Video Booths

Big Tits

You feel the urge, the inescapable urge to get dressed up in your hot lingerie. The feel of your smooth recently shaven legs, arms, chest and body on its own makes you dizzy with desire, but you know once your are all dolled up the urge will be so strong you will feel faint with swooning lust.

You slip on your black and white bra and thong pantie set, the one with black fabric and white lace embroidery that looks a little french maid like. You slip on your black back-seam thigh high stockings up over your sexy smooth legs and then slide your feet into your 5 inch black high heel pumps with hot decorative gold spikes all over the back half of the shoe. These shoes are the ultimate in “Fuck Me” heels.

You think that is enough so you start up the web cam and have a few nice chats with admirers who you easily get off as they watch you on camera deep-throating your 8 inch “wildfire” dildo. Since you are always prepared for anal you easily slide it in your gurl pussy but go back to sucking on it to the amazement of your viewers.

As you “Ass To Mouth” yourself, you start to feel like you need something more. You need to suck a real cock. Once the thought enters your mind it is locked in… you can’t get it out no matter how you try and distract yourself with porn or self play. In fact your porn watching always comes back to seeing hot girls and cross-dressers getting face fucked which spins in your mind as you lust for a hard cock.

So you resolve yourself, you must go get a hard cock in your mouth and you know where you can do that… at the local porn shop’s coin operated video booths. So you pull on some jeans over your sexy stocking clad legs and put your winter coat on over your bra and walk out to your car with your high heels clicking on the city street as you slide into the driver’s seat. You are so horny you don’t care who sees that you are wearing sexy high heels.

You drive to the porn shop enter the place. You walk in and ask the attendant for booth tokens. While there you get a few smiles from guys looking around at the magazines and toys. Then you head back to the booths when you discover they have a soda machine. So you head back to the attendant for quarters so you can buy a can of diet cola. You know from experience that sometimes it is nice to have a drink to sip in case you need to ease your throat or wash out your mouth.

You get to the booth area and you select one of the two large corner booths and then you strip off your jeans and remove you coat leaving you dressed to impress. You leave the door open hoping for company as you load a few tokens into the machine and begin clicking through the movie selection looking for something hot involving a blowjob or maybe some BDSM type of scene.

As you are clicking somebody slams your booth door shut and that startles you and actually maybe hurts your feelings a little but you wait a little bit and then crack open the door a bit and return to sit down to watch the movie you picked.

Your movie is a fetish flick with lesbians tied up and getting spanked by a dominatrix. Not exactly what you had hoped for as you want to see a strong Dom fucking the shit out of some tied up submissives… but you take what you can get.

Just then a man enters your booth with a smile from ear to ear and says “Hi There”. You smile and say hi back as he steps to where you are sitting with your legs crossed and quickly unbuckles his pants and pulls his hard average sized cock our and points it up at your face which is only a few inches away with you sitting. You immediately bend down to put it in your mouth.

With you dressed as you are, there is no mistake who expects to be on their knees here. He has a leather cock ring around the base of his balls. You think it looks sexy as you start to take him gently in and out of your wanting mouth.

He sees what you are watching and asks “Hmm baby that’s it… I see your watching a hot movie… you like that shit?”

“Hmmm Ummm Hummm… ” you say while still sucking him and then stop to look up at him and say “I’m very submissive… I like to be dominated”.

He smiles at that and grabs the back of your head and guides you back to work on his cock. Then he reaches down under your bra and starts to feel your nipples. You are so hot now.

He says he wants to sit down but that you are to not let his cock come out of your mouth. So as he sits down you have to stumble and kneel at his feet to continue bobbing your head on his cock as he takes his coat off and sits down beside where you had been sitting.

He smiles and tells you “Very good slut. I see we are going to get along well here”. You smile and continue sucking but decide it is time to start deep-throating him to impress him more. He moans loudly and says “OMG you are a good little slut”. Him calling you slut makes you horny and you keep working on his cock.

