Weedy Panties, Dopey Hose. Pt. 02


(The second of a four part story that continues from Weedy Panties, Dopey Hose. Pt. 01)

Sissy supplies.

I trembled violently and looked for my stash to roll a joint. I felt feverish about the text, I couldn’t wait to make the content and send it to Eve.

I toked by the open window and stared at the bundle of her feminine froth on my bed. The marijuana began to take effect and I began to talk to myself, celebrating the impossible. Sweaty stuff I had imagined might be discarded on Eve’s bedroom floor, soiled scanties I had hoped would be in the utility room were now waiting for me on my bed and I was alone in my room.

Soiled socks, sweaty tan nylon tights and a mere thread, Eve’s tiny, crusty pink panties. They were all freshly discarded and generously supplied by the woman that had just informed me of her intention to make me her sissy slave for a night.

I wanted Eve to tie me up, tether me to the four-poster, bind my shaft and nuts, put me in her panties, make me sniff her bits and bobs, talk down and dirty to me. Have me worship her feet, ride me around the room like a little horsey and for an encore bring me off into her stinky soiled stuff, telling me her pretty pussy was out of bounds for sissy sperm such as mine.

I took the bundle of lingerie and extracted Eve’s panties from the body of her tights, mind-fucked that the two garments were glued by the copious discharge of Eve’s pussy and had to be pared apart at the gussets. They were so dainty. G-string panties with a sheer pink mesh front panel punctuated with tiny strawberry motifs and connected by twin straps to a small triangular patch at the rear.

I thought of dental floss and amused myself by referring to them as gusset on a string. The label indicated they were a mere size six but such a design is infinitely accommodating and her panties would just about stretch around my hips.

The soft cotton gusset was stained with copious creamy coloured seepage that had spilled beyond the boundary of the little v-shaped swatch of cloth. I held it to my nose and snorted and my legs almost buckled beneath me with the cocktail of fragrance, I had to sit on the bed.

I pulled her dainties over my head with my nose in the gusset and took a close-up photo and felt subordinate and under Eve’s control due to the sensation of confinement, having her tightly stretched gusset pulled taut across my mouth. Her creamy goodness was still tacky and adhered to my lips. I probed the gusset with the tip of my tongue and located essence of arse and pussy juice tainted with the faint flavour of urine.

I gathered the gusset into my mouth while my cock bobbed about with every swallow of her delicious intoxicating syrup.

I sucked and slurped at her adulterated gusset while I pulled her smelly little cotton socks from the soiled toes of her tights and poked the toe of one behind her panty gusset and into my mouth. I took another headshot. I arranged the sole of her other cotton sock uppermost and was enthralled to see the impression of her five toes and her heel print rubbed through dust from the floor.

‘Sniff it,’ I imagined Eve instructing me.

I rolled another spliff and by the time I had smoked it the toes of her tights had stiffened in the warm evening air, copious sweat-born salts blocking the fine weave of the hose. I couldn’t resist a deep snort of the toes and so I blew warm moist air through the mesh to re-invigorate the aromas and I filled my lungs with air drawn through the sweaty, yeasty fabric.

My cock was ready to burst as I finished securing the feet of her tights to the posts at the foot of my bed and I left a loop at each post so I could slip my hands through to give the impression I was bound fast.

I made some selfies, semi-crucified, my hands apparently tethered to the bedposts, her knickers over my head, her sock hung from my mouth and my raging boner stood upright, naked or sheathed inside Eve’s other soiled cotton sock.

I re-arranged her stuff. The selfies revealed her knickers around my ankles, sequenced images of their journey up to my knees, around my thighs and finally to my groin. My shiny shaven purple-toned balls hung out on either side of the tiny gusset and my steely shaft poked in its magnificent entirety above the fatigued elastic waistband of her skimpy pink G-string. A clear demonstration of why a guy’s pants have to be robust and voluminous and not delicate, soft and skimpy.

Her intoxicating fanny fragrance and toe aroma inundated my senses, wanting more I had slipped my head into the body part of her tights stretched between the bedposts and the oval-shaped stitching surrounding the soft white cotton gusset circled my hungry nostrils and my frantically searching, prodding and lapping tongue.

Her knickers were back on my head. I thought that I could get into Eve’s tights if I removed the feet so I cut them off and managed to pull up her ‘footless tights’ so that my stiff cock was visible behind the tan nylon mesh, my swollen balls görükle escort remained visible behind the tan nylon weave on either side of the lined gusset.

