside was already building to a high intensity. He ordered her back into the cabin, and taking a hold of her upper arm he switched her ass all the way, causing her to dance. In the bedroom he pulled two of his neck ties out of the suitcase. One he wore quite often and he longed to see it wrapped tightly around her wrists as he punished her. It would amuse him to wear it to some boring meeting remembering what he had used it for this weekend. Soon she was tied, naked, hands together to the headboard, on her knees.

He made sure she was comfortable and again, took up the switch. Again, he talked to her about obedience and submission. Again he told her what he expected and again, he assured her, that before the weekend was over, she would learn. After laying down only 10, he could wait no longer and his hands found her pussy as he began to explore private places, all the while teasing her about her evident arousal. Her fragrance was pungent and strong and in spite of the shower she took only an hour before, it overwhelmed his senses. He probed her pussy and gently inserted a small finger into her asshole, and began to play. She moaned aloud as he brought her closer and closer to her peak, but stopped after a while. Soon her pleasure was replaced again with pain as he brought the switch down across her already marked rear end. Then, in a rush that surprised her, she suddenly heard his zipper and felt the unbelievable filling of his hard cock as he roughly took her from behind.

He pounded into her, raising out and pushing in again and again with a fury that took her breath away and aroused her to great peaks and valleys of passion. Then, as suddenly as he had started, he stopped and withdrew. Suddenly he was under her lightly, gently licking her hard nipples. She was so excited she was beyond coherence and began to moan like an animal. She leaned down to give him better access to her aching breasts. It frustrated her that she was still bound and tied. He began to move down on the bed and his soon his head was between her thighs. She wanted that tongue, wanted it like never before. She lowered herself down not caring if he knew how turned on she was and not caring that she was grinding herself in a frenzy on his face. The ecstasy she felt when his tongue finally danced on her pussy was reward enough after all her torment. Without missing a beat, he reached up and roughly grabbed a nipple in each hand and caressed them as he licked and pleasured her wet cunt. Sooner than even he expected he could feel a rush of new wetness over his tongue and hear her groan and thrust onto his face in a frenzy of excitement as she came and came…. and rode it out long, and hard and she moaned and bucked until she was spent.

Part 2- The Reward.

It was late afternoon as they awoke from a long nap. She was famished and wanted something to eat but he told her he had a surprise in store for her. They were going out tonight. So they dressed, she in a simple summer dress, sandals, bra and underwear, Betturkey Güncel Giriş and he in jeans, sandals and a polo shirt. They arrived at a restaurant/club they had passed on there way to the cabin the night before. The smell of garlic and steaks greeted them as they walked in the door. The place was packed and they waited at the bar for a table. Soon a young woman came and sat on a stool at the bar next to them. They began a conversation and it turned out she knew him. Her name was Jaime and she worked with John. The women were introduced and soon they learned she was there alone as her boyfriend was out on a boys night out across the lake. John invited Jaime to join them for dinner, much to Susan’s dismay. She had been looking forward to a romantic evening alone with him. But she acquiesced and remained cheerful making small talk. They ordered delicious food and had wonderful, strong margaritas, the specialty of the house, and soon Susan wondered why she had objected at all in the first place.

Jaime was a delight. She was charming and funny and witty and attractive. She didn’t even feel jealous when John gazed at her lovely face and more pointedly, her swelling breasts beneath her tight cotton top. Suddenly Susan also noticed just how attractive she was. She had beautiful eyes with long lashes and pouty lips and curly blond hair. “Silly of me”, she thought secretly, blushing at her own attraction. It must be the liquor. They went into the bar after dinner where music was playing and all three of them began to dance and dance. Susan noticed how sensuous Jaime was and after another margarita lost all worry about her newly surfaced sexual feelings. Later as the evening progressed she had the opportunity to talk to Jaime alone at the bar. And to Susan’s surprise, it almost seemed as if Jaime was flirting with her, making suggestive comments until finally she blatantly asked Susan “So how’s your ass feeling tonight? Any better?” Shocked Susan just stared at her, how could she know? With a knowing, wicked smile Jaime reassured her, it’s ok, I know John spanks you. I’ve been turned over a man’s knee from time to time myself. It’s kind of a kick, she confided. Still shocked, but yet somehow excited, Susan told her that her ass was ‘mighty sore’ but tolerable. They laughed like conspiring teenagers as John came back to join them.

The three of them returned to the dance floor and soon Jaime was dancing close to Susan and she felt a rush as her hand brushed purposely across her sore ass. “You did a fine job on her, John,” she said loud enough for both of them to hear, “but I think I could do better.” Then she gave them a wicked smile. They all laughed and danced and the chemistry between the three of them became evident to even Susan. Suddenly in a moment of lucidness, Susan began to wonder if there chance meeting were such a chance at all. But soon the thought left her as John and Jaime came up to her and told her the party was moving back to the cabin. A thought that Susan found pleasing as well. When they got there the liquor continued to flow and John found some great music to play on the old fashioned record player. Again the girls began to dance in the middle of the room, but this time with little restraint. They danced sensuously together, arms intertwined, breasts touching, hands wandering. Then Jaime leaned down and gave Susan a soft kiss. The electricity shot through her as her lips touched hers, and she felt a rush of wetness between her legs. Jaime’s hands began to wander more purposely then, to Susan’s breasts. She lightly brushed them till she found the nipples hardening…and she pinched them. John watched from a few feet away, and could feel his cock harden in his pants. He longed to join them but he didn’t want to interrupt the natural scene that was unfolding either.

Soon Susan was running her hands along Jaime’s breasts as well, enjoying the feeling of touching another woman. It was so new to her, but she loved it. Jaime’s breasts were smaller than hers and they could fit, she found, in the palm of her hand. She was surprised when she could make her nipples excited and soon she lifted the cotton t-shirt to find her, white lace bra underneath. Unable to resist any longer, she kissed a breast, right over the bra, and felt her own pussy contract as Jaime’s nipple responded to her tongue. Then she quickly pulled up the bra and attached her nipple and suckled, gently at first, but then more forcefully as her other hand found the other breast. Jaime moaned, and sound brought on another surge of wetness was too much. The sound so turned her on …. Then she felt hands on her back. It was John, standing behind her, he raised her hair and began to kiss her neck. The sensation overwhelmed her. Come on, he beckoned to both of them. Come to the bedroom. They followed. He lit some candles as the girls lay on the bed together. He looked over at them. They were both tussled and obviously excited. They were beautiful in their state of arousal. He wanted to see them pleasure each other. But he wanted something else first. He gently began to chide them about “starting without him.’ and Susan, more than Jaime, looked a bit sheepish. He said he thought that they deserved to be punished for leaving him out. But the smile on his face told the real story.

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