Two Hundred Dollars Ch. 23


66 Dollars

Kent woke up slowly, not aware of any specific moment in which consciousness came to him. He sensed more than knew, the whole night through, that he lay surrounded in feminine presences, ensconced in their perfumed flesh, permeated by the warmth of their bodies. A little bit of moisture had collected where their flesh touched under the bed sheets, but none of this had bothered him.

Contentment, instead, ruled his soul.

Two girls in bed with me. Huh.

Lying on his back, he opened his eyes. Bailey, sleeping on her side and facing him, had lain her head upon the left side of his chest, in the crook of his shoulder. Laura, slightly prone, lay with one apron-covered breast against his chest and her cheek against his right shoulder. Their legs had tangled together, with Laura’s right leg under Bailey’s left, both between his own legs.


The sheets had slid slightly off Laura’s body, baring one round, slightly reddened ass cheek and part of her lower back.

That’s her left cheek, not the one I pounded so hard last night when Bailey made me come on her.

That thought, and the sight of Laura’s exposed cheek, started his erection rising again.

Hm. As much as I’d love to wake up to a spanking, I need to pee first.

Extricating himself from the girls didn’t prove easy, as both of his arms lay trapped underneath them, but they groggily relented to his nudges and let him escape the bed. He slipped out of Laura’s bed and across the hall into the washroom. Noticing that one of the girls had left his backpack in the hallway, he picked it up on the way, intending to change his underwear.

As he pulled down his shorts to take a piss, however, he decided he might as well rinse himself off.

Which towel did Bai use? Probably okay if I use that one, too.


“Is he taking a shower?” Laura mumbled.

Bailey blinked her eyes open and squinted at the blurry image of her friend, still wearing the apron from the night before.

Might as well have slept naked, but whatever. There’s a rule after all.

The rules seemed silly for a moment, considering what they’d done for that extra two dollars, but Bailey felt the soreness in her cheeks as she adjusted her position and the blankets rubbed against her skin. That brought everything back to her with a fresh surge of blood pumping through her body.

“Sure,” Bailey replied. “He’s probably a bit sticky, too.”

Laura’s face reddened and she averted her eyes from Bailey, the memory of Kent ejaculating on her butt coming back suddenly.

“Oh, that was weird,” Laura shivered in recall.

“And just what you needed.”

“What?” Laura piped up in surprise.

“You saw him do it on me,” Bailey told her. “And you wanted to know. It just took a bazillion orgasms to put you in a state where you could admit it.”

Laura smiled sheepishly and put her face down in her pillow. When she rolled over towards Bailey and turned her face up to the ceiling, its natural colour had returned.

“How much did we do last night?” she asked.

“Twenty bucks,” Bailey answered.

“That’s a record, too,” Laura pursed her lips thoughtfully. “What are we down to?”

“Sixty six dollars left.”

Laura twitched.

“You okay?” Bailey asked.

“Can I… can we do some more this morning?” Laura blurted out.

“You want more?” Bailey’s eyes widened. “I’ll have to do my homework standing up today.”

Laura shrugged, her eyes not meeting Bailey’s. “I nee- I want some more.”

Laura is having a problem. That’s obvious. She’s still feeling guilt about her orgasms. What’s the best way to handle this?

“You feel bad?” Bailey asked.

Laura gulped and pushed her body backwards into Bailey’s hug.

I’ll take that as a ‘yes’, Bailey decided, wrapping her friend in her arms.

“And the spanking really does make you feel better?”

“It makes the guilt go away.”

“The rest of us don’t feel bad about our orgasms, though,” Bailey tried to keep her voice soft, with Laura’s ear so close to her mouth. “Maybe you don’t have to either?”

“Maybe it’s getting better,” Laura promised. “But it’s still there.”

“Do you know how red our butts are right now?” Bailey protested.

“I know,” Laura whimpered. “But I’ll feel messed up all day if I don’t.”

Bailey considered her options. She didn’t want to see her friend suffer emotionally or physically, but it looked like she had to choose one.

“Okay,” Bailey squeezed Laura in close. “The orgasms make you feel bad?”


“The spankings make you feel better.”

Laura nodded and Bailey felt a gulp.

“What else?”


“What else changes how you feel?” Bailey asked. “What about when you made him come?”

Laura inhaled, long and slow, telling Bailey this required some consideration.

“No different, I think.”

“You didn’t feel like you were being, um,” Bailey paused with a wince, Kadıköy Anal Escort “being punished?”


