Unloading in Bristol Ch. 02: Davina


I head downstairs, that sex driven confidence evaporating as the post cum afterglow recedes. To be replaced by that sickening shame. Every time. Every fucking time! I tell myself I will stand up to him. That I am not going to be humiliated like this. And fucking Sonya! She promised she would stand by me. That she wouldn’t just roll over and let him fuck her. Fucking bitch!

I was virtually in tears by the time I reached the kitchen. I snatched one of her fags from the table and drew heavily on it as I regained myself.

I threw a Rustler burger in the microwave, catching sight of myself in the glass door; my dress crumpled up around my waste, my spent sissy clit jutting out of my twisted knickers. I tucked myself away, tugged down my dress, and smoked the rest of the fag.

As I removed the Rustler from the microwave I noticed some congealing cum on the back of my hand, the last dribbles of my wank. I wiped it on the underside of the bun top and took it up stairs.

She had snuggled up to him and was asleep on his chest. He lay there like he owned the fucking place; one arm around her while he flicked channels with the other. I put the food down on the bedside table and stood glaring at her. I couldn’t help it. I fucking hated the back stabbing bitch.

He looked from me, to her, and then back at me and laughed.

“Don’t be pissed at her! It’s not like she was the one begging for cock and telling what a dirty whore she was. Davina!”

“Heather.” I muttered


“Heather! I’m called Heather.” I blurted “Not Fucking Davina! HEATHER!”

There was silence.

“Ok. Heather. I’m sorry.”

“No you’re fucking not.” My heart was pumping as I felt my anger rising inside me “You’re not fucking sorry! You don’t give a shit! You just think it’s funny to come here and fucking use us like pieces of meat, to laugh at us, and call us names. And then…” my eyes were welling up again. And then you just fuck off and disappear… and leave us to pick up the fucking pieces every fucking time! YOU DON’T FUCKING CARE!”

He looked me for what seemed like forever. Then he slid her head of his chest and got up from the bed. He stood right in front of me. His hand came up to lift my chin and he kissed me. His hot lips on mine, his course stubble on my chin and cheek. His tongue snaking into my mouth, and I was kissing him back, a long sensuous kiss that eclipsed everything. His hands came up to hold my face as he pulled away.

“Heather” he said “you know that I care. Don’t ever think that I don’t.” He used a thumb to wipe a tear from under my eye and smiled. “Now why don’t we start again? Get out of these used clothes and take your time to show me how gorgeous you really are.”

All my anger and frustration had just evaporated with the touch of his lips. I stood for a moment, feeling silly and emotional.

“Ok” I said.

“You go girl.” he replied, sitting down upon the bed again to eat his burger.

I undressed as he watched, stripping right levent escort down to my smooth naked self. I put on a pair of black lace panties and matching bra which I filled with the silicone forms Sonya had brought me for my birthday.

I rolled on a pair of cream nylon stockings, hitching them to a black garter belt. I chose a pleated blue miniskirt and cream silk blouse. I did not look at him the entire time, but I could feel him watching me, taking it all in.

I sat in front of the mirror my face was a mess of dried cum and cunt juice, smeared lipstick, and liner. I used the wipes to clean it all off before setting to work properly, starting with the basics and working myself up to the detail.

Thick black eyeliner that smudged into blue blushed eyelids, I drew my long lashes out with fine black mascara. I finished with dark, almost purple, red lippy.

I picked my 1920’s look, glossy black bob wig.

I stood and turned to face him. His eyes took me in. looking me up and down and smiling.

“Hell girl. You are beautiful.” He motioned with his hand for me to turn for him, and I did, my heart swelling as he whistled in appreciation.

He rose from the bed and stood in front of me.

“You know I care, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Haven’t I always been there when you really needed it?” he laughed. “Like that time I paid your bail?”

I nodded.

“Or that reference I gave you for that job last summer?”

He was right.

“I know” I said “I’m sorry, don’t think I’m not grateful because I am… It’s just…”

“Are you?” he said, lifting my chin up to look me directly in the eyes. He had beautiful deep blue eyes. “Are you really grateful?”

“Yes” I said, “of course I am.”

He was silent for a moment, just stared into my eyes.

“Show me.” He said at last, letting go of my chin.

I knew what he wanted, and he was right, I owed him so much. Few people really knew me, and of those even fewer stuck around.

I knelt. His flacid cock in front of my face. I could smell Sonya. I could smell her arse and her cunt. I raised my hand to lift it as I opened my mouth and took it in. He chuckled, which turned into an appreciative moan as I sucked the taste of my wife’s cunt and arse off his spent cock.

“That’s it Heather, use those beautiful lips like only you can.”

I sucked and licked as I rolled his balls in my hand. I could feel him swelling in my mouth as he made satisfied noises. I found myself sucking harder as his cock grew, and as my own body began to respond. Then he pulled himself from my mouth and stepped back. He offered me his hand and I took it to stand up again. He led me to the wardrobe, where he opened the door fully, showing me myself in the full length mirror on the inside of the door.

He stood behind me. Taking hold of my shoulders he used his thumbs to massage between my shoulder blades and up to my neck.

“Look at you, girl” he said “You look stunning. beyoğlu escort How could I not care for you?”

