Voeurism pays off


Voeurism pays offThe neighborhood I live in doesn’t get much foot traffic through it. Most everyone that comes walking around are the local residents out for a walk. Typically most everyone takes their walks between 6-7pm as it can be really hot where I live so most wait until late in the day when it’s a little cooler. Because of this, I love to sit there in my living room with my binoculars and watch the people. While I do this people watching I love to have my blinds open and porn on the TV just for fun since if you stop and really look you can see what’s on my TV from the street. Usually by the end of the high traffic part of the day I will have stood there jacking off until I cum while standing in front of the window. I don’t expect anything to happen but I just love to do it as it is exciting and makes jacking off even more enjoyable. Well recently there has been this older gentleman that usually does his walk a little earlier in the day. I think he is retired because he looks to be around that age plus, he typically walks before most people are home from work. I don’t see him all that often because he usually does his walk when I am still not yet home from work. But recently I have been going into the office a little early and getting home earlier. So I have got to catch him during his walk more frequently. Unlike most everyone else, he does a couple laps around the neighborhood so I usually see him twice, both times about 20 minutes apart. Earlier this week I got off work early and as I got close to my house I could see him walking down the street headed towards my block. So I hurried home, went to the living room and turned on the porn and grabbed my binoculars. I pulled up the blinds and stood there in the window waiting for him to come by. After just a few minutes I could see him round the corner at the end of my block and I watched him through the binoculars. With my free hand, I reached down and unzipped my slacks, and then reached in and pulled my cock out through the opening.As I slowly rubbed my cock to a full erection I continued to watch him as he got closer to my house. He’s an older man like I mentioned earlier, maybe in his mid to late 60’s but he is in decent shape for his age. He is bald on top but he keeps his hair shaved. He stands probably somewhere around 6 feet tall but you could tell that he was probably a little taller than that in his youth. He always walks in the same outfit, a white tank top, grey gym shorts and athletic shoes. He always carries his phone with him on his walks too. He was just a couple houses away now and I could start to get a clear look at his face. I noticed a weird look on his face as he stared intently at the phone in his hand. As he got closer he didn’t lift his head up from his phone the entire time and then he stopped almost directly between me and my neighbors house. He was only about 50 feet away from me now so I could see him in great detail. After staring intently at his phone for another 15 seconds or so he lifts his head up and looks all around at his surroundings as if looking for something. He gave a couple full scans of the houses around him and then he puts his free hand into his pocket. He keeps his hand in there but he continues to look around. He does that a few more times an then returns his attention to his phone. He stayed like that for a bit and I was wondering what he was doing. But something caught my eye, I could see his pocket moving. It wasn’t much but it was very subtle. Then it hit me, he was rubbing his cock through his pocket! I immediately got crazy excited and went into action. I stood as close to the window as possible and continued to beat my cock hoping to look over at me but no luck, he just continued focused on the phone. I even began to moan loudly hoping that maybe he would somehow hear me and look up but again, no success. By now he was passed my house with his back towards me and there was no way he was going to see me. However canlı bahis I now began to wonder if that was his first lap or second. Hoping it was his first I began to make preparations for his second lap.I knew I had some time so I went into my master bath and did a quick enema and then got completely undressed. I grabbed my lube and headed back out into the living room. I sat down on the couch and started to flick through the porn selections. I found a video that I like and turned it on and began to slowly rub my cock. I had no intention to cum just yet so I was just rubbing it enough to keep it erect. After about 10 minutes or so I could see him come around the corner again so I immediately stood up at the window and got ready. This time however, I was going to make sure I got his attention so I opened the window I was standing at and turned the porn up so it was loud enough for him to faintly hear it from the sidewalk. I picked up the binoculars again and even from far away, I could see that his hand was still in his pocket however his phone was down and he was not paying attention to it. I wasn’t sure if he was still playing with himself though as he was still too far away to see that. So I just continued to jerk my cock as he got closer and closer. He was now approaching my house but I still couldn’t tell what his hand was doing. At this point though it didn’t matter anymore as now I