Virginators: College Buddies’ Quest Ch. 03


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The Virginators. Ahh, we were such stupid kids. I put the group picture of Carl, Zach and the other members of our club back into the box I’d just opened. I had come across the old photo when I was going through my things in my study and stood there reminiscing about “the good ol’ days” as they say.

My marriage to Sharon didn’t last long. We met a few years after I graduated from college. It was her second marriage and she already had two girls from her first. I wonder sometimes why we even got married, we really didn’t fall in love or anything. She just said that for me to live with her, we needed to marry. So, being almost six years younger than her and very stupid, I asked her to marry me, and we bought a house not too long after that.

It’s a nice big house, five bedrooms and four bathrooms. A big kitchen and good sized study are downstairs with the girl’s bedrooms. We love the house probably more than we love each other, which is really sad.

Lauren, Sharon’s oldest daughter, was sixteen when we married and is now in college. Her younger sister, Lana, fourteen at the time, had once been a gangley teen is now a very hot young woman. She just turned 18 last month and has decided to look as slutty as the little dolls she used to play. The two girls didn’t like me much at first, and I’m sure even now after four years of being married to their bitch of a mother, they still don’t like me.

Lauren was always the good girl. She did her homework, came home on time. Lana, she was a hell-fired brat. After our first anniversary, we decided to send her to her dad’s to live full time. I had the wonderful task of picking her up from the airport when she came to visit on the rarest of times.

Lana was a bitch, that girl. She talked back, wouldn’t listen to her mother or me, and we would always find her sneaking a boy out of the house when we got home. We couldn’t take it any longer, Lana would cause so many fights, it wasn’t even worth it to have her come and visit. I told Sharon, “She’s not to come and visit until she learns to behave!” and Sharon took it as, “Pick your daughter or me!”

The stupid bitch left me the next week, having a co-worker of hers drop off the divorce papers at the law firm where I work. She was crafty, asking for the house and the two car’s we bought together to be sold and for the funds to be split in two. That bitch. So, now after a month since our divorce has been final, I’m here packing up my stuff and moving into my new condo across town.

Sharon has already moved into her new house with her new boyfriend, Bart or Brad or Beef…something like that. This time her new prey is almost fresh from high school, the stupid ass. From what I can tell, the girls really can’t stand him, and I really couldn’t care less really, it’s his loss, his life.

It’s better this way though. I have the house to myself for the time being, at least until a buyer wants the house. I have my study to pack up and my side of the master bedroom, and maybe a few things in the kitchen and bathrooms. Lauren has already moved out, the only stuff she has to move in the attic which she is getting next weekend. Lana has some of her summer clothes to pack up, but won’t be in town for another week or two. She is finding a place in her dad’s town to live in. She was pissed I wouldn’t help her pack and mail things to her but she’ll get over it.

I packed a few more boxes before taking a break. Looking around the room, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I grab my car keys and go downstairs, locking the door behind me and getting into my car. I head to the McDonald’s that’s a few miles from the house and get a meal.

Now, after a half an hour, I head back home. That’s weird, I think as I get closer to the house. There’s a blue car in front of the house….that’s strange. It has some paint missing from the driver side door. It’s Rick’s car, one of Lana’s friends from town that she’d meet up with when she was visiting.

I slow down and park my car a few yards from the drive way. I walk quietly up to the house, I want to surprise her. What is that bitch up to? Why hadn’t she told me she’d be in town? I go through the back yard and enter through the back door, stepping quietly into the house. I creep through the house, crossing down the hallway that is between Lana’s room and her sister’s old room. Lana’s bedroom door is ajar, and I peered in the door before I stepped into Lauren’s old room and pulled the door almost shut.

I noticed when I had looked in Lana’s room that there are two boys in there with her. One Rick, the other I don’t recognize. I stand there in the darkness and look through the small opening to look at Lana and her company. Lana’s dressed in a pair of jeans that are low and show her belly button, which I notice is newly pierced.

Her top is low and shows off her lack of cleavage. She’s actually modestly dressed tonight compared to other outfits she likes to model for the alanya escort town.

One thing about Lana is for sure, she hasn’t been blessed with large breasts like her older sister or her mother. Lana’s hair is down and has two small braids on the top with her flowing blond hair underneath. She looks pretty tonight, but on closer inspection from my hiding place, I can see she’s quite hammered.