“When he came on you?” Bailey offered hopefully.

Laura shrugged, “I felt kinda dirty, but not like… No.”

“So it’s gotta be spankings?”

“It’s how I was always punished,” Laura said sadly.

And we have to do it together, don’t we? Bailey sighed. No way I can stand by and watch. I just hope Kent understands how sore we are already. If only I had a moment to tell him.

She didn’t have a lot of faith in her ability to communicate this information to him with Intense Glares and Surreptitious Hand Signals, but a thought did occur to her.

“I need to pee,” Bailey announced, and promptly extricated herself from Laura. “Be right back.”

“While Kent’s in there?” Laura sounded horrified.

“He’s in the shower,” Bailey waved her off and rolled her eyes dismissively as she left the room.

Here’s my chance.

She slipped into the bathroom and closed the door.

“Kent,” she whispered.

“Uh, yo?”

“Laura needs a spanking this morning, okay?”


“I’ll explain later,” Bailey cut him off, putting her face near the shower curtain as Kent poked his head out. “But we can’t take it too hard, alright? Neither of us can. You have to make it hard enough she’ll feel it, but not so hard it really hurts her.”

Kent stared at her from inches away, “You are asking me to go easy?”

That does wound weird when he puts it that way, Bailey winced and looked up at the ceiling.

“Maybe spread it around?” Bailey said. “I’ll make it up to you when I get home. We’ll come to some agreement.”

“Alright. I’ll try to do it evenly.”

“Now finish your shower and stop looking at me,” she admonished. “I can’t pee if you’re watching.”

She caught Kent’s eyes wandering greedily down her body and suddenly felt the morning light on the full transparency of her matching underwear set. He featured her with a smarmy smile as their eyes met again, and he ducked back into the shower.


Kent towelled himself off, rough and quick, shaking his hair out and running the towel through it as fast as he could. Not entirely certain of what Bailey and Laura intended, he put on a clean pair of boxer shorts, put the towel over his shoulders and slipped through two doorways into Laura’s bedroom.

Laura lay on her right side, propped up on her elbow, facing him with her lips pursed. The apron, done up tightly, failed to cover her right breast, most of which lay visible against the bed, part of areola showing.

Alrightee, then.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Pay off a little more debt this morning?” she asked, turning her head slightly to glance at Bailey over her shoulder.

Her friend sat cross legged behind, lips pressed firmly together, watching carefully.

“Always up to you,” Kent waved an index finger across both of their bodies.

“That. Is. True,” Laura acknowledged and sat up quickly, causing her right breast to temporarily jiggle into full view before she got the apron properly oriented.

She had the white board ready to hand and immediately thumped down three marks. When she handed it back over her shoulder to Bailey, the other girl winced and made three marks of her own.

“How do you want to do it?” Kent asked.

Laura turned to look at Bailey, who merely shrugged, letting Laura continue, “My way, I think. Sort of traditional, you know?”

Laura needs a spanking, Kent remembered Bailey saying. Needs. Not wants. This isn’t about being horny. She’s just looking for… what? The pain? The punishment?

Kent’s eyes lit up.

She really does feel bad about all the fun we had last night. And now she thinks she needs to pay for it. I may never understand the religious mind set, but I get how guilt works.

He knew the key lay in giving her the right level of pain to satisfy whatever problem she faced inside her head.

“And you?” Kent asked Bailey, since Laura hadn’t budged from the edge of the bed.

“I’ll do it with her,” Bailey slid up the edge of the bed. She looked over at Laura and faked her best co-conspirator smile. “Side by side?”

Laura grinned back gratefully and the two girls stood up off the bed. Laura turned first, putting her hands on her knees and sticking her naked butt out at Kent. Bailey turned next to show him the back of her transparent panties, but she kept her knees straight and bent over the bed.

Bailey promised side by side, Kent noted, not the same position.

Regardless, all four cheeks presented themselves in a neat row, Bailey’s left touching Laura’s right, and he examined their reddened flesh. With absolute certainty, the right sides of their right cheeks showed the darkest colour. He’d pounded them both there when they’d made him come. The redness almost made Kent feel bad, but he could only really make up for it by avoiding those areas this morning. He wouldn’t Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort even charge Bailey for that kindness, even though she’d offered.

Laura’s ass didn’t pose nearly as much of a problem as Bailey’s did. While the centre of her cheeks had suffered a lot, due to her choices in position, and the outer side of her right cheek had taken a lot of slaps during his orgasm, the rest of her flesh lay pale except for a few, sharp edged marks left behind by the spatula.

