Transfer – Brook and Nikita Ch. 01


Timothy Olsen as his mom called him, Timmy Olsen as people would make fun of him, or Tim what he liked to be called stood in the middle of the astral circle completely naked , various chalk markings made around the floor forming it. He’d already acquired all of the other elements necessary items to complete the body transfer, scraps of clothing, hair, roses and the spell book holding the transfer spell. He had bought the book off of someone named Sara on Ebay, saying how it had “changed her life” and how it could do unbelievable things. Normally Tim wouldn’t put much faith in such things, but he had no choice.

The girl of his dreams, Rory had noticed his crush and kindly squared him in the friend zone. Some might say the smart thing to do was to accept things and move on, but Tim didn’t care what the smart thing to do was, he just wanted Rory. Thus he purchased the book for a price so low it might as well have been given away, a measly 3.00 dollars. The obvious con shocked Tim, who upon using the first spell, eyes rolling with scepticism, found out that it was indeed a real spell book! He had chosen the spell “Disintegrate” and pointing lazily at one of his house’s flower pots was struck, dumbfounded with disbelief when the pot shattered into tiny pieces! Tim sat there, shocked for a moment, before jumping to his feet and shouting with glee.

“YES! It works! This thing actually f*cking works!”

Tim wasted no time after that, franticly scanning the book, top to bottom, page after page. Unfortunately there was no “Love” spell or anything like that, only a “Lust” spell which didn’t satisfy what Tim wanted. He needed a way to get out of the friend zone and become Rory’s boyfriend, not just a way to a quick freebie. And so Tim sat and thought for a few hours, flipping through the book, corner to corner, page to page looking for anything that would help him win her over. Upon flipping to the last page of the book, the “Transfer” spell, an idea began to spring to mind.

Rory had two very close friends, Brook and Nikita whom to which she shared presumably almost everything. Tim had met both of them before and had even gotten to know Brook quite well. She was a fairly nice girl with a great sense of humour and was, at least according to Rory, an excellent moral compass. She had actually pushed Tim to confess his feeling to Rory, an action that while futile in the end made Tim respect her.

Nikita on the other hand was negative, rude, sarcastic and aggressive to Tim. He and her had never really gotten along for whatever reason, and it was Tom’s belief that she was responsible for getting him friend zoned with Rory. The more likely case was that Rory had never been into Tim judging by the fact if Nikita got her way Tim and Rory would most likely not still be good friends, but Tim needed a scapegoat and so she became.

Tim realized that if he could swap bodies or whatever the spell did with either Brook or Nikita using the “Transfer” spell he could use that to convince Rory to give him a shot. After all Rory did listen to her friend’s advice, brook’s more often the Nikita’s and if they thought she should try it out with him, who was she to ignore them?

The only problem was in which one he should control or swap with, Brook or Nikita. On the one hand Rory would listen to Brook more often, on the other Nikita would shoot down his ideas due to her dislike of him, it would be no different than regular Brook and Nikita. So Tim decided to use the “Transfer” spell on Nikita, because with both Brook and Nikita giving the seal of approval Rory had to at least consider it, right?

The spell was different than others. Whereas most spells simply required an incantation and basic concentration this spell required a laundry list of items including the target’s DNA, clothing and favourite flower. With a little digging, aka Facebook Tim managed to find out Nikita liked the most cliche of all flowers, roses, and cut a few off his neighbours garden.

Next Tim “borrowed” a pair of her jeans she had left in her locker after school during gymnastics practice, which fortunately enough, she had left open. Last Tim waited weeks before following her to her hair cutters after she posted it on Facebook. The place just so happened to be his hair cutters, giving him a lucky excuse to grab his last ingredient while no one was looking.

Finally he assembled his collected items into a astral circle as instructed by the book. It was odd the spell needed him naked but oh well he came this far. Undressing and stepping into the center of the circle Tim began to chant. Slowly he felt his soul rising out of his body, his arms becoming corporeal and lifting out, his body slowly rising before thumping to the floor in a *THUD*. Tim hoped nothing was broken, but he had little time to look himself over as he felt his soul lifting up and out of house with him unable to control his movement.

Soaring above the cityscape, Tim felt himself being pulled, tugged in the direction of Nikita’s house. However, suddenly he jerked to the right, heading downtown instead of the northern part of the city where Nikita lived.

