Tropical Fruit Ch. 01


Chapter – 1 : The husband his Wife and the Deckhand

John stood at the wheel of his yacht it was a beautiful day. Pristine blue skies and the boat surrounded by deep blue water. John was careful though, as this was deceptive the region had many thousands of reefs.

They had left the Australian city of Townsville three days earlier. Barry a deckhand and John’s best friend had developed a serious kidney infection, just before arriving in Australia.

Barry had always had health issues and sadly, it had forced him to leave John and his wife Sarah in order to be hospitalised, before flying back to Los Angeles.

A new Australian deckhand was hired, in order to continue the trip. John’s grip on the wheel tightened, as he thought about Heath… his nose and lips twitched, a hint of a subconscious snarl crossed his face.

Heath… Heath… the hated named was on his mind constantly

John fought back growing jealousy of the Australian, anger at his wife’s weakness, her suspected infidelity. Heath had an excellent resume, he had more than enough experience for working on the Yacht, and in fact, much more experience then John himself. Heath it seemed had been everywhere and done everything in his short twenty-nine years, he was an adventurer, smart, and extremely likeable.

John wanted to kick himself, at the time of hiring, he had only thought about skills and a friendly attitude for a long voyage. He did not actually think about physical appearance beyond fitness for the job. John’s eyes burned into the back of Heath as he worked.

Blond flowing hair, toned and muscled, bronzed skin and standing at 6′ 3″. The man could not be real; he was some kind of woman’s fantasy. He was telling, some, no doubt fantastically dangerous and exciting story of something he had done in the past to Sarah. His exotic Australian accent seemed to light up her eyes.

John’s hands gripped the wheel even tighter, as he thought violent murderous thoughts for hours. He had not slept for the last two days, since he had realised the mistake he had made. Whenever he tried, his mind would simply conjurer up scenarios, such as his Sarah asking Heath to put lotion on her curved soft petite back. “Just undo my bikini top so you can reach better, that’s nice, Oh its cold” John, mimicking his wife’s voice quietly to himself, he let out a vocal snarl.

Perhaps, because John was now utterly consumed by his jealousy, he did not notice the storm on the horizon. In-fact his attention was now fixated on the fact that Heath had gone below deck, where his wife, had disappeared only a few minutes before. The vein’s on John forehead, bulged, throbbing and looked like they were about to burst.

The storm rapidly approached, as John was snapped out of his jealous thoughts, of maiming Heath, by the splash of cold water, as a wave crossed over the rails. He realised the wind was picking up, the waves had grown to an alarming size!.

The boat violently rocked as it tossed like a toy in a bathtub, the sails everything were unprepared for bad weather. Health ran from the kitchen, where he was beginning to prepare a fantastic meal, using his skills as a former five star resort chef in Italy five years ago. Heath shouted to Sarah “Stay in your bunk and hold on,” As he went past.

He rushed back onto deck and looked John in the eyes. He was confused as to why John did not tell them about the storm. He rushed to bring down the sails, and prepare the boat for a rough night.

John’s eyes, locked onto an incoming 50′ wave, as he struggled to turn the yacht’s bow into it, to avoid rolling. The yacht was not in any condition for a storm; Health was struggling to bring down the sails in time to avoid tearing or worse losing the mast.

John’s lack of sleep, and shock at being caught out by a storm, and his distracted thoughts betrayed him, as he failed to watch out for the boom. It swung as he turned the yacht towards the wave smacking John on the side of the head.

The impact sent him crashing onto the deck, as a wave slammed into the boat causing him to tumble across it. Heath spotting the boom hitting John swiftly crossed the deck, with fantastic skill, hardly affected by its violent movements. John tumbled towards the rail his unconscious body sliding over the side. Heath grasped for his leg, but he was wet and the violent movements of the boat, combined, caused John’s leg to slowly slip from his strong grip.

John’s unconscious body splashed into the water. Heath threw a life jacket and a float at John, vbet but it was grim. Heath realised he had to save the boat, he vowed to himself not let John’s wife Sarah die without a fight.

There was nothing he could do now for John; his face was emotionless, he once again as he had many times in his exciting life, faced death to save his and others lives.

John felt a cool rush as a wave splashed over him, his mouth felt full of sand as he stirred. He could hear the rumble of waves crashing on a reef behind him. He coughed as he lifted his head and realised he was on a beach. He was dazed and confused; the blow meant he did not remember being knocked off the boat, or even the storm.

He rolled onto his back and moaned when he felt pain in his neck, and left side of his head. He was sunburnt and cut from rocks or coral and did not feel so good right now.

John stared up into the blue storm free sky and said aloud, “You bastard Heath, you threw me over board didn’t you!”

John eventually got onto his feet, staggering slightly; he observed the island he had been washed up on. It was surrounded by a reef and had beautiful white sand; its beach had a thick tropical forest lining the beach. John’s tongue was swollen and his lips cracked, he needed fresh water badly, he could tell from the sun, it was only early morning, shelter can wait.

John stumbled into the tropical forest, vines gripped him tearing his clothing, it was rough going and he had been moving for an hour. He knew roughly, considering were his boat was last located; there were no large islands in the area.