was completely focused on making sure he saw me. He was almost in line with where I stood and he hadn’t yet looked over, and not wanting to lose this opportunity I figured I had to do it so I let out a loud moan. It worked to perfection as he immediately swung his head towards my direction I could see him squinting trying to focus on what he was seeing and the moment he realized what I was doing his jaw dropped and he stopped dead in his tracks. I was focusing on his face to make sure that he wasn’t getting angry as he stood there staring at me as I stood there fully nude and masturbating while watching him through my binoculars. He never seemed to change expression as he just stood there. I kept thinking that any second he was going to come to his senses and walk away, but to my surprise he just kept standing there. I was very excited by the moment as he continued to stand there for well over a minute watching me. At this point, I was starting to feel that familiar tingling as I knew I was getting ready to cum. At this point, I wanted nothing more than to cum while he watched so I beat harder and faster and within just a handful of seconds I was moaning loudly and I yelled out that I was going to cum as I shot my load all over my window screen. I stood there beating the rest of the cum out of my cock and still he stood there and watched me. It was as if he was waiting to see what I did next. My mind started to race and try and figure out what to do next. I decided to go with the first thing on my mind so I ran over to my front door and opened it. I stood there in the doorway and looked out at him but he was still staring at the window but I could tell he was sort of craning his neck to try and see if I was still there. So obviously he didn’t hear the door so I called out “Over here!” and he whipped his head towards where I was now standing. When I realized I he could see me I waved to him to come over but he just stood there. He wasn’t getting the hint so I said out loud “Come here!” He slowly started to walk closer to me but when he was aligned with me again he still just stood there and looked. Obviously he was going to need more persuading so I turned around and bent over and with my hands spread my butt cheeks apart. I looked back at him over my shoulder and I could see him looking from side to side again checking his surroundings. I knew I was getting close to success as I could see him debating on what to do. I reached over to the end table and grabbed the lube and squirted some into my hand. While he continued to watch I smeared the bahis siteleri cold lube on my asshole and then began to slowly finger it into my rectum. He again looked to his left and his right scanning the area and this time, apparently satisfied and enticed enough, started to walk towards my driveway up to my door. I stepped further into the house over to my couch and bent over the back of it. I could hear his footsteps come up to the door and stop. I turned to look back at the door over my shoulder and I could see him poke his head in and look around. His eyes stopped and his jaw dropped again as he stood there looking at me and my asshole staring him right in the face from just a few feet away. I told him that he could come in and he took a step in the door.His hand was in his pocket and by now he was really working his cock good and I could see the bulge in his shorts. I turned my head away from him and laid my body down against the back of the couch. I reached back with my hands and again pulled my cheeks apart exposing my pulsating hole, and I said “Do whatever you want.” I didn’t turn around, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I could hear him take a few steps forward and then some rustling and then I could hear his shorts hit the floor. I could hear him start to beat his cock and within about 10 seconds he stepped up and I could feel his legs touching the back of mine and then I felt the tip of his cock touch my hole. I continued holding my cheeks apart and I felt him lean into me a little and the tip of his cock began to push inside me. As he continued to push I could feel my hole opening wider and wider as it started to be a tight fight. I hadn’t seen it yet but it was feeling huge so far. After a little more pushing he was stretching my ass to it’s limit and then all of a sudden his head was in and it was no longer stretching me wide. From what I could tell he had a huge cock head. That was about as far open that I had ever been stretched and his cock felt amazing inside me. The shaft felt of average girth, but combined with that huge head his cock felt enormous in me.He didn’t waste much time as he slowly started to thrust his cock in and out. With every thrust he went a little deeper and it felt amazing as his enormous head drove deeper and deeper in me. The only unknown left was how long was he. I knew he was longer average because he was fairly deep in me and yet his pelvis wasn’t quite hitting my ass yet. I told him to fuck me deeper and as if it was a race, he immediately thrust his cock the rest of the way into me until his body slammed into mine. I let out a huge grunt and said “Yeah, just like that. Fuck me hard.” For the first time he talked and said “You got it.” And with that, he began pumping his cock in and out of me and would slam down into me every