I made a close up photo for Eve’s edification and upon reviewing it saw that my tackle appeared pressed behind her tights like a butterfly with testicles for wings pinned and mounted for the ardent collector’s gratification.

I put one stinky detached foot of her tights in my mouth while I rolled the other down my knob, making a girly, soft nylon condom that sheathed my shaft. I made a short movie as I yanked myself off, hands gloved in her cotton socks, copious globs of my jism pulsing through the soiled nylon toe and into her pink panties that I held next to my pulsing bell-end while I made my usual autonomous demands,

‘I need to sniff your stinky knickers and gag on your sweaty nylon toes, pretty-please, Mistress Eve.’

I texted the media to Eve. It gave me such a filthy thrill to send such naughty explicit pictures of my humbled, sissified body, accompanied by the humiliating admissions of my sexual cravings to this woman I hardly knew. I thought wishfully that she would love seeing me in her stuff and loved the idea that she would plan my penile punishment according to my perverse panty preferences. I longed for her reply.


I slept soundly after such a thorough deep-cleansing wank and after I had walked the pooch I looked for suppliers of sex-toys locally and found a shop thirty minutes away. I checked the web site and they had a pink chastity device in stock. The contact page showed an image of the interior of the shop with a pretty blond assistant behind the counter. It listed a mobile telephone number which I noted before I left for work.

After ten o’clock I rang the shop and spoke with a women assistant who confirmed that they had pink chastity cages in stock and they were on offer, discounted by fifty per cent. I told the assistant I would be there in an hour.

As I entered the shop the assistant came from a back room and I recognised her as the girl in the picture I had seen online. She introduced herself as Alyssa and asked how she could help.

‘I’m the guy that rang earlier about the pink chastity cage, I’m new to the game and could do with some pointers,’ I said, loving that my cock was the principal subject of the conversation with the sassy woman while wishfully thinking that there might be free-fitting in on the deal.

‘Well, it’s pretty straightforward, they come in two sizes, are you at least seven inches when erect? If so you need this one, the ten centimetre fitting, it adapts to all cock widths.’

‘I reckon that’s the one for me,’ I said happy in the knowledge that indeed my cock was up to the fitting, effectively letting Alyssa know that my cock was a good size just in case she wanted to see if it would fit in her.

Alyssa placed a box on the counter. Silicone Sissy Male Chastity Device Standard. The price tag revealed it had been nearly sixty quid and was reduced to below thirty.

‘It’s also available in black, my boyfriend has a black one, matches his skin,’ she said with a cheeky grin.

I imagined her bouncing on her boyfriend’s lap, her blue and pink floral mini-dress hiked up around her waist, the gusset of skimpy sheer white thong knickers displaced by a big fat black shaft that rivalled the size of her slim forearms and filled her tight fanny.

Alyssa was about five feet five and a little less than fifty kilograms. Similar in height to Eve, who imitated the ideal 36-24-36 and with her full breasts and curvaceous bottom I estimated as a little beyond fifty kilograms.

I handed over thirty quid.

‘I don’t have the change I’m afraid, I can give you a sample of lube though, you’ll need it, she said as she popped my purchases into an unmarked plastic bag.

I was about to drive off when I was alerted to a text from Eve, I read, ‘I hope you’ll have a lot more mess for me than the measly amount you shot into my delicate, girly, pink panties, however love the pictures of you messing with my stinky stuff.’

‘I’ve just showed all to one of the cleaning girls here. We’re in a right state of giggles seeing your cock overwhelm my skimpy knicks with your lonely swollen blue testicles left out in the cold. She says she wants you to wear her knickers and make a mess in them too and is adamant that I should punish you for ruining my tights. She thinks chastity is a must. Keep sniffing my knickers, tights and socks, Your unforgiving Mistress Eve.’

I drove back to the Stag and took Minge for a quick walk before lunch. Sandy was behind the bar and I ordered food and collected a pint.

Eve came out from the kitchen with steaming plates for other diners, she smiled when she saw me and I smiled back. She wore white shorts with cuffs to the thigh and a red and white gingham halter-top with short puffed sleeves. Her feet were exposed between the straps of her sandals and screamed for attention.

Her bursa escort bayan hose was so evocative. Transparent socks of flesh-coloured nylon with a sandal toe and small black heart motifs, finished with a black cuff to the ankle. I longed to sniff them and longed for her to encourage me to shoot my muck over the soles of her feet in those saucy socks as she stroked my hardened shaft between her soft stockinged arches and rasped at my glans with the coarse stitched seams of her stockinged toes.

