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Visit to Adult Cinema and Swingers Club – 3After our experiences in Miami my sex life with my fuck buddy went rather quiet. We still occasionally met up and the sex was great, but for the first few months after Miami she didn’t want to talk about what had happened in Miami. Eventually we sat down one evening to discuss it and it turned out V was a little embarrassed about what she had done in Miami. She admitted it had turned her on but looking back she felt that she had acted like a real slut and couldn’t believe she had got so caught up in the moment. However, on the other hand what she had done had really turned her on. I asked her if she wanted to look for similar venues in London but now she was worried that she might bump into someone she might know. I tried to put her mind at ease, saying if she did see someone she knew in one of these clubs then they were there for the same reason as she was and wouldn’t say anything. We finished this discussion without any conclusions so I decided to take it upon myself to see if there were any places she might feel comfortable in. Surprisingly, initially it was very hard to find details about any type of club, and to be honest most of them were geared towards gay men and bisexuals. I found a couple of adult cinemas but none with private booths or gloryholes and a few clubs that provided space for swingers. I talked to V about these swingers clubs but she was not really ready for this. I did say however, that if she wanted anonymity the adult cinemas were fairly dark, even with the movie playing. I had visited the few I had located to see what they were like and had read a few online bulleting boards. It turned out few women went to them and when they did they were quickly engulfed by the men who were there so could be a little off putting for the woman. It turned out the best time to go was soon after they opened in the late morning or early afternoon. I suggested we went to the one easiest to get to and this was in Islington and seemed to be the most popular. I suggested we do it on her day off and go as early as possible and that we would leave if she felt uncomfortable. Surprisingly she said yes and we planned to meet at the Angel underground station. Of course on the day when I was waiting there I expected either that she wouldn’t turn up or if she did she would have changed her mind but that was not the case and after a quick kiss we were soon on our way down the road on the 5 minute walk to the cinema. I paid admission and we went down the stairs and entered the cinema area. Going early was a good move as there were only about 10 men in the 2 cinemas. On the first cinema area we went into the film being shown was a woman with 2 guys. We walked into the second cinema room which was showing a film of a woman being fucked by a guy. I suggested to Val we take a seat before we draw too much attention to ourselves, but it was clear the guys in the cinema had noticed a woman had entered and it wasn’t long before most of the guys had seated themselves in the same cinema room we had settled anadolu yakası escort in and a few had positioned themselves in the rows near to us. I was aware that a few of the guys had taken their cocks out of their trousers and were openly wanking. I looked at V and it was clear she had also noticed this as her eyes were moving between the guy’s cocks and she was paying no attention to the movie. This went on for a few minutes and then she whispered in my ear whether I was enjoying the movie or not. I said yes, and her response surprised me as she then said if I was enjoying the movie why didn’t I get my cock out and wank as well. This I did and her hand was soon wrapped around it slowly wanking it for me. Then she bent forward to take my cock in her mouth and she started to suck it. A few of the guys moved in their seats to try and get a better view, and a few bolder ones moved closer and stood in the row of seats in front of us. When V sat up she was confronted by two guys standing in front of her, blocking her view of the film. This didn’t seem to bother her as her gaze had become focussed on their cocks which they were stroking at eye level to her. She carried on stroking my cock with one hand and reached forward and started caressing one of the cocks near to her face. This seemed to give a silent order to the other guys in the room and they also moved closer to where we were sitting. Soon there were 6 guys in reach of V and a few others at a distance but who were watching. All of them had their cocks out. As she turned her attention to the men around us I was able to slowly unbutton her shirt and removed it without any objection. It was a delight to find she wasn’t wearing a bra and in the light of the film the guys could all see her breasts. It was such a turn on that one of the guys she was stroking suddenly released jets of cum that ran over her hand and down her arm. He quickly moved away and another guy took his place. V was getting a little crammed in with the guys all around her so she suggested that she moved to the larger area in front of the screen where there were no seats. She asked the guys to give her a few seconds and she quickly removed her skirt and underwear. She was now totally naked in the cinema and when she knelt down she was quickly surrounded by the men, including me. Some of the men started to play with her boobs and V started to both give handjobs and blowjobs. As I watched one guy knelt down and from the sounds V gave out he was fingering her pussy. He must have been doing a good job on her clit that she stopped sucking the cock in her mouth and let out a moan. I decided to take a chance I laid on the floor and as I hoped V moved over so that she was squatting above my cock and she lowered her pussy down on my cock. I slid in easily as she was so wet. The guys positioned themselves as best they could to get a blow job from V. She took the cocks in turn as she rode on my cock I told her I couldn’t hold on and as I shot my load in her pussy ataşehir escort a guy emptied his balls deep into her mouth. My cock stayed inside her as she sucked off at least two more guys, swallowing