This one could only be small, but its forest was so thick, he stopped and fell against a tree trunk, panting, tired. He was about to start loudly cursing Heath again, a favourite past time he had developed while moving, when he heard it.

It was very quiet, a trickling sound, he said out loud “Water!” John’s throat was horse with dryness. John leapt to his feet as he summoned the last of his energy reserves. He moved towards the sound crashing through vines, and over a small bank, he could see it. A rock pool with crystal clear water, a small but beautiful waterfall running down rocks into it. He was desperate for water and recklessly dived in.

John was surprised by how deep it was. He thought the pool was only about 12′ or so deep, but he could not reach the bottom. Its water was so deceptively clear he could see the bottom easily, but it was too deep to reach while holding his breath.

He laughed from relief of finding water, and the amusing optical illusion of water so clear it made him sure he could touch the bottom, when it is well beyond reach. John splashed and floated on his back; his eyes closed as the cool water soothed his sunburnt skin, and cleansed his coral cuts. It was so relaxing he struggled not to fall asleep in the cool water.

A vine slowly reached down, others followed it, as they silently reached for John. One swiftly wrapped around his ankle as another around his throat. John gasped and screamed as more vines wrapped around his arms and chest.

He was violently pulled from the water, and ripped up into the tropical canopy. He screamed as he spotted the large 10′ wide flower with pink outsides, and growing dark purple towards the centre. It bristled with spine’s, with needle like points. It opened wide as the vines tossed him into it. It clamped down sending thousands of its needles into his skin, and then it released him letting him fall back down into the pool.


Heath placed the bag, filled with recovered tin food onto the beach, Sarah begun to sort the recovered items from the yacht. Heath had been swimming the whole day, out to the grounded yacht on the reef, a short swim from the beach. He had managed to prevent the yacht from rolling during the storm, but he could not both navigate it and prepare it for a storm at the same time.

Its sails had ripped, but not before taking the mast off with them. The boat had its small motor water logged, but that was not an issue, since seawater had contaminated the fuel tank anyway. The yacht had violently rocked so much during the storm; the cabin had been flooded destroying the electronics’.

No radio, no GPS, nothing. They drifted helpless until it was washed up onto the reef during the night, losing its keel and laying on its side. Heath had helped Sarah get to shore in the night, and now spent the day swimming back and forward recovering what he could.

He was glad the vbet giriş tents were not lost, and most of the food was in sealed containers. Sarah was drying out sleeping bags, they had fold out hammocks to sleep on. Health was glad to recover them; the tropical islands are infested with rats, from the old sailing ships exploring the region centuries ago. He did not want Sarah to sleep on the ground because of that.

He observed the beach, it was not so bad, and he had found himself in much worse places. Heath chuckled to himself recalling Somalia last year.

He recalled how he had to survive after being wrecked during a yacht race on the skeleton coast in Africa two years ago. It took all his skills to survive, and keep the five others alive also, this island was a paradise!. He was glad that it looked like he would be able to keep his vow, to make sure nothing happened to Sarah. He was determined to make sure John could at least rest knowing she was safe, that he would look after her.

Heath was impressed at Sarah’s strength after losing her husband; she was smiling at Heath and seemed very happy to aid him. He was impressed by her control; she must be broken inside over her loss, what a tough Sheila he thought.

Heath decided it was time to set-up the tents. Sarah had asked him to just put up one, but out of respect for John, he felt he should stay in his own. It upset Sarah, poor girl she just wanted company, to feel protected in her grief but it was not his place.

The next day Heath decided to explore the island, they had a few days of water, and weeks of food. However, his experience told him to find renewable sources of food and water as soon as possible. He waved to Sarah as he disappeared into the forest.

Sarah waved back and hugged herself as she sighed, she licked her lips at the thought of being stranded for who knows how long with this gorgeous hunk. Sarah had never been so happy in her life! She was just annoyed at how loyal and honest the guy was, it was beginning to frustrate her in so many ways.

Heath was deep inside the forest, when he heard the trickling sound, he laughed to himself at how it was exactly where he predicted it would be, going by his experience.

He climbed up a small bank and looked down into the rock pool. It was fantastic! Clear pure water and what looked like a constant stream flowing down the rocks into it.

Then he spotted the bootless foot sticking out from under an overhanging rock. He swiftly used his rock climbing skills to reach the water, and realised it was John!

Heath ran over diving in and grabbed John who was floating face up in the water, he dragged him to the side, and used his first aid training to revive the unconscious John. John coughed and splattered as he woke his vision blurry he could see someone looking at him,… “Heath!”

Heath was so glad John was alive!, he hugged him with a strong rough manly hug. He was glad he had not lost a mate that night. John was surprised, surprised at seeing Heath, and even more surprised at the fact that he was enjoying being hugged by him. He suppressed a growing terror at this!

Heath helped him to his feet as he said, “Sarah’s ok and back on the beach, I’ve been taking good care of her,”

John thought to himself, “I bet you have.”