Soon she brought my food. I had ordered two fried eggs and chips for a change but found myself with a giant sausage too. The sausage lay central to the plate and the fried eggs sat at either side of one end of it. The chips were arranged to frame her artwork and the dirty bitch had deposited a big blob of mayonnaise right on the tip of the sausage.

‘Was inspired by the photos you sent me,’ Eve whispered. ‘I see you’ve noticed my little sockettes. Guess what? they’re the cleaning girl’s she left them in my bag at the rave the other night, forgot to take them with her. I think you’d like her she’s a really horny lass. I’m sure you can imagine just how crusty they were when I found them this morning. Worked off my feet I am, like a bloody slave.’

I was having a pud, treacle balls and custard but when Eve came and put the dish in front of me, the two suet balls were separated by one end of a large banana and the dirty girl must have held the fruit erect while she poured custard down its length from end to end.

‘Sorry, I made a bit of a mess with that big load of custard. Did you get it?’

I knew she referred to the chastity device in my canvas shoulder bag, I opened it and the neck of the plastic bag.

‘Silicone Sissy Male Chastity Device,’ she repeated and in the same whisper, ‘Is it suitable for wankers, panty pinchers and sock sniffing stench seekers?’

‘I reckon so,’ I replied breathlessly.

‘I like an obedient man, did you find it locally?’

I told her where I had bought it but didn’t mention Alyssa the glamorous assistant.

‘I’ll be giving you a knock this evening, same time as yesterday. Enjoy,’ she said arranging my dessert in front of me.

Back on site in the afternoon, I thought about those sexy transparent socks Eve wore that lunchtime that boasted the aromas of two women’s sexy feet and that in the evening her delicate little fingers would put me in chastity.

Meanwhile at the Stag’s Head Eve had cleared the tables and loaded the dishwasher. She was speaking on the phone.

‘… in stock great. I was wondering how many keys come with it? Some of my mates want to be in on the act, three you say, brilliant, Caprice and Angela will be delighted, we can play with him in turn. One other thing does it hurt when you put him in it?’

‘It can do, if you want it to, it comes with five sizes of cock rings, don’t let him shave if you really want to make him squeal.’

‘Well, thanks, Alyssa sounds perfect.’


I worked on site into the evening, Dave stayed late too, glad of my company and afterwards we went to a different watering-hole for a change.

‘Not bad eh?’ said Dave after we had swallowed a jar each and we were halfway through the fish pie that the barman had served us.

‘Food good, beer great, shame about the waitress,’ I replied.

‘That’s always gonna be a disappointment pal, you’re spoilt back at the Stag.’

I had a second lingering pint, sure that on top of a substantial meal and with the passage of a good two hours I was legal to drive. Dave and I parted company and soon back in the woods I watched my doggy as he collected the stick I had thrown for him.

I went to my room and showered. While I washed I remembered the discomfort I had suffered in the past when I tied my unshaven shaft and balls with stolen nylon hosiery. So I took a disposable razor from the pack and carefully did the deed.

I had an hour to spare before Eve would appear. I tried to assess how uncomfortable my chastity device might be. There were three keys in the little padlock but I would present it with just two keys to Eve so I could cheat. I removed one of them and put it in a draw. I selected one of the base rings, that fitted comfortably around my balls and hid the others.

I needed to empty my balls before chastity so I ogled Eve’s face on my laptop screen, and snorted her pink stinky G-string fitted over my head while I sucked the flavour from one of her white cotton socks.

I thought about the sheer socks that belonged to her girlfriend and Eve using her foot to shove one of them into the back of my throat. I imagined her tossing me off into one of the transparent sandal toes she had used to sleeve my shaft.

I thought of her holding her smelly knickers to my nose and talking dirty to me, telling me how perverse I looked, insisting I sniffed her soiled knickers and smelly nylon hose and in a matter of minutes, I was pleading with Eve to let me come bursa escort in her soft delicate panties before I groaned involuntarily and shot my lot.

I pulled my pants and trousers back up and passed the time perusing local maps to find a good spot to take the dog for walkies when I had free time.

I was startled when I heard a knock on the door, Eve entered and locked the door behind her. She was dressed as she had been earlier in the day and was not in the mood to waste time.