everything they gave her. Another guy wanked and shot his load over her breasts. She then rose off my cock and moved a few feet away from me and knelt down again. The guys who had already cum, watched as she played with the remaining guys. To my surprise one guy laid on the floor and slowly manoeuvred himself and as his head moved close to V’s pussy she raised off the ground so he could get underneath her. He started to lick her pussy, and must have been tasting my juices mixed with her. She quickly came as he sucked and licked her pussy. To my surprise she asked me for a condom, which I passed to her. She placed it on the cock of the guy on the floor and then lowered herself down on his cock. She rode him for a few minutes and when he started to tense as he came inside her she also came. At this point she was totally exhausted and we made our way to the toilet where there was more light. She had several loads of cum on her breasts that had run down her and there was some around her mouth and in her hair. She did what she could to clean up and got dressed. Again, the thought of what she had just done dawned on her and she was embarrassed and wanted to leave quickly. We made our way to a nearby pub which was pretty empty. She went into the toilets her and cleaned up more. We found a quiet corner and talked about what happened. V said she had enjoyed herself, and we estimated that she had helped at least 10 guys to cum. She liked being the centre of attention but was fearful of being recognised and was also a little worried by the guilt she felt afterwards and wanted more experiences so that she could lose the feeling of guilt and she felt that she would become more adventurous. To meet the fear of being identified I found a swingers club in Walthamstow that held special events and I suggested we went along and that she could wear a mask to hide her identity. This could be done by going there after dark and just before walking in she could put on the mask. I had found that the club had an area where a woman could go into and be shut in. The small space then had holes in the wall through which people outside could stick their cocks, or were large enough to put their hands through to grope the person inside. I suggested this would provide her with the anonymity she needed and a similar experience that she had had in Miami.On the chosen night we met at the nearby underground station and walked to the club. It was dark and luckily the area around the club was fairly quiet so no one saw her put on her mask and enter. I paid the admission price. As it was quite a warm night neither of us had coats and I had noticed that V was not wearing a bra and was in quite a short skirt. We made our way to the bar on the ground floor and noticed the small ‘room’ where a woman could enter, and the walls had several ümraniye escort holes in them. The room was actually only just big enough so probably two people to stand in. After we had purchased drinks we walked around the three floors of the club and V liked the play areas on the upper two floors. There weren’t too many people in the club so we found seats and watched people to see what was going on. As little was going on we took our drinks upstairs to find a couple had stripped off and were sitting on a large mattress and talking. After 11pm the club started to fill as couples came from the nearby pubs, and it wasn’t long before people had started to play on the upper two floors and many people were naked. V, now braver after several drinks, stood up and stripped of, telling me to join her. I think wearing the mask had made her bolder, and in fact there were several other women with masks so V felt more relaxed. We walked around the club naked, not drawing any unusual looks and V told me she wanted to try out the small room on the ground floor. I led her there and closed the door after she went in. The people around the bar saw V enter and soon there were many men and women around the room and it was clear that many had their arms through the holes and must have been feeling v’s boobs and pussy. I couldn’t really see anything V was doing but I then noticed two guys had placed their cocks through some of the holes and must have been having some attention from V from their expressions on their faces. I could see one of them was moving their hip as if they were thrusting their cock into something and then he tensed and stopped. As he pulled his cock out it was clear he had cum as a few drops fell from his knob. The other guy took a few minutes before he did the same. In total V stayed in the room for about 20 minutes and must have helped 4 or 5 cocks cum and had about 20 people caress her. She then came out of the small room and I could see some cum on her face and boobs. She came over to me and told me to follow her upstairs. It was a great view of her ass as I followed. She found an empty part of the big mattress and laid down, and I laid down next to her. She whispered in my ear to put a finger in her pussy. This I did and found her to be really damp. She smiled and told me that one of the guys had cum inside her pussy. She told me she wanted me to cum in their too and I was only too obliging. As we fucked I could see several couples were watching us and this turned me on so much I didn’t take long to cum inside her. As I rolled off v and woman came over and asked if V would mind if she licked her pussy clean (I later learnt from this woman’s husband that her greatest turn on was licking cum from other women’s pussies, especially if it was her husbands) . V really enjoyed this. We stayed in the club for several hours more, mostly watching other couples fucking, but V did get one more fuck in and sucked another guy dry. She also encouraged me to fuck another woman as she wanted to watch my cock pounding another woman. Now a few years on we are now regular goers to two naturist spas in London. We both enjoy being naked and surrounded by naked people and as both of these spas have private rooms for the use of swingers, if the urge ever takes us we go into a room, either just the two of us, or we invite single guys or couples to join us.

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