Vietnamese Salon


I’m now writing about what happened to me about two hours ago. The feelings of what happened and all the thoughts are still running through me; which I hope will come through in the descriptions.

I’m home at my computer now, but earlier today I went out for a haircut. Like usual I thought of the haircut as opportunity to tease my fantasies, so I decided to go to a unique haircut place, where the woman would be alone, and the place would be empty, and she wouldn’t be offended by behavior that would normally be unacceptable at more mainstream places.

As is often the case with me, the thought of the situation, rather than the woman herself got me very excited, and nervous apprehension filled me to the core.

I drove to the low income area of town and parked my car outside of my destination; a low income Vietnamese salon.

I had been there in the past, but it had been a while, and I was craving what I knew was in store for me.

I walked in the store and my heart was beating hard in my chest, and my mouth was dry. Yep, all that before even laying eyes on any woman, which confirms the erotic effect that these type of situations have on me.

The store was dark and cluttered with cosmetology products in an environment which bordered on hoarding. There was hardly anywhere to walk, and I had to stick to a narrow path through the boxes which lined either side of the store.

I saw a woman at the bottom of some who I knew to be the owner. The rest of the salon was completely empty and it was just her and I in the store. She stared at me, waiting for me to speak first.

“Hi, could you tell me how much you’d charge for a haircut, and a brazilian wax”? I asked.

“Ten dollar for haircut and twenty five for wax”, she replied mater of fatly as she looked me up and down. I’m sure she was assessing who was in-front of her, and if I were trustworthy and a legitimate customer. I assume not many men get Brazilian waxes, and we both knew I’d be naked before her very soon. The thought made my mouth even more dry than it was.

I said I’d be right back, and ran to the corner store and withdrew $40. I then ran back to the salon barely able to see from the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

She led me to a barber chair, which was surrounded by more clutter and began to cut my hair in silence.

I looked her over as she cut my hair. She was about 45 years old, with long black hair which was put up in a bun behind her head. She had the fullest, sexy lips I’ve ever seen. She had large breasts which were lightly covered by a silk type sleeveless blouse. As she cut my hair I Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort looked down her arm, through the armpit opening in her top to see her armpit and bra strap. She wore blue dress shorts which showed her legs nicely.

“Do many men get brazilian waxes”? I asked. “No”, was her simple, one word response.

I was settling into pushing the boundaries and seeing how far I could take it with her without pissing her off. “So it’s mainly women who get it done here… do you have it done to yourself”? I asked trying to shock her and see her reaction. “No”, was her one word response again. She wasn’t offended by the question, but she wasn’t one for conversation.

Everything she was doing this day was business, pure and simple. Her answer did give me a good mental image of a fetish of mine. I knew that she didn’t wax her pubic area, which meant she had pubic hair just under those blue shorts of hers. I would have done anything for her to pull down the top part of the front of her shorts to give me a sneak peak at the top of her pubic hair. That would be a sight of such wildness and taboo that would have shirley sent me over the edge.

The haircut ended and she went off down a short hallway to another area where I knew the Brazilian wax would take place. She told me to wait while she cleaned up the area. I stayed in the haircut portion of the store, and I began to stroke my cock through the material of my shorts. I knew the area she’d have me lye in was not a professional bed, but rather a makeshift flat surface she’d clear boxes off of to have me lye down on. The thought of the sheer spontaneity and rawness of it all added to my excitement. The standards of her business were so low that it ensured me leeway to experience a Brazilian wax that pushed the boundaries of what is normal in a civilized salon.

When she had the space cleared out she told me to come in the room, undress and lye down. She left the area to go get the wax, and I took all my clothes off except my briefs and I lied down. I wanted her to take my briefs off herself which I knew she’d do, which would add to the excitement of it all. I continued to stroke my growing cock through the material of my briefs. Just the fact that I was masturbating in this situation was incredibly enjoyable and in truth gave me enough of what I needed. Whatever happened after this was just icing on the cake.