‘Strip slave-boy, I’ve only got ten minutes, it’s busy down there.’

‘Yes, thank you, Mistress Eve.’

I hesitated when I was down to my underpants and T-shirt.

‘All of it panty-perve. Where’s the cage?’

She spotted it with a base locking ring by my laptop and reached for it.

‘Looks far too big for you, didn’t they have a smaller size?’

I had heard about small penis humiliation from looking at cam girls and knew what Eve was up to and replied,

‘The assistant recommended this standard one.’

‘Where’s the other key, there should be three, I clearly saw three written on the box,’ Eve insisted, ‘Well, where is it?’

‘There were only two,’ I lied.

‘Piss me about and I’ll piss you off,’ she said making her way to leave the room.

‘Pretty please, Mistress Eve, it’s in the drawer, it’s just I’ve never worn one of these things before, I have to work during the day, what if it’s really uncomfortable?’

‘Oh, deary, deary me will the slutty little sissy sock-sucker suffer a little painy-wainy-woo, didums. Maybe you should have thought about that before you stuck your nose into my stuff uninvited. I’m punishing you slave-boy, you’ve been naughty twice, once for stealing my stuff and now for lying to your Mistress. We can’t let that go by now, can we.’

I shook my head, and shamefully replied, ‘No I guess not.’

Eve stood with the pointed heel of her sandal on my barefoot causing me to yelp, ‘I guess not what?’

‘Pretty-please, I guess not, Mistress Eve I’ve lied and tried to cheat you, do with me all I deserve, punish me, your sock-slurping, panty perving, submissive sissy slave slut.

‘I wasn’t looking for your permission you toe-chewing foot-faggot. Where are the other rings, it said five on the box?’

I was amazed how much she had learnt from peering inside the bag at lunchtime, I didn’t remember it said anything about rings on the box.

‘The one you have is the best fit, Mistress Eve.’

‘I’ll decide which is the best fit, you snivelling gusset-guzzler, the rest of them now,’ Eve reached into the puff sleeve of her top and extracted a pair of blue latex surgical gloves.

‘Pretty-please, Mistress Eve, I’ve got some lube here.’ I handed over the other locking rings.

‘We won’t be needing the lube, this one will do fine, she held the smallest ring for me to see.

‘Permission to speak, Mistress Eve, I hope you won’t mind me saying but you’ll never get me into that.’

‘Proof of the pudding is in the eating. How was the dessert you ate for lunch? I gobbed on it by the way.’

My cock and balls had shrunk with the anxiety I felt. She put the ring over my miserable bell end and then pinched my right sack between her gloved latex fingers and eased the ring bit by bit over that ball causing me to wince and shriek.

‘Shut up sissy slave-bitch, that’s the easy one. Where’s my stuff I left last night.’

‘Pretty-please, Mistress Eve, I keep it close, it’s under my pillow.’

She took one of her white cotton socks, sniffed it and grimaced. She stood on my foot again with the heel of her sandal and when my mouthed gaped open in pain she stuffed her sock to the back of my throat.

As she eased my second ball through the locking ring my shrieks emerged as a stifled series of grunts and groans. She roughly pushed the vented chastity covering over my sad little acorn and locked it in place. She slipped her foot from her sandal and dropped the key into the cuff of her transparent sock and located it beneath her wrinkled sole.

‘All done, there you are it fitted no problem. Where there’s a willy there’s a way. Now you are a real slave-boy, what do you say?’ she chuckled.

‘Show your mistress some respect and kiss the key that controls you,’ she raised her foot and shoved the grimy sole in my face squishing the warm, moist, reeking nylon against my entire face and told me again, ‘Kiss the key and sniff and lick you naughty sock sniffing sissy slave boy.’

Eve continued to grind the sole of her foot against my nose and mouth and pushed her stinky toes between my lips forcing the cotton sock within it to the back of my throat.

‘Putrid eh? You like that don’t you? Fusty even, well these stinky socks have been fermenting for days now. Can you distinguish the stench of my girlfriends feet? I think so I see the cage is getting tighter and tighter?

‘Pretty-please, thank you, Mistress Eve, I’m in fucking agony, pretty-please mercy, Mistress Eve, for Christ’s sake.’

‘Stealing my stuff, bare-faced lies, profundities and blasphemy on top, you deserve all you get,’

She pulled off her gloves, stashed them in her sleeve and as she made to leave said,

‘Sleep tight.’ She closed the door and left me to it.

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