However, at the same time, he found it hard to summon the same jealousy and hate for Heath. Heath started to lead John back to the beach as he said “We’ve got plenty of food, tents, I’ve recovered a lot but, mate, I’m sorry, the yachts a write off.”

John knew, but it still hurt knowing for sure, that his dream yacht was gone. They begun walking back, Heath hot from all the walking and his short time in the water not being enough to cool, took his shirt off exposing rippling muscles and sun bronzed skin.

John walking behind him found his eyes fixated on the toned and muscled bronzed back of Heath. He could not understand these feelings, his never looked at another man in this way before in his life.

Did he hit his head in the rock pool? What the hell is wrong with me?. It took an hour to reach the beach, by this time John was thoroughly taken by Heath. He could not resist it, it was overwhelming.

He had forgiven him for all his interactions with his wife before, how can he be angry at him?, he sighed, while watching Heath’s movements.

Sarah was placing the sleeping bags into the tents, onto the self-supporting hammocks. She had hugged Heath’s for some time, her thoughts thinking vbettr of his muscled strong body sleeping inside, and her joining him… she sighed.

She heard the sound of feet walking towards her from the forest; she grew excited, she could not mistake the sound of Heath’s approach. She had been waiting for his return for some time; she ripped her bikini top so it was useless.

Just as heath came into view, she held it up and with a sad look on her face, she said “Heath I got caught on a vine, it ripped my top! Its ruined and we didn’t recover any of my clothes!”

Sarah’s exposed round fantastic breasts surprised Heath, he respectfully looked away. He shouted back “don’t worry Sarah, we’ve got a needle and thread, and I can sew.” Sarah’s face dropped, she thought, does the man not have a single dirty thought? Does she have to shake herself at him? Should she just outright say she wants to fuck his brains out?

Her thoughts interrupted as Heath continued, “Guess what?” he pointed behind him as John stepped out of the forest. Sarah gave out an “eek!” as she wrapped her arms around her bare chest and ran into her tent.

John actually did not pay any attention, his was firmly directed at Heath, after the long walk of looking at Heath’s toned back and tight arse, he was mesmerised. He was puzzled at these feeling but he could not deny them, he was just different now, changed.

Heath turned and said “She had a small accident it seems, don’t worry mate I’ll fix It.” and jogged back to his tent to find the needle and thread.

John thought to himself, “Don’t worry about fixing her, fix me,” licking his lips.

Hours later, John recovering from his cuts and wounds surprisingly fast, lay on a towel, his wife Sarah beside him. Both had not really paid much attention to each other, instead, they both eagerly watched the waves.

Heath shirtless and carrying a self-made spear, was diving between waves and quiet successfully spearing a number of large tropical fish.

Both Sarah and John had glazed eyes as they fantasised things they wanted to do with Heath. John unintentionally said aloud, “God his got fantastic arms.”

Sarah distracted from her own thoughts about Heath’s fantastic arms turned with surprise and said “what?”

John quickly said “nothing.”

Later that night, as John and Sarah both pretended to sleep in their tent. Sarah was cursing John’s survival, she wanted to slip out and go to Heath’s tent. Oh god, how she wanted to go to Heath’s tent, her hands pressed into her aching womanhood.

John also pretended to be asleep; his feelings for Heath had overwhelmed him by now. He was jealous of Sarah; the bitch wanted to get between him and has gorgeous Heath. He wanted to slip out and go to Heath’s tent so badly.

Heath lay awake in his own tent; he had felt something was wrong between John and Sarah. They seemed cold and distant to each other, ignoring even.

He was worried the experience of stuck on this island might be straining them. He thought about tomorrow’s tasks and he planned to show them how to make a fire. He felt they needed to be kept busy, and just in case they were not rescued for some time, and ran out of lighter fluid. He soon drifted off to sleep.

Both Sarah and John managed to sleep eventually, having waited and waited, for the other to drift off first for so long. Both ended up falling to sleep. However, a strange wet flesh like sound soon came from John’s bed.

He slept soundly as his skin rippled, bumps forming and then the skin would peel taking large chunks of him with it. The plant’s venom had been working slowly its effects taking some hours. It had been rewiring his brain synapses, and now having finished, it begun its work on his body.

The sun rose, it lit up the clear blue tropical ocean, and the islands white perfect sand seemed to glow. Heath was already up; he was in the water finding trapped fish in shallow rock pools from the low tide.

Sarah screamed and came running from her tent. Heath looked back dropping his spear and came running back up the beach. Sarah ran to him and gripped his arm, she hysterically pointed back at her tent and said, “Someone’s in my tent!”

Heath charged into the tent, and came face to face with a black haired brown-skinned girl, completely naked!

John smiled sheepishly, just as surprised at this as Sarah and Heath. he looked down at his sizeable breasts and curved hips. He checked between his legs… and thought to himself, “yeah it is gone, all gone.”

‘She’ looked back up at Heath, placed her right hand on her chest, unintentionally squeezing a firm round tanned breast. John said in a very female voice “I’m not kidding, this is me, John!” Heath took one-step back and uttered “Bloody hell!”

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