Bailey, on the other hand, Kent inhaled sharply through his nose. Christ. She’s red everywhere.

He’d spanked her low at the beginning of the evening, high during the orgasm he’d fingered her through when she’d gone over his lap, and plenty of times in the centre. Only the left side of her left cheek lay pale enough to present a fair target.

“Laura?” Kent asked.


“I know you get to choose the pose…” he trailed off.


“I really think you need to be spanked lower,” he said. “So you can feel it every time you sit down today.”

“Oh,” Laura squeaked. “Right.”

That tone suggests I hit the mark, Kent thought. If she wants punishment, that’s going to resonate.

“But it’s still up to you.”

“No, no, you’re right,” she agreed hastily. “Here.”

Laura got her knees up on the bed and bent over until her apron covered breasts touched its surface. Bailey turned to glare at Kent over her friend’s back. He returned her glare with a hopefully explanatory wave at the state of Laura’s butt, hoping his wide-eyed helplessness said, this is what you asked me to do.

Bailey rolled her eyes, “And me?”

Right. Can’t leave you out, can I Bai? Not only did she offer to pay extra later, I can’t have Laura getting special treatment and not do the same for Bailey.

“Sure,” Kent pointed at a spot on the bed to Laura’s right. “Kneel there, facing Laura.”

With a raised eyebrow, Bailey got up on the bed and knelt next to her friend.

Kent waved across Laura’s back, “Well? Bend over your friend.”

“Oh, I see,” Bailey replied and reached her hands across Laura’s body to the right. “That good?”


Yeah, perfect. I’ve got perfect access to the untouched bottom of Laura’s ass and the only fresh piece of flesh on your ass — the bit on your left cheek.

“Are we counting from one?” Laura asked.

“Yes,” Kent said. “New day and all that.”

“Ready,” Laura’s voice, echoing off the back wall of her bedroom, tasted of eagerness and anxiety all at once.

Kent eyed Bailey, who rolled her eyes and darkly repeated, “Ready,” before turning her face resolutely toward the headboard of the bed.

Here we go.

With Laura, at least, he didn’t have to hold back. The only stipulation lay in the where he spanked her, not how hard. He gave her two swats, good and hard, to the lower part of each cheek.

“One, two, three, four,” she called out, cringing to keep her thighs tightly together.

Kent moved up to Bailey’s cheek, hovering as it did above Laura. As generously as he could, he spread four more slaps across the pale, virgin territory of the outside of her cheek.

By the time she finished calling out, “Five, six, seven, eight!” the pale flesh had already darkened to match the rest of her ass.

Back down to Laura he went, thumping as hard as ever on her seat, reddening her flesh, eliciting a cry that reeked as much of relief as it did of pain. “Nine, ten, eleven, twelve!”

Funny how I can hear it, now that I know to listen. As much as it hurts her, it’s so easy to tell that she’s grateful, too. It’s the longest, darkest sigh of contentment anyone ever breathed. If it weren’t for what happened last night, and what Bai said this morning, though, I probably wouldn’t notice.

Kent inhaled ruefully, chastising himself, I certainly didn’t notice up until now.

He struck at Bailey’s cheek again, spreading three slaps across the same portion of bare flesh he had before, and pushed his fourth strike all the way down to her upper thigh.

She turned to look a querulous eye at him.

“Too low?” he wondered aloud.

“Fuck you,” she scolded, and turned back.

That means she’s fine with it. I don’t know what else I can do this point, if she’d paying a ‘spreading it around’ fee later. There just isn’t much more untouched real estate around here.

Kent considered Laura’s condition as Bailey counted to sixteen. The reddening of her lower cheeks, fresh from this morning, had passed the coloration of most of her ass — except for the outside of her right cheek where he’d hammered her so far. He considered his promise to Bailey and it seemed to him that she’d meant for him not to torment them with pain in any particular spot.

“Are you waiting for something?” Bailey scolded again.

“Just planning out the finale,” he warned her. “You both ready?”

“Yes,” they sang out together, Bailey’s irritation creating a disharmony with Laura’s bubbling enthusiasm.

Here Kadıköy Zenci Escort goes.

“Count fast,” he warned.

Kent gave them no further time after, striking immediately at Laura’s left cheek, hard and low.

“Seventeen!” she counted out.

He had already moved on to Bailey, finding a bare spot high on her distant right cheek.

“Eighteen!” Bailey cried out in shock.