I looked myself up and down. He was right. And I felt it. I felt sexy and strong and wanted.

He ran his hands down my arms to place his palms to the back of my hands, slotting his fingers between mine. He stepped in close behind me. I could feel his semi against my arse. He crossed my arms in front of me and embraced me, our hands still entwined. He nestled into my neck and took a deep breath.

“Are we cool now?” he asked.

I nodded and smiled. “yes we’re cool”

“good” he said, looking into the mirror to meet my eyes with his. He smiled as he drew his fingers over the back of my hands to my wrists, and the penny dropped too late as he gripped tight and pulled my arms down and back to pin them together behind my back.

FUCK! I had fallen for it again.

With one hand he gripped my arms together, pushing me forwards hard into the mirror as he grabbed a tie from inside the wardrobe. My head was reeling as he tied my arms, quickly and deftly. He pulled me back from the mirror, pushing against the back of my knees as he pressed downwards so that I knelt facing the mirror with him standing over me from behind.

He laughed, that fucking horrible mocking laugh of his.

“Heather? I don’t fucking think so! You’re whatever I fucking call you, whether thats Dave, Davina, or Cunt! Look at you.”

Despite myself I do as he says, looking at myself in the mirror.

“Just a dirty little slutty bitch who wants to be a lady!”

I close my eyes. He says nothing. I know what is in store. Not perhaps the finer details but the gist of it; his piece of meat until he is finally and truly spent. My stomach churns with butterflies, whilst my clit throbs with treachery.

Then something hits the side of my face, or more like splashes. Without thinking I open my eyes and look up to take a stream of hot piss right in the face. I yelp in pathetic shock which just means my mouth fills with his piss. I cough and splutter, spitting it out as he plays the stream over my face and head.

SLAP he smacks me across the face

“Open your fucking mouth!”

I do as I’m told. Hating myself, but unable to disobey he pisses straight into my mouth and I swallow. Feeling his horrid salty piss burning in my throat and stomach.

“Again!” he orders, and I do as I’m told.

3 maybe four gulps and the flow stops, his cock is too swollen to piss.

He stands looking down at me.

“That’s more like it. Now you look more like the dirty piss whore you really are.”

He was right. I look at myself in the mirror, kneeling in a puddle of his piss, the smell and taste filling my mouth and nostrils, my wet silk blouse clinging to my skin, my carefully applied makeup ruined.

“Face to the floor!” he commands and I obey.

Assuming the position he has put me in so many times before; face to the floor, arse kağıthane escort in the air, arms tied behind my back. I hear the clinking of the belt buckle and then he is pulling my my skirt, laying it over my hands and back whilst he tugs down my panties to espose my backside.

Then he waits. I know it is coming, but not when…




I yelp and whimper.

“I think you have something to say Davina.”

I bite my lip and say nothing.




“ok…ok..sorry…I’m sorry.”


He stops. My arse is on fire.

“What are you sorry for, slut?”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry for shouting at you sir.”

“good. That’s a start. You should be sorry for thinking you could be anything other than the dirty piss whore that you are.”


The last one was harder than any of the others and I cry out in a sobbing scream.

The belt lands on the floor beside my head, signalling that he has finished. Then I feel cool wetness on my arse and he is rubbing lube into my burning throbbing arsecheeks, his fingers pressing between to probe my sissy cunt. I hear the squirt of the bottle as he applies more lube, I feel his fingers pushing inside me with ease, the throbbing of my cheeks pushed to the side of my mind as I am invaded. I hear myself moan as his fingers open me up. He puts in fingers from both hands and pulls my hole open, stretching it, driving a long moan from me. I love being stretched, and he knows it. I hear him chuckling as my whore hole spreads to welcome him. Then he is pushing right inside me with more fingers. All four of them, I can feel them as he forces them in past his last knuckle so just his thumb remains. And then he is fucking me with them and I am grunting and moaning like the desperate tranny slut I can’t help but be.

In the mirror I can see Sonya, awake, lying on the edge of the bed. She has rolled on to her side with one leg cocked and one hand on her cunt, her head propped in the other, watching me being violated.

Then he stops thrusting and I feel him move his thumb and tuck it to his palm. He pushes again and I clench my teeth and push out with my arse muscles as he forces his whole hand into me. There is a moment when it doesn’t seem to work and then suddenly he is in. My legs turn to jelly, his fist clenches inside me. He presses it down and forces an involuntary squirt from my sissy prick as he pushes against my gland. He starts to piston inside me, which turns my whole body into a mess. Every muscle, every fibre of me throbs and seems to wobble as he works his fist inside my gut.

Then she is there too, standing over me, placing one foot either side of my head and squatting. Her hot piss prays over my face, I close my eyes, mouth open, taking in deep gasping breaths as he fists me, inevitably taking in her piss as I gulp in air. I am barely aware of anything but the fist in my arse, I hear them both laughing. Her piss continues to cascade, but I am lost in a world of anal sensation. Then someone is touching me, I think it is her, she continues to squat over my head. Fingers wrapping around my swollen sissy clit, one maybe two strokes and I am exploding. His hand pistoning hard in my arsehole as I cum into her hand.

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