There always is a mental battle in my head in which I keep myself from becoming overtly sexual in situation from fear of offending someone. I must force myself to relax and realize which situations are safe Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort to push the sexual boundaries, without risking a backlash from anyone. I was convincing myself that it was entirely safe in this situation and this woman could not be offended at anything she saw. I had been in this salon on past occasions and that’s why I knew her carefree mindset, but I still had to convince myself of this because the situation was so outside of the norm. My sexual brain made progress over my civilized brain and I developed a massive boner which strained against the fabric in my briefs. I continued to stroke my huge, hard cock through the fabric and waited in anticipation for her to return and see it in my briefs, and even more, to pull it out of my briefs. I felt like I was going to pass out from the excitement.

She returned from getting the wax and entered the room. She took a look at my briefs and saw my huge boner straining against my briefs. She didn’t say a word about it, but instead she took a little fan and pointed it toward me and reached over my body to plug it in the wall. As she reached across my body to plug it in her whole upper body pressed hard on my body. I could feel her stomach, and her large soft breasts firmly on my upper thighs. She struggled to get the plug in, which caused her to continue to press her body against mine. I was touching the bottom of my cock discretely with a couple fingers; essentially masturbating myself as she had her body on mine. I have never taken drugs before, but the feeling I felt during this time had to be better than any drug anyone could ever take anywhere in the world. The feeling of sexual excitement took over my whole body and mind. I was completely unable to talk and was merciless to what she would do next to me.

She finally got the fan plugged in, then focused her attention to my briefs where my cock was throbbing hard against the material. She reached down and pulled down the top of my briefs and my huge hard cock sprung out. There was pre-cum seeping out of the head from the excitement and friction of the entire situation. I helped her remove the briefs the rest of the way and I was finally lying totally naked with a hard big boner right in-front of this completely clothed stranger woman. The feeling of sexual excitement was something I suddenly realized I was addicted to, and that I needed more than anything in my life. It had been a while since I had had this wax done by this woman and I knew I had made the right decision to come in the salon this day. To have it done too often would desensitize myself to it, but to treat Kadıköy İranlı Escort myself occasionally was a deserved treat that was pure bliss.

She put her hand on my thigh in a sympathetic gesture as she dipped a strip of material into the hot wax. I love the feeling of her hand on my leg, just resting there, which was warm and reassuring. It allowed me to get into the situation further and allow myself to completely open up mentally to this situation.

With one hand she grabbed my cock, wrapping her fingers around the shaft as she applied the hot wax with her other hand to the pubic area where my stomach and shaft meet. Indescribable was the feeling of the hot wax, and her grip on my hard cock. I was in such ecstasy that the sudden rip of the material, and the hair that was pulled with it was barely noticeable.

She continued the waxing process by manipulating my hard, throbbing cock out her her way with one hand and waxing with the other. Pre-cum was oozing out in a sticky line which hung from the head of my cock to my stomach. In the process she accidentally moved her arm through that line of pre-cum, which stuck to her arm. I immediately became embarrassed and apologized, but it was clear she didn’t care.

With each rip of the strip, the pain became more pronounced and intense, and the endorphins that the pain produced added to my sexual excitement.

She finished waxing and applied some antibiotic cream to keep the areas from becoming infected. All I could think of was wanting the sweet release of cumming as she rubbed the ointment into the pubic area and base of my cock. She finished her work and I was left tortured and teetering on the edge of sexual insanity. She said she was done and walked away.

I had read a book in the past about how ancient taoists “retain the seed” and don’t ejaculate on purpose to keep the sexual energy in themselves. That’s what I decided to do in this situation and lied on my back for a second and enjoyed the sexual energy which coursed through my body.

I dressed, then paid and thanked her. She nodded like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

I left the salon, got in my car and drove away, still in a mental state of bliss. My cock was becoming soft, but was still begging for release. Rather than fight this feeling I rode the waves of excitement, and embraced it with a heightened sense of vitality for the rest of the day.

I pulled over and text messaged my wife. I told her I had a haircut and wax and told her the place that I went to. She had been with me at another place on a previous occasion and watched me get that wax. While that instance wasn’t as sexually intense as this one, it gave her an idea of what happens in the sessions. She approved of these waxes as an acceptable outlet for me to do once in a while, and I loved her more for her openness and acceptance of this weird and immensely satisfying outlet of mine.

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