Trust? Ch. 01

Double Penetration

Joey stood behind the desk watching Shelly. He studied her. He was of student of reading people, a very adept student. He had to be for his lifestyle, both the public and private aspects of it. Publicly Joey was a personal trainer. He fit the bill perfectly. He stood 6’3″ tall and was powerfully built. He had played football in high school and college, until one too many concussions left him “unfit” for the NFL. His physical training regiment and nutritional knowledge made him a near perfect personal trainer though. Privately his lifestyle was somewhat darker and reading people kept the wrong noses out of his business.

He studied Shelly now. He had been since she started coming to the gym about two weeks ago. She came in the evenings and while he was sure it was in part because she worked late, (she always came in wearing hospital scrubs), he guessed she was self conscious and didn’t like working out around a lot of other people. He reached this conclusion because she always looked around the gym carefully and tried to choose equipment as far away from other people as possible. She was also bigger than what society seemed to deem attractive, more Reubenesque than rail. She stood about 5’6″ and probably weighed in the 175-185 lb range. She had beautiful auburn hair that framed a cute round face with wide set green eyes a cute little button nose and a smallish mouth with thick lips. She had a large chest that Joey guessed to be about 42″, with what had to be dd cups at least. Her waist narrowed somewhat to around 30-32″ and then flared out to hips that had to be 45-48″. She definitely had thick bone structure but there was extra flesh there as well. For Joey’s purposes she was perfect.

Tonight was the night Joey would make his move. For his plans to be fully realized he had establish trust, and lay the ground work for a relationship. As she was leaving Joey called her over. “Have you ever considered signing up for our personal trainer program?” he asked, nonchalantly.

“No,” she replied, “Why?”

“A well structured workout plan that takes into account your personal goals can lead to much quicker and more effective results, as well as providing the right amount of motivation.”

She eyed him suspiciously. “What are your goals?” he added quickly.

“Mostly I want to be healthy,” she said. “I want my clothes to fit better and I would like to lose some weight, but I don’t want to be skinny or overly muscled.”

“I could help with that,” came the easy, friendly response.

“Well I can’t really afford the fees right Betturkey now.”

“We could do it ‘Quid pro quo’.” he offered

“‘This for that?’ If the training is your this, what would my that be to repay you with?” she asked her guard back up.

“We can worry about that later, right now lets get you set up on a schedule.” Shelly reluctantly agreed and they started the next night.

The program consisted of six workouts a week focused on increasing her stamina and muscle tone. She also had a strict diet to follow. Fortunately it wasn’t some starvation diet, and was fairly easy to stick too. Six weeks into the program and she was starting to notice significant results. Her clothes fit her better, and her curves seemed firmer than before. Her weight hadn’t really changed much but her breasts didn’t seem to sag as much and her ass seemed to be higher and tighter. She even took to doing some light jogging on the off night, just to keep her on track mentally. She had also started developing something of a relationship with Joey. She trusted him more than any other man she had known. She still didn’t know what he intended to get out of their arrangement but she felt as if he truly cared about her and the progress she was making. He always used positive reinforcement, telling how good she looked and how healthy she appeared, as opposed to those anorexic girls that liked to make fun of her.

Joey watch Shelly jogging in the park and decided the time had come to extract his payment. Either she would go along willingly or, well she didn’t have that many friends.

Shelly rounded the last corner and saw Joey sitting on a park bench. She slowed as he waved and stopped to talk to him. “I’ve never seen you here before.” she said.

“Well you told me about how nice it is and I had to come see it for myself. The view really is lovely, especially now.” he said with a meaningful look in her direction. “Can I offer you a ride home?” he asked. Grateful for the company she accepted. In the car he offered her a bottle of water, reminding her of the importance of hydration. She accepted again with genuine gratitude.

After drinking down half the bottle Shelly began to feel very drowsy. The world swam before her eyes, she turned to ask Joey what was going on but simply slumped down in her seat, unconscious.

She awoke to the realization that she was naked, and tied up. Her hands were secured to a bar just above her head. There was some slack in chains but her hands rested on top of the bar. a small Betturkey Giriş rubber ball was in her mouth secured by a leather strap fastened at the back of her head. Her legs were spread wide and her ankles secured to the floor. Fear and humiliation washed over her. She looked up to see Joey standing in front of her. He was naked as well, except for the black leather collar around his neck which attached to a leather cock ring by two thin straps. The cock ring was fastened at the base of a long, veiny cock. he was clearly fully erect with close to 8″ of hard flesh extending beyond the cock ring. It was not however a very thick cock.