Back to Laura’s seat on the right.

“Nineteen,” she moaned.

For Bailey, another high and left.


He then pounded Bailey twice more, striking even lower than he ever had, two swats hard on her upper thigh.

“Twenty one, twenty two,” she announced and followed up with a breathed curse while he returned to Laura.

Laura took her last two strikes the only place he had left that didn’t already host bright read flesh. Two shots echoed through the room, dead centre on each cheek.

“Twenty three, twenty four,” Laura sighed with relief. “Ah. Okay. Bai?”

Laura had tried to rise but bumped into Bailey, still bridged over her.

“Right,” Bailey said and rose back on her knees. She tried to sit back on her heels, but Kent hadn’t left her a comfortable way to do that. “Bastard.”

“His dollar, right?” Laura cautioned her friend as she, too, sat up.

“Uh-huh,” Bailey rolled her eyes. “Six more dollars off the chart.”

“Eight,” Laura pointed out, indicating her apron.

“After I leave,” Kent agreed.

Laura nodded, but stood up with a start. “Not yet, though.”

“Not yet?” Kent asked.

He’d assumed they’d dish him out the door as soon as possible, so they could put clothes back on.

“No,” Laura pointed out and turned to Bailey, “he’s the first boy I’ve ever had overnight.”

Bailey opened her palms in confusion, her eyes going wide, “So?”

“I have to make breakfast for him,” she explained. “And for you? Right?”

“I could eat,” Kent admitted. “Heck of a night.”

“See?” Laura said. “Breakfast.”


It hadn’t taken Laura long, apron and all, to whip up scrambled eggs and toast for the whole party. In a few minutes, they sat together at the little breakfast table in the kitchen, Bailey and Kent in their underwear, Laura still in her floral apron.

“After this, you can go,” Laura said. She turned to Bailey, who sat with her back to the curtained window, “And we can put some clothes on.”

The room stayed quiet for a while, each of them considering the morning and the evening before it. Kent, sitting across from Bailey, seeing her silhouetted in the morning light filtering through the curtains, thought to break the silence in some way and opened his mouth to do so when the doorbell rang.

Six eyes went wide in panic, but no pair grew wider than Laura’s.

“Oh, god,” she cursed. “Mrs. Gardens.”

“Who?” Bailey asked.

“The neighbour,” Laura winced and frantically looked around the room. “She’s dropping off a package for church.”

“You knew this?” Bailey asked in surprise.

“I didn’t think she’d come this early,” Laura whined. “Stupid, old people! Why can’t they sleep in?!”

She turned to Kent, begging him for some respite.

“What?” he asked.

“The two dollars,” she said. “We’ll lose it if I put clothes on, but I have to.”

Kent twisted his lips thoughtfully as the doorbell rang a second time.

“Just a second,” Laura called out, then turned to Kent and lowered her voice. “Please?”

“I suppose we might find a way to make up for it,” he said slowly. “Do Bai and I have to hide?”

“Yes, please!”

Laura ran to her bedroom as Bailey and Kent walked behind her.

“Nice ass,” Kent eyed Bailey through her transparent underwear.

“Shut up.”

They reached the bedroom door as Laura rushed back out, wrapping a bath robe around herself and tying it at the waist.

“Hope the old lady doesn’t go in the kitchen,” Kent remarked.

Bailey shrugged and tried to sit on the bed but changed her mind and stayed on her feet, arms folded.

She doesn’t seem worried. I guess her parents aren’t like Laura’s.

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” Bailey said. “You, uh, went lower than usual.”

“Hope that’s okay,” he said. “The deal was to spread it around and there’s really nowhere else to go on your butt right now.”

Distantly, they heard the front door open and Kent reached into his backpack to retrieve his phone.

“What are you doing?” Bailey looked over curiously.

“Timing,” he said, and started a stop watch app. “We’ll add a few seconds to whatever it says, since it took me a while to start it.”

“Thought about it, yet?” Bailey went on.

“About what?”

“About what you want in exchange for…” Bailey paused, “For going easy on us.”

“Hadn’t considered it, no,” he said. “Do you have an offer?”

“Not yet,” she shrugged again, lifting her breasts more than usual.

Sharply defined, very dark nipples poking through that sheer fabric. Perfection.

A short while later, the door closed and Laura came bounding down the hall.

“She’s gone,” Laura said, untying the bathrobe to reveal her apron once more. Only when the bathrobe was completely off her body did Kent hit the timer on his watch.

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