time so much that the couch was slowly moving across the wood floors. At this point I needed my hands to brace myself so I let go of my cheeks and grabbed the edge of the couch to better hold me in place. He continued to pound me like he was a young buck and not some old man in his golden years. I let out a loud grunt every time he thrust his cock deep into me. He wasn’t the longest I have ever been with but he was above average and combined with his huge cock head his cock was amazing and it felt good deep inside me. On top of that, this old man knew how to use it. He continued to fuck me hard for a few more minutes and then he began lightly grunting. After just a few more pumps he says he is gonna cum and asks me where I want it. I told him that it was up to him. He leans forward and spreads his arms out and grabs the top of the couch on both sides of me and leans into me and begins fucking me even harder than he was before. I was holding on for dear life as he continued to pile drive his cock into me. He then I could feel the sweat from his forehead dripping onto the small of my back as he laid into me. He then lets out a pretty loud bahis şirketleri moan and says “I’m coming!!” He keeps his fucking hard and fast as I can feel his cock begin to shoot his cum into me. After a few more thrusts I could feel his pace start to slow and he wasn’t slamming me like he was. He starts to back away from my body and I could feel my hole stretch again as his cock head was trying to pull out of my ass. I pushed while he pulled and with a small pop his cock head was free from me and I could feel some of his cum drip from my ass and down the inner part of my leg. I stood up and turned around and then I finally got a look at his cock and it was exactly how it felt except for the fact that he was thicker than he felt. I assume it felt thinner in comparison to the size of his head, but in reality it was actually a thicker than normal cock and easily the largest cock head I have ever had the pleasure to be with.He was circumcised, and I could see the juices from my ass on his cock as it stood there dangling between his legs. He had some majorly low hanging old man balls and a huge bush. I bent over and took his cock in my hand and then began to lick his cock. I licked every inch of his cock cleaning all my juices and whatever cum was still clinging to it. I took his cock in my mouth and played with it for a bit hoping to magically make it hard again. He looked down at me and laughed and said “At my age young man, that’s all I got for today.” I kinda chuckled with his cock in my mouth and realized he wasn’t laying as it continued to shrink in my mouth. I stood up and told him that he has a great cock and that if he was ever interested in that again he knew where to find me. He had a surprised look on his face and he replied “Really?” I said yes, I love stuff like this and that my door was always open for him. I told him that I am usually up for anything and we exchanged phone numbers. I saw that he was wearing a wedding ring and I was curious and I asked if he was married to a man or woman. He said that he is no longer married as his wife passed away almost 10 years ago. I told him I was sorry and he said “Don’t be. It’s ok now. It’s been a long time since she passed. I asked if I was the first guy that he’s ever been with and to my surprise he said I wasn’t. He went on to say that he and his wife use to be pretty kinky and they even went through a swinger phase during their marriage. But he quickly got disinterested in it as he didn’t have any interest in being fucked but was constantly getting asked. So they decided to leave that scene. But he did say that he liked fucking guys and girls. I told him that I too was bisexual but that I loved sucking cock and getting fucked. He sort of laughed and said “Yeah, I could see that.” We both sort of laughed and kept talking. I told him that I am very kinky and I especially love voyeurism. He said he loved it too and he frequently jerks off while on his walks. I laughed and told him that I saw him playing with himself the first time he passed by. He sort of had this embarrassed look on his face and I told him not to worry, and that seeing that gave me the courage to do what we just did. I told him that we are going to have some fun with our voyeurism and that I already couldn’t wait until the next time we hooked up. I asked him if he planned on walking again tomorrow and he said that he was, and I told him I would do my best to be home at that time. He said that he was looking forward to it and asked what we’ll be doing. I told him that I’ll think of something fun and that I would see him tomorrow. I looked down at his cock and gave it a wave and said “I’ll see you tomorrow” as I reached down and gave it a squeeze. He bent over and grabbed his shorts and pulled them back up. I told him that I would see him later and that I hoped he had a great night. He turned around and walked out the door. I stood there in the doorway and when he was out of sight I turned around and closed the door behind me. I sat down on the couch and immediately started to think about what we were going to do the next day. I will follow with the continue of my adventure and what happened the next day. Stay tuned!

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