TWO BBC AT MILAN, FASHION WEEKMy name, is Leyla, I was 26 years old at the time, I am Turkish, and I was a manageress of a boutique in England, Ludmila, ( MY BOSS ) and I we were at a hotel in Milan for the fashion week, during the day we were buying dresses for the boutique, that evening while we were having dinner, next table were two very good looking, tall, mature African men having dinner, while we were having dinner, they were looking at me, and I was looking at them, one of them, he winkle at me, I winkle back, as we were going to our rooms, I told them to wait for me, I will be back in half an hour, Ludmila went to her room, I went to mine, I had a shower, and I went back to them, when i got back to the restaurant, they were having champagne, and on the table were three full glasses, I introduce my self, I told them, that I was Turkish, They said that they were from Nigeria, They asked me, If I was a muslim, I said yes! they said that they were muslims too, one of them, asked me, If i was married, I looked at my reeding ring, and I said Yes! but my husband is not here, and you two are too good looking to ignore, they asked me, If i did have sex with a black man before, canlı bahis I said yes! but he was a very good boy, I said, that I hope that you are very bad boys, after two bottles of champagne. we went to their room, as soon as we enter the room, I took my dress off, one of them took his Big black cock out, and I said WHOAAA! he grabbed my neck and while holding his cock, he thrush It inside my mouth till his balls were touching my lips, I hold his legs and started pushing him on my face, the other one open my legs and started fucking my pussy, the three of us, were moaning with pleasure, after a while they turn me around, and they did that for a while, after a while, I was having an amazing orgasm, they both started to explode inside my pussy and mouth almost at the same time, I went to have a shower, ( THEY WERE MUSLIMS, AND I LIKE TO BE CLEAN AND READY ) When I come out of the bathroom, one of them is laying on the bed, the other is rubbing shower gel on his cock, Then the phone rings, my husband, he asks me , what am i doing, I said, I am having room service, I having strawberries and cream, I open my legs, put my pussy on the mouth of the one laying on the bed, bend on his bahis siteleri cock and started sucking his cock, making loud sounds of sucking, and telling my husband, how much I am enjoying my self eating the strawberries with cream, while I am talking to my husband, the other one,is pushing my ass apart, and starts pushing his cock in my ass, as his cock is going inside my as i am making the MMMMMMMMMM sound of pleasure, after a while of talking to my husband, while I am sucking cock and having my ass fuck, I tell him that I am going to sleep, as soon ass I hung up. the one licking my pussy, Is giving me an other orgasm, the one fucking my ass, starts to mound with pleasure, he is pumping my ass full of his sweet hot CUM, now the one eating my pussy, goes on my back, he starts pushing his cock inside my ass, after he is done filling my ass with his hot CUM, we all have a shower, now we are lying in bed with me in the middle, they ask me, if I could phone my husband while they are fondling my body, I tell them, you are really bad boys, I phone my husband, while I am talking to my husband they are licking my pussy, my nipples, fingering my ass and pussy, kissing me in the mouth, bahis şirketleri one of them makes me suck his cock, the other one is pushing his cock in my ass again, we are all over each other, i dropped the phone a few times, I am telling my husband, that I am watching the porno chanel I tell him that I am watching two big black cocks fucking a white bitch, and how much I am enjoying my second plate of strawberries, now my husband is masturbating, I cover the phone, and tell the boys, that my husband, is playing with his cock while listening to us, now one of them, makes me sit on his cock while the other is trying to push his cock in my pussy as well, I am screaming with pleasure, moving my body trying to make It easy, for the other one to fuck my pussy as well, eventually, both cocks are inside my pussy, I am felling like my pussy is going to split of the pressure of two cocks,inside my pussy, My husband asks me if I am OK! I said, that I am having an orgasm, the bad boys are thrashing my pussy like mad men, and stretching It to Its limits, one of them take his cock out and starts fucking my ass, I am telling my husband, that I am enjoying the porno movie very much, I say good night to my husband, they start exploding and pumping my pussy and ass with their hot cum again, before I go to my room, they ask me to do It again tomorrow, I tell them, that If we can start earlier tomorrow.

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