Unplugging Sandy


I was walking through a local Walgreen’s Drug Store, and paused at a shelf full of Enema Kits next to a large display case of condoms. I stopped for a moment, and stared at the reflection of a tall man with a grey beard. My thoughts flowed back almost 40 years to a cool fall weekend in Illinois. A time when condoms were still called rubbers and were hidden behind the pharmacist’s counter or purchased with quarters dumped into vending machines in gas station men’s rooms.

Sandy and I had known each other since grade school. We were just good friends until one afternoon, when we were both still in high school, she convinced me to play doctor in my kitchen. That was several years ago. She said that she had drunk too much at a party, and she needed to know if she was still a virgin. We still do not who was first, but least I was the first one she remembers. However, there is no doubt that the claim of being the first into her brown eye ( which was really pink ) is mine.

I was a freshman at a State University about 75 miles from home. Just far enough away to discourage visits from my family, but close enough to come home once and awhile and to convince friends to spend the weekend in my off campus apartment. The money my Uncle gave me for helping on his farm during the summer was enough to enjoy the privacy of living alone. Sandy had agreed to spend Homecoming Weekend on campus. She was still living at home while attending a local junior college, but she had friends at the university, and they agreed to cover for her if her parents tried to contact her. I met her at the bus, and after a quiet dinner, we spent the night in each other’s arms. Nothing earth shaking, just safe easy sex between two lovers who were very comfortable with each other’s bodies.

After sharing a morning shower, and breakfast, we dressed and did the usual homecoming stuff. A parade, followed by a football game ( I think we won ), and then a nice long walk through the campus that was ablaze in bright red, yellow and gold. We marveled at the fall leaves, fed the ducks, and necked on an old stone bench under a large oak tree. She seemed to be a little more tired than usual and even a bit uncomfortable. She said that there was nothing wrong, but I realized that she had not left my side since Friday, except once during the night. I recalled the sounds from the bathroom, where she had only emptied her bladder. That could only mean that by now she must be plugged up. When I asked her if she was constipated, she just blushed. With compassion in my heart, but lust in my groin, I offered to play doctor again. We went back to the apartment, and after we shared some wine, she took off her jeans and lay on the bed.

“Hey, sweetheart, what’s with panties? After all it’s not like baring your butt is something new “

“But, Bob, having you inside Kadıköy Grup Escort me is one thing, but what you want to do to me now has not happened since I was a little girl.” Then she added ” and that was certainly an experience well worth forgetting.”

In as gentle a voice as I could muster, I said ” you were a scared little girl then, and I doubt that your mother thought of letting you drink a glass of wine before giving you an enema ” I rolled her over on her tummy and said ” let me help you with these.”

She groaned, but then arched her back and bent her knees so that I could slip her white cotton panties down over her hips. No matter how many times I had performed this simple act of undressing a women, seeing those twin globe emerge into the open air, and being exposed, completely vulnerable to my gaze and desires, always excited me. I quickly spread a bath towel on the bed and helped her roll on to her side. Then I pulled her panties down her long legs and past her feet that were still covered with socks. I explained that she was going to need to move around a bit before this was over. I pulled a blanket up to her waist and said ” this will keep you warm until we are ready.”

When I got off the bed she pouted and said ” where are you going?.”

I patted her bottom, and kissed her neck and said ” don’t worry, my dear, just look though the door and you can watch me.”

I walked across the hall into the bathroom, and took the enema kit out from under the sink. Her eyes followed my every move as I filled the red bag with warm water and attached the hose. I plugged the sink so that the tube of KY-Jelly could warm up as it floated next to the nozzle. Her eyes widened and I heard a gasp when she saw me attach the larger douche nozzle.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, this is still much smaller than what we are going to flush out of you, but I am afraid that the small one might come out before we are ready.” That is what I said, but I also hoped that the sensation might lead to her agreeing to let me put something else in that tight little tunnel.

I hung the bag on the bed post just a little above her head so that the flow would be slow as she adjusted to having her cute little belly filled with two quarts of water. Sandy was still laying on her side, so I gently moved her top leg on to the bed and rolled her half way over until the cheeks of her ass parted just enough to let me see her tight pink pucker. She flinched a bit when I touched her, but then relaxed as my finger massaged the warm KY Jelly around and around, and then finally slipped inside. She shut her eyes and started to breath a little heavier as I worked my finger in and out a couple times. She did not feel the larger douche nozzle slide in until the tip had probed deep into her rectum. Almost without Kadıköy Manken Escort thinking, I started to sodomize her with the plastic intruder,

After a few moments she said ” that feels good, but can’t we get on with this.” Then with a smile she added ” I think that the doctor has taken a little too much interest in his patient.”

