Two Fists


Last night MISS used two hands to open me up before she used her Chi Chi Larue’s Black Balled dildo to fuck me in her new harness.

She started by lying me on my back legs pulled up with me holding my thighs back to expose my arse and genitals to her as she crawled onto the bed, First she kissed me passionately, whispered sweet nothings, described how she wanted to ‘be deep inside you and feel you pulsing around my fists’ and then slipped down across my body and began by licking my hole, eating me the gentle stimulation and penetration loosening me off to make her later entry easier. I was made roll onto my knees and she sucked the backs of my knees as I knelt along the bed in front of the wardrobe mirror. Miss found the sensual points and proceeded to tantalise them with more and more vigour alternating between either knee and the line from there to my excited, loosening arsehole. When she did return to my arsehole she kissed, licked sucked and chewed it until I was swollen and indescribably sensitive.

MISS then pulled away from me and I heard her lubing up her hands, looked into the mirror to watch her standing there with her Chi Chi attached to her hips, her hands, wrists and forearms being smeared with Crisco as she concentrated on my exposed pucker. She moved close, I was then very quickly penetrated with two fingers from either hand, I was pulled open and other fingers inserted. I was groaning when MISS said,

“I’d start sniffing!”

I opened the poppers and sniffed as Miss instantly shoved one fist into me and began to twist and grind against my prostate. I began to whimper and anally cum but she just swapped fists. I sniffed some more and Miss began to slide the second hand in, alongside the fist buried and fucking me. I was stretching, tingling and wanting her to make it a double, 2 fists wide! My arse throbbed and I began to push my ever hungry hole onto her double fists. She pulled out and reintroduced both hands, palms together, fingers extended into my hole. The tips of all fingers and thumbs were quickly inside and I was pressing Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort against the knuckles. MISS was describing a series of filthy scenarios which she intends to have me portray and rhythmically shoving her two hands into me as I groaned, sniffed and pressed back.

The tingling became intense, my orgasms were almost continuous while pain was increasing as I was being forced open. I have longed for this for years and I knew Miss was going to ‘do it’. I sniffed deeply and hard and felt my hole surrender even as my excitement and lust rose. A second of squealing pain and MISS was double fisting me!! I began to cum even harder and Miss began to screw her fists around, her knuckles mercilessly tormenting my prostate and exhausting me so I collapsed in orgiastic stupor, passive before her, easily available for her amusement.

Miss kept fucking my prostrate form I just rode the waves of orgasm and felt her passion flowing into me via her pounding, twisting fists. She described the warmth and smoothness of my rectum and as she went deeper still my colon.

“You’re so soft and slippery, your guts are massaging my fists and arms. You’re loving this aren’t you Pinky.”

“Yes Miss. It feels so good to have you so deep inside me, making me so open for you.”

Miss began to double fist me, pulling right back until my sphincter was stretched about her knuckles then pushing, deeper with each plunge until she told me to look in the mirror, she was half way to her elbows, truly 2 fists wide.

“You want it elbow deep don’t you slut?”

“Yes Miss.” I wailed and watched her lean into me and her forearms disappear deeper, closer to our goal of 2 fists wide, elbow deep.

I sniffed deeply, half a dozen times.

“I’m going for it slut, relax.” She commanded.

I took a last deep breath and concentrated on being a open fuck tube, willed myself to ignore the contractions of orgasm and allow her entry. I watched in the mirror as Miss lent her weight behind her combined fists and pushed into me deeper Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort than ever before, beyond any previous limit we’d reached, a thrill running through out my body was felt through her fists and forearms which caused her to comment.

“Sluts loving this is he?”

“Yes Miss, fuck me please.” I begged

Miss quickly pulled back, this time fully withdrawing her fists then punched them, combined into me.

“Cannonball!” She crowed in excitement. She’d described in intimate detail how years before she used to be a Domme and would ‘cannonball’ men, rape them until they spilled their loads, make them lick her clean, suck up their cum and then send off, back their wives, their arses loose and hanging open.

Miss settled into a steady punch fucking, each cannonball destroying my arse, hollowing me out, thrilling us both, I’d deeply sniff the poppers ensuring I was floating in a see of lust and pushing back on every stroke to get her deeper despite the aching throb deep inside. I felt down to my belly and could feel her combined fists pushing deep, I groaned and begged, cumming harder, so rapt in her use of me, so easy in my submission to her.

I could see Miss in the mirror and she was sweating with her efforts in getting within a couple of inches of both her elbows stretching my open around her beautiful brown thick arms. I squealed I the most intense orgasm as I ejaculated, unusual for me with only anal stimulation.

Miss congratulated me while she stayed as fully inside me as she could revelling in my contractions about her.

“Good slut, good open arsed fuck hole. Miss is going to love cumming with Chi Chi pounding your guts.”

I kept cumming.

“Thank you Miss. Please fuck. e until you’re satisfied.”

Miss pulled out, slowly, her combined, clenched fists stretching my hole obscenely, it reflecting in the mirror as she pulled me inside out to my delight.

“Look slut. See your arse is turning inside out on my fists, watch it hang open.”

Miss quickly jerked Kadıköy Ucuz Escort her ‘cannonball’ out causing me to squeal again and my arse lips loosely hang.

She used her foot to kick me around so my arse pointed at the mirror.

Look. Just look at how you’re hanging open you slack slut. It’s fucking tunnel, a fuck tube!”

Looking back under my belly, past my still hard dribbling cock I could see my hole hanging open. Miss pulled off her gloves after smearing the Crisco and arse juices along the full length of Chi Chi. She stepped behind me so I got a close up her lifelike huge black dong hanging from her groin.

“Spread em slut, pull those cheeks WIDE open momma wants to watch this thick fucking cock split you open before i ride your arse.”

I reached back pulled my cheeks apart and waited. The tip of the dong touched my gaping hole, Miss took a firm hold of both my hips.


and she fucked me.

She rammed her whole 12″ long, 3″ wide greasy black cock into my guts until the big balls slammed into mine. I squealed, my prostate contracted so I squirted juice across the bedding.

“Take it slut. Sniff and let me in!” Miss shouted

I let go of my buttocks and grabbed the poppers and took off the top with difficulty as Miss began to fuck, pulling completely out and slamming back in, balls deep.

I sniffed. Miss growled,

“Don’t stop slut, you’ll need every bit of help while I get my rocks off.”

I shoved the bottle up one nostril and blocked the other drawing the drug deep into my lungs effecting me deeply, relaxing every fibre of my being and increasing my excitement, my need for fucking.

Miss just kept up a slamming rough fuck, smashing me open deeply, destroying my arsehole and my prostate pumping more juice across the bed with each pump.

Miss kept fucking me until I was a sloppy fuck tube, a toy for Miss’ enjoyment, she slammed in and out, her sweat dripping onto my back, her breath getting ragged until she groaned in passion, grunting and swearing until she announced her orgasm,

“Cum bucket, TAKE IT!” she screamed at me and collapsed across my back pinning me to the bed and her cock balls deep in my guts with my colon contracting around it.

Miss, slumped across me bit at my shoulders, sucking,

“Marking my slut.”

“Thank you Miss.”

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