“My step father said he had meetings all this week and wouldn’t be able to help me pack, so I figured this was the best time to meet with you guys.” She sat on the edge of her bed, her eyes were a little droopy.

That’s why she was here, she’d figured I was at the office tonight and thought she could get away with having these boys over while I was out. She didn’t know that I’d lied to keep from having to help her pack. I really had the week off to get some things straightened out with selling the house.

“Come on, hurry up, Rick” the other boy said.

“Shut up Todd,” Rick said. “Just make space on her desk out so I can set up my scale.”

“I swear I didn’t touch any of it,” Lana said as she pulls out a bag from her purse and handed it to Rick. “None of my friend’s at my dad’s wanted to buy any, and I really need the money for my new place.” I noticed the stuff in the clear bag was pot. She’s dealing drugs, I can’t believe it!! And in my home!

“It better be all here,” Rick said, he pulled out her chair to the tiny desk and pulled his small scale from his jacket pocket. “I said $100 and if the weight isn’t right, then you owe me the difference or the full $100 bucks.”

Lana nodded. “Yeah yeah, you know me. Why are you even weighing it, Rick? I’ve never stolen from you before.”

“And you’ve never tried to return the product before,” Todd says looking at her. “We’ve been loosing business with stupid kids like you.”

I move a bit behind the door to gain a better look. Lana just sits there, her foot tapping nervously on the floor. She waits for him to finish weighing the bag. I have half a mind to step out of this room and yell at the boys to leave my house and then call Lana’s dad. Rick laughs, bringing me back to the reality that has me hiding in this room.

“What, do you think I’m stupid?!” he asks my step-daughter.

“What? What do you mean?” she looks scared.

“You think that I wouldn’t notice that it was short almost $30?!” He said, closing the bag and throwing it at her. “You fucking bitch! You really think you’d get away with it?”

Rick stood up and began to take off his jacket. Todd was pissed, and slapped Lana across the face, “You bitch!”

“Come on, I didn’t smoke that much…I swear. I only had a little bit,” she pleads.

“You going to pay?” Todd asks.

“I don’t have any money, that’s why I needed to give it back and get back my money. I have no money, I swear!” She began to cry. “Can you still give me my money back and I’ll just owe you, please? All I’ll owe is $30?”

“Stupid….stupid…..” Rick was saying under his breath. “You stupid bitch… really think I’m going to give you back your money now?”

Todd holds Rick’s arm and whispers something in his ear that I can’t hear. The two guys laugh and then look back at Lana. Todd begins to unzip his pants and Lana’s eyes grow wide. “What are you going to do to me?” she asks, terrified.

“Don’t worry,” Rick begins, “we’ll leave your precious cherry alone….but we’ll go ahead and take back the pot and have you repay us that $30, or else.”

“What….what do you guys want me to do?” she asks, wiping the tears away.

Todd sneers, pulling his cock from his pants and begins to stroke it. I can’t get a good look at it, but from the look on Lana’s face, either it is very large, or it is the first time she’s seen a cock, which I doubt. “Admit you tried to steal from me,” the boy says to her. “Admit you are nothing but a stupid, spoiled brat.”

“I’m….I’m a spoiled brat…” she cries. Rick pulls her off the bed and onto her knees. “I tried to steal from you guys…..please…..let me go.” She looks up to Rick who has her face in his hands. “Please?”

“Nah,” Rick said. “I’d rather you suck both our cocks…then maybe we’ll let you get off with just a warning.”

“Yeah,” Todd said. “It sounds good to me. Shit, a hooker wouldn’t give the both of us a blowjob for just $30 so I think it’s hell of a deal.”

With that, he pressed his cock against Lana’s lips and Rick held her face still as the boy’s meat starts to be forced into her mouth.

I can’t see a thing, the boy’s back is towards me and Lana is in front of him. I know his cock is in her mouth because I can hear her moans and cries as she is obviously being force-fed the guy’s cock.

“Don’t even think about biting on it either, you cock-sucking slut.” Rick says, still holding her face. “You’ll be sorry if you do.”

“Hmmm,” Todd moans. “Yeah, that’s it, Lana. That is perfect. Just suck it like that….hmmm!”

Lana’s crying has quit. I can hardly hear them and I press my head against the door to hear better. I can hear her sucks and slurps on the cock in her mouth; that slut, she’s given in. I pull my ear from the door and peer through the opening again. I can see her hands wrapped around his legs, holding the backs of his thighs. Her hair occasionally flows around and I can see a glint of her golden locks on either side of him.