After a few minutes as he lays back and takes his blowjob he leans up and again starts to feel your nipples… only this time he pinches them hard otele gelen escort and says “So you like to be dominated?” then he stands up and pulls you up from your knees by your nipples which hurts like hell but lets you know this is your Dom and that you will do anything he commands.

He smiles and pulls you in to french kiss your mouth while still controlling your body with pinched nipples. You kiss him back so passionately while winching in pain.

Then you are pushed back down as he tells you to take his cock and balls in your mouth at the same time… “I wanna see you gag bitch!” and while you are somewhat used to deep-throating having your whole mouth filled with his somewhat large ball sack makes it impossible to stretch out your tongue and you try you hardest not to gag but you can’t fight it.

At this point he is being rough by gripping your head with a handful of hair on each side and yelling at you to get those balls in there to. After a minute you can’t take it and start to throw up a little. Luckily nothing really comes up other than spit and after you do this he seems satisfied saying “Yeah that is what I want!… now stand up here and rub your clitty and cum on my belly and cock”.

You are in a daze at this point from lust and feeling woozy from the face fucking. You slowly stand up before him and decide to give him a little dance to get the time to catch your breath. So you stand up and shake your ass a little while wiping the slobber from your now dripping face.

You turn and show him your ass which you know he will like as it has always been very well received because it it nice and round without being fat at all. He feels it up and you push it back to him saying “Hmm, you like this Master? Do you wanna be in it Sir?”. He laughs and slaps it a few times then turns your around quickly.

“Oh yes, but not here. Now do as I told you… cum on my cock and belly and then I want you to lick it all clean”.

Normally you never like to cum when servicing a man, but you must do as he command plus the idea of licking it all back off of him is hot so you begin stroking your cock. Quickly it gets hard and even quicker spurts your clitty juice all over his belly and some on his cock.

It doesn’t take you but a half second to be back down on your knees lapping at his trim body. You are still in sexual overdrive even though you just had some release which is not usual for you.

After you have his belly all cleaned off you start licking and worshiping his cock and balls but you ask him… “Not here Master? “

“No, not here. Maybe I should take you somewhere like a motel and we can get in bed and I can fuck your brains out?”

You tingle at the idea “Would you be willing to tie me up there Sir?”

“I could do that sure… lets go now.” He stands up and pulls up his pants and then caresses your sides and face as you are slower to get going then he is. “Now here is how this is going to work slut. We are going out to our cars and you will get into your car and strip back down to how you are dressed now. Then you will walk over to get into my car and I will take you there like that.”

You almost faint at the idea, but quickly you realize… this is happening. The parking lot of this particular porn shop is right by a busy highway but it does have wooden a privacy wall that partially blocks the view from the road.

You quickly slide your jeans back on and put your coat as he leaves. You exhale for a second and then leave the booth yourself expecting to follow him but he is already gone. As you walk out through the front area you are in a complete dream-state of nervousness.

You walk out to your car and you see him in a brown S-10 pickup truck with a old looking silver bed cap. You smile at him as he watches you walk toward your car.

You climb in the passenger seat and strip back down. Since your heels are able to slide thought your jean pant legs it doesn’t take long but you realize you need to take your car keys with you. You make sure you get them from your coat as well as the small bottle of KY Jelly you keep in a pocket and take a deep breath.

You look over and see him glaring at you and smiling. Then he gives you a hand motion to come over there. So you just push yourself and open the car door. Its cold out and now you are very under-dressed but you calmly lock the door and walk over and around his car to get into his passenger seat.

He smiles “You might be the best slut I’ve ever met. The motel is not far from here but I am afraid I don’t have anything to tie you up with in my truck.”

You pout a little. “Well, maybe you could go and buy something at a hardware store while I wait in the car?”

He smirked at the idea. He knows you are a total subby slut now. He agrees to that and off you go. Thankfully his car was still warm from before he came to the porn shop and he has the heater blowing on your full blast.