“Someone doesn’t like to shave.” he stated plainly. It was true Shelly had never shaved her pubic hair, she just trimmed around the edges of her bathing suits and since they weren’t very skimpy well, she had a thick mat of hair. “Now I like red haired pussy very much,” Joey was saying, “But I have no desire to fight through a jungle today. So first we shave it, and then you will be punished for your sloppiness.” It was then that Shelly noticed how hairless Joey’s body was including the area around his cock and balls. She noticed this as a fresh wave of fear washed over her.

Joey knelt in front of his prize, clippers in hand. In short order he had shorn the thick mass of pubic hair down to stubble, leaving a thin strip in the center untouched. Next he produced an electric shaver designed just for this kind of work. As he put the finishing touches on Shelly’s new ‘do he slid a finger between the lips of her pussy. Fresh humiliation pushed aside the fear as Shelly realized she had become very turned on. Joey could tell and he brought his now slick finger to her nose. “I do believe you are enjoying this.” he said. She shook her head but she couldn’t deny the heat and wetness she felt between her legs.

Joey stepped behind her and pulled a short cat-o-nine tails off the wall. “And now your punishment.” he announced as the first lash landed squarely on her large, left ass cheek. Red welts appeared as the soft flesh jiggled momentarily. Shelly tried to cry out but the gag stopped her, and fresh heat spread from her ass to her crotch to her body. Joey began lashing in earnest now. First one cheek then the other. He stopped when her ass fairly glowed red. She was whimpering now, in pain, humiliation and pleasure. She had received pleasure she had never known before and began cumming about halfway through the lashings. Now that he had stopped she sagged against her restraints, Betturkey Güncel Giriş her breath coming in ragged pulls.

The next thing she felt was intense cold as Joey began running an ice cube over her abused ass. When he finished she was in a high state of arousal, her every fiber waiting for the release that might not come. Joey unhooked the bar her hands were attached to and swung it down to the floor, forcing her to bend over with her legs still spread wide. He fastened the bar to her leg restraints holding her in place. If she felt exposed before this was much worse. Her swollen labia were now exposed to the cool air blowing through the room further confusing the erotic sensations coursing through her body.

Joey stepped behind her now and placed the head of his cock at her exposed entrance. Her pussy practically trying to pull him in. He shoved forward burying his full length in her pussy with one massive push. His balls slapped against the front side of her pussy as he finished his stroke. He pulled nearly all the way and the rammed it back home. She grunted in front of him spurring him on. He began pounding in and out of her now. Gripping her hips so hard he would leave bruises he savagely thrust his cock in and out of her quivering pussy. Shelly lost count of the number of orgasms that spasmed through her body. She became aware solely of the cock, abusing her opening.

Suddenly he paused his thrusting, once more fully encased. He withdrew slowly, teasingly. He unfastened the bar again and moved it over her head, then behind her forcing her to lay on her back spread eagle. He attached it to the floor again and straddled her midsection. Roughly grasping her tits, Joey kneaded the soft flesh, squeezing and pulling on them. He grasped the erect nipples and twisted them as Shelly groaned once more into the gag.

He looked her directly in the eye and pressed a finger to his lips indicating she should remain quiet. She nodded her understanding and he quickly removed the gag. He told her to open her mouth wide as he pressed his cock between her tits and began violently fucking them, much as he had her pussy. The sensation was too much for Shelly and she teeter on the brink of passing out. She was almost gone when the first hot blast of cum splashed into her mouth as Joey erupted in a massive orgasm. Released from the restrictive cock ring Joey’s cock fired several volleys of hot cum into and around Shelly’s mouth. Her eyes rolled back and she passed out once more. Joey stood up, intending to leave her where she was till morning when the urge to piss hit him. He faced Shelly’s inert form and released the hot stream directly over her body, spraying her from foot, to chest. He then slowly climbed the stairs to his bedroom and collapsed into oblivion.

Next, does Shelly get revenge, or has her life taken on a new path?

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