She let out a sigh when I opened the clip and released the water into her bowels. I reached around and continued to rub her just below the belly button, until the bag appeared to be about half empty. I said ” you have been such a good patient so far, it is time for a reward.” While holding on to the nozzle, I rolled her over on to her back and spread her knees apart. Starting in that sensitive area between her vaginal lips and her anus, I gently touched her with the tip of my tongue. She purred as I slowly kissed my way up, and finally grasped her clitoris between my lips and started to suck as I slowly pulled the nozzle in and out. She pushed herself up on her elbows and our eyes met just as waves of convulsions started to ripple through her body.

I said ” let it come, but whatever you do hold on down here, or it’s going to get very messy.”

Through her clenched teeth, I heard her say ” don’t worry, I am not in the mood to spend the afternoon doing your laundry.” When her orgasm had passed, I saw that the bag was about empty, so I clamped the hose and slowly pulled out the nozzle. She rested for a few moments and then I helped up and into the bathroom.

The gush of water and chunks of dinner came very quickly and by the look on her face, she seemed to be enjoying herself. When Sandy started to get up to wipe, I said ” sit back and relax, it’s not over until the… lady farts.” After a couple more small gushes, we heard the horn blow, and I suggested a nice hot shower. I helped pull her sweatshirt over head and took off her bra. While I was undressing, she pulled off her socks and then started the water running.

Showers with Sandy were always a lot of fun, with lots of soap bubbles and mutual caressing from hands and lips. While I distracted her by licking the soap off her nipples, I reached behind and slipped my middle finger where not long before had been the site of our little game of doctor. She jumped, and as she bit my ear she said with a giggle ” Shame on You, Doctor Bob, I thought we were done with that part.”

“But Sandy ” I protested, ” I thought you were sort of enjoying the attention back there.”

She looked serious for a moment, and then said ” OK, it is going to happen someday, so lets do it. But you need to go slow and use lots of lubricant.”

KY Jelly is water soluble so bending over in the shower was not an option. The studs in prison might get away with playing ” drop the soap” but I am sure Kadıköy Masöz Escort that the first timers were not very happy about it. So, we arranged a couple soft bath towels on the vanity counter, and then the image that had only been a dream, became reality right there in my bathroom. Sandy bent over and reached back and spread her cheeks, so I could repeat the preparation that I had performed earlier on the bed. But first, I could not resist kneeling down and lightly kissing her clitoris, and then running my wet tongue all the up until I was actually lapping at her rose bud.

She just purred and said ” Oh, My God, Bob, if you had done that the first time we played doctor, I would have been after you every night of the week.” As I started to add KY to my throbbing penis, I thought to myself that if that had happened we might never have found time to graduate from high school.

When Sandy relaxed enough that I could actually see a little opening in her pucker, I pushed the head of my penis against the opening, and whispered, ” OK sweetheart, you are in control, I’ll hold on while you push back little by little. ” It took a couple false starts, and I could see from Sandy’s reflection in the mirror that she was a little uncomfortable, but finally the head popped past the tight opening. Later she told me that seeing the look of pure joy on my face was all the motivation she needed to keep going past the pain. That tunnel was so hot, and so much tighter than anything I could ever imagine, or would have even attempted with my own hand. I started slowly but very quickly she was meeting my thrusts by rocking her hips up and down. All too soon, she started to moan, then suddenly held her breath and when the spasms started she bucked up and down so hard that my penis popped out just in time to spray semen all over her back. I collapsed on top of her and we must have looked like two slices of bread stuck together with soft marshmallow spread. Her vagina was also very wet, and offered the sweet smell of a pizza covered with anchovies, but I was limp and besides the very last thing I wanted to do was risk giving her an infection.

Of course we needed another shower, and this time, because I knew that it would please her, I washed her hair. She kneeled in front of me as I massaged her scalp, and then after fondling my penis with a handfuls of soapsuds, she put her lips on the head and literally sucked it into her mouth. If my landlord’s hot water heater had held out, I might have shot another wad, but we learned that cold water does in fact dampen the spirit. We dried each other off and snuggled nude under cotton sheets until sleep took over.

Sandy and I remained friends and occasional lovers until I graduated. The war in South East Asia was going strong and the Draft Board finally nailed me with a 1-A classification and the Army shipped me off to Viet Nam. By the time I had finished my tour, Sandy was married with a child on the way. Over the years the correspondence dwindled to just an occasional Christmas Card, and finally she became only a memory. Playing Doctor will never be the same again.

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