As we drive he see you sort of stooping türkmen escort down low to not be visible to passing cars and he says “What is the mater slut?” and he reaches over and grabs a handful of hair at the nap of the neck and pulls up to force you to sit up straight so other cars can see your bra. You squirm a little at this but you accept he is in control of you so you do as he says.

Smiling at your obedience, he tells you “OK bitch, I’m starting to get soft now. I want you to unbuckle me and suck my cock while we drive. Be careful to not hit the steering wheel.”

He then raises the tilt steering up all the way and adjusts his seat to be back a far as he can while still being able to drive. “Get to work whore!” he says commandingly to you..

You are shocked at this being out in public… but you realize you are only wearing your stockings, heels, bra and thong panties so you are already into it deeply. You are glad the truck has a middle seat, he had the middle divider already folded up when you got in.

You slide over closer to him and start to unbuckle his belt and pants. “Hmm, you have a nice belt Master, it would feel good on my ass I think.” and you unzip him and start trying to lower his jeans down his legs. He lifts his ass up off the seat to help you accomplish this and you free his manhood.

If he was getting soft before he was rock hard again so you adjust your position to lay on your side on the seat and make it possible to get your head underneath his arms and onto his hard cock.

You see this time he is leaking precum so you get to work quickly cleaning that all up by rubbing your closed lips along his shaft and to the tip like you are kissing his dick to smear the precum all over it and your lips.

You then happily get to work sucking his cock gently at first since you are driving but it doesn’t take him long to grab your hair and start forcing you to take him down deeply. This is the kind of deep-throating you like, just the cock although since you are coming at him from the side it is a little harder to get him all the way down.

As you work on it, you realize that you are now laying on the seat with your high heels pointing up and tapping at the passenger window. It would be plain to see what is going on to passing cars.

You put that thought out of your head and continue to worship his hard cock and that is when you hear a tractor trailer truck horn blast beside the car. It must be in the passing lane. Mortified you freeze and you hear the sound of Master’s window doing down.

You hear a shout from the big rig but you can’t quite make it out but you hear Master’s reply “Oh My God yes she is amazing!” This makes you blush a little and you figure you should start back up your sucking.

Master grabs the top of your hair and lifts you head up so you have to look out of the window. You can barely see the trucker’s head and baseball cap as he is trying to peer over his open passenger side window from his driver’s seat.

You can make our that he has a mustache and glasses and seems to be smiling at what he sees. You smile as best you can and then Master pushes your head back down to his hard cock.

You are so turned on by the trucker seeing you like this and you go back to taking master deeply without his forcing your head down. Master seems to say goodbye to the trucker and rolls his window back up. Thank goodness, it was getting cold.

Not long Master stops the car and says “Well we’re here”. You sit up and look around and as you do you notice a strand of precum clings from your mouth to his dick and snaps as you sit up.

It is getting toward the evening so its twilight outside. Not dark yet, but also not bright. Master says “I’ll be quick slut. Don’t run off on me now, Heh heh”. He chuckles to himself as he takes the keys out and climbs out of the car.

So there you sit. In a parking lot in a stranger’s 1/2 ton pickup truck wearing only High heels, stockings, a bra and thong panties set while he is going into a store to buy things to use to tie you up with.

Maybe your stupid… this could end up really badly, but damn it, you are so turned on right now. You start to rub your clitty which springs to life at the slightest touch.

And then you notice a Big Rig rolling into the parking lot. You don’t remember what color the one who saw you sucking master’s cock was but this one was white with a red line running down the side of it with a matching trailer. Master had parked pretty far back from the store so you are in out in the open space where truckers like to park their trucks.

And this one drove behind the S-10 and pulled around to the right… to your side of the car. It settled about 20 feet away . You are at first relieved to see the driver was not the same trucker. This one was a black man, but he was also wearing a baseball cap. Instead of a mustache this guy has a goatee which as you inspect him, you realize, He is looking straight back at evi olan escort you.

You freeze and then start to slink down in your seat, but you notice he is smiling at you and mouths the word “Hi”. You mouth “Hello” back and wave a little wave like a beauty pageant contestant type of wave. He then opens the door to his cab and climbs down.