Todd rocks back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. She quivers and I hear her gag, she must have his entire cock down her throat. He laughs aloud along with Rick. “Good girl,” Todd says putting his cock back in his pants and zipping up. “Now, it’s Rick’s turn.”

Lana gurgles a sound, most likely from her mouth being filled with the boys sticky cum. She moans as she swallow it down and licks her lips as she stands up. I realize that was why she had gagged and the boys had laughed.

Todd turns her around and bends her forward slightly at the hips. She gets down on her knees and takes Rick’s cock into her mouth. She does her best to suck his cock to his liking, but soon he has her face in his hands and begins to glide her up and down fast on his cock.

I’ve notice that my cock has grown within my pants, making them tent out. I don’t know why this is so erotic to me. I guess the sight of my bitchy step daughter being forced to suck off this drug dealing boy like this gave me a feeling of pleasure I’d never get with her. After all these years, and now with her being 18, I want more than ever to punish her for dealing in my own home. I pace back and forth through the room quietly. Okay, what I’ll do is just let them have her suck them off, I think to myself. Then if they try anything else, then I’ll burst in there and break it up. I walk back and forth in Lauren’s old room, thinking of what to do to keep myself busy from watching Lana suck Rick off now. My cock is so hard, I just want to stroke it so bad….but I can’t, I don’t want them to hear my pants from behind the door.

I then hear Lana cry out and I get to to the door to see what is going on. I have the perfect view of Lana from the side as she’s on her knees taking Rick’s cock as Todd watches from the edge of the bed. Rick begins to jack-hammer his cock in and out of her mouth so rapidly that her chin is growing red from his balls slapping it.

Todd gets on his knees behind her and slips his hand down the front of her pants. Lana tries to pull away, but to no avail. Should I go out there and break it up? I think.

Todd laughs, pulling his fingers from her pants. “Man, Rick, this slut is so wet from sucking our cocks. Maybe we should just whore her out to pay us back.”

“Hmm, sounds good to me,” Rick said, grunting as he fucks Lana’s face faster and faster.

I want to be next….I watch in silence as she keeps sucking the boy’s cock as the other presses his hand back into her tight pants. She wiggles around and I know what he is doing, he is fingering her. Todd holds her against his crotch as he fingers her fast, her mouth being pummeled by Rick’s cock. She lets out a gasp as Todd pulls his fingers from her pants and pulls her face from Rick’s cock, sliding his fingers into her mouth.

She gags as his fingers press deeper into her mouth. He laughs as she tries to push his fingers from her mouth but instead licks the fingers with her tongue. Rick jerks off his cock as he watches the girl be forced to lick the fingers dripping with her juices.

“Hmm, yeah!” Rick moans. “You like how your pussy tastes? You like it? I bet you’ve never even let a guy lick your pussy before, have you? You’ve never let me.”

Lana cries as the fingers slam in and out of her mouth like the cock had been, but she lets her back side be dry humped by him. What kind of slut is she?

Rick yelps and Todd moves his fingers from her mouth. Rick pushes his cock back into Lana’s mouth and her eyes bug out as I can tell Rick is unloading a massive burst of his cum into her throat. “Oh yes,” he whispers over and over to my step-daughter as he finishes cumming.

Rick pulls his cock from her mouth and lightly taps it against her lips as she swallows the sour load. “Next time you suck my cock,” he says to her, “swallow as I cum, it won’t taste as bad and you won’t gag.” He puts his cock back in his pants and zips them up. “I’d think you would have known that…you slut.”

Todd lets go of Lana and stands up, she lays down on her stomach on the bed. “We better go before the step-dad shows up,” Todd says. “Hey, Lana?”

She rolls over and looks at him.

“Next time you steal from us, you’ll get my cock in your pussy, you understand?” He has a scowl that I know she respects, she nods a yes.

As the two boys start to exit her room, Rick looks back at her. He points at the weed on her desk. “Go ahead and keep it, just get us the $100 before your flight on Saturday.”

“But..but you said–” she starts to say but begins to cry. They didn’t care she’d just sucked their cocks, they still wanted their money.

“Just get it.” Todd said. “Or we’ll tell your daddy.” They went down the hallway, leaving Lana crying on her bed.