“That’s odd” Tim thought.

Perhaps she’s at a friends house. Moving even faster Tim could barely see his surroundings before whizzing into an unknown house. Suddenly everything came to an abrupt stop as Tim’s soul collided with something. The force tried to push back but Tim’s soul cut into it like butter and slid its way inside. Tim’s soul wiggled it a bit around inside before finally adjusting and locking into place. Then everything went black.

When his eyes finally opened Tim began to take shape of where he was. He was in a modest living room with a single flatscreen tv, a few stereos, an armchair and red couch which he stood in front of. Tim suddenly noticed all the changes to his body, Nikita’s body. Looking down he began to admire his new form. Nikita was around 5’9 and around a curvy 190 to 210 pounds, Tim couldn’t tell. She had small feet and medium legs leading very curvy thighs and a generous bubble butt. She was a bit plump on her stomach but not overweight and she definitely and some muscles on her arms. She had red lipstick and what could be said is a pouty face and black eyelashes with short black hair in a tiny ponytail on top. Oh and triple C very perky breasts.

Overall Tim was very impressed and couldn’t wait to see it all hidden under black yoga top and pants. Imminently after stepping though, he realized a problem. He stumbled and nearly fell just managing to catch himself and balance out. His weight distribution was off, it was almost impossible to walk. Getting down on the floor, Tim began to crawl a bit, slowly working his way to small steps, steadying himself as he went.

After moving through a few rooms he finally managed to achieve a stable walk when a question dawned on him, where was he? It wasn’t Nikita’s house that was for sure. Wrong area of town and too nice a house. He could have used a phone to figure it out but left Nikita’s back in the living room and he didn’t even know the… 2318. The passcode. How did he know that? Suddenly Tim realized he may have taken over more than just Nikita’s body, he had her mind and memories now. As he thought about the house did look familiar to both Tim’s mind and Nikita’s. As the familiarity of the house began to come back to him, he suddenly heard:


Whirling around way too fast Tim lost balance again hurtling towards the Earth when someone grabbed him with both of their arms.

“Woah woah! Easy now Nikita easy now. Don’t want to hurt that pouty face of yours” the voice said.

As Tim slowly regained his balance he could see that the voice belonged to none other than Brook O’ Neil, who’s amber eyes stared back at him.

“Brook? Wah..what are you doing here?”

Tim asked, a little uncertain due to the shock of hearing Nikita’s voice as his.

Brook simply laughed.

“And why wouldn’t I be here? This is my house.”

Tim cursed himself for having asked a question he already knew the answer to.

“I invited you over to hang out tonight, remember? Or did you hurt your head on that tumble?”

Her face shifted from one of amusement to slight concern. Quickly composing himself to avoid further prodding, Tim responded.

“No, no I’m fine I’m fine. Just a little disoriented, that’s all.”

Suddenly Tim noticed something else, that something being Brook and how close she was to him. Tim could feel the warmth between them, her breath on his skin. It created an odd feeling for Tim that he couldn’t quite place, so he went to the cause of it and took a good long look at Brook.

He’d seen her before of course, but looking her over again she was a bit shorter then Nikita, about 5’7. She weighed about 130 pounds and was quite skinny. Don’t let that fool you though, Tim thought. Brook always joked she looked like she had the body of a heroin addict but the physique of Usain Bolt. She was fast(the school’s star track runner), strong(as evidenced by her holding the body of a woman 50 to 60 pounds and two inches taller then her without effort) and she had amazing reflexes(Tim had to remind himself, never play darts with her again). She had long black hair then ran down to her shoulders and two b cups. She was wearing blue jeans and a jean jacket over a strapless black top. She wasn’t the most attractive girl Tim had ever seen but she was pretty cute.

The thing was Tim had never really been all that into her before. So what had changed? Nikita’s mind. That’s what had changed. Not only had Tim gotten Nikita’s memories, he got all of her feelings as well. And judging by the signals her body was given out, Nikita was very, very aroused by Brook. Come to think of it, Tim had never really seen her with a boyfriend for more than a few days before. She was always talking(or in most cases arguing) with Brook. Tim then became aware of the fact that he’d been staring at Brook for awhile, and she back at him in a awkward silence.

“So umm, yeah. I’m just gonna go into the other room ok?” Brook said as she slowly moved out of the closeness the two were in.