Walking over to the S-10 he pears in the window looking you up and down and taps on the window. You try to roll it down but without the keys find you can’t. You tell him “I can’t roll down the window” to which he nods.

You crack open the door to hear him better and he takes the door and calmly opens it the rest of the way, exposing all of you to his view and also the view of anybody around.

“Wow, you are one hot sissy” He says with a smile. “What would it take to get you to visit me in my cab over there?”

“Well, right now you would have to ask my Master, who is in the store. He should be out soon. We are on our way somewhere though so I don’t know what he would say” You say it, and then you think… did I just present myself as property?

His smile dims a little and then he says, “I heard about you on the Cee Bee. You sure do not disappoint.”.

Just then you see Master walking out to the S-10 carrying a store bag. You tell the trucker… “This is my Master here. I’ll talk to you some other time, Ok?” and to this he agrees and closes the door. He wave toward Master and heads back to his truck.

When Master gets there he climbs in and asks “Who was that, Slut?”

“I don’t know Master. He seemed interested in me but I told him I was with you. He said he heard about me over the radio.” You say.

Master grins, “Ahhh, interesting. Did you like him?”

You blush “I would enjoy his attention, but I doubt half as much as I’m enjoying your attention Master”.

“Good little slut!. Now I found they had a small pet section so I got you something for your wrists and ankles. Turn the other way and put your hands behind your back.”

As you obey, Master puts what feel like cat collars on your wrists and then takes a small pad lock and locks the metal loops together making the pet items into a effective pair of handcuffs. “I also got you this for your pretty neck” as Master attaches a dog collar to your neck and clips a leach to it. “Now sit back and lets get going”.

With that he starts the pickup and off you go again. Sitting with your hand bound behind your back isn’t the most comfortable but now it is pretty plain to see the leash and collar you are wearing. You make eye contact with the trucker as you pull away who watches you leave with his mouth wide open in astonishment.

It doesn’t take you long to get to the motel. Again you are to wait in the car while Master goes in the front office and makes the room arrangements. Your nerves are starting to reawaken now that you are here and the butterflies are going strong in your belly.

Master comes out and walks to your door and opens it. “Our room is on the second floor.” He grins and reaches over you to grab the store bag and then takes your leach and tugs on it for you to get out of the car. “Right this way slut”.

As he guides you to the stairwell, to ascend to the second floor of the motel. You are cold from the winter weather and the fact you are only in your lingerie and the climb up the stairs seems to take you forever.

You get to the door and master tells you “Kneel right here outside the door and wait while I get the room ready”. You can’t believe it. You are so cold already and although the motel seems to not be busy there are a few other cars in the parking lot.

But alas, you obey. You kneel down on the welcome mat in front of the door facing the room. Master closes the door as he goes inside but not before he takes the handle loop on his end of the leach and hangs it on the doorknob.

You are there kneeling when you fear is materialized. A man walks up the stairs with a suitcase. From the looks of him he is a businessman of some kind.

He sees you and he freezes in shock. Seeing you kneeling there with your hands bound behind your back and a collar with a leach dangling between your neck and the doorknob wearing lingerie and “fuck me” high heels.

There is no question in anybody’s mind what you are and what is going on here. He slowly composes himself and starts walking again and clearly has to walk past you. As he walks behind you you hear him muffle something of disgust as he quickly goes a few doors down.

Finally, Master opens the door which tugs you forward a little as he reclaims the leach from the doorknob. You see he is now totally naked except for his leather cock ring and still raging hard-on.

“Don’t get up yet slut” he says as he steps into the doorway and forcefully jams his hard cock deep in you mouth… Right there, on the welcome mat.

This time he keeps face pumping you but doesn’t make you mouth his balls like before and it doesn’t take him long to explode a huge load of cum that has been all afternoon in the making.

Much of his load goes down your throat as he face fucked you but while he is still cumming he pulls back to fill your mouth with his spunk and some dribbles out the corners of your still filled mouth. It dribbles down your chin and onto your stocking covered legs.

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