I stay hidden in the bedroom for a few moments after they leave. I’m waiting until I hear the car start.

I hear the car start and pull away from the house and I open the bedroom door and enter Lana’s room. She cries out as I close the door behind me.

“Oh god, James!” she cried. “What the fuck are you doing?!”

“I saw the whole thing, Lana. You are fucking with drug dealers, thinking you can get away by not paying them or shorting them their product?”

“Oh shut up, you don’t know anything!” She stays on her bed crying. “What are you going to do, call my mom or dad?”

I thought about it for a second when I had been pacing in her sister’s room. Getting the bitch in trouble sure would make me feel better, but she would tell them that I watched what had happened to her from her sister’s bedroom. An idea then popped in my head and now, I stand before here, aroused like I had been when I was watching her suck the cocks.

“I’ll make a deal with you, Lana.” I wait for her to make eye contact before I continue. When I saw those baby-blue eyes of hers, I smiled. “You still a virgin?”

“You are sick!” she screams and gets up. “I’m not going to fuck you!”

“No, just shut up,” I say, pushing her back to the bed. “I’ll give you the hundred dollars you need to give Rick and Todd if you let me taste that pussy of yours.”

She waits for a moment. “Do you promise that you won’t try to rape me?” she finally asks.

I nod a yes.

She waits a few seconds, then with a hushed voice, I hear her say, “Okay…just don’t fuck me, okay?”

I begin to take off my shirt, watching her as I slide the shirt over my head. “Unzip your pants, Lana,” I tell her. I leave on my pants and crawl onto her bed.

She hesitates as I get on top of her. I look down at her and smile, “Thank you Lana for not putting up a fight.”

“Just do me one thing, please James,” she whispers to me.

“I promise I won’t fuck you–“

“No,” she interupts, “just kiss me first..I used to dream about you being my first kiss….and well, now that I’m moving out and Mom and you are divorced…”

I didn’t let her finish, I cut her off taking her into my arms and kissing her deeply. She returns the kisses in full and begins to moan, my kisses soft on her skin, trailing my lips around her neck as I start to pull off her top.

She lets my hands travel her body, I pull off her top and find out that her ample sized tits look much better in the flesh than under the clothes I have seen her wear. I pull her bra off and kiss her nipples, she holds her breath and I take a breast in my mouth and suck the nipple slowly.

She gasps as I bite gently down on the bumpy end to her small tit and she stays lying down as I move around her body, kissing every inch of her flesh. “You really never fucked a boy before?” I ask.

Her legs are trembling as I kiss her. “No….I haven’t.”

“What about all those boys your mother and I had to kick out?” I ask, bewildered.

“I never had sex with them, or even let them get very far. I’d only make out with them or suck their cock…I wouldn’t even let them touch my pussy.” She was blushing as she told her secrets to me.

“Hmmm, so you’ve never felt a man’s lips on your bare pussy?” I ask her, smiling. “No, no I haven’t,” she admits.

I tug at the top of her unzipped pants until they start to slowly come down. I pull them off with her shoes and let them drop to the floor at the end of her bed. I look her up and down, noticing the large wet spot on the front of her white panties. “You are wet, Lana,” I say to her. She looks away. “Don’t be ashamed, it’s natural.”

“It’s natural to get wet when a guy is forcing his cock down your throat?” she asks upset.

“It’s natural to be turned on when you are doing something that feels good. Did it feel good when you sucked either of their cocks? Or when Todd fingered your pussy?”

“Yes,” she whispers. “It felt good when Todd touched my pussy with his fingers. She keeps her eyes on the ceiling and I smile down at her, amazed to learn all this, especially that she’s a virgin. I had been convinced for years that she’d given it up a while ago.

I lean my face down to her soaked panties and begin to lick across the edges. She twitches as I lick harder against the cotton fabric and I taste the sweetness of her virgin juices. “Hmm,” I moan into her pussy through the fabric. She trembles and I pull my face away, “Can I lick your pussy now, Lana?” I ask.

She nods slowly and I begin to inch her panties down, exposing a tender bush of hair covering her mound. I pull her panties off and let them fall to the other articles of clothing on the floor and I press her thighs with my shoulders and open her legs up as I move up to her. I can smell her pussy, her sweetness, and as I near her, I press my nose against her hood, feeling the wetness cover my lips as I find her lips. Her clit is small and cute, not big and hard like her mothers.

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