“Brook wait! Uh, I mean umm, look I’m uh, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? What for falling on me? I hardly think you need to apologize for that, Nikita.”

“No, I’m sorry for being such a bitch to you a lot of the time. It’s uncalled for.”

“Wow, uh thanks Nikita, I really never thought you’d ever say that. Anything else?”

“Um yeah, I uh, really just wanna tell you, I, just want to tell you that uh..”

Tim spoke, stumbling over his words trying to find the right ones to say. He was blushing intensely. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but it felt right all the same.

“I just wanna say” but before he could finish, Brook stopped him.

“You just want to say I’m super sexy and you got a big lady boner for me Nikita?”

Brook said, smirking and moving ever closer to Tim.

“What the”

Tim started before being cut off by Brook’s lips crashing into Nikita’s.

Brook’s tongue went right past Nikita’s outer lips into her mouth, clashing and moving with, Nikita’s, swirling around. Brook’s body melted right up to Nikita’s, lower body inter locking, breasts pressed against breasts, Brook’s hands, one on Nikita’s ass cheek the other curling around her back. Their bodies moved back out of the kitchen and into a small den area of to the side, where thankfully the drapes were drawn. As their tongues continued to battle for domination, Brook’s suddenly retreated and she pressed her forehead against Nikita’s and she began to undo Nikita’s top over her head and started whispering.

“Look I know you have a lot of questions and I promise I’ll answer them, but for now, you’re into me, I’m into you, can we just fuck?”

Brook said, her voice griping on the word fuck.

Tim started to answer, but then felt a bulge near his leg, where his bulge used to be. However looking down he realized the bulge was Brooke’s.

“That a deal breaker?”

Brook said, still smirking but with a slight worry in her eyes. Tim started again to respond, but stopped himself again. The whole time he had been in Nikita’s body he had been referring to himself as Tim but the body as Nikita. That kind of brain split just didn’t work for sex, especially not with these urges merging the two sides together. He had to stop thinking of himself as Tim for now and start thinking of herself as Nikita. So while Tim might have concerns about the bulge in Brook’s pants.

“Nope” said Nikita, grinning.

“Good, cus if you don’t mind”

Brook said, gesturing towards the bulge. Nikita dropped to her knees, grabbing Brook’s jeans’s zipper. Pulling it down and undoing the button, Nikita saw the ever larger bulge contained within Brook’s boxer shorts. Sliding them down, Nikita unleashed the beast, a massive 9 inch dark brownish pink cock, red on the mushroom tip, with two massive balls with short hair on both, dripping with sweat and very, very hot.

“You know what to do” said Brook softly.

Grabbing by her hands, Nikita began stroking the beast back and forth, the sweat acting as a lubricant to allow Nikita’s hands to glide effortlessly across Brook’s foreskin.

“ahhhAHOK humnnahumnahumna j..jesus christ, Nikita! Not that fast!”

Nikita smirked and slowed down her pace to quick based beat, keeping Brook right on the edge of ejaculation but never quite reaching it. Brook whimpered at the state of pleasurable torture her junk was being put through.


was all she was able to get out in between noises, her hands on now exposed breasts, unable to do anything. Nikita smirked, and feeling the need to make Brook squirm, took her hands off.

“Nikita! Come on!”

Brook whined. Suddenly without warning Nikita grasped Brook’s cock in her mouth and sucked deeply, still moving her hand back and forth across what sweat covered skin of the dick that wasn’t covered by her mouth while her other hand went directly to Brook’s dangling sack and squeezed it like stress ball. Brook’s eyes practically shot out of her head. “AHAHAHAHOHMYGODOHMYGOD OHMYGOOOODFUCCCCCK!!”

Brook to her credit managed to hold on for about 20 secs of this before Nikita decided to take the whole thing in her mouth, at which point Brook screamed and shot her hot white, sticky, surprisingly tasty cum down Nikita’s throat, and when Nikita released her mouth to avoid choking, all the sticky fluid spilled onto her. Brook’s orgasm covered Nikita’s face, some cum landing on her hair and the rest dripping down like a hot spring waterfall, painting Nikita’s bare breasts, some even hitting her stomach. All told the torrent of warm sperm lasted about 10 secs after which Nikita’s skin looked whiter than Brook’s.

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